The Origins of the FleshEaters

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The next day they all geared up and headed out for their mission.

“Where are we going again?” Emma asks Bec in the van as she realises that they haven’t been told that information yet.

“We’re going to the mansion of the duke I told you about,” Josi says proudly.

“Yeah, turns out Josi was right about him being evil. He’s an underworld boss,” Bec explains.

“You still haven’t told us exactly where we’re going though…”

. . .

After a while Angela gets bored so she suggested they play a game to pass the time. “Who wants to play a game?”

“Sure, we are going to be here for a while,” Ashlee replies remembering the fact that Josi said the mansion was in the next town. “What game?”

“How about… 20 questions.”

“Ok I got one,” Josh says.

“Is it alive?” Angela asks.


“Is it man made?” Ashlee asks.


“So it’s natural?” Emma asks.


“You just wasted a question.” Angela hit Emma, annoyed.

“Ow!” Emma glared at Angela.

“Is it bigger than a microwave?” Ashlee asks.

“Uh not really…” Josh answers, a little unsure.

“Can you touch it?” Angela asks.

“I don’t think so,” Josh answers unsure again.

“Give us a straight answer dammit!” Angela slams her hands onto her lap.

“Is it air?” Ashlee asks, ignoring Angela’s outburst.


“Do we actually know what it is?” Angela asks, beginning to get skeptical.


“... Can you give us a hint?” Angela asks still having no idea what it is.

“That’s after the tenth question,” Josh informs her.

“How many did questions have we asked?”


“Ok, so… is it the sky? is it the wind? is it a shadow?” Angela decides to ask the remaining three questions in a row so he would give out the hint.

“No, no and the last one was actually close in a way but no,” Josh gave his answers all at once, in the order of how Angela asked them.

“So what’s the hint?” Angela asked him eagerly, she never expected those answers to be right anyway.

“Fine.” After some thought, Josh gave his hint. “You can see it right now.”

‘Something I can see now but not touch,’ Angela thought very deeply then she sees a ray of sunlight peek through the window. “Sunlight!” Angela answered with confidence that it was going to be right, until Josh crushes her hopes and tells her it wasn’t. ’I was so sure too…’ She thought with disappointment and slumped back down on her seat.

“Is it light?” Daniel suddenly gives an answer from up the front.


“What! That’s what I said!” Angela shouts annoyed being told that she got it wrong when she actually had the right answer.

“The answer was light in general not specifically sunlight,” Josh tells her with a grin.

Angela was getting ready to punch Josh in the face if not for something smashing into the van causing her to fall back into her seat.

“What was that?”

Aaron slides open the van door only to see rocket flying his way before quickly closing the door back up again.

“We’re under attack!” Aaron yelled back to the others but before anyone had the time to register what he had said, the rocket had already smashed into the side of the van.

“Ah!” Screams were heard as the rocket hit the van and sent it over the road barriers into a ditch.

The impact on the van after falling from such a height made the van look as though a giant had just stepped on it, luckily everyone escaped unharmed but they were soon faced with another problem when they got outside. Men in black suits were now surrounding them on all sides and they were armed with heavy machine guns.

“Get behind us!” Aaron yelled and motioned towards Jarrod and Aidan to put up their shields with him in order to protect the others.

The non fighters such as Christen and Josi got behind them and placed their backs to the van so the shots from the other side don’t hit them whilst the others got out their weapons.

The twins, Josh and Daniel jumped in first and punched two people in the face each and since they had taken out their hidden blades on the way, it killed the people instantly. They then pulled back their fists and went to take out the people next to the ones they had just killed, with Josh going left and Daniel going right.

Ashlee headed for the opposite side and with one swing of her sword, ten people’s heads went flying. She continued to do this until all the people on her side were annihilated.

Rayan took the space in between Daniel and Ashlee and snuck up behind the people then pierced his needles in the back of their necks. Hitting their nerve and killing them instantly, they didn’t even feel any pain before they collapsed dead in the dirt.

Isaac took the space between Josh and Ashlee, he was pumped up to try his new whip that Emily had specially modified for him. He swung the whip at the person in front of him and wrapped it all around him. The person thought that he had only been tied up but how wrong he was when Isaac pushed a little button on the handle of his whip and millions of volts of electricity exploded out to burning them straight to their bones. The people beside the pile of ash that had once been their comrade, began freaking out and aimed their guns at Isaac only to shoot each other as Isaac jumped out of the way, “Idiots.”

Whilst the other fighters were taking out the ones with the guns, Angela stayed back and took out the people who had broken through their first line of defence and had come for Aaron and the others. She positioned herself in front of them deflecting as many bullets she could to lessen the damage on the shields and cut up all the people who were in the way. Although she wasn’t the only ones fighting there, Aidan sometimes lowered his shield to shoot random people, also helping out the fighters that were taking out the gunmen. Olivia and even Brendan had helped out by throwing bombs and shooting the people coming from behind, although they weren’t as many as the front with Ashlee there.

Soon the people who had planned to wipe out the cult were wiped out themselves, it had been a total one sided massacre.

“Phew, glad that’s over,” Perrie says coming out from behind the shields after hearing the gunshots and screaming had stopped.

The front line fighters begin heading back to the van, to meet up with everyone else.

“Gosh, there was a lot of them,” Jarrod says as he lifts his mace over his shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m beat.” Aidan walks over the slump down onto a rock.

“That’s not all of them though, this was only one family’s work from the underworld. Here comes the next lot,” Bec says as she walks past the barricade of shields.

They all look up to see the top of the hill and just like Bec said, more were coming, but instead of coming down the hill to get them, their bodies were being thrown over the hill from all directions. One body fell in front of them.

“Don’t worry, I sent the recruits to get the rest.” Bec looks down at the body, which had its throat ripped out.

“We better start heading back, everyone grab as many bodies as you can carry and begin heading back to base. Rayan come here.” Rayan follows Bec’s orders and walks towards her, she jumps on his back “Let’s go.” Just as Bec says the words, Rayan bolts off towards the hideout.

“Um.. I guess that leaves us,” Christen says as she walks over the pile of bodies and chucks two over her shoulder.

“Can’t believe we have to walk all the way back,” Emma grunts as she weakly picks up one body, to begin dragging it as she walked.

“Does anyone actually remember the way back?” Emma asks, unsure of which direction to take.

“Just follow me.” Olivia walks in front taking lead.

“Oh good.” Emma slowly follows behind, still dragging the body behind her.

“So, Why as these ‘underworld’ people so mad at us?” Isaac asks confused.

“Well not only did we kill one of their top dogs, but we also just killed some of the duke’s people. So they are pretty mad and considering the Duke as a lot of power around here, he has heaps of people to control,” Josi says proudly after reading his biography about him.

“Wait, we haven’t killed the Duke yet.” Perrie brings up a valid point.

Just as they began walking up the road to the hideout, they hear bombs in the distance.

“What was that? It sounded like explosions!” Perrie walks towards the nearby hill to see large military trucks and tanks heading towards the hideout. “We have to stop the trucks!” Perrie yells out to the others.

All the fighters drop the bodies, pull out their weapons and began running towards the trucks.

“You guys take the bodies to the hideout and stay there until it is safe,” Jarrod says to the others who were frozen with shock, ’How did they find us?’

They all begin running down the road towards the trucks.

“Che, damn recruits couldn’t keep the trucks from finding us.” Josh clicks his tongue as he continues running down the hill.

The tank was in the front and it looked it was the only one among the many of the hoard of trucks so Angela sprints ahead. “I’ll take the tank!” she yells to the others and they split running past the tank to take care of the other trucks.

The tank sees Angela running and shoots a missile in her direction, she jumps over it a flips onto the top of the tank. She then proceed to rip off the top entrance and jump inside to kill the people inside. After killing the people she quickly takes control of the tank in order to lead it off the cliff, though her leg is being held down by one of the people she killed

“You will die with us cannibal!” the man shoots at her, the bullet nicks her arm causing blood to spurt out.

‘Damn.’ She has to act quickly, she kicks the man in the face to make him let go, but she is too late as the tank was already falling off the cliff. She quickly jumps up in hopes she still might make it and luckily she had managed to just reach the edge of the cliff. However she had lost too much blood, her arm was starting to get numb and she knew she couldn’t last much longer.

Her arm gives in and she thought for sure she would fall down the cliff, until a long pole pointed out towards her and she grabs it in desperation to save herself.

It turned out to be Aaron’s spear. “Glad, you’re alright.” Aaron pulls his spear up, helping Angela get over the cliff and out of danger.

“How did you know I was there?” Angela questions him as she rips off a bit of her shirt to wrap around her arm, why does everyone aim for her arm.

“I saw the tank go over the edge but didn’t see you come out of it and by the time I got over here I saw you falling,” Aaron explains to her briefly before he begins to get back up again.

“Good to go?” He looks over to Angela but she had already gotten back up and was now running towards more trucks, he smiles to himself and begins running as well.

Aidan, Jarrod, Josh and Daniel decided to take on the canvas trucks, there were so many that all four of them had to work together to take them down. Aidan running in front, shoots down the wheels to jump over them as the trucks flipped. Jarrod who was trying to avoid the trucks flying everywhere runs ahead to jump onto the bonnet of the truck. “Nice day for a drive huh?” The people inside began to panic but before they could grab their guns Jarrod smashes the window in taking the drivers head out with it. “See ya.” He jumps to the next truck, before the other one crashes.

Josh and Daniel on the other hand decided to work in pairs, one would kill the people inside, while the other drove the trucks into the one next to it.

“We haven’t worked together in ages, I miss it.” Josh jumps into the truck taking control of the wheel after Daniel stabbed the people.

“Yeah, me too.” Daniel finishes stabbing the last person then jumps on top of the truck, ready to leave when Josh has crashed it.

Isaac runs past all the chaos of trucks crashing into each other and off the cliffs, he continues until he sees 2 tanks coming towards him. ‘This will be fun,’ he thought as the tanks began firing at him. He used his whip to his advantage, as soon as the tanks fired, he would send his whip out to explode the missiles in front of the tanks. One tank exploded in on itself, leaving only one tank left. After the explosion, smoke covered the area between him and the tank leaving him blinded although he would soon find that the darkness was better than the sight of a missile coming right for him. He attempted to jump to the side but was not quite quick enough and the force pushed him into the wall of the hill beside him. “Ahh!” He had smashed his leg and fell to the ground.

The tank continued to move toward him. Just as it fired, Ashlee came running by, she ran straight for the missile, lifting up her sword she sliced it clean in half causing it to exploded as she continued to run towards the tank. As she reached it, she went inside and slaughtered all of them. That wasn’t enough, she needed more, when she exited the tank she saw a troop of people marching up the hill. She sped towards them as Aidan, Jarrod, Josh, Daniel, Angela and Aaron caught up and joined in to finally finish this battle.

Isaac head begun to spin, as he was losing way too much blood, though as he was going in and out of consciousness p he saw someone walk towards him. “Who… is .. ther-e?” he tried to speak until he blanked out.

Once the fighters had killed every person in site they got a message from Bec on the walkie talkie “Good work guys, I want you grab some bodies and head back. It’s finished now.”

They were all exhausted, it felt like they had fought for ages non stop. They grabbed a few bodies off the then began slowly heading back, hoping they could at least sit down when they reached the hideout.

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