The Origins of the FleshEaters

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Waking up the next day made yesterday seem like it was all just a bad dream. Many still denied the dead bodies they saw, some even denied that fact of being in a cult. But all have accepted the fact that they could never escape this place, not when they were in so deep.

Christen woke up earlier that day in order to create a super nutritious and delicious breakfast for everyone to celebrate everyone’s survival on the last mission, according to Bec. Though the real reason she decided to make such an elaborate meal was to help those in the group still dealing with yesterday’s gloom.

Everyone after much trouble, everyone gathered together around the table to enjoy Christen’s meal, “Hope you guys enjoy it, you deserve it after such a tiresome night yesterday.” Christen begins handing out the meals, many still had their eyes half open whilst others she was pretty sure were still asleep.

“Wake up Angela.” Christen shakes Angela, who had fallen back to sleep on the floor. “Come on!” Angela slowly opens her eyes to see Christen, causing her to shove her head away and fall back asleep again.

“That’s mean.” Christen decides to move on.

“Come on, you will get ice cream afterwards...” Ashlee lures Angela out of her stubborn sleep.

Angela leaps from sleep to devour the food on the plate, once she gulped it down she stares at Ashlee as if telling her to get ice cream. “Okay, I get it.” Ashlee gets up and prepares some ice cream for Angela, “Here you go.”

Angela is literally jumping in her seat as she gleams down at the glorious ice cream.

“Alright, I have decided since the last mission …has revealed some flaws in your training, I have …postponed the mission until a …later date in order for you …guys to train up,” Bec announces as she continues to eat without a break. “This is really good,” Bec says as she looks down at the food.

“So you have until week to practice, so use the ….time wisely.” Bec finishes up her food and leaves the table as Rayan follows her.

“Well I guess that just leaves us,” Emma attempting to break the silence. “Brendan have you finished my weapon yet?” Emma says moving closer to Brendan in anticipation.

“Yes, meet me in my lab after breakfast,” Brendan replies quietly.

“Awesome, can’t wait!” Emma happily munches away at her food.

“Does anyone want to join me when I go into town today? It would be nice to have company,” Olivia says hoping someone will join her.

“Sure, I was hoping to get out of counting money today anyway,” Josi says as she looks at Olivia with reassurance.

“Mind if Daniel and I join? I have to buy some stuff and Daniel says he’s bored,” Perrie talks on behalf of Daniel who is too focused on eating to look up.

“Sure, the more the merrier!” Olivia smiles happily as she looks at the two.

As they all finished up their meal they left to do their own business, with only half left at the table. Seeing as half had now left and the ones that were still there have more or less finished their meal, Christen gets up and starts cleaning up the plates and cutlery.

“Hey! I’m not done yet!” Isaac’s plate was getting taken away so quickly, he tries to take the last bit of food off the plate.

“Yes, got it!” Isaac grins as he finishes his last piece of food

The remaining people at the table finally decide to go off to their training areas, Isaac goes off to the his room to study more books whilst Aidan, Aaron, Angela, Ashlee, Josh and Jarrod are off to the hall to train with Emily watching to evaluate their weapons. Whereas Emma goes off to clean the hideout and Christen enters the kitchen again to prepare the next meal.

. . .

“That mission sucked, I didn’t get to do anything!” Jarrod shouts and falls back onto the floor when they had reached the training hall.

“I thought you were killing the snipers?” Ashlee questions as she looks at him with head tilted to the side.

“Well I was suppose too, but Aidan killed them all!” Jarrod pouts.

“Sorry, you better hurry up next time.” Aidan walks into the hall.

Jarrod grunts as he gets up off the ground to begin training, hoping to become better than Aidan in the next mission.

“Well since there is an even number of you guys, why don’t you pair up with someone and begin sparring.” Emily motions to everyone as on where to stand.

“Ok.” Everyone answers back then proceeds to pick a sparring partner.

Jarrod was partnered up with Aidan, Ashlee was partnered up with Angela, and Josh was partnered up with Aaron since he was the only one left.

They were positioned as if the hall was split up in thirds, so Jarrod and Aidan were on the left, Ashlee and Angela were in the middle and Josh and Aaron were on the right. Emily was positioned in front of the door since the door was in the middle. This way she would have an overview of everyone's movements and also in case an emergency happens she could run out and get help quicker. This may only be a sparring session but that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t get hurt.

“Begin!” Emily signals for them to start their battles.

Jarrod gets out his mace and runs at aidan at full speed. Aidan sees him coming and quickly gets out his pistols and aimed them at Jarrod, but Jarrod had predicted that Aidan would do so, so when Aidan had his pistols ready and aimed, Jarrod jumped and was now hovering over Aidan.

“Got you!” Jarrod yells as he commences his attack by bringing his mace from behind and swinging at Aidan at full force. However Jarrod had miscalculated Aidan’s reflexes, which were fast enough for him to dodge his attack. His mace had hit nothing but the floor and since he had swung so hard with the confidence of definitely hitting his target, his weapon was now stuck in the ground providing Aidan who had jumped out of the way the perfect chance for a counterattack.

“Look like it’s me who’s got you.” Aidan grins and aims at Jarrod in midair but before he was able to shoot, he was interrupted by Emily.

“Aidan stop!” Emily orders Aidan as she saw that trajectory of Aidan’s guns was aimed straight at Jarrod’s head.

Luckily Aidan heard her in time and stopped midair and landed on the floor.

“Okay,” Aidan replies cheerily as if he hadn’t just tried to kill Jarrod. Leaving Jarrod to sit there frozen, he had just been near death, he definitely needed more practice in order to beat Aidan.

“Okay Aidan and Jarrod you two practice without weapons for the time being.” Emily finally begins to breathe normally again.

“No problem for me.” Aidan smiles as he puts his guns into the corner of the hall, Jarrod does the same.

Ashlee and Angela on the other hand were going at it at tremendous speed, constantly leaping to attack each other whilst the other missed and rebounded the attack. It was incredible to watch, Emily watched amazed, they were on a whole different level to normal humans. Finally Angela sliced Ashlee on the shoulder causing her jump back, Ashlee immediately realising the wound, went into a different state. As she went into inhuman speed as she leaped at Angela to stab her in the heart, but Angela had enough time to move slightly. Causing the sword to pierce only her arm. Angela fell to the ground, as Ashlee stood over her breathing sporadically.

“Ashlee, calm down,” Angela was able to mumble those words as she tried to pull herself out from the sword. Ashlee finally realising the situation stopped, and began to breathe normally as she saw Angela beneath her sword.

She quickly pulled it out “Are you okay? I’m sorry Angela I didn’t realise what I was doing.”

Angela slowly gets up clenching her arm as Emily rushes to her side to take her to the infirmary. “I’m alright, it’s only a scratch.” Angela gets up then rips Ashlee's sleeve off and wraps it tightly around her arm.

"Hey!" Ashlee yells at her upon seeing her now ruined shirt.

"You can complain when someone stabs you in the arm," Angela retorts as she ties a knot to keep it in place.

As Ashlee's and Angela's battle comes to an end so does Aaron and Josh's.

Aaron and josh had been evenly matched at the start of their battle, Josh would go for a stab and Aaron would block it with the blade on his spear then Aaron would go for a slice and Josh would redirect it with his blades. They kept going back and forth attacking then blocking until Ashlee and Angela's battle came to an end.

"Looks like they're done." Aaron had turned his head at the direction of the battle while he was fending off Josh's attacks, only angering Josh.

"You shouldn't look away when our fight is still going!" Josh yells as he attacks Aaron with more force behind it than the previous ones.

Unbeknownst to him Aaron had been hiding his true abilities so he was easily able to dodge Josh's attack by moving his head to the side leaving the blade to scratch his cheek. He then brings his spear around and swings it at Josh. Josh saw this coming and dodges it by bending back before his head got cut off at the last second, though he loses his balance and falls backwards. Giving Aaron an opening so he spins his weapon in his hand, bringing it above his head then slamming it right beside Josh. Unlucky for Josh, Aaron hadn’t actually intended to stab him so when he moved thinking Aaron was aiming for a stab, it stabbed him in the arm.

"Gah!" Josh cries out from the sudden wave of pain, which attracted the other's attention.

"Aaron!" Jarrod yells at him when he sees Josh's bloody arm.

"He moved," Aaron mutters.

"I got this," Angela says as she then rips off Ashlee's other sleeve.

"Dude!" Ashlee yells at her again for turning her once long sleeved shirt into a tank top.

"Again complain when someone stabs you in the arm," Angela says back as she bends down and wraps Ashlee's sleeve around Josh's arm.

"Thanks." Josh thanks Angela, not caring that it was a sleeve instead of a actual bandage.

"Okay... Well that'll be all for today," Emily announces.

"What, but we've still got plenty of time!" Jarrod protests.

"I know but I've got to make a few adjustments to your weapons and some of you need proper medical attention," Emily responds and looks at Angela as she says the last part.

"What it stopped the bleeding didn't it?" Angela defends herself and waves her wounded arm around for proof. "See...ah...." She clenches her arm in pain. "Doesn't hurt at all," she says smiling in an attempt to hide the pain.

"Come on," Ashlee says and hands her weapon to Emily before dragging Angela out of the room to find a medic.

Angela hands her weapon to Emily as she was being dragged past, the others start to hand their weapons to Emily and file out of the room as well.

. . .

Once Olivia, Josi, Perrie and Daniel arrived at the town they decided to split up into pairs, Olivia with Josi and Perrie with Daniel.

“Alright, meet you guys at this spot at 1:30.” Olivia waves goodbye as she walks off to the other side of town with Josi.

“Anything you wanted to do in particular?” Perrie looks up at Daniel waiting for a response, only to get nervous and look away again.

“I don’t mind, I will just help you,” Daniel replies quietly as he looks down at Perrie, who is now blushing.

“Okay, well I have to buy some materials for the armour I’m making everyone, and then Brendan asked for some herbs and Christen wanted us to buy some vegetables for dinner. So I guess we will buy the materials first then get the food stuff,” Perrie says as she begins walking towards the blacksmith with Daniel following close behind.

Whilst Perrie and Daniel were shopping, Olivia and Josi were sending rumours and word about their cult discreetly amongst underworld people. Josi unsure of what to do, just followed behind Olivia by helping her carrying things or whisper into people’s ears.

“Come on, I need you to help, can you start by hanging up these posters around town, I need to deal with some possible new members.” Olivia passes the stack of posters to Josi along with some sticky tape, Josi finally being able to do something got excited and quickly rushed off to stick up the posters.

As she was wandering around sticking up the posters, she realised that hardly anyone was around. After covering a quarter of the town with posters she walked past an alleyway when she noticed a few suspicious people with their backs hunched over eating something.

She slowly walked closer and peaked from around the corner.

She moved back instantly leaving her mouth wide open. They were eating humans.

She thought the cult was the only one eating humans. But she was wrong. So wrong and so naive. How could she think this, Olivia has been spreading the word, she has probably been manipulating others into the cult’s ways. Josi ran far away from that alleyway, speeding through the town without looking where she was going until she bumped into someone, and knocked them both to the ground.

“Im sorry, I was… just distracted… sorry.” Josi still confused quickly got up to help the man she just knocked over.

“It’s fine, but are you alright?” the man replied looking worried for Josi.

“You look like you saw something horrible.” the man moves closer to see her face, as Josi was just staring at the ground, eyes wide, still unable to comprehend what she saw.

“Let’s find a place to sit down.” The man led Josi to a nearby bench, Josi just followed unable to move for herself. Despite eating humans herself, seeing such monster-like actions caused her to fear becoming one herself.

“May I… ask you something?” Josi asked gulping away her fear, “Are there such things as cannibals in this town?”

The man considered her question deeply, then replied “Yes, lately it has been growing, that’s why you don’t see many people about these day, they are worried they will be eaten.”

The man seemed to remember something horrible and stopped mid sentence “Sorry just got distracted, though apparently it started with a few hobos finding some human part in the garbage and because they were so hungry they thought it was chicken so they all ate it, but then, even after realising what it was, they wanted more.” Josi gasped, did they eat the piece of human she threw away, was this her fault?

“I’m sorry, I have to go!” Josi ran as fast as she could back to the base, she had to talk to Emily about all of this. Though the only time she can talk to her freely is at midnight, so she would have to wait. For the time being she needed to leave this town and just tell Olivia she finished early.

Perrie and Daniel had tirelessly spent the whole day going from shop to shop buying different things for the cult. So once they finished they needed to sit down for bit and with one hour left Daniel decided to treat Perrie “Want to go to a cafe to refresh? I can tell you're tired.”

Perrie nods,after all she was tired after walking around all day. Daniel led Perrie to nearby cafe where they sat on one of the outside tables under the shade of one of the umbrellas. Perrie was almost sliding down her chair as she finally relaxed “Thanks for taking me here, I really needed it.”

Daniel signalled the waiter “I will have the Iced coffee, what about you?” Daniel looks over to Perrie, who was almost falling asleep in her seat.

”Ohh… um.. the tea please,” Perrie quickly responds blurting out the first drink she could think of on the spot, Daniel laughs to himself.

“What?” Perrie blushes of embarrassment.

“Do you even like tea?”

“It’s alright.. i guess...” Perrie looks down.

“You can have the iced coffee, I know you like it.” Daniel looks closely at Perrie “You’re really pretty.” Perrie got embarrassed and blushed at having him so close

“You just want my tea!” Perrie blurts, causing Daniel to move back and begin to laughing.

After a few minutes their orders finally arrived, and so they happily swapped drinks and talked for the remainder of the time they had together. They didn’t want to go back to the cult, life was so much simpler without it. Though I guess they had to meet up with Olivia and Josi. After Daniel paid the bill they began heading back to the meeting spot.

Once they reached the spot Olivia was there waiting for them, so all three of them began heading back to the hideout.

. . .

Josi finally reached the hideout after running for 2 hours straight, she was so exhausted that as soon as she arrived at her room, she collapsed on the bed, not waking up until dinner.

“Everyone dinner is ready, Emma could you tell everyone?” Christen asks Emma who was putting her cleaning supplies in the cardboard.

“Sure,” Emma grunts, yet continues to walk off to call the troops.

Later, one by one of the seats were filled up with people, even Bec and Rayan who went off to who knows where joined in.

“So how was everyone’s day?” Bec starts up the dinner conversation.

“I got stabbed in the arm.” Angela raises her wounded arm and looks at Ashlee.

“I said I was sorry and besides you sliced my shoulder, I think we’re even.” Ashlee defends herself.

“Anyone else?” Bec asks, deciding to skip over that. “Josh?”

Josh doesn’t answer and looks away as he tries to conceal his wounded arm.

“Daniel?” Bec moves on from Josh to his brother, hoping to get an answer this time.

But Daniel doesn’t answer either and looks down, a tint of red could be seen on his cheeks. Perrie does the same before Bec could even ask her.

“Ok… Josi?” This time she asked someone completely different on the other side of the table.

As Josi was reminded of her day, the image of the monster in the alleyway came into her mind, she had to cover her mouth to keep from throwing up, and it was safe to say she wasn’t going to answer anything anytime soon.

“Seriously?” Bec whines due to the fact that no one was answering her.

“Why don’t you tell us about your day?” Christen questions Bec, they were all more interested in her day than anyone else’s anyway.

“Well…” just as Bec begins speaking Rayan hits her arm to shut her up “Nothing.”

“Umm… Alright then…” Christen now curious of what she was about to say, gets interrupted as Bec tries to change the subject.

“Isaac, How was your day?”

“Good, read lots of books and got super bored,” Isaac replied making sure he sounded as sarcastic as possible.

After the conversation died down, and dinner was finished everyone began heading off to their own individual rooms.

. . .

Once midnight came, Josi snuck out of her room to head to the hall. When she reached the hall she made sure to open the door as quietly as possible only to see Emily standing in the middle, “You are late.” Emily stands arms crossed after waiting 3 minutes for Josi.

“Sorry,” Josi whispers.

As she walked further into the hall she saw a shadow move at the side of her eye, she threw her head to the side to see what it was. It was Josh .

“Why are you here?” Josi questions him cranky that he startled her.

“The same reason you are.” Josh walked past Josi to stand next to Emily.

“Alright I’m guessing since you guys are here, I’m assuming you are committed to the cause.” Emily looks at both of them.

“Um.. I have something to say,” Josi peeps as she feels awkward saying something within the silence that surrounded the hall.

“Sure, speak.” Emily gestures for Josi to start.

“Well, when I was in town today I saw that some of the townspeople had started eating humans.” Josi having the memories come back, felt a bad taste return to her mouth.

“Tch, she is moving quicker than I expected, this isn’t good.” Emily looks worried, Olivia was better than she initially thought.

“What’s so bad about that?” Josh questioned looking confused.

“It means Olivia is successfully spreading cannibalism across the town, and if this continues the death will occur all over the town, giving Bec more people to control. As the surviving people have no other option.” Emily was slowly pacing, thinking of a way to slow the process.

“Alright we are going to have to have Isaac join us, since he is the one brainwashing the people after Olivia has recruited them. If he joins us, then we can stop it from spreading any further.” Emily stops pacing “I will talk to him tomorrow, I want you two to do as I say.” Emily brings Josh and Josi in close, so she can whisper into their ears.

. . .

The next morning everyone woke up to meet around the table to eat Christen’s scrumptious breakfast.

“It was so hot last night.” Isaac yawns in between the sentence. “I could hardly sleep.”

“Yeah, I know I ended up staying awake and just reading books.” Josi yawns as she finished her sentence

“What was it about?” Emma asks curiously.

“The richest people in the world,” Josi answers with excitement as she pulls out one of her books and opens it. “We could go after this evil duke next, he only lives in the next town.”

“How do you know he’s evil?” Emma asks and raises one of her eyebrows

“Just look at his eyes.” Josi brings the book right up to Emma’s face, so now she was face to face with the so called evil duke.

“Anyway,” Emily says to revert the attention to her. “Aidan, Jarrod, Angela, Ashlee, Josh, Aaron and Isaac meet me in the hall after breakfast, I finished adjusting your weapons and I want to see how you do with them.”

“Yes!” Jarrod practically jumps with joy.

“Wait why do I have to go?” Isaac asks confused as Emily had already finished repairing his weapon.

“Just go to the hall after breakfast, I need to see you too,” Emily tells him.

“Ok,” Isaac complies, he didn’t have any plans anyway.

“That’s fine with me,” Jarrod says determined to beat Aidan this time.

After breakfast the six of them except for Isaac had gathered in the hall and were now waiting for Emily to enter with their weapons.

“I wonder what she did to my guns,” Aidan says eagerly and positions his hands as if he was actually holding his guns.

“I hope she turned my blades into laser beams, then I would be able to stab through anything.” Josh jumps in and making stabbing motions.

“Yeah, as a substitute for your lack of skill,” Angela mutters under her breath.

“Hey, I stabbed through that door that you couldn’t slice through... remember?” Josh adds in.

“Only because we weakened that for you.” Angela gestures to herself and Ashlee.

“And didn’t you get stuck to the door afterwards,” Ashlee mocks, as they both laugh to themselves

“Pff you got stuck to a door?” Jarrod laughs as he imagines Josh in that situation.

“Thats… well- does anyone know where Isaac is, wasn’t he supposed to meet Emily with us?” Josh says, deciding to change the subject.

Little did he know that Emily had decided to make her move and was talking to Isaac at that very moment.

. . .

As Isaac was making his way to the hall, he had been stopped by the very person who he had gone to meet.

“Emily? What are you doing here?” Isaac asks bewildered at Emily’s presence.

“I came here to talk to you,” Emily answers simply.

“Ok… but I thought you said to meet you in the hall?” Isaac questions her, still confused at her actions.

“Well I wanted to talk to you alone,” Emily says as she places her sack of weapons down.

“Oh, what did you want to talk to me about?” Isaac asks getting a little interested in what Emily had to say.

“Well what do you think about… replacing Bec?”

“Why, what’s wrong with her?”

“Don’t you think it’s time for a new leader?” Emily questions him, dodging his previous question.

“What’s this about?” Isaac questions her back.

Emily realises he was not as easily taken like Josh or Josi, since he was starting to suspect her she decided to switch tactics.

“Oh nothing really, I just felt like a change, like you know... how you get tired of an ordinary whip… but what if it was….an electric whip.”

“Are you trying bribe me?”

“Is it working?” Emily enquires only to have Isaac silently look back at her.

“How about I tell Christen to make your portions a little bigger from now on?” Emily adds onto the bribe.

Hearing the word portions and knowing that she was referring to food, was enough to bring Isaac over to the dark side, “Deal.”

Isaac handed her his whip and they shook on their deal.

. . .

“About time you got here.” Jarrod says a little bit annoyed at the fact that they had been waiting for Emily to show up for about half an hour.

“Where’s Isaac?” Josh asks seeing as he hadn’t shown up and wasn’t with Emily.

“He’s studying in the library now. I talked with him already and he gave me his weapon to adjust so training isn’t exactly ideal for him right now,” Emily explains smiling to Josh to send the message that all went well.

As soon as she was done talking, she felt someone’s presence behind her and she turns around to see Angela with her arms extended in front of her, “Weapons.”

“Oh right, I want my weapons too!” Aidan yells and raises his hand when he sees Angela asking for her weapons.

“Alright, alright,” Emily says in return to her friend's’ enthusiasm and starts by handing out their newly adjusted weapons.

When everyone had received their weapons they eagerly tested it out and tried to see what adjustments Emily had made, but to their disappointment their weapons looked and felt like before, they were really starting to doubt if she did anything to them at all.

“Hey what gives, my weapon’s the same as before,” Jarrod says angrily as he swings his mace around.

Everyone nods in agreement as they noticed that their weapons hadn’t changed either.

“That’s not true,” Emily says with an annoyed tone considering how hard she work on them. “I changed the materials so now they are stronger but lighter,” She explains to them. “I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to do that with your old weapon, Jarrod.”

Now that he thought about it, Jarrod was starting to see where Emily was getting at. He had to use both hands before and struggled to use his old mace, but now he could swing it around like it was nothing. The others started to take a closer inspection of their weapons as well and found out that their weapons were indeed lighter than before.

“Ok I guess it’s time for battle practice!” Josh says eagerly and walks over to Aaron, he had been waiting for the moment he could get Aaron back for what he did to him in their last battle.

“Hold up there.” Emily stops Josh in his tracks, “You’ll be paired up with Angela.”

“What, why?” Josh questions Emily’s pairing.

“You fought with Aaron last time, it’s better to fight with someone else to get a different battle experience and you both technically lost your last battles. That is if those holes in your arms aren’t proof enough,” Emily explains.

“I didn’t lose!” Josh and Angela shouted simultaneously as they glared at each other.

“See you’re getting along already.” Emily smiles and walks over to Aaron. “And your partner will be Ashlee.”

“I don’t care,” Aaron says in a tone that reflected his words perfectly.

“I don’t care either,” Ashlee says in a not as harsh tone.

“So we’re together again?” Aidan asks a little disappointed as he sees the others with their new partners.

“Yeah well, your battle was pretty one-sided so I think you guys would still have a lot more to learn from each other,” Emily replies and looks at Jarrod.

“Well that was only because I underestimated-” Jarrod tries to defend himself only to be cut off by Emily.

“I know, that’s why you need to fix that attitude of yours,” Emily states plainly. “Anyway let’s get started,” Emily announces and directs each pair to their positions.

This time Josh and Angela were positioned on the left, Aaron and Ashlee were in the middle and Aidan and Jarrod were on the right.

“I’m going to beat you down,” Josh tells Angela with confidence behind his words.

“Bring it on,” Angela says in response.

With the signal from Emily they both dashed towards each other, both taking out their weapons as they ran then swung them in front of themselves, causing their blades to collide with the other’s. They were now trying to push each other back only to get pushed back themselves, neither of them were planning to give in to the other anytime soon.

“You’re stronger than I thought,” Josh says as he was surprised at the fact that Angela was matching him in strength.

“You’re faster than I thought,” Angela says back as she was sure that she would’ve been able to slice him before he could block her.

They kept pushing back and forth, never breaking eye contact in case the other would try something. This went on for awhile until they both accepted that it was a stalemate and jumped back. Josh started to dash towards Angela as soon as his feet hit the ground, surprising Angela as she expected him to wait it out.

Josh went for a stab only to have it redirected, he then went for another with his other blade only to have it redirected as well. He tried again and again but Angela was blocking every single one of his attacks although he expected as much, besides he was on the offensive and she was on the defensive so he had the upperhand at least, that was until Angela decided to change tactics. Instead of redirecting Josh’s attacks she decided to catch them. When Josh attacked with his right, Angela caught it and brought the blade down with her left so he wouldn’t be able to move it anymore, she did the same with his left so now both his hands were sealed. Of course her hands couldn’t move either but this was all going according to her plan so, she wasn’t worried.

“Ho… I see what you’re trying to do,” Josh states then smiles.

To prove his point he leaves his hands where they were and goes for a kick but his kick was stopped in it’s place as well, now he was unable to move without the chance of getting stabbed by the other.

“So now what?” Josh enquires as he had no clue what to do now. Both his hands were sealed and now his legs were too, his right had been stopped by Angela and his left was his support so he wouldn’t fall over.

On the other hand for Angela, it was true that she was in the same predicament as Josh but to her, only three of her limbs were sealed. Now it was her turn to smile as she lifts her right leg off of the floor to kick Josh right in the chin, she then does a 360 degree flip following her kick’s flow and when her foot touches the ground she speeds towards Josh who was still in midair after her last kick. Her kick had stunned him for a few moments, but that was a few moments too many, as Angela jumps over Josh and slams him to the ground, hard. There was a loud boom as they hit the floor and when the smoke cleared, it revealed Angela on top of Josh with a dagger to his throat.

“I win.” Angela smiles then sticks her tongue out at Josh before jumping off of him.

“Tch.” Josh could only click his tongue as he laid there on the floor, now he has another person to add to his list.

On the other side of the room, the fight between Aidan and Jarrod was surprisingly still going.

At Emily’s signal Jarrod hadn’t jumped in head first like he had last time, instead he waited for Aidan to make the first move and he showed great patience. This went on for thirty seconds then a one minute then two... three... four… five… six… seven-

“Fine I’ll make the first move!” Aidan yells out annoyed at the fact that Jarrod had made no move to begin their battle.

He took out his pistols and aimed right at Jarrod’s vital points, firing in under three seconds of aiming. This time Jarrod was able to block Aidan’s bullets as he saw the trajectory of the bullets that were aimed near his chest, and immediately knew Aidan had been aiming for his heart. He placed the mace over his heart as a shield and watched as the bullets bounce off of it. Seeing this, Aidan changed to shoot at Jarrod’s head only to have it blocked by the mace again. Turns out when Jarrod took things seriously, he was actually really good.

Getting frustrated, Aidan decided to throw away his aim, well he still aimed his guns to at least hit Jarrod, but other than that he just shot at random. Aidan throwing his super accurate aim away was a miscalculation on Jarrod’s part and so now he was totally unprepared for the array of bullets coming his way. He was able to dodge them to some extent but because Aidan hadn’t aimed for his vital spots, the bullets just grazed his skin, though this did result in some damage as the number of scratches was increasing.

Seeing as there was no other choice he jumped out of the way, but he jumped too fast and carelessly towards Aidan. So instead of landing on his feet, his side hit the ground and continued to roll on the floor until he was stopped by Aidan, who was now on top of him. Aidan had a gun pointed at his head ready to fire, but luckily for Jarrod he was out of bullets so nothing came out when the trigger was pulled. Jarrod quickly gripped his mace with his left hand and swung it as hard as he could, hitting Aidan dead on and sending him flying across the room until a wall finally stopped him.

“Gah!” Aidan cried out in pain as his back hit the wall.

He slid down and dropped onto the floor. Jarrod thought for sure he had won this time but it turned out his attack wasn’t strong enough.

Aidan slowly gets up off the floor, laughing hysterically. Then from out of nowhere he pulled out a bazooka and aims it right at Jarrod. Jarrod tried to move of the way but when he tried to get up, he was pulled right back down, that’s when he saw that Aidan had jammed his gun through his pants and into the ground. He tried pulling it out but it was really stuck in there.

“Bye, bye.” Aidan grins and pulls the trigger, sending a rocket right at Jarrod.

It would have killed him if not for Emily who pulls Jarrod out of the way, leaving the missile to hit the wall.

Jarrod could only watch as the rocket demolished the wall, knowing that it would’ve been him if Emily hadn’t been there.

He had finally begun breathing normally after realising his life had been saved. Aidan has began to cool off, as he dropped the bazooka and went to pull his gun from the ground “That was fun.”

Emily took Aidan and Jarrod to the side to sit out for a bit, since they almost destroyed the whole hall. This way Ashlee and Aaron could continue their fight.

Ashlee and Aaron had been evenly matched since the beginning. Though since everyone in the hall had finished their battles, the mood seemed to become more intense. Making their battle go from simple sparring to a death match.

Aaron getting bored of the slow match changed it up as instead of standing in the one spot deflecting Ashlee’s attacks, he decided as soon Ashlee went in for the attack he would jump and stab from above.

Just as Aaron planned Ashlee came in for the attack so he dodged it and jumped hoping the stab would hit, but Ashlee expected as much and jumped as well. Pushing his spear to the side, and pushing her sword forward, Aaron had just enough time and pushed his spear back just enough so her sword only sliced his cheek.

Ashlee leaped back in order to gain space then went in for another attack, but Aaron enraged that she was able to land an attack, charged forward midair towards Ashlee so quickly, she barely had enough time to move slightly before Aaron tried to stab her. He missed, or so she thought until a rapid pain swept across her body. He had a hidden knife which he stabbed deeply into her chest, missing her heart but enough for her to cough up quite a bit of blood as she dropped her sword in shock.

Ashlee finally comprehending what had happened, went into her state, her eyes went from being filled with determination to blood lust in an instant. She grabbed Aaron’s spear and whilst staring him straight in the eye crushed it beneath her hands. ‘How could she?’

Aaron jumped back, shocked she could have crushed his weapon, Emily had just enhanced the weapon. Ashlee pulled the knife from her chest and threw it to the ground, a pool of blood laid beneath her. Yet she completely disregarded the pain, picked up her sword and went straight for Aaron who, after having his weapon destroyed, was left unarmed. She sliced him across the chest to which led him to fall back to the ground, the wound might have missed his vital organs but the damage would take awhile to recover from. Ashlee finally turned back to normal, she didn’t have a slight bit of regret, so instead of helping Aaron who had collapsed on the ground, she walked over to Angela.

“Is this equal to your stab in the arm now?” Ashlee said with a smile on her face, as she ripped Angela’s shirt to to press on the wound. She then walked out of the hall dripping blood as she walked.

“Hey! I wasn’t even the one who injured you!” Angela shouted at Ashlee’s disappearing figure, pouting as she noticed that Ashlee had ripped the head of the bunny that was on her shirt.

Emily rushed over to Aaron, who was shaking as he tried to get him up. “Gesh, can you guys ever have a normal sparring session?” Emily remarks as she motioned for Jarrod to carry Aaron to the infirmary.

“I mean Angela was the only one who didn’t almost kill someone.” Emily looks over at Angela who was walking out of the hall to find Ashlee. But then again Angela probably gets her blood lust out when she cuts up the dead humans for meals.

After such a brutal day, everyone began heading out of the hall. Leaving it in a rather destroyed and bloody state. Emma would have fun cleaning this mess up taking into account how much blood stains there were.

“Aw! Come on!” Emma walked into the hall, with her bucket of cleaning supplies. She was going to need a lot more than just a bucket to clean this mess.

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