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The Origins of the FleshEaters

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A cult was its official name, but rather a family was made. Though when this family fights, it is not done verbally, but physical. Who will win in the attempt to become the best. Come and find out. A cult was what we looked like to others, mafia, world. But to each other, we were a family, we looked after each other, to an extent that is, we just had a different way of dealing with things. People didn't always agree to our adopted ideals, at first neither did we, but we had learned to accept it. Until our leader grew corrupt with power, that is when I knew, it wouldn't last. But it was too late, it was contagious, everyone had evil growing inside of them whether they knew it or not. I was the only one who could fix it.

Action / Humor
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The Beginning of the End

“Guys I have an idea!” Many ignored such an outburst from Bec as this was seen as a normal day, but unbeknownst to them at the time this would be the start of a revolutionary phenomenon.

As Bec noticed that everyone wasn’t acknowledging her existence, she huddled up into a ball and pouted in the corner. This continued on until a rather large object fell from above Bec and landed onto her lap. This seemed to catch her friends’ attention and make them turn their heads towards her. At first she just sat there, staring at the unknown object on her lap until she felt someone behind her, and turned stiff. She slowly turned her head to find out, only to see her friend Emily staring intently at her. Her worries quickly faded away and she was now filled with curiosity and proceeded to open the bag in front of her. Within its contents she found comfort, and understood why it had been given to her. Her group of friends had now surrounded her, in hopes of fulfilling their curiosity as well. In which they were soon to regret, as a human limb became visible.

To distance herself from the monstrosity that was presented in front of her, Olivia one of many friends in the group, attempted to take a step back, only to find that her legs had become too weak causing her to fall backwards.

”Where did you get that thing?!” Christen yelled, as the other members of the group were left speechless due to shock. Some who had recovered took a step back and observed the object warily, while others stayed where they were, waiting for an explanation from Emily and Bec in the middle.

“It’s alright guys, it’s just a human.” Emily attempted to cool the situation but only continued to enrage some.

“I’ll show you.” Bec empties the bag and the contents spill out all over the ground. The combination of sight and smell was too overwhelming for Olivia, as the disfigured human laid in front of her. Whilst others stood there still, as they tried to comprehend the situation unravelling right before their eyes.

“Is it dead?” Josh inquires as he prods the body with a stick.

“Of course it is, just look at it.” Daniel glares at his brother for his childish behaviour.

Bec begins to stand up, as if to finally address the situation "Well the body sort of has something to do with what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“And that is?” Christen questions as she glares at Bec, expecting a decent explanation for all this.

“Well I was thinking that we could start a cult, based around cannibalism.”

A silence swept across everyone as they couldn’t believe what Bec had just said, though after looking at the body lying in front of them, they knew she wasn’t joking.

"Just where are you getting all these crazy ideas?!” Jarrod protests as he attempts to deny that all of this is actually happening.

"Do you think we'll all just stand up and follow you or something?" Perrie questions. She was going to stay quiet but this situation was just getting crazier by the second.

Bec looks back at Emily as if to initiate the next step of their plan “Well you’re all accomplices now so either join the cult or we’ll turn you in.”

“Turn us in, we didn’t do anything!” Olivia almost yells as she slowly loses her cool, the situation was progressively escalating.

“Do you really think the police will believe you when there is a dead body right in front of you,” Bec says with confidence.

Everyone around her silences and begins to seriously consider her previous proposition.

“Fine, but what will happen to us if we join this cult?” Jarrod asks the question that was on everyone's mind.

“Not much, you will just have to serve me as your leader and do as I say,” Bec says with demand in her voice, her confidence boosting up even further now that she hears it out loud.

Everyone goes into a deep thought as to whether to join a cult run by a crazy leader or take their chances with the police.

"Looks like we don't have much of a choice here do we?" Ashlee questions Bec although it was more of a statement than a question.

"We have nothing better to do anyway," Angela adds in nonchalantly.

"You guys can't possibly be serious right now,” Olivia tries to reason with them, her voice was wavering as the fear of them turning into cannibals and eating something like the body on the floor was settling in.

However, her words didn’t affect either of them or anyone, as everyone was now seriously considering taking Bec's offer and it only took one person to set the gears in motion.

“Alright I’m in,” Rayan declares, breaking the ice that had frozen everyone else.

Then in close unison everyone else agreed as well “We’re in too.”

Despite the regret weighing on majority of the group’s shoulders, a cult had been created and they were part of it. From here on out they would be considered outcasts of society, as they began the journey of cannibalism.

. . .

The next day everyone in the group was called to meet at Emily’s house to discuss the details for the new cult. “Wow, your house is huge!” Emma exclaims as she examines it closely, so much that she doesn’t see Aaron in front of her.

“Watch it!” Aaron shifts away to further display his annoyance towards Emma.

“Come on you guys, come in so we can finally talk,” Emily says happily, ignoring the fact of what they will be discussing is not necessarily happy.

With slight hesitation the group follows Emily to her rather large basement, where she gestures towards a massive table, which they all assumed it was for them to sit, as they took into account the number of chairs were equal to the number of people there.

“Alright, let’s get right to it, how is this cult going work exactly?” Isaac cuts to the chase, feeling slightly impatient.

"Relax... what's the rush?" Aiden cut in before Emily could answer.

"Relax? Really? Did you miss what just went down yesterday?!" Josi gets up and slams her hands on the table.

"It’s ok, calm down." Brendan says in soothing voice and who gently guides Josi back down to her seat.

“Alright first proposition, hideout location, any ideas?” Bec stands up to open the discussion, at first no one responds until Emily raises her hand excitedly “My family doesn’t use this old warehouse anymore, with a bit of touch ups it could turn into a cool hideout.”

Everyone at the table nods with agreement as the warehouse would give them many benefits, it is secretive and hidden away, so they could freely do as they pleased.

“Sounds good, I’m getting excited” Josh says eagerly, ignoring the fact of the what will really be going on in the warehouse.

“Since we have a hideout now, I have always wanted to be a chef, so I was thinking if I could be the cook for the cult,” Christen says, admitting a secret hobby of hers.

“Ohh, I can make the armour,” Perrie adds in.

“We can be the assassins,” Josh and Daniel say in unison.

“If Perrie is making the armour then I will make the weapons,” Emily says with enthusiasm.

“I will recruit, since we don’t have enough members to make a successful cult,” Olivia says as if making sure the cult doesn’t fail, after all she doesn’t want her friends to be caught.

After all the requests of jobs only a few uncertain members were left. So Ashlee stood up and decided the rest of the roles, since she didn’t want anyone to be left out.

“Alright, I will be a hunter, Angela you can be the punisher.” Angela gives a slight nod of acceptance.

“Jarrod and Aidan will be the protectors.”

“Fair enough,” Aidan and Jarrod agreed.

“Aaron can be a general and Isaac a governess.”

“Cool,” Aaron says with a little fist pump.

“Fine. Wait, what-” Isaac starts, but Ashlee ignores him and continues the job assignments.

“Brendan will be the inventor with Josi as the treasurer.”

“I’ve always liked money,” Josi says with sparkles in her eyes.

“I don’t mind being an inventor,” Brendan says so soft that it was almost considered a whisper.

“With Rayan as a spy.”

“Sure,” Rayan says with little acknowledgment.

“What about me?” Emma says in anticipation.

“The cleaner?” Ashlee says as she was running low on ideas, receiving a grunt from Emma in return.

Now that all the roles had been allocated, Bec left the room only to return with the sack Emily was carrying earlier, and dumps it onto the table. The memory they had tried to suppress was brought into attention by this action, they now remembered the true horrors of this cult.

“Now, let us celebrate the beginning of our cult, The FleshEaters….with a tasty snack,” Bec said with little respect for what was lying on the table. No one moved in hopes that if they sat still long enough, the feast would be over without them having to partake.

“Come on you guys, don’t look so glum… fine...Christen do you mind cooking it for us as the cult’s new chef,” Bec said with a smile on her face but her eyes were glaring at Christen, who was mortified at the request and soon regretting her role. Silence laid in the air for a few minutes, and since Christen wasn’t moving Bec said with more demand “Well we’ll eat it with or without your help, so what would prefer, raw or cooked?”

“No I’ll do it!” Christen finally gave in but only due to the fact that she didn’t want to make everyone eat it raw. She stood up and with hesitation, grabbed the bag then partially dragged it into the kitchen in the next room.

When Christen left the room a feeling of immense regret filled the air, until she returned with what looked like veal, that is if you ignored the limbs sticking out on the sides. Though the question was on everyone’s face ‘How can human look so delicious?’ Christen almost dropped the meal onto the table as the events in the kitchen came to mind, she tried to forget it as she slowly sat down and passed the cutlery and plates to everyone.

“Looks good Christen, can’t wait for your cooking everyday in the cult,” says Emma almost forgetting what it was in front of her.

Josh immediately grabs an arm off the plate and begins gnawing away at it while everyone stares speechless.

“Come on you guys dig in,” Bec says reassuringly as she grabs a piece, as if she was giving them a choice, which she wasn’t.

In turns, everyone begins grabbing a small chunk of the ‘veal’ and places it on their plate, hoping that this was far as they needed to go with it. It was creepy how easily the pieces came off, they didn’t even need to use a knife to separate the pieces.

While others such as Rayan and Isaac had followed Josh’s example and was now insouciantly chewing on their pieces of human flesh, others were a lot more hesitant. Ashlee was just staring at her piece and pushing it around with a fork.

Noticing that Ashlee was not eating, Angela decided to give her some encouragement. “It’s not as bad as you think it is,” Angela told her, as she picked up her fork, stabbed the piece of meat and plopped it into her mouth. “See,” She said, although it sounded more like a “Shee” due to the food in her mouth.

At first Ashlee just stared at her friend with slightly widened eyes but then her eyes travels back to her own plate. She looked back at Angela who had just swallowed the whole thing licking her lips as she returned to her plate. ‘It did look like it was good,’ Ashlee thought, taking Angela’s reaction to the food. ‘What the hell.’

She picked up her fork, stabbed the meat, twirled it to take a smaller chunk of the meat then stuffed it in her mouth. Ashlee’s eyes widened, it wasn’t as bad as she thought.

Angela saw her reaction and was happy she was fine, so she continued with her own meal.

The group quickly devoured their meal, some even seemed to have enjoyed the meal, whereas others looked as though they were going to throw up at the soonest chance they got. Luckily Christen beat them to it, she leaped off her seat and vomited in the corner of the room.

“YES, I didn’t vomit first!” Olivia says standing up with hands in the air not fully realising that her actions would cause everyone to look in her direction. She quickly sits back down.

Josi runs to Christen’s side to provide a comforting hand “Than-ks,” Christen says to Josi in a quiet voice.

“Alrighty then, since you are all a part of the cult now and we have decided on a hideout. We should probably begin moving into it,” Bec announces. “So everyone go home, grab your stuff and meet at the warehouse.”

“Who is going to clean up the vomit, my parents won’t be happy with this?” Emily asks.

“Why not Emma, since she is going to be a cleaner,” Isaac suggests with a little snicker.

Emma glares at him, but still grumply gets up. She grabs the cleaning supplies and heads towards the vomit, whilst the rest head out to their own houses to begin packing up their belongings to move into the warehouse. They thought this was for the best since they were technically criminals now and they wouldn’t want their families getting involved. So they had Emily set it up so they would be listed as dead, that way, no one would come looking for them.

Going back to their homes and knowing that they will never go back again had been the hardest part. It was less for some, but leaving the life you had known forever and leaving the people to whom you loved, affected them greatly. As their new life, was somewhere they regretted.

. . .

Emily went to pick up everyone at their respective homes. As she did each person told their families that they were going camping, but in reality they were going to their new hideout, in which they would start a whole new life.

They all met in front of the warehouse door, waiting for a sight of their new hideout.

“Ok, is everyone ready?” Emily says eagerly as she had her hand hovering over the button that would open the warehouse door. As Emily was prolonging the process to open the warehouse in hopes to build up the tension, Jarrod’s patience runs out and pushes her aside to press the button himself. Leaving Emily to give him a mean glare as she begins to get back on her feet.

There was a loud sharp buzz, then the door slowly started opening up from the ground. Everyone was getting antsy as the door was slow at revealing what was inside, they all had seen Emily’s house and expected the factory to have the same impression. Though their expectations were crushed when the door fully opened. As all that was inside were really old machines covered in rust, along with a ton of boxes that were covered in so many cobwebs that you could barely even see the brown of the boxes underneath.

“Get that devastated look off your faces, what do you expect from an abandoned warehouse, chandeliers and fountains?” Emily says pouting after having no one appreciate the effort she went to.

“It’s wonderful, thank you Emily,” Perrie says in an attempt to make her feel better.

Everyone nods as to agree to Perrie’s statement, despite the factory not fulfilling their expectations, it was as good as they were going to get.

“Anywho you guys, i had my parents add in a secret floor filled with rooms for each of you,” Emily says with a smile.

“Thank goodness, I hate spiders,” Aidan says with a sigh of relief.

Emily lead them all down into the staircase behind a bookcase, activated with the word “Cupcake apocalypse”.

“That’s a stupid password,” Aaron says scrunching his face.

“But no one will ever suspect it,” Angela says giving praise to Emily for thinking it up.

“Whatever.” Aaron brushes Angela off, as he walks down the stairs, leaving her to glare daggers into the back of his head.

“Ok well let’s get going,” Ashlee says to the others.

The group follows in a line down the large staircase, until they reach the main room.

“I thought your house was huge, but this is on a different level!” Emma says, suppressing the urge to prance around the room.

“Mind if I put my stuff away?” Daniel asks as he motions towards the hallway with his bags.

“Sure, you and Josh are sharing a room, also the room has your names on it so it should be easy to find,” Emily addresses to everyone.

The brothers both looked at each other as they gave a disappointed sigh, they had thought that by moving here they wouldn’t have to share anything else.

Everyone dispatches across the room as they take in their surroundings, taking note of where everything is for this place that was going to be their new home.

After only an hour everyone had grown fairly accustomed to the new ‘house’. Until dinner came along and human was served. Dread spread across everyone except a few who had actually grown to like the taste.

“Do we have side dishes with it this time?” Perrie asked intending to avoid the subject of eating human.

“Yes, this time we have a few veggies,” Christen replied with little hope, as it was going to take her awhile to get use to cooking human.

Yet this feast was different, everyone knew what to expect so there was less resistance towards eating it, as Josh even went back for seconds. Nevertheless Josi hated eating it, so she hid her portion away in her pocket to remove suspicion for not eating it.

“So what do we do now that we are a cult and all?” Aidan asks curiously, starting a conversation.

“Well, we’ll begin by sharing our beliefs to the world, bringing others to our cult,” Bec says as if starting a lecture “Well first, everyone will begin their roles for the cult.”

“Then is there a room where I can work?” Brendan quietly asks, for if he spoke too loud he feared they would get mad.

“Sure, Emily will show you after dinner.”

“What about us assassins?” Daniel answered on behalf of Josh who was gobbling away at his food.

“Well you will need practice before you can go out and kill, same goes with you protectors,” Bec says with a grin, as she looks at all of them.

“Fine.” A sigh is heard coming from Jarrod and Aidan.

“Any other questions?” Bec asks, becoming impatient as she wanted to begin her dinner. “None? Good.” Finally she scarfed down her food.

After dinner Josi is asked to throw out the bones from the meal outside, along with the meat she had slipped in her pocket. That’s when she saw Perrie and Daniel sitting together, alone. Josi didn’t know what their relationship was but if it’s what she thinks it is, she wished them all the best.

At night there was an announcement from Bec over the intercom “Starting tomorrow all roles will be initiated, meaning you must start doing what you're meant to do, otherwise you won’t be needed in this cult and will become tomorrow nights dinner. Sleep tight~”

Hardly a wink was slept that night.
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