The Origins of the FleshEaters

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At long last the 10 set days were up and it was time for the final showdown to begin. Everyone had gathered to the town’s arena and were now waiting for Bec to announce the start of the fights, but to their surprise, it wasn’t Bec who was in charge of this event.

“Um… test... 1… 2.”

“Is that Brendan’s voice?” Josi squints and looks around, trying to locate him.

“Yes, since he is the only one in neutral position he will be the mediator between us,” Bec explains.

“Oh, who expected Bec to play fair and square,” Isaac comments coyly.

“I’m the one who plays the fairest here, unlike you I actually respect the rules!” Bec fires back.

“Ok, ok, jeez over reaction much?”

“Don’t let your guard down, the reason she decided to play this way is because she’s confident that she can beat us,” Emily tells them.

“Anywho,” Ashlee decided to cut in, and this time everyone spotted her right away since she was sitting high up in the announcer’s box.

“Ashlee!” Emma almost yells.

“I thought Brendan was supposed to be in charge of this thing,” Aaron adds in, unsure of the current turn of events.

“Brendan’s busy with the mechanics of this battle so I’ll handle the announcements,” Ashlee says cooly.

“And I’m going to be the referee,” Angela declares behind them.

“When did you get here?” Olivia questions her.

“What are you talking about, I was here the whole time,” Angela says matter of factly.

“Can we just start this battle already?” Aidan asks as he really didn’t care who was in charge and just wanted to fight already.

“Fine. So here’s how this battle is going to work, both sides are going fight with a single person each battle, until there is only one person left. The team the person belongs to is the winner,” Ashlee finishes her explanation before a large machine appears from underground.

“Alright, this will be our decider.” Angela gestures to the machine.

“A slot machine?” Perrie says bewildered.

“Yep, with 3 selectors on it. It will choose the two competitors as well as the battlefield they will be fighting on. Now to begin, Angela will pull the lever and pick the first battle.”

Angela excitedly pulls down on the lever “Here we go!”

The slots start spinning at high speed then gradually slows down until it comes to a complete stop, landing on Jarrod vs Josh with the battle field of dark.

“Now theme for this battlefield is darkness, meaning that for the entirety of the battle you two will fight in the dark until a winner is evident. As for the audience we will be supplied with tvs showing the battle through night vision cameras.” A huge screen begins to appear on the side of the arena. “Now, will the two contestants prepare and meet in the middle on the arena.”

After a few moments Jarrod and Josh meet on either side in the middle of the arena, with Angela standing between them.

“Alright, you guys, stand still while the enclosure goes up.” Angela begins putting on her night-vision goggles as walls begin coming up around the three of them, soon to create a lightless room around them.

“In 3…..2…….1, GO!” Angela signals the start as the walls cover them completely, leaving only the two contestants and a referee inside the pitch black box.

Both Josh and Jarrod were unfamiliar with the darkness, unsure of whether to walk around swinging their weapon or play it safe and wait for the other to run into them. Josh taking a risk, decides to go first, closing his eyes he heightens his other senses, enabling him to rather than focus on the darkness to focus on sound and smell. Jarrod trips over his mace, nervous about the possible upcoming attacks he couldn’t see, only giving Josh a chance to attack. Josh immediately leaps toward the sound, only to find nothing there, Jarrod feeling the close presence swings his mace around himself and smashed Josh across the arm. “Guh.”

The impact caused Josh to slide across the floor away from Jarrod but now he knew where Jarrod was and despite the stinging pain he felt in his left arm, quickly threw his blade in his direction. The blade met it’s target and sliced Jarrod from his hand to his elbow “Crap.” Jarrod quickly attempts to create distance, without realising the boundaries he jumps himself into the wall behind him. Josh quickly follows behind, this time stabbing Jarrod up under his ribs. Jarrod pulls up his leg and kicks Josh off him, in hopes he could regain himself before the next attack. But with such a quick movement, the blade under his ribs was ripped out viciously, blood begins to ooze out. Leaving Jarrod to lean on the wall, whilst Josh was still somewhere around him.

‘Crap, crap, crap!’ Jarrod began to panic, so he placed his mace upwards from his body to defend himself if Josh was to aim for another stab. Josh despite being hit across the arena, knew that Jarrod couldn’t have gotten far with such a deep wound and begins creeping back the way he was kicked, luckily due to Jarrod’s heavy breathing Josh could tell of his location. So he raised up his arm, and was ready to throw a blade aimed at the sound of the breathing, in hopes to hit Jarrod’s throat. As the knife left his hand, the wall collapsed around them, letting all of the light in around them, revealing Angela standing in front of Jarrod holding the knife between her fingers.

“Sorry the battle’s over.” Angela calmy gives the knife back to Josh as she helps Jarrod stand.

“Annnd… Josh is the winner of that battle, gosh was that intense,” Ashlee announces. “Now time for the next battle.”

“Roger!” Angela pulls the lever and this time it stops on Christen and Daniel with the battlefield of water.

Christen and Daniel steps in the centre of the arena as directed by Angela whilst the other stayed where they were, Jarrod and Josh were taken to the infirmary where their injuries would be treated.

“With the theme of water, this round will take place underground.” As soon as Ashlee says this the ground beneath the two competitors and referee started to open up.

“Let’s go.” Angela motions to them then jumps down through the opening, Christen and Daniel follows her in and just as the floor of the arena had completely opened up, it was sealed back up with a plane of glass.

“This is how it’s going to work,” Ashlee continues. “This battle will have a time limit as water will continuously be poured into the arena. If no one wins when the arena is filled with water then it will be considered a draw. When Angela gives the signal the battle will begin and water will start pouring in.” Ashlee finishes her explanation and hands it over to Angela.

“In 3… 2… 1… GO!” Angela announces and jumps out of the way.

Holes opened up on all sides letting water gush in nonstop, gradually filling the pit they were in. Seeing this Daniel decided not to waste anytime and go for a knockout, he moved so fast that it seemed as if he teleported behind Christen. He didn’t take out his blades but instead went for a single chop to the back of her neck, thinking that Christen had little to no battle experience. Much to his surprise his theory of her fighting skills was proven completely wrong when she pivoted around and kicked him straight across the gut. He was sent flying through the air but Christen wasn’t done. As the pain from the blow subsided, Daniel was able to crack one eye open to find several knives being thrown at him at high speed. He immediately took out his blades and struck the ground with one to stop himself and used the other one to shield himself, although he wasn’t fast enough block them all so he decided to just protect his vital spots. “Gah!” Daniel cried out in pain as the knives cut him all over.

“Daniel!” Perrie yelled out as she watched daniel being cut down.

“Ouch, that’s gonna leave a few marks.” Ashlee commented from above.

Daniel fell back on the ground that was now drenched in water, which did not help the wounds he had received from Christen. The water, which turned out to be sea water, had seeped into his wounds and caused an excruciating stinging sensation, he had to bite his lip to keep from crying out in pain again. ‘Che, I can’t let Perrie worry.’ Picking himself up, he sped through the water towards Christen who had armed herself with a butcher’s knife in one hand and a machete in the other. Daniel swung his blade at Christen’s eyes to blind her only to have her block his blade with her machete. He tried again with his other blade and once again it was stopped by Christen but this was exactly what he was aiming for. Using his leg, he kicked the water right into her eyes. “Agh!” Due to the shock and the pain in her eyes, Christen dropped both of her knives, leaving her wide open for an attack, which Daniel gladly took to hit her pressure points and knock her out.

“Daniel is the winner!” Ashlee announces. “You again Angela.” Ashlee signals Angela to pull the lever.

“Okay, it’s Perrie and Bec in the battlefield of fire.”

As Perrie and Bec meet in the arena, Christen and Daniel were taken away to the infirmary for their injuries. Daniel walked past Perrie on his way out. “Good luck” Daniel weakly smiled, holding back the pain from the wounds he had received. Perrie jumps on him, hugging him tightly. “Ohh, sorry...”Perrie pulls back from the hug, worried she had hurt him “and thanks.”

But Daniel draws her back to hug her “Just be careful” and then he continues on his way.

“Okay, back to the battle. As for the theme of fire the battlefield will take place surrounded by lava with limited rocks around the lava to stand on. The battle ends when there is a clear winner or when one person dies.” Ashlee finishes explaining, as the spots Angela, Bec and Perrie were standing on turned into small rocks, filling everything below the rocks with lava. Only 6 rocks were available across the battlefield with one pedestal, everything else contained lava.

“Okay, 3…...2…..1…… GO!” Angela quickly jumps back to land on the pedestal, in order to keep away from the battle below.

Bec rather than taking the first attack, decides to create distance and take on a defensive stance. Whereas Perrie still raging from the last battle, skids across the rocks to reach Bec. Seeing Perrie fastly approaching her, Bec pulls up her tonfas ready to block the attack with a smug grin lying on her face. Only enraged further after seeing the grin on Bec’s face, Perrie rapidly fires her arrows creating a wall of attack. Bec expecting such an elaborate attack, uses her tonfas to push off the arrows allowing her to hit Perrie across the face. Perrie quickly reacts, finding the nearest rock to land though after such a rough landing a bit of lava spurts up onto her leg.

“Ahh-hh!” She unconsciously grabs her leg in pain, only looking up to see Bec in the same situation as her leg slipped off the rock while landing. Leaving Bec with a scalding burn up her leg, Perrie trying to ignore the pain, fires an arrow directly at Bec who still was grasping at her leg. “Crap.” Bec unable to defend herself, takes the blow as it was the only option left, though the arrows didn’t hit her directly instead they targeted her outline causing her to be pinned up by the arrows to the pedestal.

“Che, I’m not going out like this!” Bec furiously rips herself from the arrows to push herself off the pedestal towards Perrie. Perrie shocked at the sudden revival, quickly leaps forward to meet the attack. But Bec had something else in mind, she pulls out her tonfas that have been coated in lava and throws it at Perrie’s face. Angela quickly intervenes, shielding the lava with a piece of rock she pulled out from the pedestal.

“Bec is the winner,” Angela announces the victory, grabbing Perrie and Bec as she takes them away from the lava.

“Ok, next up is Aaron vs Emily in the desert battlefield,” Ashlee announces in accordance to the slot machine. “Just as the name states the battle will take place in an artificial desert. The battle end when someone faints or is killed.”

Both Emily and Aaron step into the arena before Angela even stepped in. They were both glaring at each other completely focused on the battle ahead, neither one of them planning on breaking eye-contact any time soon. The atmosphere was so tense and serious that everyone unconsciously held their breath and waited for something to happen.

“Give us the signal!” Aaron shouts to get the referee’s attention.

“Huh? Oh right, in 3… 2… 1… GO!” Angela announces.

As soon as the signal for the start of the battle was given, Aaron immediately dashed up to Emily and swung his spear at her. Emily jumped back to avoid the blade and Aaron instantly brought his weapon back to swing it at her face again, however Emily saw the attack coming and turned to dodge the blade. She was not able to dodge it completely though as she watched a few strands of her hair being carried off by the wind. A smirk appeared on Aaron’s face as Emily narrowed her eyes in annoyance at the fleeting strands.

He continued his assault with each strike slowly getting closer and closer to their target but despite this, Aaron deemed that this type of attack pattern wasn’t going to cut it and decided to change it up a little. Instead of bringing his spear right back, he brought it around behind his back and then swung it so this way he attacked Emily in the same direction twice. Emily was caught off guard just like he planned and his attack had managed to slash her arm although he didn’t cut enough to amputate her arm, the wound was still quite deep. Emily threw a small axe at Aaron then jumped back to create some distance between them.

‘Tch.’ Emily clicked her tongue as she ripped of her sleeve and used it to bandage her injured arm. When she was done, she looked back up expecting to see Aaron in front of her, but he was gone. ‘Where did he-’ Emily got the answer when a hostile presence appeared behind her, she didn’t even have time to fully turn around before she was hit across the stomach and sent tumbling across the field, luckily the sand lessened the damage, in contrast to a hard surface, but it also made it more difficult for her to get back up, which turned out to be a fatal downfall as Aaron was now towering over her. In a panic, Emily grabbed her only small axe, shut her eyes and threw it as hard as she could in Aaron’s direction. Sounds of a blade being stopped could be heard and just as Emily predicted Angela announced the end of the battle.

‘I guess I lost...’ Emily thought with her head down, awaiting the announcement.

“And the winner is... Emily.”


Emily snapped her head up and the scene she was greeted with was not what she expected. She did see that Angela had stopped Aaron’s spear before it hit her but she was also holding a small axe right at Aaron’s neck.

“What are you talking about?!” Aaron yelled at her, obviously shocked at the results himself.

“Emily’s attack would’ve killed you a second before yours would’ve kill her.” Angela explains in an indifferent tone. “Luck’s also a skill in battle you know.” She adds as she releases both their weapons and tosses the axe back to Emily.

“Ok, next up is Olivia and Isaac, with a minefield.” Ashlee finishes announcing, but only Olivia begins to move towards the arena whilst Isaac stands there frozen.

‘How do I get out of this?’ Isaac though with despair.

“Come on down Isaac, we don’t have all day!” Angela motions getting impatient, Isaac slowly makes his way to the arena still staring blankly at the ground.

“Okay for this battle, the floor will be converted into a dirt floor with minefields placed randomly under the ground. If you step on them, they will explode immediately so avoid them and tread carefully at all costs. The only safe spot on the entire arena floor will be the stone pads you are standing on now, first one to faint or die loses.”

“In 3… 2… 1… GO!” Angela knowing of all the mines location, jumps backs to signal the start.

Olivia unsure of whether to leap ahead or not, decides to analyse the floor to ensure if she attacked she wouldn’t step on a mine. Isaac on the other hand, does neither, instead he stands still weakly holding up his whips.

“Can we forfeit?” Isaac looks over to Angela.

“Not unless you’re deeply wounded or unable to fight.” Isaac knew what he had to do, anything was better than attacking her, so he stepped off his stone pad and began walking carelessly around the arena.

“What are you doing, aren’t you going to fight me?” Olivia finishes analysing the floor and realises Isaac is about to step on a mine if he took another step.

“No..o...” Isaac weakly replies as he continues on his walk.

“Stop!” Olivia begins tearing up. “If you take another step the mine in front of you will be set off.” She starts walking towards Isaac, avoiding all the mines she had located on the floor. “Don’t do this, just fight me and this can all be over.” Olivia cries trying to stay calm as she approaches the still Isaac

“It’s easier this way.” Isaac steps forward, setting off the mine, leading to a huge explosion that sent Isaac flying into the air.

Olivia leapt up to catch him, he had been badly burnt from his leg to his stomach it could have been worse if he hadn’t used his prosthetic leg to block the blow.

“Now look what you have done to your body, nobody will love you know,” Olivia weakly smiles as she lands back onto the stone pad, honestly glad he had survived the explosion.

“...And Olivia is the winner,” Angela announces as she disables the minefield, she then pulled the lever of the slot machine to choose the next match. When the slot machine came to a complete stop all the colour drained from Josi’s face.

“Next up is Josi vs Rayan with the lightning field.”

‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ Josi’s mind went into panic mode, out of all the people she had to fight it had to be Ryan! “It’s impossible for me to win.’ With that thought, she began to think of ways that she could purposely lose the fight without being killed.

“Hii!” Josi shrieked as someone placed their hand on her shoulder and upon turning around she found that it was Emily.

“Are you ok?” Emily asks with concern.

“Um…” Josi was about to tell her that there was no way she could win and ask if she could retire from the match but then a realisation hit her. Taking a closer look at Emily, she was very pale, it was obvious that she had lost quite a lot of blood from her battle and her arm was in a sling. Josh, Daniel, Perrie and Isaac were all badly injured as well. “I-I’m fine, I’ll be going now!” She walked past Emily toward the arena where Rayan had already entered. ‘I can’t back down now, not when everyone else had been trying their best.’ But as she stepped foot into the arena all the fear came rushing back but she steeled herself, reminding herself that her chances of winning wasn’t zero, she had a chance and even if she does lose she has to at least wound Rayan for the next person.

“For this round the arena will be surrounded with lightning rods, when they are fully charged, lightning will strike the arena electrocuting the floor, including everything and everyone in it. The winner will be decided when someone faints or dies and also if you try to leave the arena,” Ashlee explains.

“In 3… 2… 1… GO!” Angela signals the start, then moves just outside the arena and starts up the lightning rods.

Josi took her guns out and started shooting at Rayan right away, her aim had gotten better due to the last minute training with Ashlee and Angela and she had received another gun but she knew she still wasn’t good enough to actually hit Rayan, so instead of calculating her shots she decided to just shoot him at random. As long as her aim wasn’t too off, this way she would have more of a chance to hit the target since she was wasting no time in planning her shots.

As expected Rayan was dodging all of her shots with the bullets only grazing his clothes as far as Josi could tell however after a few more shots she saw red droplets dripping on the floor around him. ’Yes! I’m hitting him!” Josi thought with joy but as soon as her mood was lifting, something fatal happened, when she pulled the trigger, nothing came out. She tried with her other gun but nothing came out either, she was out of bullets. ‘Crap!’ She reached for the ammo to reload her guns but she wasn’t fast enough and Rayan was already hovering over her with his poisonous needles out, her eyes contracted in fear.

“Die.” Rayan aimed his needles at Josi’s vital points but in the rush of it all Josi threw one of her guns at him, causing him to turn his head. This way it would hit the side of his head instead of his eye, however by doing so, he messed up his aim and ended up missing her vital points. Josi took this chance to distance herself by jumping away from him but the poison on the needles kicked in quick and when she landed, her legs immediately gave way. “Ugh.” She fell to her knees and could only watch as Rayan quickly recovered from the blow and got out his needles again. ‘It’s over for sure this time.’ Josi shut her eyes tight and waited for the attack, thinking that at least with her whole body numb, it wouldn’t hurt as much.

Unbeknownst to Josi and Rayan, the lightning rods around the were fully charged and since they were both on the floor it struck them both directly at least it would have, if it wasn’t for Angela who jumped into the arena who picked Josi up then jumped out of the arena again. This action snapped Rayan back to his senses and he jumped out before the lightning struck as well.

“That was a close one,” Angela says, looking at the still sizzling floor of the arena. “Rayan’s the winner by the way.”

Angela pulls the lever “Emma vs Aidan in a battle field of ice,” Ashlee announces as Emma excitedly runs down the stairs to the arena.

“Wooo, I’m so pumped for this!” Emma squeals as she reaches the arena.

“Me too!” Aidan agrees.

“In 3… 2… 1… GO!” Angela jumps back.

Emma quickly pulls out her potions, drinking an ice resistance elixir that enables her to easily walk over the ice. She continues to pull another potion out while running towards Aidan, she avoids his wall of bullets by gliding across the ice, simultaneously closing the distance between them. She skids to throw one of her paralysing potions towards him, but it explodes before it reached him. Aidan shot it before it reached him, he attempted to walk across the ice but only found himself struggling to keep his balance, so he decided to stand his ground. He began shooting the ice beneath Emma’s feet, causing her quickly jump to avoid the falling into the broken ice. Emma began to panic, ‘I better hit him with a potion soon, otherwise all the ice will break.’ She pulls out another potion, this time one that will react with the ice in the atmosphere and freeze Aidan among it. ‘All i need to do is get close enough,’ Emma thought as she began speeding towards Aidan, who surprisingly hasn’t fired a single bullet yet. Thinking he had run out of bullets, Emma continued to gain distance of Aidan until she was about a metre away from him.

“Got you now!” Emma shouted, excited that everything had gone to plan that is until Aidan pulled out another gun, Emma’s face dropped, the smile had been wiped clean off her face. Aidan had pulled out his bazooka, and had aimed it straight at Emma’s face.

“I don’t think so!” Aidan’s smirk creeped upon his face as he pulled the trigger, the explosion had so much force behind it that it even caused the ice below him to crack. Though what happened to Emma was worse, she was propelled across the arena into the far end wall, smashing into it as the missile detonated. Emma had miraculously survived but with major burns, Aidan was about to signal Angela to disable the battlefield until he looked down at his feet. “Ah crap.” Aidan sighed as the potion Emma threw before she was sent across the arena cracked open, freezing Aidan into a large iceberg.

“Well… Aidan is still the winner, now just a bit cooler than before.”

“Ok, that’s the end of round one. For round two all the losers from round one will be taken off the slot machine,” Ashlee informs everyone on the changes.

“That’ll make it uneven though.”

“True… then we’ll put Aaron in again since he’s the one with the least amount of injuries.”

“Sounds good.” Angela takes out the aforementioned losers, except for Aaron, from the machine before pulling the lever. “Here we go!”

“Next up is Aidan vs Rayan in the sky field.”

‘Ugh why so soon!’ Aidan thought with dread as he was still recovering from his last battle.

Both Rayan and Aidan stepped into the arena and was directed to a specific spot by Angela.

“With the theme of sky this battle will be fought in the air and just like the previous rounds, the first one to faint or die loses,” Ashlee explains.

Right after the explanation, the ground around Rayan, Aidan and Angela detached itself from the ground and lifted them in the air, a few other blocks around them did the same. ‘Just my luck, I have to jump around whilst my legs are still numb from the ice.’ Aidan looked over to Angela hoping that she would cut him some slack and postpone the match, but she completely ignored him off and started the fight.

“In 3… 2… 1… GO!”

“I guess it can’t be helped!” Aidan got out his guns and began shooting at Rayan on the spot. He started off with two then threw them up in the air and took another two out and shot, then rotated to throw those up and catch the first pair and shot. This way he was able to shoot Rayan with four guns at once. It surprised Rayan a little at first but he expected as much of Aidan and quickly regained his composure. He jumped from block to block taking the best route possible to Aidan, he may not be able to dodge all the bullets perfectly, but he was able to maneuver so that he took as little damage as possible. It didn’t take long before Rayan got close enough to get a clear shot of Aidan but that could also be said for the other way around. When Rayan got out his poison soaked needles, Aidan abandoned his guns and got out a bazooka. They both attacked each other at the same time but unlike Aidan who was literally frozen on the spot, Rayan was still able to jump back and avoid a direct hit from the bazooka.

Angela jumped down and caught the unconscious Aidan before he hit the ground whilst Rayan jumped down on his own despite being heavily injured.

“The winner is Rayan.” Angela pulls the lever for the next battle.

“Next is Olivia and Emily in a battlefield of spikes,” Ashlee announces as a dome rises from the ground floor of the area. “For this battle you will need to enter the dome from one side, the aim is capture the flag in the middle of the dome, whilst grabbing on the razor rigid spikes to make your way across. If you fall, you will be cleanly spiked through your body and will automatically die. So don’t fall, unless you enjoy being violently impaled. The first to win is the one to get the flag first, or the last one standing still alive.” Ashlee concludes her announcement as Angela leads each contestant to either side of the dome.

“You will enter once I say go, until then wait for my signal” Angela enters the dome from a different side of the dome. Starting her count from inside there.“In 3… 2…1… GO!” Angela gives the signal.

She watches as the two contestants enter the dome, only to stop and stare at the spikes both in front of them and below them. The spikes varied in size, from small ones covering the floor to long ones, thick enough to hold. Yet by just looking at them, the spikes will pierce you, how could you even hold them without bleeding to death. Emily not wanting to waste another minute in case she psyches herself out, begins by leaping out onto the spike in front of her, wrapping her arms around it. Just by grabbing it her arms began bleeding ’I better hurry.’ Emily decides to leave as little skin as possible with contact to the spikes, that way she could minimise the injuries. Emily begins to reach out to grab the next spike, after grabbing hold she leans her legs on spikes behind her, leaving her in a star shaped position. She then drops her legs, using her upper body strength to lift up her body, putting all of her pressure on her hands still grabbing the spike. Leaving her hands to bleed profusely, holding in the pain she continues to lift her body up, making her feet touch the tip of the spike. Thanks to her lightweight malleable steel boots though, she can easily stand on the spike without it stabbing her feet. As her feet reaches the tip of the spike, she releases her hands to stand up straight on the spike, now she is able to freely jump between the spikes. Emily, unsure of the flag’s whereabouts, quickly scouts the area to find Olivia grabbing onto one of the spikes on the other side of dome struggling to stay up.

‘At least I’m ahead her.’ Emily seeing that she was now ahead of Olivia decides to end the battle quickly by jumping across each spike towards the furthest end of the dome to where she couldn’t see. Until she finally spotted the flag at the top of the dome, hanging upside from the middle with spikes arranged around it coming out from the ceiling. ‘Great, just great.’

Olivia struggles as she begins slipping from the spike “Ahh….hhh.” Her hands were being slashed as they rubbed against the rough edges of the spike “Nhhu..hh!” Olivia pulled herself up despite the immense pain and blood escaping from her hands. Unlike Emily, Olivia didn’t have any steel boots, only had fabric shoes, so her only option was to leap to each spike, wrapping her body around it as she made her way to the middle of the dome. Only to realise that the flag was not in the middle but on the ceiling. ‘Dammit.’

Olivia tried to swallow down the pain, but her hands could no longer hold herself up, as the blood flowing from them weakened her grip. Olivia looked around to see a quicker way to reach the flag, as she did she saw Emily upside down climbing across the spikes along the ceiling only metres away from the flag. ‘At least now, I can rest.’ Olivia releases her grip, letting herself drop from the spike onto a another spike below her, although this time the spike was through her stomach. Leaving her to lie lifeless on the spike as she awaited the finish, spurting blood from her mouth and dripping blood from her hands.

Isaac fidgeted as he watched the screen, ‘She’s okay, don’t worry, she’s okay!’ Emily reaches the flag, concluding the match, leaving Angela to pull Olivia off the spike and grab Emily from the ceiling, disabling the dome once she got them out.

“Emily is the winner…”

“Next up…” Angela pulls the lever “Aaron and Daniel in a battlefield of acid” As Aaron and Daniel began making their way down to the battlefield, the area on all sides begin to close off.

“For this battle, with the theme of acid, every 5 minutes a quick shower of acid rain will fall from the ceiling. With just one touch of this stuff, it will leave a deep scar in your skin, so avoid it at all costs. The winner is the last one still left standing where the loser is either unconscious or dead. Also, don’t worry audience the rain won’t affect you thanks to Brendan’s indestructible cover over the battle. So good luck to you guys, and remember to bring an umbrella,” Ashlee concludes her speech.

Angela instead on standing between the two contestants, stands on the side of field with what seemed to be a metal umbrella. “In 3… 2…1…GO!” Angela commences the battle, starting the countdown until the next acid shower.

Aaron begins to spin his spear around him as he speeds down the battlefield towards Daniel, who after his last battle was still badly injured, leaving him with no other option than to also run towards Aaron. Since if he were to defend, it would probably cause him more damage than he could handle, as he ran towards Aaron he brought out his blades ready to attack. Though as he got closer Aaron throws his spear towards Daniel, putting him off as he quickly jumps to avoid it only to have Aaron appear in front of him and kick him across the stomach.

“Guh-ah!” Air was forced out of Daniel’s mouth as he was flown across the battlefield into the ground, worsening his previous wounds. Aaron walks over to retrieve his spear, then continues to approach Daniel, who was still collapsed on the ground. There was only two minutes left until the rain, ‘I still have time.’ Aaron stood over Daniel as he brought up his spear to stab Daniel, who quickly rolled to the side to avoid Aaron’s attack then proceeds to throwing one of his knives at Aaron’s face. His knife missed, only leaving Aaron with a small cut across his cheek.

“Getting all weak now are we?” Aaron stood on Daniel’s hand, crunching it under his shoe.“Ahh-h!” Daniel moaned in pain as the wound on his hand worsened and began bleeding. Daniel looked over at the countdown to see there was 30 seconds left ‘Now that’s an idea.’ Daniel pulls his legs up to kick Aaron in the stomach, landing on his feet as he did then leaps towards Aaron. Shocked, Aaron attempted to defend himself by pulling for his spear. Yet he was empty-handed after dropping his spear from the kick, Aaron put up his arms to block the blow. 5 seconds left, Daniel’s intention wasn’t to hit Aaron, instead he picked him up and used him to shield the rain.


The timer was brought to zero, the rain began, leaving Aaron open to be burnt. “Agg-hh” Aaron yelled as the acid began seeping into his skin, burning through his clothes to leave deep scars into his skin. Luckily the first rain was only 15 seconds, otherwise it would have burnt into his spine. Daniel, weakened from all of his wounds, flops Aaron over to the side as he collapses to the ground.

“….. and the winner is Aaron, by a close draw.” Daniel didn’t care for winning, he just wanted to survive the battle and see Perrie ,so to him, he had already won. Aaron on the other hand, laid unconscious on the ground.

“Next up is Josh vs Bec in the jumping rope field,” Ashlee announces as the slots come to a complete stop.

“Yes, an easy field!” Josh remarks happily as he was still carrying injuries from his last battle.

“Well actually-”

“That’s what you would think!” Angela cuts Ashlee off and decides to take it upon herself to explain this battle in her place. “This battle will be a normal battle where you try to kill each other, but there is a catch.” Two massive bunny statues appeared on opposite sides of the arena and were each holding onto a gigantic rope, which stretched across the entire arena. “As soon as the battle starts the bunnies will begin skipping the rope and you better jump over it because if it touches you it will shock with 100 million volts of electricity!”

“You thought of this one didn’t you…” Bec’s sweatdropped.

“Eh, how’d you know?” Angela asked confused as to what could’ve given that impression.

“Just a hunch…”

“Anyway, in 3… 2… 1… GO!” Angela jumps onto one of the bunny’s head, which triggers the start of the jumping rope.

Both Josh and Bec took out their weapons and got into a fighting stance but neither of them went in for an attack just yet. The rope had made most of the way around before either one of them made an actual move. As the rope got closer and closer, Bec began to worry but she was determined to not move before Josh who was just staying in the one spot with his eyes on her. When the rope got so close that Bec could feel the slight wind being made by the rope, she caved and jumped in the air to avoid it, which like she feared was exactly what Josh had been aiming for from the very beginning. Josh immediately leapt forward when he saw Bec jump in the air and went for a stab, Bec blocks it with her tonfa, so he goes for a stab again with his other blade, which Bec blocks as well with her other tonfa. But Josh wasn’t aiming for those attacks to hit, he just needed her tonfa out of the way so he could kick her without anything in the way. His kick landed on the side of Bec’s head and sent her crashing face first into the ground.

“That hurt you jerk!” Bec yelled at Josh as she rubbed both her aching cheeks that have both received harsh hits. “I’m going to bury you alive!” In a fit of rage Bec rushed at Josh and swung her tonfa at him.

“Woah.” Josh caught the tonfa with his hand, which caused a smirk on Bec’s face. She pushed a small button on her tonfa and spikes came out all along it, piercing Josh’s hand in the process. “Ow.” Josh flinched and took a look at the palm of his hand, finding small punctures with blood spilling out of them. Bec took this chance to land an attack on Josh’s face and another on his stomach, which cause him to cough up some blood and crumple onto the floor though he had no time to rest as he saw Bec jump up out of the way of the rope that had made it’s way around once again. Josh jumped up with what little energy he had at the moment over the rope, safe from the electric shock.

“Ah, that was dangerous,” he muttered as he recovered and got up off the ground. He turned his head to spit a bit of blood out then wiped the blood that was dripping from the corner of his mouth, his eyes turned dead serious when they met Bec’s whose eyes carried the same emotion. No more words were said as they both charged at each other and their weapons clashed in the middle. They parried back and forth whilst jumping up slightly in the air to avoid the rope, with the damage count being at only a low level of scratches each. It continued on at a stalemate until an idea popped inside Josh’s head. When it was time to jump the rope again, instead of doing a shallow jump, he jumped just above Bec’s head, which to Bec left him wide open for an attack. She jumped up after him and swung at him only to have Josh dodge the attack, grab her arm and threw her into the rope that was in the air at the moment. An eardrum shattering scream was let out throughout the arena as Bec was struck by 100 million volts of lightning, “AHH!!! She fell onto the ground with a loud thud.

“Yes I won! I’m a genius-GAHH!!!”

Turns out he hadn’t won yet and the rope was still in action since Bec hadn’t completely entered the unconscious world.

“Well… Josh still won in the end… I think.”

‘Idiot...’ Everyone in the audience thought as they watched the scene.

Well.. after that battle, it concludes the second round. So once again we remove the contestants who lost, and start the third round.”

“Next up is… Rayan and Josh in the battlefield of a forest. For this battle, the arena will turn into a forest, the objective is to reach the top of the tallest tree in the middle of the arena. The loser is the one who reaches the top last or dies trying.”

“Everyone ready?” Angela starts the signal as each contestant meets at either side of the battlefield, Josh was still heavily injured whilst Rayan looked fine despite his direct hit from a bazooka. “In 3… 2… 1… GO!”

Rayan started off first swiftly flying through the forest, maneuvering around each tree, it wouldn’t take him long to reach the finish. Whereas Josh still recovering decides to at least try and make it to the finish, he tries to start running but due to his impaired vision, he finds himself running into each tree as he loses conscious.

Rayan still in the lead, reaches the tree quickly climbing up it to finish the battle. As he reaches halfway, he feels on thump come from below and looks down. Josh had regained consciousness and reached the tree, but instead of climbing up it he begins cutting it down with one of his knives. Thinking it would be quicker, Rayan decides to continue to climb the tree as it would take longer to dispose of Josh then to reach the top. Until the tree begins losing its balance, slowly falling to one side. Josh had cut completely through the tree but by doing so, he used up all and any energy he had left. Leaving him to collapse on the ground as Rayan continued to climb the tree, rather now run across the side of the tree before it fell down. Reaching the top as the tree reached the ground, causing splinters of wood to fly everywhere, leaving Rayan who was close to the collision to have a few splinters in his arms as he used them to block his face and body.

“Rayan is the winner, almost by default.”

Angela picks up Josh and takes him to the infirmary as she pulls the lever on the slots.

“Next up is Emily vs Rayan in the mountain field. In this battle the arena will imitate that of the summit of a mountain where the air will be very thin. The winner will be decided once a person suffocates or is killed.”

“In 3… 2… 1… GO!” As Angela signals the start, fog began seeping through the vents surrounding the contestants inside.

The fog filled the entire arena, it was so thick that you could barely even see your hand in front of you and just like Ashlee said it was getting very hard to breathe, especially for the Aaron who was freshly wounded.

“Having trouble there?” Emily mocked him even though she was struggling to breathe as well.

“No,” Aaron spat back.

“Then how about we make this interesting, Instead of fighting let’s see who can last the longest in this air?” Emily proposes.

“Bring it,” Aaron agreed as he pride was at stake.

Emily and Aaron both stood where they were and waited for a sign to show that the other had fainted. Before they knew 10 minutes had passed by until finally a loud thud was heard and the fog dispersed to reveal an unconscious Aaron face down on the ground and a heavily breathing Emily next to him.

“The winner is Emily.”

Angela picked Aaron up and carried him to the infirmary with Emily following behind them.

“Now for the moment you have all been waiting for… it’s time for the final round! For this battle it will be held in a normal arena, no gadgets, no nothing. It will be a fight to the death!”

Everyone gathered around the arena eager for the final showdown to commence. Emily enters the arena after receiving emergency first aid to meet Rayan who was already inside.

“Ok in 3… 2… 1…G-”

“Wait!” Bec cuts Angela off and walks into the arena.

“You can’t be in here,” Angela informs Bec and tries to throw her out of the arena so she could start the final battle but Rayan immediately appears behind her with a needle pointed at her neck with his menacing aura spilling out.

“Don’t touch her.” He warns Angela, only to have her turn her head upwards to meet his eyes and gave him a death glare whilst releasing her own dark aura.

“Make me.” Rayan takes a step back from the pressure but doesn’t back down and intensifies his own glare and aura.

“Stop it Rayan!” Bec ordered Rayan knowing that it wouldn’t be wise to fight Angela, especially in his current state. At Bec’s command Rayan reluctantly puts his needle away while still glaring at Angela, who just stuck her tongue out at him. “I request a switch in players between Rayan and I,” Bec announces and stares at Angela for the approval, everyone in the stands join in as well and waited for Angela’s response.

“Eh? Um... I don’t really care but...” Angela looks over to Ashlee, she didn’t like being put on the spot like that.

“Fine by me, it’ll be more interesting this way.” Ashlee gives her approval for the switch. “The final battle will be Bec vs Emily, a fight between the leaders!”

“Bec-” Rayan starts.

“I’ll be fine have trust in your cult leader!” Bec declares with confidence.

Rayan gives a small nod and exits the arena to join the other spectators.

“It’s finally the end.” Emily says then takes out her small axes and gets into a fighting stance.

“For you that is.” Bec retorts, taking out her own tonfa and getting into a fight stance.

“Ok, In 3… 2… 1… GO!” Angela signals the start of the final battle and jumps out of the way.

Bec and Emily immediately charge at each other at full speed and clash their weapons in the middle, Bec tries pushing Emily but Emily pushes her right back. It was an obvious stalemate but neither of them were going to give in, the auras they both gave off were so intense the whole arena could feel them. Sparks were flying. After what seemed like forever, Bec decided that it was time to end this stalemate and attempted to knock Emily off her balance by sweeping her legs from under her. It works, but Emily wasn’t about to let it go Bec’s way, she stabilized herself by placing one of her hands flat on the ground to keep from falling then spun her body around to knock Bec off her feet. Emily flipped herself around and launched herself at Bec who had fallen on the ground. Seeing Emily’s attack coming at her, Bec crossed her tonfa above her head to shield herself but that didn’t stop Emily from bringing her axes down on her.

Emily continued to bombard Bec with attacks until Bec released the spikes on tonfa, which she used to catch one of Emily’s axes and throw it out of her hands. She quickly swung her other tonfa and hit Emily square in the face then kicked her in the gut. Emily was sent tumbling back on the ground but she quickly regained herself, though she was now down one weapon. Bec picks herself up and chases after Emily who was now hunched over with one hand on the ground and the other up with her axe. Emily decided to avoid the confrontation and leapt out of the way, leaving Bec to hit the ground where she had been instead “Tch.” Emily used this chance to regain her lost weapon so now they were both on opposite sides of the arena with both their weapons. Bec charged at Emily with her tonfa poised for an attack.

‘Back to square one huh?’ Emily got her axes in position as well and charged at Bec. They met in the middle and once again it was a stalemate. This time Emily made the first move and used Bec’s tactic to try and sweep Bec off her feet, but Bec decided to use Emily’s counter from before and stabilize herself with her hand and swing her body around to knock Emily off her feet, but when she attempted to use it she was gone. ‘Where did she-’ She wasn’t even able to finish that thought before Emily appeared on top of her and crashed her into the ground. “Agh!” A big amount of blood splurted out of her mouth as her back smashed into the ground.

“It’s over.” Emily towers over Bec with her axes ready to finish her off. Bec could only lay there and watch as Emily Emily throws down her axe. Emily turns her head to avoid blood on her face, though the axe hits Bec sooner than expected. She turns back to see her axe in Rayan’s back, she falls back from shock. Bec remains still eyes contracted, staring up at Rayan as blood drips onto her face.

“Why did you do this, I’m the leader, it’s my duty to die for my team!” Bec begins to cry.

“I’m sorry, I just coul-dn’t…. be-ar it” Rayan collapses, the blood loss and all of his past and now recent injuries had caught up to him. Rayan was dead.

“RAYAN!!” Bec pulls the axe from Rayan’s back as she lays him on the ground, furious she heads towards Emily who had fallen back onto the ground. “You…” Bec viciously throws the axe, landing it into Emily’s stomach “Aghh-hh!”

“Not my fault you couldn’t control him,” Emily retorts as she pulls a knife from her back pocket.

Bec climbs on top of Emily, holding her a spike from her tonfa over Emily’s heart. “No more games, die!” Bec lands the spike into Emily’s heart, Emily pushes her knife into Bec’s heart.

“It’s better to die together.. Doncha you think” Emily smirks as her eyes rolls back dropping her head to hit the ground, Bec falls lifeless on top of Emily still skewered with a knife.

“... And that concludes the battle, with no winners. Meaning it’s a draw,” Ashlee announces, unsure of what else to say.

“I guess that means there are no longer any sides...” Olivia perks up at the idea, running towards Isaac.

“Guess what burn boy, we’re free!” Olivia leaps at Isaac as she hugs him.

Everyone else from either side begin joining together, finally returning to how they use to be. Angela unsure of what to do, remains in her spot sitting upon one of the ledges.

“Whatcha doing up there?” Aaron stands beside her.


“I heard that after the town rebuilds, there is going to be an ice cream parlour.” Angela suddenly looks towards the town, and leaps off the edge.

‘Gesh, I don’t think she got that it’s not actually done yet’ Aaron smirks to himself, as he follows Angela.

. . .

From what seemed like an eternity of being a part of something you never conceded to, it instills an emptiness as the foretold friendships separated and parted their ways. After the final battle or so called ‘rebellion’, everyone went their separate ways, though some still continued their bonds with former colleagues. Perrie and Daniel began a new life together across the sea in a small island, where now it was only them, no interruptions or near death encounters, just each other. Emma and Aidan continued their practices even after the battles were over, Emma became a popular potions master within the town often travelling to sell her potions. Aidan decided on focusing his energy into his guns, becoming a renowned gunsmith helping in many wars that plagued through the years. Josi and Brendan joined together to open a store, “Caring Gadgets” it was called. A store for trinkets and gadgets that helps different illness or diseases. It was quite successful for many years, winning many awards, lately though it has become more of an urban legend. As their intellect led them into darker trades. Christen became a mother, not only a few years ago, starting her own family, she had a boy and named it after Jarrod, in remembrance of his early death, a year after the rebellion. Josh, left alone after his brother moved away and decided to do what he did best, working within the shadows, killing any man who had a bounty on his head. Isaac and Olivia became a duo for disaster, working within the underworld planning for the next world domination. Angela visited the ice cream parlour the minute it opened and even ended up becoming the owner, Aaron on the other hand disappeared after the battles but there have been rumors of a man fitting his description visiting that very ice cream parlor.

As for me, I decided to tell you this story, for I wanted you to learn of the events that both lead to the world destruction you see. For the plan Isaac and Olivia had procured came true, they created a nuclear bomb and incinerated the entire Earth. I know no one is out there, why am I the only to survive, who knows, but seeing the constant desolate land before me the barrenness of grey skies, the ashes lying before my feet. The conclusion, this story was never real, it is simply a creation of a forgotten life, humanity was never hoped to survive, we were demons with a button to self destruct. This future, this ugly doomed future, is all that is left. If for some reason you find this story, know that the humanity born upon this Earth, that the cult created upon it, was just one example of many mistakes.

I hope you learn from it.


“Wow!” Bec finishes the book passing it to Emily, who turns it over to read the blurb.

“Sounds weird.”

“This gives me a great idea” Bec suddenly stands up “Let’s start a cult!”

“Do you really think everyone will join in?” Emily complains

“Don’t worry, we can give them some incentive...

The End

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