The Origins of the FleshEaters

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Once everyone had arrived the night before from the huge fight, they all collapsed in their beds, some fainted from blood loss dropping the bodies they carried as they made their way through the door. It was a frantic night overall, as they had suffered more injuries than anticipated.

Isaac waking up the next morning looked around to see that he was in the infirmary, with josi sitting on the other side mixing some herbs together at a desk.

“Oh, you’re awake, how do you feel?” Josi grabs her thermometer to check if his fever had gone down.

Forgetting what had happened last night, Isaac tried to get up in order to leave, until a sharp pain hit him. “Ehh, what happened, why is my leg sore?” Isaac still dazed after waking up.

Josi sits on the bed next to him, “Well you have shattered the bone in your leg, and since it would have taken months to heal you, putting you out of your job…” Josi gulps “We… um… had to amputate it.” Josi looks over at Isaac to see his reaction.

At first he just sat there, still unsure of what exactly was going on, until Josi decided to clear the air by changing the subject “Well anyway, you need to thank Olivia, she is the one who saved you from the battlefield yesterday.”

Isaac still stunned remembered one thing from yesterday the blur he saw before passing out, it must have been Olivia, ’Why was she there?’

Isaac only now realising what Josi said about his leg looked down to see his left leg that was now only a stump. “What will happen with me now?!” Isaac freaked by the look of his amputated leg.

“Well I spoke to Brendan and he said he could make you a very natural looking prosthetic human leg made out of metal, no one will be able to tell the difference” Josi says as happily as possible, trying to ease the shock that should be settling into Isaac right about now, however she got the complete opposite reaction from him.

“A metal leg, that sounds awesome!” Isaac says throwing his hands in the air, completely changing moods.

’He must have finally woken up,’ Josi thought. “Well drink some water, I will go check up on the soup and see if your leg is ready.” Josi passes a glass of water to Isaac as she gets up from the bed and leaves the room.

Isaac still feeling a little tired lies back down, until he hears the door open again ’I thought Josi just left.’

Though when he got up to see, it was Olivia walking in with a tray of soup and some medicine. “Don’t be mean okay, I usually only cook sweet things for Angela not soup,” Olivia informs him as she walks towards Isaac to place the tray on his lap.

“As long as I don’t lose another leg, I should be fine,” Isaac says with a cheeky grin across his face, Olivia punches him.

“I don’t think it will be that bad, maybe you will lose an arm, but not another leg.” Olivia plays along with his joke.

“Anyway, How are you feeling? I heard Brendan is making you a leg.” Olivia pulls over a stool to sit next to his bed.

“Yeah, apparently it’s going to be a metal leg. How cool is that?!” Isaac still excited begins to eat his soup.

“Yer it will be,” Olivia says looking at him, glad that he survived the fight. She was so worried yesterday when she had to check on the fighters and wasn’t able see him anywhere, until taking a closer inspection and ending up finding him bleeding on the side of the road. It made her heart stop seeing him in such a broken state, she never wanted that to ever happen again.

“Don’t ever do that again.” Olivia looks down at her lap, as tears began falling down her cheeks. “I was worried sick, you should have been more careful!” Olivia moves over to him and wraps her arms around him tightly.

“I’m sorry.” Isaac moves the tray to the side and hugs Olivia back, who was still crying into his shoulder.

. . .

Everyone began gathering at the table, except Isaac who was still in the infirmary.

“To start off, good job everyone for the successful mission,” Bec starts off the meeting with a good start “Though we lost almost all of our recruits, suffered serious damages to majority of our team and brought back only a fair amount of bodies…” Everyone was waiting for a scolding to begin. “We did earn ourselves an amazing reputation around the area, now everyone is talking about the FleshEaters.” Bec begins to get excited “This is exactly what we need people, we need to be known, to gain power around this region and eventually the whole country. To reward you all, I have decided in two weeks we will go on a break, I haven’t decided where yet but we will discuss that matter over tonight’s dinner. So everyone train up, heal up and keep it up!” Bec concludes the meeting to have Rayan follow her to her office. “Ohh and one last thing, tomorrow Brendan will be showcasing his inventions so get excited they will be awesome!”

. . .

Everyone had decided that today would be a relaxing day since Bec had allowed it due yesterday’s events They decided to throw a friendly competition that almost everyone participated in. To some this may seem like the opposite of a relaxing day, but to them, they often missed the opportunity to spend time together besides on the battlefield and even then they would be separated into fighters and defenders. The competition consists of a series of different challenges, some fighting, some not. The challenges were going to be randomly picked from a jar and the prize was that the winner gets the loser to be their slave for a whole day. The prize alone gave everyone the spirit to participate and nobody wanted to lose.

“Since I won’t be participating, I’ll be the referee,” Bec announces as she picks up the jar with the pieces of paper with the challenges on it. “Ok I’m going to pick one now.” Bec reaches her hand in the jar and shuffles it around. “Also Brendan won’t be participating either instead he’ll be one of those annoying people in contests that makes the whole game harder,” Bec informs them as she continues shuffling around inside the jar without actually picking one out.

“Can I do that instead too?” Angela raises her hand as she really didn’t care about the prize and would honestly enjoy watching the competition more.

“I want to do that too,” Josh says and raises his hand as well as he would much rather enjoy messing with everyone instead of actually participating.

“Me too,” Perrie says in sync with Daniel, since they both wanted to get out of it to spend the day together.

So now with those people out, the only ones that were left are Ashlee, Emma, Emily, Aidan, Jarrod, Rayan, Aaron and Olivia.

Bec had been paying attention to the people dropping out that she forgot that she was in the process of picking the first round.

“Pick one already!” Emma shouts at Bec impatiently.

“I’m getting to it!” Bec shouts back annoyed but picks out a piece of paper anyway. “Ok the first round will be…” She pauses to add the suspense, which was really just making some want to punch her, “cooking!”

“Huh? What’s cooking good for?” Aidan asks confused since he thought all the contests would be about a fighting skill of some sort.

“It’s the reason you’re alive, without cooking you wouldn’t be able to eat your food without getting food poisoning.” Bec explains although she knows you could survive without it.

“Oh… I see,” Aidan says actually accepting what Bec had said as the truth.

“What about fruit?” Angela points out only to have Bec try and shove her hand in her face to keep her quiet but before Bec could even touch her face, her hand was swatted away.

“Anyway, let’s head to the kitchen and start the cooking contest already,” Bec says and leads them to the kitchen.

When they reached the kitchen, each of the competitors were assigned a station and the others stood in the front.

“Ok, the way this works is that each of you will have an hour to present a dish and the five of us will judge it out of ten, the one with the most points wins and the one with the lowest points loses,” Bec explains.

“I think you mean the three of us,” Josh corrects Bec as he gestures to the empty space where Perrie and Daniel were supposed to be.

“When did they?” Bec looks arounds to check if they’re are indeed gone.

“When we entered the kitchen they kept going down the corridor instead,” Angela informs the currently confused Bec.

“Why didn’t you stop them?”

“Because they had this weird air around them, I felt awkward just being around them let alone talking to them.”

“Well I suppose it’s too late now but next time stop them,” Bec orders Angela, though it only fell on deaf ears.

Although Angela’s information and Bec’s reaction to it strikes up an idea for Emily but she’ll have to save it for later.

“Begin!” Bec signals the start of the competition.

Everyone quickly collected their ingredients and gathered all their tools and got right into it, an hour may seem like a long time but for cooking, it’s not, even the people who have never cooked in their lives knew that.

“How can we mess with them?” Josh asks Angela, she was eager to make things harder for them then watch them fail.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea seeing as we’re going to eat their creation,” Angela reminds him.

Hearing the news Josh let out a sigh and sat down on one of the unoccupied benches, this was going to be a long hour. At least that’s what he thought before he found out that even without his help, some were doing a fine job at failing. He watched Emma boiling something in a pot then having it explode in her face, Jarrod had place an onion on a chopping board but instead of using a knife, he smashed it with his mace. He continues to do the same with a couple of other vegetables and Aaron looked like a ghost with all the flour on him. It was safe to say these people have never cooked in the life. Then there was Rayan who only had a kettle out and... a cup of noodles.

“Isn’t that considered cheating?” Angela asks Josh and Bec as she points to Rayan.

They both just shrug and move on.

Although the other competitors weren’t doing so bad in fact some of them looked like pro chefs but they weren’t as fun to watch as the people who had no idea what they were doing.

The hour was up and it was now time for the judging.

“Ok up first is Emma with her… stew?” Bec says unsure of what Emma was holding.

Emma comes up and places a bowl in front of each person then takes a step back and crosses her fingers.

“Do I have to eat this?” Angela asks as she looks down at her bowl and questions if the content was actually edible.

“If we go down you’re going down with us,” Josh tells her, really regretting choosing to do this now.

Angela, Josh and Bec all reluctantly picks up their spoon and scoops up some stew and puts it in their mouths.

“Huh… This isn’t that bad.” Bec comments then holds up her card “5”

“5” Josh nods in agreement.

“4” Angela held up her card only to have the others look at her. “It’s not sweet at all and I only gave it a four because it really surprised me.”

“Total of fourteen for Emma.”

Emma goes back disappointed at her results.

“Next up is Aaron with his chocolate eclairs.”

Aaron presents his chocolate eclairs or solid blocks of chocolate?

“Is there even a bun in there?” Bec questions him.

“Sure…” Aaron looks away as he answers.

Even though it wasn’t technically an eclair all three of them happily digged in, who doesn’t like chocolate.

Bec holds up her card “6”.

Josh holds up his card “7”.

Finally Angela holds up her card “9”.

“Total of 22 for Aaron.”

“Come on! It was only chocolate!” Emma objected against the results, she slaved over that stove and all Aaron did was make blocks of chocolate.

“I marked him down,” Bec defended herself. “Anyway up next is Ashlee with her cookies.”

Ashlee proudly gave a giant chocolate chip cookie to Bec, Josh and Angela.

“Giant cookie!” Angela shouted excitedly before taking a big bite and then another and another until it was all gone then holds up her card “10”.

Bec holds her card up “8”.

Josh holds his card up “8”.

“Total of 26 for Ashlee.”

“Up next is Jarrod with his shepherd’s pie.”

Jarrod places a plate with a piece of the pie in front of each person and it smelled really good so they all took a bite without hesitation.

Josh holds up his card “9”.

Angela holds up her card “8”.

Bec holds up her card “8”.

“Total of 25 for Jarrod.”

The guy knew his way around a pie.

“Next up is Rayan with his… noodles.”

Rayan places his dish in front of the judges.

“Really you couldn’t even be bothered to put it in a bowl?” Bec remarks.

“10” Josh held up his card as he eats.

Everyone looks at Josh in disbelief. “What... it’s... really good...” Josh says in between slurps.

“Seriously!” Emma was getting really angry and anxious right now, there was a big chance she would lose this round with her points being way lower than the others so far.

“I respect your lack of effort.” Angela holds up her card “9”.

Bec holds up her card “8”.

They were really good noodles.

“Total of 27 for Rayan.”

Ashlee clicks her tongue as she is pushed down to second place.

“Next up is Emily with her trifle.”

Emily hadn’t placed her desert in a bowl or on a plate for presentation’s sake, which was a good move because it looked beautiful, it was such a shame that they had to eat it.

“10” Angela holds up her card without even taking a bite.

“You haven’t even tasted it!”

“Are you just giving tens to everything sweet?” Josh questions Angela after noticing her pattern in ratings.

“It’s such a shame to eat it though and was that not clear?” Angela answers both questions.

“Fine. I’ll give it an 9,” Josh says without eating it either.

“I’m giving it a 1.” Bec declares then stabs her fork right in the trifle.

Angela gasps but then realises “Hey that actually makes it look better.”

“Total of 20 for Emily.”

Murderous aura started emitting from Emily as she walks up and takes away her dish.

“Ok… Next up is Aidan with his croquembouche.”

“Wow.” was all Josh could say when it was placed in front of him.

“Does anyone else see the golden light coming down on it.” Bec’s eyes travel from the dish to the ceiling as if she was following a rainbow.

“It’s so fancy.” Angela didn’t want to destroy this one either but the urge was too great. “10!”

“I give it a 10 too.” Josh agrees.

Bec holds up her card last “9”.

“I will beat you down.” Angela threatens Bec when she sees her card.

“Try me.” Bec eggs her on and that was a bad move.

Angela gets out of her seat to injure Bec but Josh held her back. Only her arms though so she was able to kick Bec in the face, though Josh may or may not have done that on purpose.

“Total of 29 for Aidan.”

“Next… up is.... Olivia with-with her cup-cakes...” Bec manages to get out whilst in her disoriented state.

As Olivia comes up and presents her dish, she was felt defeated already. There was no way her simple cupcakes could get full marks and beat Aidan’s croquembouche.

They all take a bite and they were filled with something inside, a nostalgic feeling. That’s right this was the taste of their past before the cult, Olivia would make these for them on their birthdays and other special occasions.

“Josh are you crying?” Angela asks as she hears a tiny splash next to her and it couldn’t have been Bec.

“No… my eyes are just leaking from Emma’s soup.” Josh rubs his tears vigorously.

“It was stew!”

Josh holds up his card and it’s no surprise that it’s a “10”.

Angela holds up her card and of course it was a “10” but it had another zero scratched out.

Bec holds up her card and it was a “10” and not just because Angela was glaring daggers in her but also because Olivia’s cupcakes were the one thing that she had enjoyed more than humans, it was nice to taste it again.

“Total of... 30 for Olivia.” Bec announces with a sincere smile, one she hadn’t made in quite a while.

“It’s 120, get it right!” Angela corrects her.

Everyone else took one of Olivia’s cupcakes and were filled with memories of the past, during their peaceful days. Olivia never expected everyone would react this way just from her cupcakes but she was happy, this meant the people she knew and loved were still there, they hadn’t turned into vicious cannibals who’ve lost their heart.

Bec, still left with a smile on her face, walked back over to the jar, to put her hand inside and pick out the next event. After a bit of shuffling she finally picked one “Strength challenge!” Bec announces.

“You will all have to drag a boulder from one end of the hall to the other, the first to get it to the end wins, the last to get it there, is the loser.” Bec begins leading everyone to the hall.

Once inside they saw the size of the boulders and they were pretty small.

“This will be easy,” Jarrod says getting ahead of himself.

“I wouldn’t say that, each person has one boulder to drag and each boulder weighs 10 tonnes, thanks to Brendan’s inventions we were able to create this.” Bec gives a thumbs up to Brendan.

“Alright, everyone get in your place. Ready, set, GO!” Bec gives the signal.

Everyone begins pushing their boulder, it was harder than it looked. Emma tried to push it only to fall down as she tried, Emily though was making progress she was pushing her boulder slowly forward. Aaron had troubles getting a hold of the boulder, so it took him awhile to make progress. Olivia’s face had gone red as she tried her hardest to push it, it was moving but at a very gradual pace. Aidan gave up on this challenge and decided to just have a rest on top of the boulder. Jarrod and Ashlee though were both beginning to push it though in complete unison “Stop copying me!” Jarrod says as he stops pushing to look over to Ashlee “How can I not copy you, we are both pushing boulders.”

Rayan on the other hand took advantage of this, and began pushing his boulder quickly to the other side of the hall.

“Rayan is the winner, with umm… Aidan I guess as the loser.” Bec uncertain of who to chose since Emma had passed out from fatigue and Olivia had just moved it a centimeter.

“Well that was a quick challenge, alright next one.” Bec begins shuffling around again in the jar. “Hanging upside down!” she announces as she opens the piece of folded paper.

“These are some weird challenges,” Josh says glad he didn’t get involved.

“Well yeah, Angela helped write some,” Bec explains to Josh, who was now looking at Angela confused.

“What? it was hard thinking of them!” Angela defended herself.

“Anywho the next challenge will be in the second part of the hall, so everyone begin moving there,” Bec says as she tries to wake Emma up, who had fallen asleep.

Whilst everyone else walks to the other part of the hall and when they looked inside they saw one tall beam.

“Now everyone get up on the beam and when I saw so, hang on it. The winner will be who is the last one still hanging on it.” Bec points up to the beam.

“This is will be interesting.” Aaron looks up at the beam, knowing that as soon as it starts, they will all try to push the others off.

“Okay everyones in place, 3…2…1… GO!” Everyone hangs upside.

Aaron’s face begins to turn green, he’s not so good with being upside down.

“Eww, don’t want to be under him.” Josh takes a couple of steps back.

Aaron jumps off first, to quickly run out of the room to vomit outside. Whereas Rayan tries to get rid of some people, so he hits Emma’s pressure points. She goes tumbling down to sleep on the floor below them. Emily on the other hand, justs hangs quietly in the corner, trying to avoid everyone else. Jarrod joins in, grabbing Aidan’s leg to throw him to the ground, Aidan unready for this attack falls from the beam to land on his head.

“Oww, Jarrod!” Jarrod giggles to himself as he moves along the beam for his next victim. He comes across Olivia who was staring daggers at him “Don’t you dare touch me” Jarrod worried what she would do to him, jumps off the beam willingly and walks away, ‘that was scary’. Leaving only Ashlee, Emily, Olivia and Rayan.

Rayan moves to Olivia next, who had been expecting him as she already had some of her bombs out “Are weapons allowed?” Olivia quickly asks to Bec.

“Yeah, sure why not, as long as you don’t kill them,” Bec says shrugging her shoulders.

“Good.” Olivia throws a bomb into Rayan faces, luckily it was only a stun grenade, but it was enough to send Rayan flopping off the beam. ‘One down, two to go.’

Olivia moves over to Ashlee who is prepared for her attack and takes out her sword. Olivia throws a series of bombs, in which Ashlee slices them causing them to explode before they reached her. Though she missed one and the bomb explodes on the beam, causing the two of them to jump off out of reaction.

“Damn.” Ashlee and Olivia click their tongue annoyed they lost due to their stupid battle.

“The winner is Emily!” Bec announces, causing Ashlee and Olivia to look back at the beam to see Emily still hanging there in the corner peacefully.

“Woo.” Emily jumps down and walks past Ashlee and Olivia who were still staring at her, ’How did she avoid all of that?’

“Okay, for the next one……. Singing?” Bec looks surprised “Alright everyone to the main room.”

Once everyone piled into the room, they saw a large TV and a set of microphones “The challenge will be on karaoke, each judge will give you a score, the one with the highest score wins and the one with lowest loses. Alright first up, Jarrod.” Bec picked out his name from another jar.

“Singing, I can’t sing.”

“You don’t know that until you try.” Josh tries to encourage him as he really wanted to hear Jarrod try to sing.

“...Fine.” Jarrod complies as he didn’t want to lose. He goes up on stage and selects a song. “Here I go.” He clears his throat and starts to sing. “La...La-a-ah!”

“Now we do.”

“-1” Bec lifts up her card.

“Is that even allowed?!” Jarrod questions Bec as he sees her card.

“I make the rules so... yes.”

Josh and Angela hold up their cards “0” which did not improve Jarrod’s mood at all.

“At least we didn’t take any away.”

After seeing Jarrod’s score some of the others decided to back out since even if they don’t compete their score of “0” would still score higher than Jarrod’s, everyone except for Emma.

“I’ll go!” Emma says excitedly and runs up on stage. “I’m going to be singing ‘What makes you beautiful’ by one direction!” Emma announces when she had selected her song.

Bec and Angela immediately holds up their cards “-10”.

“I haven’t even sung yet!” Emma protests.

Emma sings anyway and she actually did pretty well, she may have won too if not for her song choice.

Josh hold up his card after “-1” “Hey, at least I was nice...r”

Emma looked as though she was going to murder all three of them on the spot.

“The winner is Jarrod, the only other person who actually participated.”

‘Fair enough.’

“Ok next up is.... a race,” Bec says as she reads the paper she picked. “We’re going to relocate,” she tells them although she doesn’t say where.

Bec leads them out of the room but instead of reaching a room like they would’ve thought, they were still walking around aimlessly.

“Um… do you even know where you’re going?” Jarrod decides to ask Bec when his doubts had reached to a certain point.

“Of course I do! I’m your cult leader!” Bec turns around and yells at him.

“Haah…” Jarrod backs up a little while Emily just rolls her eyes.

“By the way where are Josh and Angela?” Olivia asks when she notices their absence.

“They’re helping Brendan set up some traps,” Bec casually answers.

“What!” Emma starts getting worried as she starts taking extra care where she steps.

“Oh it’s nothing.” Bec smirks as she knows what this race was actually going to be like.

They continue to follow Bec who was leading them around the hideout until she finally stops in the middle of nowhere.

“Ok then, let’s start the race,” Bec declares as she marks a line on the ground. “On my mark, ready…. set….. go!” Bec yells out, as the runners begin speeding ahead.

Taking the equal lead is Rayan, Ashlee and Jarrod. With Emily, Aidan and Aaron running equal second, as Olivia and Emma slowly make their way to catch up to them. Rayan, Ashlee and Jarrod are now trying to shove each other, in order to grab some sort of lead over the other. Though this wasn’t a normal race, so to beat them to it, Angela standing on the sidelines begins throwing balls at everyone running by.

“This is so much more fun than running.” Angela smiles as she pegs the balls at the people passing by.

“Agreed,” Josh says as he begins dropping flour from above them to blind their vision.

“Ahh, it’s in my eye!” Jarrod continues to run, but is extremely lopsided as he runs with limited vision, running into Rayan who pushes him away.

Emily, Aidan and Aaron were captured in cages set up by Brendan.

“Damn it!” Aaron hits the cage, annoyed he fell for such a simple trap.

Jarrod collapsed after being pushed into a wall by Rayan, leaving Ashlee and Rayan to run head to head. With Olivia and Emma still making there way to the ball toss area. The traps don’t stop there though, they had to jump through hoops, avoid bear traps, climb the ceiling to avoid spikes, the traps were quite elaborate. Yet Rayan and Ashlee still made it through all of them, still neck and neck. Until they reached the last stretch to the finishing line, they could see it only metre away. This was the final trap, the floor began collapsing, Ashlee knowing that they would put a trap here had prepared for it and leaped across the gap to the finish line. Rayan however hesitated and was left to retreat back a few steps to avoid falling in.

“And Ashlee is the winner, with Emma the loser,” Bec says as she sees Emma passed out on the ground before the finishing line, Olivia at least beating her since she passed out over the line.

“Next challenge is…… Battles!” Bec leads everyone back to the hall, which had been cleaned up for this challenge.

“We will do a battle royale between everyone, no weapons and if you are knocked out then you are out. The last one standing wins, the one we deem not trying hard enough loses,” Bec says as she raises her arm “Now GO!” Bec drops her arm as to signal the start.

Rayan gets straight into it as he aims for the Jarrod first, hitting the nerve on his neck, he then moves on to Emma who was standing on the side unsure of what to do. He hits all her pressure points causing her to topple over. Emma and Jarrod were out.

Emily on the other hand decides to go against Olivia, since she was the closest. Emily runs up to her ready to punch, Olivia blocks by crossing her hands in front of her but that doesn’t stop Emily as she continues to punch Olivia’s arms until they are start to bruise. Olivia decided she has to take action and with Emily distracted with punching her arms, she decides to push her arms out and kick Emily across the face. Emily slides back, trying to gain her balance again, though when she looks up, Olivia is already standing above her. She then kicks up at Emily’s face, Emily goes flying upwards then crashed down on the ground. Emily was out.

Aidan went for Aaron and began speeding towards him whilst Aaron just stood there waiting for Aidan to attack first. Aidan feigns a punch, Aaron thinking it was real, quickly lifted his arms to block it. But instead Aidan dashed behind Aaron to kick him across the head, throwing him across the hall into the wall. Aidan thought he had finished so he began walking towards a new target, until Aaron got back up, blood dripping down his head, to grab Aidan’s head and throw him into the ground. Aidan was out. Aaron finishing what he got back up to do, collapsed due to his injuries. Aaron was out.

Leaving Olivia to take on Rayan and Ashlee who was leaning against the wall as during all of this people tried their best to avoid her. Rayan used agility to take an upper hand, he ran towards Olivia who had already taken a defensive stance. Though Rayan expected this, he continued to run forward, leaping into the air, to speed down towards Olivia. She didn’t flinch she continued to hold her stance hoping it would block his attack. Though she underestimated him, Rayan speeding down towards her punched her arms, causing her to pull away, and then he hit the nerves on her neck to subdue her. Olivia was out.

Ashlee realising it was her turn, got off the wall and walked towards Rayan. Rayan using what he was best in, began running towards her, Ashlee did the same. They attacked each other for a while, constantly hitting and deflecting.

“Hurry up you two, we have other challenges to do!” Bec whines

“Yes,” Rayan responds and he begins hitting harder as he got more serious.

Ashlee noticing this change, hit harder as well “Let’s finish this.” Ashlee dodges Rayan’s punch to move to the side and kick his leg, causing him to fall to the his knees “Is this how you do it?” Ashlee hits the nerve at the back of Rayan’s neck, causing him to fall forward. Rayan was out.

“Ashlee is the winner, and now for the judges decision.” Bec looks over to Angela and Josh.

“I think Jarrod, since he was out first” Angela states, basing her decision off actual logic.

“Agreed, Jarrod,” Josh says before Bec interrupts “Alrighty with majority rules, Jarrod you lose this round.”

“You guys are definitely against me!” Jarrod walks away to hear the next challenge.

“Next challenge is…” Bec shuffles around in the jar for a bit “Eating?” Bec says a little confused.

Everyone moves off to the kitchen where they see a long table with plates on it. Emily, Ashlee, Olivia and Rayan pull out of this one, leaving Jarrod, Aaron, Aidan and Emma left to enter this round. “Alright whoever can last the longest through the 3 rounds of food, without vomiting wins, the loser is the one who gets out first. Each round someone will be eliminated. Now on my mark, ready, set, Go!” Bec says as she sits back to watch the contests.

Angela and Josh bring out the food, and place it in front of the 4 contestants. The first round was to eat as much pizza as possible.

“Yus, I am the pizza queen!” Emma begins devouring the pizza, having 3 slices at a time. Jarrod following close behind was quickly eating a slice each minute. With Aaron falling behind as he was slowly eating his.

Aidan tries to eat the pizza until he vomits it up, realising how much he hates it. “Aidan you’re out.” Bec points at Aidan.

“Thank goodness, I hate pizza anyway...” Aidan says relieved as he gets out of his seat.

“Gimme more!” Emma says with pizza all over her face, still hungry after eating 10 pizzas.

“Um.. Alrighty then.” Angela quickly runs back to get more pizzas.

“Yes!” Emma digs back into her pizzas.

“Alright, starting the next round,” Bec says as she is about to announce the next round.

“No, I want more pizza!” Emma says, finishing off the 20th box.

“Alright, since aaron has only had 1 box, Jarrod only having 5, let’s just leave it as that. Emma has won this challenge...” Bec says freaked out that she can eat so much pizza.

“Okay, Next challenge… Shooting…. Wait where did Brendan go? He was meant to lead us to the shooting challenge. Ohh, don’t worry, I bet he already has it ready somewhere.” Bec begins walking around hoping to find it, it doesn’t take long before she discovers it’s on the second part “Over here guys, let’s begin!”

. . .

Josi was glad she got out of the all the challenges, she knew she wouldn’t win so it would’ve just been a waste of time. At least now she could spend her time doing what she actually wanted, so she went to see Brendan in his lab. She goes up and knocks on the door, after receiving a “Come in” She opens the door to see Brendan working on something.

“Whatcha working on?” Josi asks swinging back and forth.

“Trying to create metal for weapons with the capability of magic.” Brendan focuses on his work as he continues drawing sketches and mixing ingredients. “Anyway, I’m glad you’re here, I need your knowledge on herbs.”

“Sure, glad I can be of use.” Josi brings a chair over to sit next to Brendan, who passes her some vials along with a small chest full of herbs.

“Alright, can you make me a Bloodroot Potion, Rayan is running low on poisons.” Brendan turns to give her a recipe then turns back to continue his work.

“So, do you think you can make me something?” Josi says in hopes to start a decent conversation.

“Depends, what would you like?” Brendan doesn’t even look up from his work.

“Hmmm… a gel that when applied to an injury it is healed,” Josi says thinking of the movie ‘Hunger Games’.

“I guess I could try that...” Brendan looks off for a second, to think about the science to make such a device possible.

“So, are you excited for the relaxation retreat? I am.” Josi finishes up making the poison.

“I guess, though I’m not good around crowds,” Brandon admits a little nervous though whenever it was just him and Josi, he never got nervous or quiet, but as soon as you put him in a crowd, his mouth wouldn’t move.

“Ohh, you’re fine, you just need to get out more, plus I will be there!” Josi attempts to give him encouragement “Also what potion do you want next?” Josi says looking at Brendan.

“Um.. Dogbreath Potion please. Also I guess that would be alright”. Only now does Brendan get nervous. “Oh, and why aren’t you participating in the challenges?” Brendan asks, changing the subject.

“Err, well, I thought it would be more fun to be here, plus I would’ve definitely lost in that competition anyway.” Josi begins making the potion, unsure of who it was for.

“Well, I’m glad I have you around to keep me company.” Brendan finally looks at Josi to smile

Josi blushes “S-So who is this for?”

“Ohh that, I wanted to see whether it actually makes you breathe fire or not haha.” Brendan intrigued with the magical creation of things.

“Well, I’m not sure, but I guess we’ll find out,” Josi says hoping that it will work.
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