Licensed to Kill

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London Ellsworth has a good heart… deep down. Her world has been tainted by the color red after an accident resulting in an introduction to her dark and dangerous career: a hitwoman. Her current goal? To be so good at her freelancing work that she gets picked up by an international agency. Her end goal? To kill her parents. Her way into said international agency? Jaxon Gold. Jaxon Gold is a world renowned hitman, gloriously sarcastic, delightfully charming, and devilishly handsome. After stumbling across one another on a job they were both hired to do, London believes it’s her chance to get picked up by Jaxon’s international agency. But what happens when you pair two dangerous assassins together with an undeniable attraction to one another? Well, that’s danger on all accounts.

Action / Romance
Cait The Writer
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Preface: So Close

My life had always been far from conventional. I didn’t have a steady upbringing, let alone parents who cared. My intentions in life were never to be homicidal. I mean, who dreams of that when they’re growing up? No one.

When I - literally - stumbled into my job as a hitwoman, it was never supposed to be a career. In fact, the first time it happened was from a complete and honest accident, but I was in the presence of a powerful man at the right time and place.

It wasn’t that I found killing to be satisfactory. I mean, sure, I was angry about a lot of things, but I’d moved past all that and had re-focused my energy on other things, like killing my way to the top.

Get it? Instead of fucking my way to the top, I’d kill my way to the top.

More specifically, by creating a brand for myself as an efficient renowned hitwoman, my end goal was to get hired by an international agency. Why, you ask? Well, because the targets I was ultimately after would only be contracted to kill by an agency who trained their assassins to collect intel and then kill them after.

Those targets? My parents.

Now let me explain to you why.

January 1st, 2020

I took a deep breath before kicking in the massive wooden doors to what could only be described as my parents’ “throne room.” I immediately saw their faces contort with shock; eyes widening, jaws dropping, brows furrowing.

The heavy doors slammed shut behind me as I confidently strode into the room, aiming a gun at each of them while I approached them. I didn’t say a word as I did so, relishing in the fact that their eyes followed my every movement in fear.

What a way to ring in the new year.

I stopped about ten feet from them, taking a power stance with my legs spread, feet planted firmly, my eyes assessing them coolly.

“Who-who are you?” My father wondered, his voice thick with fear.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “You mean you don’t recognize your own daughter when you see her?” I quipped, my chest burning with hatred.

My mother gasped. “London? Is that really you?”

I slowly turned my attention to her, seeing much of myself in her spritely features. “Why would I lie about that?”

Tears welled in her eyes and she started to stand. I took one daunting step toward her, causing her to resume her place in her chair. “My lost baby!” She cried, then frowned in confusion. “London…” she whispered, her voice trailing off. “What… what happened to you?”

I inhaled deeply, ignoring the burning tears in my eyes and the tickling in my nose. “What happened to me?” I screeched. “You abandoned me! That’s what happened!” I kept my guns firmly aimed at the both of them, ensuring they wouldn’t see these emotions as weaknesses.

My father’s chin wobbled. “Sweetheart, we didn’t want to…” his voice faded as I cocked my head to the side.

“If you didn’t want to, then you shouldn’t have let it happen,” I snapped.

My mother whimpered, and I once again swung my gaze her way. She froze as her eyes met mine. “We’re sorry. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about you.”

I scoffed. Such bullshit. “See you in Hell,” I sneered, cocking both of my guns. It was time.

As my fingers neared the triggers, the doors bursted open behind me. Afraid to let my parents out of my sight, I briefly glanced over my shoulder, appalled at what I saw.

Dozens of armed officers in various vests - CIA, FBI, Inter-Pol, Secret Service, local police, SWAT - were circling me and aiming their guns directly at me.

What. The. Fuck?

Was this some kind of sick practical joke?

“Ms. Ellsworth, we don’t want to hurt you,” one of the officers announced. “But we will if you don’t cooperate.”

I stood, frozen, my blood no longer coursing through my veins. Shit, guess not.

Okay, hold up. This is a little too far into my story for you to know exactly what’s going on. Let’s go back further - back to where my life really started to change. More specifically, back to when I had two identities, my life was straightforward, and I was on the uphill climb to getting everything I wanted in life.

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