The Rapture

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This story is about a teenager named Jack who was left behind from “The Rapture”

Action / Horror
Tyler J. Reed
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The school bell rang for the end of the day. It startled Jack, but he got up and walked to his Locker all the same, it got repetitive but he was so used to it it’s like his body did it for him.

“Hey Jack!” Jack’s friend Mitch called out to him.

“When are you going to finish the project for Science man?”

“Whenever you stop pestering me about it, give me some time.” Mitch looked at him and cocked an eyebrow while lifting his arms and hitting his sides, “It’s due tomorrow dude. Mr. Patterson said that multiple times. You must’ve dozed off in your book again huh?”

“Whatever fine I’ll do it, just lay off.”

“Hey whatever gets you to do it right?” Mitch said as he walked away winking. Then Jack went to his locker and put his code, 46-0. Such a simple code. He thought as he grabbed his backpack and started to walk home.

As Jack walked by an alley he saw a guy messing with a skinny helpless boy, that was wearing a blue t-shirt and black jeans. He had brown hair and looked like he could fight, but he didn’t he just stood there as this guy was talking utter trash about himself pushing him. Jack felt sorry for him. And thought he should do something about it, he took a step forward but hesitated he didn’t know what could happen. What if I start to get bullied. He took a step back, then forward again, then he went he kept waking toward the bully. The closer Jack got to the bully the more he got nervous and started to sweat. He had a feeling something bad was going to happen . . .

“Hey! Leave the poor guy alone, now.” Right as the bully looked at Jack the bullied kid ran like his life depended on it not slowing down for people in the way and increasing speed the further he went.

“Jesus lets get this over kid. You’re gonna be all tough and I’m beat you up and you’ll feel vengeful and it’ll be a whole thing, so let’s cut to the chase.” The bully said as he smashed his fist into the palm of his hand. For some reason this guy wasn’t as intimidating as Jack thought he would be, he looked much bulkier from a distance. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a threat.

“Now we could either forget this and walk away or we could fight and possibly kill one another your choice.” Said the bully with his arms extended by his sides. Jack took a step forward to show he’s not scared and to be honest, he wasn’t and he didn’t know why. “Ok then.” The instant after the bully said that his knuckles clashed against the surface of Jacks jaw making him stumble daze. And then the bully kicked Jack down to the ground and put his knee on Jacks chest. Jack felt like his lungs might collapse and his jaw was gonna fall off from the pulsating pain.

“You gonna give up yet fuckface?” Questioned the bully squeezing Jacks jawline. Jack was able to gain enough strength to punch the bully straight in his rib cage with his right arm. Apparently it hurt so much the bully got up and started walking around holding both hands to the impact point of where Jack landed his fist. Oh yeah the science project. Jack weirdly thought.

“That’s it kid.” The bully pulled out a pocket knife giving Jack a malicious stare, “You’re dead.” Then bully swung the metal weapon at Jacks face and sliced him across the right cheek bone almost too perfectly cutting across. Then he tried to swing again this time from the left. Jack swiftly dodged under the bully’s arm and after he got upright socked the bully straight in the nose he could’ve swore he felt a crack, and it wasn’t his fist. The bully fell to the ground Jack sat on top of him and started raining a storm of punches onto his face, he started punching faster as he went along. The bully tried stabbing him, but Jack saw his attempt and grabbed his forearm he then grabbed the knife with his right hand, and stabbed the bully in the chest while closing the bully’s mouth concealing any breathing the bully might have.

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