The Origins of the FleshEaters

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Morning came and tired eyes were a common sight all around the hideout. Even the smell of burning flesh became a wake up call that breakfast was on its way, as everyone gathered around the table to following its indescribable scent.

“Pancakes!” Josi yelled out with joy, not fully releasing the smells around her. “Finally something normal to eat!”

Christen walks over to the excitable Josi only to put her hand on her shoulder and break the unfortunate news to her. “Yeah those aren’t normal pancakes… they’re made out of humans.”

Josi’s shoulders slumped.

“I expected as much,” Rayan says, pushing past Josi to sit at the table.

Once everyone had gathered at the table Bec began to discuss the arrangement for the jobs.

“Alright first off, assassins and protectors you will be training today, Perrie and Emily you will be practicing your engineering skills in your set rooms.” Perrie and Emily gave a nod.

“Angela you can practice your ‘skills’ on some humans we’ve have procured.”

Angela gave a small grin as she continued to eat her food.

“Ashlee you can collect food for us, also take Rayan and Aaron with you, they can practice there as well.”

“Sure, no problem for me.” Ashlee accepted the job as she gave a sigh of relief that she wouldn’t have to collect the ‘food’ alone.

“Brendan you can practice in your workshop.”

“Okay,” Brendan says looking down at the table.

“Finally Isaac you can read some books to gather your knowledge, Josi you can begin calculating our monthly costs and Olivia you can begin trying to recruit new members.”

Josi, Isaac and Olivia all gave a nod in understanding of their roles.

“Let me guess, I just clean?” Emma says slightly annoyed.

“Yep, and take care of this new hideout while we’re gone okay~” Bec says in a mocking tone.

Everyone had finished their breakfast and without clearing the table of plates and food scraps, headed out to their respective jobs, giving Emma the chance to practice her new job. Which she accepted with minimal excitement...

Ashlee after getting ready to go, gets together with Aaron and Rayan and leaves the hideout to begin to collect the ‘food’.

“Alright we are going to a nearby cottage, stay on guard and be quiet,” Ashlee orders them swiftly as if she had past experience of this.

They begin walking slowly as Ashlee follows a map Emily gave her to the location of the cottage. Once they arrived they were surprised at the lack of nervousness, it was almost if their body had been preparing for this moment their whole life.

“First we need to check the premise to see how many people are inside,” Ashlee says in a hushed whisper to Aaron and Rayan.

“There are 3 men,” Rayan says after returning from scouting the area.

“Good job Rayan, everyone pick one now and take them out,” Ashlee says as she points to each target.

“On my count, in 3…..2…...1…. Go!”

Within seconds they dispatch from each other, Aaron leaps through the window as he swings his fist at the the man’s face, the man falls back from shock. Rayan takes the another man out with one shot, as he sneaks up from behind and slices his throat with a shiv he made. Ashlee following through after them and picks up a chair and smashes it on the man’s head.

Within minutes all 3 men are killed, despite regret being seen within Aaron’s eyes, he refused to admit it. They then began to pack the bodies in the sacks they brought and as they headed on their way back to base.

“We’re home...” Aaron mutters to no one in particular, but to his surprise someone came running towards him.

“Oh Angela, did you wait for us to come home, how sweet.” Ashlee smiles at her cute gesture.

Angela ignored Ashlee’s comment and laid out her hands in front of her. ”Bodies.” They soon realised that Angela’s job had practically been made for her, as it gave her the perfect opportunity to let her sadistic side out.

“Here.” Rayan walks up to her and passes the sacks to her.

The smile on Angela’s face was the same smile small children make when they receive candy from their parents yet the meaning was much darker. Angela thanks him after she quickly runs off to the chamber where she will finally start her job.

“Wait!” Ashlee calls out to her. “What are you planning to do with those?”

“Emily gave me some weapons to try out!” Angela answers back as she runs out of sight with a skip in her step, the excitement was clearly radiating off her. Better not get on her bad side otherwise you will be her new play toy.

“Weapons,” Aarons mutters to himself then leaves to find Emily.

Aaron started off following Angela as he thought she would lead him to Emily, until he loses track of her when Aidan jumps out in front of him wearing a whole suit of armor.

“Don’t I look cool?” Aidan asks, as he waits for Aaron’s opinion on the armour, freshly made by Perrie who had been practicing her skills all morning while they were hunting.

“You look ridiculous,” Aaron sneers only to be whacked on the head by Perrie. “Ow!”

“That’s what you get for insulting him!” Perries announces behind him, the sweat rolling off her face as she had slaved all morning to make the one armour.

“Thanks-” Aidan starts but gets cut off by Perrie.

“Not you, the armour!” Perrie corrects him as she moves to pet her precious armour.

“Ok… Anyway, where’s Emily?” Aaron decides to set aside the rather disturbing scene in front of him and get back to his primary focus, the weapons.

After chatting with Perrie, Aaron finds out that Emily is with Josh and Daniel in the hall, and

after walking for a bit, Aaron sees Emily sitting on a bench watching the assassins practice.

“Why are you watching them?” Aaron asks with curiosity as he watched the engineer dot down notes.

“To figure out what weapons will suit them best,” Emily says without lifting her head to look at him, as she carefully observed the battle between the twins.Aaron only shrugs to then sit beside Emily to wait for her to finish, until Isaac comes barging into hall with a book being flung around in his hand.

“I’m sick of reading!” Isaac complained loudly. “Mind if I join you guys?"

“Sure.” Both Daniel and Josh say in relief as just looking at Isaac was the longest break they had all morning.

“Thank Goodness!” Isaac immediately throws away his book and jumps in with the assassins to practice core building and fighting techniques, a strange choice but apparently more fun than reading.

After a few more hours, Aaron had left the hall after an unsuccessful bugging to Emily for a weapon. Finally leaving Emily alone to finish drawing designs. Whilst Josh, Daniel and Isaac were collapsed on the floor from exhaustion, as they learned that Emily was a real slave driver.

“Alright, the weapon designs are done, thanks for letting me watch you.” Emily thanks them as she gets up from her spot. But the collapsed boys was still too drained to even respond, so Emily decides to move to the another part of the hall to watch Jarrod, who had been taking a short break when she arrived.

“Mind if I watch you and create some sketches for weapon ideas?” Emily asks as she walks in through the door and sits on a nearby stool.

“Sure, I will start back up in a few minutes…. Just taking a break…” Jarrod says in between heavy gasps of breath.

After a few minutes Jarrod gets up to start practicing again when he sees a person at the corner of his eye, it turned out to be Brendan walking along the wall to Emily.

“This is for you,” Brendan whispers as he gives Emily a tablet then walks off. ‘Cool, this will improve my designs,’ Emily thought as she excitedly started fiddling with the tablet to figure out how it worked. Jarrod ignores the odd act of kindness and continues practicing.

. . .

Olivia finally returns after a long day of collecting information on all the residents in the nearby town, to which it would help in deciding who will be competent members. Just as Olivia walks through the main door, Bec was there to greet her “How did it go?”

Olivia only responds by passing Bec a large pile of paper filled with information, Bec is surprised at her ability to be both sneaky and extremely efficient.

“Also when you get inside, can you call everyone to the main room, I have something to say,”

Bec orders to Olivia who was just about to head into the hideout.

A short sigh escapes from Olivia “Why don’t you do it yourself?”

“Wha- don’t question your cult leader!” Bec whines, as she didn’t have a valid reason to give.

“Fine,” Oliva says as she rolls her eyes and enters the hideout.

It took a while but Olivia had finally gathered everyone into the main room like Bec requested. To her surprise Bec wasn’t even there, even after everyone was in the room. She hadn’t even helped at all in calling fifteen people who were scattered all over the hideout, which was massive, into one room. Olivia sighed.

While they were waiting for Becs late arrival, Emma decided to start a conversation “What did everyone do today?”

“I killed someone,” Rayan mentions.

“Um… okay…”

“Well I counted our current money status and calculated our monthly costs,” Josi contributes to the conversation in a monotone voice.

Bec enters the room holding a tablet in one hand and a metal stick in the other hand. She then proceeds to plug her tablet into the big screen and turn it on.

“Shut up everyone, I am here!” Bec announces to everyone, seizing the conversations.

“What’s that?” Emma asks curiously, as everyone ignores Bec’s rude outburst.

“It’s a blueprint of a mansion up north that we will raid,” Bec answers.

“What are we stealing?” Rayan asks.

“Humans and money, duh,” Bec responds as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Ok, I get the part about the humans but why do we need to steal money, isn’t Emily rich?” Perrie brings up a good point.

“Technically my parents are rich, but I can’t keep taking money from them, it will only raise suspicion on us,” Emily explains.

Perrie nods in acknowledgment.

“Okay, getting back to the point, our first mission is to steal both the money and humans from the Phantomhive mansion,” Bec says as she points to the diagram with her metal stick, which is then improved when Bec brings up Brendan’s latest invention, a three dimensional diagram of the mansion.

“Now this isn’t any ordinary mansion, it is owned by an underworld boss, meaning he is going to have very tight security with lots of armed guards, so be on your toes and be careful. This is going to be tough but if we can make it, it will give us lots of money and reputation,” Bec looks around to address it to everyone hoping they understand the danger.

“Well… since everyone is gathered here and in time for the upcoming battle, I thought I should hand out the weapons now.” Emily pulls a tray of weapons out from the hallway.

Jarrod bursts out “Yes, new weapons!”

“I hope you all like them and sorry it took so long. I had to make sure they were just right,” Emily says as she lifts the blanket off the table to reveal the large array of weapons underneath.

“Okay, first Aidan, I made you an array of guns.” Emily passes Aidan several different guns including a gun holster.

“Sweet these should help, thanks!” Aidan accepts the weapons and moves to sit back down.

“Next, for the eager Jarrod, I made you a mace.”

Jarrod leaps off his seat to grab the mace. “Sweeeet!”

“But it needs some more improvements, so you won’t be able to use it in the raid. Sorry.”

“Aww man!” Jarrod slaps his knee.

Ignoring the odd act from Jarrod, Emily continues “For Josh and Daniel, I made you guys gloves with hidden blades inside, to help with your assassination work.”

Josh comes up first, “Cool.” Whilst Daniel slowly makes his way up and accepts the weapon with a nod.

“Angela, here are the daggers you asked for.” Angela walks up excitedly, grabs the daggers and walks away.

“Perrie, since you are an engineer I made you weapon for long distance attacks.” Emily passes her a bow and set of arrows.

“Thanks, this should do fine.” Perrie gratefully accepts her weapon.

“Aaron, I made you a long blade spear and Isaac, a whip.” Emily passes out the weapons and struggles when she gets to Aarons. “Hee-rre you go” Emily flops the spear in Aaron’s hands.

“Same goes for you Isaac, your weapon needs some extra tweaking. So it will be unavailable for the raid.”

“Okay…” Isaac frowns.

“Alright, Olivia, here are some bombs and Brendan I’m pretty sure you have made your own weapon.” Brendan nods.

”Christen, a Butchers knife made extra sharp, Bec a pair of tonfas, Ashlee a sword and Rayan, a set of poisonous needles,” Emily says, relieved to have finished handing them out.

“What about my weapon?” Emma says looking around at everyone else’s whilst she was still weaponless.

“Well yours wasn’t created by me, you will have to ask Brendan when he is done with it.”

“Okay.” Emma feels a bit better now, not having been left out.

After the handout of the weapons everyone went off to prepare for the raid soon to come.

. . .

All 17 members of the cult were now situated around the outside premise of the mansion, ready to move as soon as they got word from Rayan who was checking the situation inside the mansion.

“10 guards surrounding, 4 rooftop gunman, 4 guards inside and 10 adult residents,” Rayan whispers to Bec as he pops out from behind a tree after coming back from spying.

Bec immediately responds by taking out the walkie talkie “Alright, Josh and Daniel take out the 10 guards outside, while Aidan and Jarrod take out the 4 snipers, Isaac remove the 4 guards inside while Ashlee and Angela go for the 10 residents inside. Everyone else keep on stand by for collection of bodies and money when the job is finished.”

The Assassins, Protectors, Ashlee, Angela and Isaac all move in to take out the guards.

First Josh and Daniel swiftly run across the yard to slice each guard’s throat as they pass, leaving Aidan and Jarrod to run past them once a path had cleared and climb up the side of house to take out the rooftop guards. Isaac follows close behind as he runs through the front door to face the 4 guards inside who had been on high alert due to the assassins actions and now expected his arrival. They shoot frantically at him but he quickly dodges them to take cover at a nearby wall. ‘Damn, this is going to be difficult,’ he thought, so he decided to bring Ashlee and Angela in early to help him.

“Bec, we have a problem, the 4 guards inside have some pretty heavy guns, I have skills but not enough to dodge bullets. Can you call Angela and Ashlee to come help?” Isaac speaks loudly as the gunshots behind him become increasingly closer.

“Sure. Angela, Ashlee, we are going to need you to go down to the main level and help Isaac take out the guards, be careful they are trigger happy,” Bec says into the walkie talkie a little panicked.

“Okay, no problem, just give us a sec,” Angela says as she relays the message over to Ashlee who was beside her now running towards the house.

“This should be fun,” Ashlee says to herself, almost getting pumped for the battle ahead.

Isaac still stuck behind the wall, hears the men creep closer and closer towards him, he begins sweating ‘what should I do, what should I do, where are those two?’ he begins to panic. He closes his eyes in hopes that this nightmare would end, as the gunmen were closing in on him.

Luckily Ashlee barges through the door grabbing the guards attention as they begin shooting in her direction. Angela then sneaks out from behind them and stabs two of them in the back, you can almost feel the thrill she gets after killing them. Ashlee who now has the attention of two guards on her, quickly dodges their bullets to run to the side near the wall where she jumps up off the wall to pull out her sword and just as she is about to land in between them, she slices their heads clean off.

Isaac finally opens his eyes, the shooting stopped, ‘Did they already get here?’ He looked around the corner to see four dead guards on the floor, his eyes widened in shock. Two of them had their heads sliced clean off whilst the other two had been brutally stabbed. It had all happened so fast, the guards weren’t even given the chance to scream. ‘If this was the work of Angela and Ashlee, I really hope I don’t get on their bad side’ he thought as he took a deep gulp.

After Angela and Ashlee killed the guards they moved upstairs to take out the residents, there they meet Josh and Daniel who had joined them after finishing their job. They decided to have a race to see who could kill the most people first and since none of them cared for material objects, they would settle for the winner to be crowned the strongest out of the four. Angela got excited and quickly sprinted off whilst Josh chased close behind her, they were rivals when it came to the battlefield. Ashlee competitiveness also kicked in, she wanted to win the race more than anything and she decided to take a different route in order to gain an advantage over all of them. Daniel on the other hand was completely uninterested in the race and the prize, so he decided to locate the whereabouts of the money instead.

. . .

While Angela, Josh and Ashlee were competing with each other, Aidan and Jarrod were still outside looking for the snipers Rayan had informed them of.

“Ugh! Where are they?!” Jarrod yelled out in frustration, unknowingly drawing the attention of the snipers onto them.

Two snipers aimed their rifles at Jarrod while the other two aimed at Aidan but before their fingers even touched the trigger, two of them had been shot in the head by Aidan. The other two snipers could only watch in horror as their comrades drop dead. Both of them quickly attempted to escape but their short pause was enough for Aidan to re-aim and shoot them in the head as well.

“Wha… you… how?” Jarrod failed to form a single complete sentence as he tried to comprehend what had just occurred.

Aidan’s expression turned back from a cold, merciless one to a happy, go-lucky one. He gave Jarrod the thumbs up and said “Good job” as if he hadn’t coldly shot four people in the head.

“I didn’t know you had a sniper rifles as well…” Jarrod says cautiously.

“I don’t, these are normal guns,” Aidan tells him with a smile on his face.

“...You scare me sometimes,” Jarrod admits as a drop of sweat ran down his brow.

Aidan just tilts his head at the comment, confused.

. . .

Back inside the mansion Angela, Josh and Ashlee had ransacked the whole place until there was only one room left. Turns out the ten people that they were searching for, had all gathered together and hid in one room sealed with a door made out of titanium.

“Well this is annoying," Josh remarks, irritation clear in his voice as he taps the door.

“Titanium is one of the strongest metals in the world,” Ashlee informs them as she joins josh in tapping on the door in hopes of finding a weak spot.

While those two were tapping away at the door, Angela decided to take action and tries to break the door by slashing it with her daggers, only to be bounced back. The attack had only managed to leave a cross mark on the door.

“Che.” She clicked her tongue upon seeing the result.

“Hey! You almost cut my fingers off!” Josh yells angrily at Angela.

“But I didn’t,” Angela states in return.

“What would you have done if you did?!” Josh continues to yell at her angrily, only heightened when he was given a mere shrug as a response.

For the duration of Josh and Angela fighting with each other, Ashlee decided to take a crack at the door. She held her sword in front of her then closes her eyes to concentrate on the mark left by Angela. Once she was in the perfect state, her eyes snapped open and she brings down her sword in one swift motion. Yet it was still not enough to break the titanium door. All it did was deepen and lengthen one of the lines of the cross.

“Aw, I was sure that would work,” Ashlee says disappointedly.

“Hmph. Let a pro handle this,” Josh says with confidence as he walks up to the door, purposely bumping Angela’s shoulder as he walks past. Leaving her to stick her tongue out and pull one of her eyes at him.

Now it was Josh’s turn to try and break the titanium door that was standing in their way. He starts by cracking his knuckles then makes a fist to reveal the hidden blade inside his glove. He takes his fist and pulls it as far back as possible to gather as much power as possible, then he punches the centre of the cross with all his might.

Cracks appeared all around the spot he had punched and all seemed to have went well if not for the fact that Josh had not moved at all since his fist had connected with the door.

“You’re stuck aren’t you?” Angela inquires with a smile.

“No,” Josh lies to maintain his pride.

Of course Angela sees through his obvious lie and laughs into her fist. “Pff.”

“Don’t just laugh, help me!” Josh decides to abandon his pride so he didn’t have to be in this humiliating situation any longer.

“Oh and why should I help you? You’re the pro right?” Angela replies mockingly and made sure to put the emphasis on the word ‘pro’.

“Guys come on, we’re on a mission. Angela come help me pull him out.”

“Ehh, but that would take unnecessary effort,” Angela whines, which caused a vein to pop on Josh’s forehead.

“Angela.” Ashlee raises her voice slightly.

Seeing as there was no way out of it, Angela gives in and lets out a sigh. “Fine.”

Together with Ashlee, Angela grabbed hold of the arm that was stuck in the door and pulled on Ashlee’s count, Josh pulled as well. “Ok, 1, 2… 3!”

They succeeded and when Josh’s arm popped out, the cracks starts spreading further until the door could no longer stay together anymore. There was a big tremor and the door crumbles apart onto the ground, dust scatters everywhere taking away their vision.

The residents inside, already loaded with guns and frightened from all the chaos outside, began firing rapidly towards the door, which caused clouds of dust to shroud around door.

When the dust subsided there was no one to be seen, so they ceased their firing thinking that the intruders were killed. But they were sorely mistaken as Josh leaped out onto one of the residents and stabbed them in the chest with Angela and Ashlee following behind. Angela with a knife in each hand stabs two people in the throat as she jumps towards them, bringing them to ground as she stabs their throats. Ashlee slides behind two of them and cuts their legs, causing them to fall to their knees, she then proceeds to slash both of their heads off. She continues on to stab another one that was coming at her, as Josh comes and leaps to stab another two people. Angela excited at all the action, runs over to the last resident and stabs them right in the heart, she stares for a awhile at the person as they clench their chest and slowly die.

“Where is the last one?” Ashlee says as she looks around the room.

“Damn, one got away.” Josh kicks the ground annoyed.

After learning one got away, the three of them ran outside the room, to search the house for the last resident.

“Repeat, one of the residents got away.” Ashlee pulls out the walkie talkie to relay the message to Bec outside.

“That’s alright, just meet us outside, so we can send the clean up crew in.”

“Okay.” Ashlee answers, though confused as to why Bec is sending the clean up crew in when someone is still missing. However she understands when the three of them walk outside and see Rayan holding a body over his shoulder.

“Damn it Rayan!” They all yelled at him for taking out their last target and making it impossible for a winner to be decided.

Rayan just shrugs and walks away.

As the fighters meet up outside, it was the cleanup crews turn to go in and collect the bodies.

“Alright, Emma and Josi follow the map Daniel marked, collect any valuables and money. Perrie, Aaron and Brendan go collect the bodies and take them to the van out the back of the house, Christen and Olivia will meet you there. As for you guys,” Bec continues, referring to the assassins, protectors, Ashlee and Angela who were standing in front of her. “I want you to head back to the cars and go back to the base with Emily. We’ll meet you back there in a bit.”

As all the fighters head back to base, the cleaners are left with the dirty job.

“Jeez, these people have soo much stuff,” Emma says as she loads the money and jewels into a bag.

“Maybe now we can afford some better food to go with our main dish.”

Emma thinks of all the food she could eat, and drools a little.

“Hurry up you guys, I just want to get out of here, it reeks of blood!” Josi tries to hold back the vomit in her throat.

Perrie walks by the room “There are two in here!” she yells out to the others and begins picking up one of the bodies and throws it over her shoulder, carrying the other one in her spare hand.

“Ehh, how can you just pick it up like that?” Josi questions Perrie with a look of disgust.

“Well, it’s just food to us, right?” Perrie responds with little care as she walks out of the room and brings the body to the van.

“Where are we going to store the bodies at the base?” Olivia asks Christen who is sitting beside her in the driver's seat of the van, trying to start a conversation.

“There’s a walk in freezer near the kitchen.”

“Really?, I never noticed” Olivia says as she tries to remember if she saw it there.

“Ohh they are back with the bodies, let’s help them load into van,” Christen says as she sees Perrie, Brendan and Aaron with bodies over their shoulders in the rearview mirror.

Olivia and Christen get out from the van to help them. The bodies were heavier than they expected. ‘How could Perrie carry two bodies so easily’ Christen and Olivia thought.

Emma and Josi joined as well with 3 sacks full of valuables. “Hurry up you two,” Christen says as she motioned for them to walk a bit faster.

After only 20 minutes, they had completed loading all the bodies and valuables into the van and so they were ready to go.

. . .

It wasn’t very nice in the van with all the bodies in the back, especially when the smell began leaking into the front of the van.

“Ugh, are you sure they’re still good?” Aaron asks irritatedly as he scrunches up his nose.

“I’ll go check,” Brendan offers, as he moves over everyone to open the second section of the van.

At first sight they all seem fine, until the smell hits him, and Brendan realises that something is wrong with one of the bodies. One of the body’s skin is peeling off and making a mess, so he decides that it will be best for everyone if he tosses the body out the back door. ‘Hopefully no one will realise,’ he thought to himself as he walked back into the first section of the van.

“Everything go alright, I heard a thump?” Aaron asks.

“No-o-o, I think it was just a bump in the road,” Brendan says nervously. Aaron looks at Brendan suspiciously as he narrows his eyes but decided what it might’ve been would have been of little importance to him anyway, so he ignored it.

. . .

Whilst everyone else was still on their way back to the hideout, Emily decided it would be a good time to put her plan into action as no one else was at the hideout. So she grabbed Josh while he was walking down the hall and pulled him behind a corner.

“Oh, hey. Making a move on me, are we?” Josh greets her with little to no surprise.

“No..I have proposition for you,” Emily tells him, leaving him to get curious.

“And that is?” Josh asks intrigued.

“How would you like to kill Bec?” Emily asks as if she already knows his answer.

“Sure, but what is it to you?”

“I just think that this cult needs a new leader, that’s all,” Emily says as if cutting him short of information.

“Sounds good to me, she was getting on my nerves anyway.”

Josh now having a smirk across his face walks away after receiving a note from Emily ‘Meet every day at midnight in the hall’. He was getting excited at the new order of things.

. . .

Once the cleanup crew arrived at the hideout, they got out of the van to help unload the sacks of bodies and valuables. Josi got out to help unload as well, but as soon as they were done and all the things had been gathered into one spot, she came to fully realise what they had actually just accomplished.

Josi yelled at Bec who had just walked over to help “How could you make us do this?!”

“Excuse me!” Bec replies, as she looks at Josi confused on what she meant.

“We murdered innocent people!”

“Innocent? They were underworld bosses, they murdered families, trafficked weapons and drugs, these were not ‘good’ people” Bec lingered on the word good, she didn’t want to let Josi win this fight whilst everyone from the van was watching.

“They are still people, they don’t deserve to die, and on top of that get eaten by us!” Josi yells, continuing the argument.

“Well you are all apart of this cult whether you like it or not and our staple food is human. Plus these people should feel lucky, being able to sustain our cult in our mission.”

“You’re insane!” Josi yelled at Bec one last time before storming off.

After the scene between Josi and Bec, the atmosphere became tense leaving everyone still near the van left to bring all the bodies inside the hideout.

. . .

As Emily was finishing up some repairs on the weapons used in the recent fight, she saw Josi storm past her and run into her room. ‘I wonder what’s wrong with Josi?’ she thought as she put down the weapon and walked to Josi’s room.

“Damn Bec.” Josi said as she threw things around in her room.

Emily who was hanging outside the room was intrigued as she heard Josi. ‘Maybe she could join as well,’ she thought as she slowly pushed open the door, Josi immediately turned her head.

“How would you like a new leader?” Emily said as if she was luring Josi into a trap.

“Well... I guess that would be good, all I want is for no more people to die,” Josi says still slightly upset, as she gets up from the ground and sits on the bed. “Who would be the new leader?”

“Does it matter, not another person would suffer because of this cult.” Emily closes the door and sits next to Josi.

“How would we do that?” Josi asks looking at Emily, hoping that she meant what she said.

“Well for now, all you have to do is join me.” Emily gets up, passes a note to Josi then leaves the room.

Josi opens the folded note to read ‘Meet everyday at midnight in the hall’.

. . .

When it was close to dinner time, Christen brought in the sacks full of people that Angela had prepared for her, along with the things that Olivia had bought with the recently acquired money.

“I can’t wait till everyone sees what I’ve made,” Christen says excitedly as she looks at all the food she had to work with.

After a few hours of slaving away at the stove, Christen had finally finished the meal and called everyone into the dining room.

“Wow, it smells really nice in here,” Perrie comments, taking into account what the meal had looked like raw.

“It looks pretty too,” Emma adds.

Some people nodded in agreement and murmured their own thoughts as they took their seat.

“Thanks, I tried mixing in some new things and garnishing it to improve the flavour and overall appearance.”

“Doesn’t change what’s on the inside,” Josi mumbled under her breath, still taking her piece when it was handed to her, as she would have to deal with it for now, until Emily makes her move.

“Ok well, thanks for the meal.” Josh clasps his hands together then quickly starts devouring the food on his plate.

Angela decided to add some sugar on her meal so she grabbed the sugar jar and empties it all over her food. “What? I don’t think it’s sweet enough,” She informs to the people who were staring at her.

“Okay then.” Olivia slowly looks away.

“Oh, I almost forgot, Rayan could you do the task once you have finished your meal,” Bec says as she lets little information out.

“Sure.” Rayan gets up and quickly leaves the room, as to fulfil his task, ignoring the food he had left untouched.

After the dinner everyone headed back to their rooms, as after such a long day they all needed a good rest, and the feast helped to sooth them after the large death rate seen. Despite some accepting all the dead bodies, others were still shocked and found it hard to deal with. Although one thing still laid on the minds of everyone in the hideout.

‘What task did Bec send Rayan on?’

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