The Origins of the FleshEaters

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The Brainwashing

The next morning came around and everyone rolled out of bed to eat Christen’s cooking after another sleepless night.

“Gosh, what happened to you guys?” Christen looks over Jarrod, Ashlee and Aidan. “Jarrod you are practically covered in scratches!” Christen says as she has a closer look at Jarrod.

“Not much.” Jarrod still proud that at least he left a mark on Aidan this time.

“Aidan what happened to your face, you have a huge bruise!”

Aidan doesn’t respond as he was still annoyed that Jarrod had managed to hit him and give him mortal wound.

“And seriously Ashlee, you need proper bandages, just wrapping your wound won’t help. Plus you are still bleeding!” Christen looks at Ashlee who isn’t wearing a top instead covered in simple bandages that she was unprofessionally wrapped around herself.

“Well we don’t have a proper doctor,” Ashlee says ignoring her injuries.

“Okay, well does anyone know anything about being a doctor?” Bec asks as she finally arrives at the table with Rayan following close behind, these two always arrive later than everyone to every meal.

“I do.” Josi raises her hand casually.

“Really, great, you’re hired. Josi for now on you will play the part of Doctor and treasurer,” Bec says, motioning to as if handing Josi a hypothetical badge.

“On that subject where is Aaron?” Christen looks around, holding a spare plate.

“Ashlee left him in a serious condition yesterday so he is still recovering.” Angela continues to eat as if it wasn’t that big of deal.

“Ashlee!” Christen looks angrily over to Ashlee.

“Well he stabbed me first.”

Christen sighs as she puts Aaron’s food in fridge, then sits down to join everyone.

“Well after breakfast, I’m ordering every injured person to go to the infirmary with Josi to get proper treatment.” Bec looks over to all of them.

They all nod, though some did it reluctantly as they really didn’t care.

“By the way Olivia, how’re the new recruits coming along?” Bec asks Olivia.

“Good, we might have some new additions to the cult soon,” Olivia replies.

“Ok so then Isaac, it’ll be your turn. Did you learn how to brainwash and teach people yet?” Bec looks over to the Isaac who is scoffing down his rather larger serving of food.

“Well….. Yer… I guess…” Isaac talks while still eating his food.

“That’s reassuring, moving on what’s everyone else doing today?”

“I’m cleaning up the massive mess the fighters made in the hall yesterday.” Emma death stares them as she imagines all the work she has to do.

“I will be finishing off the armour for everyone, they should be ready by tomorrow. Daniel could you help with it, there’s are few tricky parts I need help with?” Perrie says hoping to find a way to spend time with Daniel.

“Sure,” Daniel quietly replies, hiding the joy he was feeling inside.

“I’m guessing that’s where you have been the last couple of sparring lessons,” Emily says as she was unable to fix his weapon due to him being absent, but their situation was going to help her in the development of the plan to bring Perrie and Daniel to her side.

Everyone began packing up the table to head off to their designated areas, the fighters would have the day off helping Olivia, since bec didn’t want them to have a ‘chill’ day, and Isaac began preparing for the newcomers.

“Alright everyone ready to go?” Olivia yells down the hallway to call them out. Ashlee walks out first.

“I’m ready, but Angela won’t be coming she said she had other things to do.” Ashlee puts her bag over her shoulder as she walks towards Olivia.

“That’s fine with me. Come on you guys!” Olivia refers to the other fighters still getting ready.

“I’m ready, calm down.” Josh comes out hands in pockets, still disappointed after his loss, whereas Aidan comes excitedly rushing out, as Jarrod follows behind him.

“Okay good, finally everyone is here, let’s go.” Olivia begins walking out towards the van.

“How are we going to get all the recruitments back to base?” Jarrod questions her as he looks at the van.

“Well first we will knock them out with some ‘mixtures’ I made, then pile them in the back,” Olivia says as she jumps into the drivers seat.

Jarrod looks back at the others “Glad we weren’t recruits.”

After a short drive they finally arrived at the town, well the shady part of town. The darkness seemed to hang around each corner and not a single person was in sight. Had everyone retreated?

“We’re here, everyone get out.” Olivia parks the car within a small alleyway. “Okay we are going head to the under part of town, where I have been gathering everyone. From there we are going to knock them out and take them to the hideout. Got it?” Olivia gets out of the car to throw a sack over her shoulder.

“Yep.” Everyone nods and follows Olivia.

She begins to lead them down a rather long path finishing as they reach a door. She knocks three times and whispers something before the door opens and let’s them in. Aidan despite being unsure of what just happened continued to happily walked through the heavy door, Jarrod sneaked through while Ashlee followed casually behind. They continued to walk for a long time as the staircase went indifferently. Until finally, they reached a large room where they couldn’t see anything. Olivia turned the light on and revealed a group of 20 people standing there hunched, twitching and waiting for something, they looked really hungry.

Olivia pulled the sack to the ground “Wanna eat?” Olivia threw pieces of human from the bag into the air, all in different directions. The recruits went crazy jumping and leaping over each other in order to grab a bit. “You guys, here’s the mixture, shove it in theirs mouths, and be careful not to let them bite you.” Olivia quickly passes out small bags of the mixture “Go, before they finish.”

Aidan having got the bag first, rushed off and shot the mixture into the people’s mouths. Jarrod receiving it second followed his lead “Don’t get too cocky.” Jarrod leaps into the air to shove the mixture in theirs mouths, as they went to bite the food. Ashlee receiving it last, grabbed a bit of human off the ground and waved it in the air “Come and get it.” They went into a frenzy and ran towards her, she jumped and began throwing the mixture down at them as they tried to bite the food in her hand. There wasn’t enough mixture for Josh, so he just sat and watched.

“This sucks” Josh pouts in the corner as he watches everyone leap among the what looked like moving corpses.

“Hey!” Jarrod quickly rushed over the people crowding around Ashlee and began jumping on their backs to shove the food in theirs mouths. A pile of people began forming on the ground as the mixture kicked in.

“Good Job you guys, and nice thinking Aidan in shooting the mixture.”

“Okay now we have to start loading them into the truck, try to carry 5 each.” Olivia walks over to a pile and lifts 3 over her shoulder and drags one in each hand, then begins walking up the stairs to the van, the rest follow her lead.

As they were walking back to the van, a couple of people started running towards Olivia screaming “Leave cannibal!” Olivia drops one of the bodies in her hand, and grabs a bomb from her pocket. She then proceeds to throw it at the people.

It explodes as it reaches the people, separating them into several pieces. Olivia then proceeds to picks the body back up and continue walking. Jarrod watched shocked, he had pieces of those people on him, quickly he dropped the people in his hands and brushed it off. “Come on, hurry up!” Olivia turned to Jarrod as she walked over the puddle of blood. Jarrod picked the body back up and continued following Olivia.

. . .

Whilst the other fighters went off to help Olivia in town, back at the hideout Angela decided to go into the kitchen and make some soup.

“Angela, what are you doing here?” Christen asks curiously as she watches Angela getting things out of the fridge that wasn’t ice cream or anything else sweet.

“Making soup,” Angela answers while getting the last things she needed out of the fridge.

“Do you need any help?” Christen offers since she has never actually seen Angela cook anything. Ever.

“No, I’m good.”

‘Please don’t let her burn down my kitchen!’ Christen thought hopefully.

Angela heads to the stove and turns it on, she then puts a pot on top and pours hot water in.

“Ok first is the chicken,” Angela mumbles to herself as she recalls the recipe on how to make chicken soup.

Except instead of laying the chicken on a chopping board to cut it, Angela throws the chicken up over the pot and slices it with the knife in midair. The chopped up pieces fell in the pot with a couple of plops.

After a few minutes she does the same with the vegetables, and then throws in a couple of spices. Only 10 minutes later of cooking, and it was done.

“Wow, that actually looks good,” Christen comments as she looks over Angela’s shoulder at her creation.


Angela proceeds to pour her finished soup into a bowl and puts it on a tray to bring to her patient, she also brings the pot with her

“Oh, is that soup not for you?” Christen asks as she sees Angela doing this.

“Of course it’s for me... I’m just bringing this to my room,” Angela lies to cover up the fact that this was actually for Aaron, she didn’t want anyone to take it the wrong way.


“Because… I feel like it!” Angela blurts out and immediately leaves, since she couldn’t think of a good excuse.

‘That was close,’ Angela thought as she walks out of the kitchen and heads to the infirmary.

When she reached the corridor where Aaron’s room was located, she checked for signs of people, and once she was sure no one was coming she teleported to the door, at least that’s what it would look like to a normal person.

She then slowly opened the door and poked her head in to see if Aaron was awake. He wasn’t, so she slipped in quietly making sure she didn’t hit anything on the way in, which was really hard when one was holding a tray and a big pot. She then places the tray on his bedside table, later realising when she looked at him that his face was bright red.

‘Wow, he has a really high fever,’ Angela thought after she felt his forehead with her hand.

She decided to search for something to help him with his fever. ‘Um ok... Let’s see what’s in here...’ She thought as she rummaged through the cupboards full of medical things. ‘Aha!’

She grabbed a box and walked back over to Aaron’s bed. She then took out a strip used to cool a person’s temperature, and peels off the plastic and places it on Aaron’s forehead.

‘There.’ She looks at her patient and he matched the people that were on TV, so she figured she had applied it correctly. She turns to leave the room but before she shuts the door completely, she takes one last look at Aaron and whispers, “Get well soon.” Then she slowly shuts the door, being careful not to wake him up. Little did she know that he had been conscious ever since she entered the room.

. . .

Olivia and the rest of the group had returned from their trip, bringing in bodies to store in the freezer. “You guys were quick, and just in time for dinner,” Christen says as she continues to cook while watching them carry bodies down the hallway into Isaac’s classroom.

“Well it was just a collect and go mission,” Josh says as he leaves the room.

Once they arrived inside the classroom, Isaac was standing at the front waiting for them, so they tossed the bodies of the recruits to the side then left, with only Olivia staying back.

“Thanks for the help guys,” Olivia says as the fighters leave the room. “They should wake up in 10 minutes or so,” Olivia shrugs her shoulders.

“Are they still addicted?” Isaac asks, in order to know whether he should chain them down or not.

“Absolutely, still react to the sight of meat,” Olivia giggles.

“Ahh, mind helping me tie them up, it will be faster with the two of us.” Isaac walks to the desk at the front and pulls out a large amount of chains.

“Sure.” Olivia starts by carrying each one to the chair in front of the desk, the room was pretty much like your typical classroom. With the exception of cannibals instead of the usual omnivore students.

Olivia and Isaac both bend down to grab a body when they butt heads “Ow!”

They both look at each other and laugh, “Okay, I will get the bodies over there, so we don’t end up butting heads.” Olivia walks to the other side.

Isaac stops her by grabbing her hand and pulling her close, Olivia blushes “What is it?”

“Are you really okay with using people like this or even having Bec as a leader?” Isaac looks into Olivia’s eyes with full seriousness.

“Of course I’m okay with it, but that’s a weird question why do you ask?” Olivia not pulling back slightly turns her head to the side.

“Just a random question, anywho this is one weird classroom huh?” Isaac lets go of Olivia’s hand and tries to change the subject, after feeling a bit awkward.

“Yer, it is, good luck with trying to train wild carnivores.” Olivia smiles as she walks over to Isaac to kiss him on the cheek.

“Also if you didn’t ask such a weird question before it would have been a romantic moment, but you ruined it.”

Olivia walks away as she places more bodies in their chairs. Isaac stares stunned for a short while then walks over to the chairs to chain the bodies in place.

“You better go, they should be waking up soon.” Isaac takes his post back at the front of the class.

“Okay, well see you later.” Olivia waves goodbye as she leaves the room.

Christen yells down the hallway “Dinner’s ready!”

. . .

After a bit everyone begins coming out to join at the table for dinner, Brendan comes first carrying a small bag with him. ’I wonder what that is for,’ Christen thought as she placed a plate in front of Brendan.

Once everyone had gathered, they began eating. “Emma, this is the weapon I made for you, sorry it took so long, after our last meeting of readjustments, it’s finally done” Brendan says relieved he had finally finished it as he passes the small bag to Emma.

“Ohhh!” Emma quickly opens the bag to find a series of potions with all different kinds labels on them.

“I also put a book in there for apothecary, as the potions in there are pretty basic but if you learn how to make them, you can alter potions to make your own,” Brendan explains.

“Thank you!” Emma hugs Brendan now excited that she has a weapon like everyone else.

“Nice, Emma now you can finally do something other than cleaning.” Bec walks through the door to join the table.

“Where’s Rayan?” Christen asks as she looks around to see if Rayan was behind Bec.

“He’s doing a task for me.” Bec sits at the table as Christen passes her a plate.

“Do you think you could ever come to dinner on time?” Christen annoyed that now her meal she made for Bec was a little cold.

“I’m a busy women, you know. I have be out planning our next mission, which Rayan is preparing for right now.” Bec begins her meal.

“What is it?” Emma asks excited for the chance to use her potions.

“Thank you for asking. Well after we took down the underworld boss in our last mission, I had Rayan leave a note of our appearance at the mansion. So now we have some Underworld people looking for us, which leads to our next mission of wiping them out. So in late tomorrow we will go,” Bec says proudly as she continues to stuff down her food.

“How is this good?” Josi asks confused.

“Well, not only do we get to test out our new skills and recruits, but it will help make a reputation for us, the FleshEaters, which is very important if we want to gain power around here,” Bec explains to the others.

“On another note, I have finished everyone’s armour for the mission, so after dinner you all should come to my lab and try it on.” Perrie looks over to Daniel as if to thank him for helping her get in done in time.

“Ohh and I had Brendan make us something to help with the storage of weapons on the trip” Bec finishes her food and looks over to Brendan.

“Um… yeah. I created a bottomless crate… so we can save space when on missions in the van.” Brendan gets nervous after being put on the spot.

“Oh, before I leave, how is Aaron?” Bec says as she begins getting up from her seat.

“I checked on him, he seems better and should be good for the mission,” Josi says coming from a doctor’s point of view.

Emma looking through her bag was confused “I didn’t think you knew about apothecary Brendan.”

“Well with the help of Josi’s knowledge on it, I was able to construct the basics of it,” Brendan replies looking shy.

After dinner everyone helped clean up the plates and scraps left over, Emma stayed back to help Christen as the others went with Perrie to try out their armour.

“Did you finish cleaning the hall?’ Christen asks as she begins washing the plates.

“Yep, though it took for-ever. They better not be that rough with it next time, otherwise I will use my potions on them,” Emma says getting pumped for battle, both Christen and Emma laugh a bit to themselves.

As the rest of them gathered in Perrie’s lab, Perrie began pulling pieces of armour out of a huge metal cupboard.

“First up, the protectors, for you I made heavier armour since you will be dealing more damage than the rest.” Perrie places the three sets of armour on the table as Aaron, Aidan and Jarrod come to pick it up.

“Next, Assassins, for you guys I made a lightweight armour with lots of compartments so it’ll be sneak around in.” Josh and Daniel came up to grabbed their armour.

“Next, Angela, Ashlee and Rayan, for you I made a lightweight armour that is easy to move in and has secret weapons hidden inside.”

Angela leaps up a bit as she goes to grab her armour.

“As for the rest, I made a simple armour that is both light and durable, for mixed combats.” The others get up and grab their suits.

“This is so cool!” Jarrod starts moving around, trying to feel his armour.

“Thank you Perrie,” Olivia says as she tries on her own armour.

After everyone had received their armour and had their weapons upgraded, they were ready for the mission tomorrow.

. . .

Later that night like every night at midnight, Josi, Emily, Josh and Isaac met up at the hall.

“Alright, to start off, Isaac how did the recruiting thing go?” Emily gets straight to the point.

“Good, after they woke up, they fussed about a bit but after some ‘intense training’ I was able to get them to start eating normal food again. Though Olivia did a pretty damn good job, so it is going to take some time,” Isaac says tiredly, you could see on his face, he worked tirelessly all day just to turn them back to normal. Though that only lasted an hour, if it was going to last, it would take more time.

“I went with Olivia to town, and gosh is she intense. I don’t know what she did to them, but they were animals,” Josh says remembering the wildness they possessed.

“Exactly why we need to act, I was thinking of bringing Perrie and Daniel to join us, as all you need is to get one and the other will follow. Though I will do this after the mission. So everyone be good and see you tomorrow night.” Emily concludes the meeting and begins to leave the hall.

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