The Origins of the FleshEaters

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After the quiz challenge, Olivia came out victorious with Jarrod losing after the second question, everyone else was left stunned as they watched Olivia fly through that challenge. Next was shooting, and without a hitch, Aidan beat everyone remarkably as you’d expect, with Aaron as the loser, though he only lost since he was the only other person who actually participated. With the last challenge being destroying blocks, the winner was Rayan leaving Aidan to lose who didn’t even attempt to break one block.

After looking over all the results Bec had found a problem in finding a clear winner and a clear loser. “Wow... looks like we have a three way tie on both sides,” Bec announces. “On the winner’s side it’s between Olivia, Ashlee and Rayan and on the loser’s side it’s between Aidan, Aaron and Emma.”

After hearing what Bec said they were all a little surprised at how close the competition had actually been. Emily was a little disappointed when her name hadn’t been called but Jarrod was very relieved that his name was not called.

“So now what do we do?”

“Let’s have a showdown!” Angela suggests excitedly.

“That’s not a bad idea,” Bec agrees. “But what kind of showdown?”

“A battle showdown, of course!” Josh proclaims.

“Ok, any objections?” Bec asks the people actually competing.

They all shook their heads, out of all the competitions so far they all had enjoyed the battles.

“So this is how it works…” Bec starts but then realises that she had no idea how battles could be done with three people.

“Move aside.” Josh pushes Bec aside and explain how the showdown will work in her place. “You’re going to compete in a battle royal, meaning the three people will fight together until there is only one left standing.”

Everyone nods in acceptance of Josh’s way but Angela notices a flaw in his plans.

“But doesn’t that mean the winner of the loser’s side will be the slave?” Angela enquires whilst tilting her head.

“Good point... then how about the first person who gets knocked out loses?” Josh proposes.

“That sounds good,” Angela says, accepting Josh’s plan.

“Wait are we allowed weapons this time?”

“Sure why not.”

“Yes!” Emma shouts, eager to try her new weapons out.

“I’ll be the referee for Ashlee’s battle.” Angela puts herself forward, she didn’t want Ashlee to go crazy and accidentally kill someone.

“Then I’ll be the referee for the other battle.” Josh puts himself forward as well.

“Let’s go to the hall,” Bec announces.

“Oh Bec you’re still here? I thought you left with Emily and Jarrod,” Angela comments receiving a glare from Bec in return.

Angela had honestly thought Bec had decided to leave like Emily and Jarrod since she had nothing to do with the upcoming showdown, why Bec was mad at her was a mystery to her.

When they reached the hall Olivia, Ashlee and Rayan were positioned on the right side of the room whilst Aidan, Aaron and Emma were on the left, Angela and Josh goes to their own designated sides.

“Ready… Start!” Bec signals the battles to begin.

On the right side, Ashlee immediately starts to dash towards Rayan whom she considered the biggest threat among her opponents. She gets out her sword and swings it at Rayan but he jumps back to leave her cutting air, although that was to be expected so she continues her rain of attacks on Rayan who continues to evade each one. Whilst those two were going at it, Olivia was left by her lonesome to watch the two of them fight it out. “Oh well, it’s their funeral,” Olivia simply states as she stands there and watches them fight, waiting for them to tire themselves out before she takes them out herself, they were going to regret ignoring her.

On the other side, Emma had been very eager to try out her potions so as soon as the signal to start came, she threw a bunch of her potions at Aidan and Aaron. But of course they were able to jump out of the way and avoid breathing in the contents of the potions. “Aw,” Emma mumbles disappointed that her attack had not affected either of them. However Aaron decided to use this chance to go on the offensive and attack Aidan before the smoke clears.

Aidan had planned to wait until his vision was clear, so he had not expected Aaron to appear through the smoke with his blade aimed right at him. He was able to move to avoid a serious injury but Aaron’s blade had managed to slice his arm, which was a deadly injury for a gunman. Aidan clicks his tongue and jumps back to distance himself from Aaron, but Aaron wasn’t planning on letting him go. He speeds forward after aidan and thrusts his weapon at Aidan again, luckily Aidan had landed already and was able to twist his body around so the attack only grazed his cheek. Aaron continued to thrust his weapon at Aidan all throughout his body. After he had only managed to put a scratch on Aidan’s cheek he aimed for his arm next, then his leg, then his side and back to his head again. Aidan was able to dodge his attacks but not completely and the scratches he had accumulated through the attacks were starting to take it’s toll on his body. Blood was pouring slowly but surely from the cuts all over his body. He was losing too much blood plus the pain was too much for him to handle, his legs finally gave in after the vicious assault and Aaron was now above him with his weapons poised, ready to strike.

Josh pushed himself off the wall and was preparing to intervene but it turns out his help wasn’t needed. Emma had thrown her potions at Aaron a while ago and it had been perfectly timed, so before Aaron could stab Aidan, a whole lot of potions exploded on him. He had been so preoccupied with Aidan that he had forgotten about Emma and her attack hit him dead on “Dammit…”

Aidan could only sit there and watch as Aaron collapsed in front of him.

“Yes! I did it! I got someone!” Emma jumped around excitedly as she saw that her attack worked and had taken down Aaron who was one of the strongest fighters in the cult.

Aidan slowly gets up when his legs allowed him to but they didn’t hold out for long, good thing Josh was there to catch him before he hit the ground.

“Woah there, it’s ok you won you can rest now,” Josh reassures him as he saw Aidan trying to get back up again.

“Okay...” Aidan decides to listen to Josh and lets himself fall into sleep.

“Are you taking them to the infirmary?”

“No need, I’ll just call Josi to come and pick them up.”

Emma calls Josi on the phone that Brendan had modified so that it would work underground, and just like she said Josi came through the door a few minutes with Brendan and they didn’t have to move a muscle.

“Woah, these injuries look bad,” Josi remarks as she takes in Aidan’s cuts and Aaron’s burns.

“I did that!” Emma says proudly and points at Aaron.

“I don’t think that’s something to be proud of…” Brendan mumbles as he takes a closer look at Aaron’s injuries, they weren’t something to laugh about.

“Yeah and in return you have to help me take care of them,” Josi tells Emma.

“Do I have to?” Emma whines only to get a death stare from Josi. “Fine.”

Brendan and Emma put Aaron and Aidan on the stretchers and rolls them out of the room. Angela watches them as they go and can only let out a sigh, she didn’t like seeing her friends hurt especially when it was because of each other.

“Don’t worry about it, Josi will fix them,” Josh reassures her.

“I guess…” Angela pushes it aside and focuses on the battle that she was supposed to referee.

“So who’s winning?” Josh asks.

“Honestly, I don’t even know. They’ve just been doing this from the start.”

Nothing had really happened since they began, Ashlee was still attacking Rayan in hopes of injuring him whilst Rayan wasn’t letting Ashlee have her way and has just been dodging her attacks completely. This had been going on for ages and in Angela’s point of view something was up, why wasn’t Rayan attacking?

“Then how about we have a battle of our own?” Josh’s suggestion snap Angela out of her thoughts.

“Huh? Oh, I don’t know… I have to watch the fight and make sure nothing bad hap-”

“I’ll take over for you,” Bec cuts in.

“You’re still here?” Angela is shocked by Bec’s presence a second time but this time Bec doesn’t glare back, instead she... smiles?

“Go on, you must be bored out of your mind right? You haven’t been able to fight all day.”

“Yeah but I really think I should stay...” Angela insists, Bec’s was acting really weird and it was giving her a bad feeling.

“Come on, Bec said she would cover for you and besides you did say nothing has happened so nothing probably will.” Josh tries to persuade her to have a fight with him so that he could redeem himself but Angela was still very hesitant on leaving Ashlee alone in case she goes out of control again. “Or are you scared?”

But the last thing Josh had said made her throw all her reason out of the window. “Oh, you just dug your own grave.” Angela prepares to get her weapons out but is stopped by Bec.

“You can’t fight in here!”

“Why not?” Angela asks confused, Josh was confused too.

“Because… we’ll just be a distraction.” Bec tries to justify herself as she pushes them towards the door.

“But Aaron, Aidan and Emma were fighting just fin-”

“That’s different. Now run along.” Bec pushes the confused two out of the hall and shuts the door behind them.

“That was weird…” Angela gets out as she tries to register what just happened.

“Oh well. So...where should we fight?” Josh enquires now that his whole mind was back to his rematch with Angela. “Or are you actually scared?”

“I told you I’m not scared of you!” Angela informs him then hits him in the arm. “Let’s go find somewhere to fight and get this over with.”

“That’s all I’m asking.” Josh follows Angela down the corridor to find their fighting ground.

Unbeknownst to them this was all going according to Bec’s plan that was ready to be put into action once those two were gone. She signals Rayan and he throws one of his needles at Olivia that contains a poison to knock her out instantly.

“What’s going on?” Ashlee asks confused at what had just happened.

“Oh nothing,” Bec replies then calls someone on the phone.

Moments later Josi enters for the second time and this time she looked really annoyed.

“Really guys it hasn’t even been five minutes yet!”

“Sorry but would you mind?” Bec points at Olivia’s motionless body.

“Yeah, yeah.” Josi walks over and picks Olivia up then walks out of the room. “Next time bring them over to me yourselves!” She says over her shoulder before disappearing out of sight.

“Now then.” Bec closes the door behind her, locks it then turns back to look at Ashlee while Rayan begins to close in on her.

“Guys seriously what’s going on?” Ashlee looks at Rayan then back at Bec.

“Well let’s just say a little birdie let me in on something.” Bec’s eyes turned dead serious then something was jabbed into the back of Ashlee’s neck.

Ashlee fell on her knees, her whole body was numb except for her head. “Why are you doing this?” She questions them once more, hoping to get an answer this time.

Bec answers her question but it only served to cause more confusion as she answers with a question, she crouches down to Ashlee’s level “Why did you start a rebellion?”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t start a rebellion!” Ashlee defends herself.

“Then how do you explain the missing recruits and the secret withdrawal from the safe every now and then?” Bec enquires of her.

“Again, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Ashlee tries to make Bec understand again. “Anyway even if there is this so called rebellion why do you think I would be the leader?”

“Because you’re one of the strongest people in the cult. If you discount Angela, Aaron, Aidan, Josh and Daniel, I don’t think they would care about these kinds of things so by process of elimination that leaves you.” Bec explains her reason for her suspicion on Ashlee.

“What does strength have anything to do with it?”

“It’s in a person’s nature to follow the strong,” Bec continues her explanation.

“Well you’re not that strong,” Ashlee mutters under her breath.

Rayan catches it though and threw his needles into Ashlee’s back, which was a big mistake.

The needles pierced into Ashlee’s back, causing it to bleed, Ashlee’s head dropped down as she pulled the needle out.

“Not so tough, huh” Bec says mockingly.

Ashlee looks up with eyes of bloodlust, she had gone into another state, Rayan immediately pushed Bec back as he took a defensive stance in front of her. Ashlee despite being slightly poisoned leaped forward at Rayan to swing her sword at him. He dodged just in time, but it didn’t end there, Ashlee continued on her pursuit. Leaping towards Rayan, he was running out of energy, we couldn’t dodge these attacks forever. Until Ashlee reached him, and went in for a stab, with his last bit of energy he moved to the side. But the sword sliced the side of his head, causing him fall back. Ashlee stood over him, ready to draw her sword into his heart. Until Rayan pulls out one of his needles and stabs it into her leg. He quickly slides away from Ashlee to create some distance. Ashlee is now bleeding from the wound on her leg, but it didn’t stop there, she pulls out the needle, then lunges at Rayan. She throws the needle at him as a distraction, he moves to the side as Ashlee comes at him with a sword. He wasn’t able to dodge the attack, leaving her sword to pierce his abdomen.

Next Ashlee held the sword over Rayan’ neck “Your turn next.” Ashlee looks over to Bec who was standing there stunned.

Ashlee returns to normal, as she drops Rayan freeing him from the sword near his neck and walks out of the hall “I’m not a part of any ‘rebellion’.” Ashlee slams the door behind her.

. . .

Whereas Christen and Jarrod, having some free time and left bored after the long winner and loser fight, decided to go to a nearby farm to collect some fresh ingredients for dinner tonight.

“So where abouts is this farm?” Jarrod says looking towards Christen who was driving the car.

“It’s just a little outside of town, not far, but they have some great ingredients,” Christen says imagining all the wonderful fruits and veg.

Christen stops in front of a small forest, she then gets out the car with a big basket, to carry the food in, with Jarrod following close behind.

“We have to walk through this forest, to reach the farm” Christen almost reads Jarrod’s mind.

“Ohh, Okay. So why this farm?” Jarrod inquiries “Is seems so far away.”

“That’s why i like it, because hardly anyone knows about it.” Christen smiles as she begins walking through the forest. “Now, my turn for questions, why did you join me?”

“I was completely and utterly bored to the bone, and going for a trip to the farm sounded fun. How long is this walk anyway?”

“10 minutes or so, since I’m taking the long way due to its scenic capabilities.” Christen is almost gliding as she walks, you could tell she really enjoys the forest walk and as Jarrod began looking around he found that it truly was beautiful. There weren’t that many trees around, and yet the foliage was large enough to block most of the sun, allowing only small rays of sun to sneak through. As the continued further into the forest they came by a small pond connected to a stream, the sun danced off the ripples beautifully. The pond laid considerably still as the stream sipped into it off a small cliff, small fishes drifted below the surface of the water with patches of moss gripping onto the edges of the pond’s rocks.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Christen says as she looked over at Jarrod was staring at the pond.

Jarrod only nods. “Want to stop for a bit? I brought some snacks.” Christen pulls her bag off her shoulder to pull out a small blanket.

“Yeah, that would be great!”

Jarrod helps by placing the foods out on the blanket. They both sit, enjoying the view and a human-free lunch.

“This sandwich is great, what is on it?” Jarrod says looking through the sandwich for human.

“Some lamb I cooked earlier, along with barbeque sauce, cheese and stuff.”

“No human?”

“Nah, I felt like I needed a break from it you know, just for today.” Christen looks down tiredly.

“Yeah, I get ya, but you must admit I never thought being in a cult could be so fun.”

“Mmm,” Christen only murmurs her agreement as she stops to take in the view one last time. “Alright, we better start moving.” Christen gets up, to begin packing away the picnic.

“Fine.” Jarrod a little upset to leave helps to pack up before they begin heading off again towards the farm.

Once they arrived, Christen walked up to one of the farmers picking fruits and pays them for the ingredients “Just go up to the house and your order will be there,” the farmer replies pointing towards the house up the hill.

“Thanks.” Christen punches Jarrod who was too distracted by the fruits to follow her. “Come on.” Christen drags Jarrod along as she collects the foods.

Once they finished their business at the farm they began heading back to the car to go back to the hideout.

. . .

Meanwhile Josh and Angela who had been searching for a place to fight bumps into Emily in the corridors.

“Perfect timing!” Emily says as she approaches Angela.

“Hi…” Angela greets her, though feeling uncomfortable at the close proximity she takes a small step back.

“I have a proposition for you. How would you like to join the rebellion?” Emily decides to put the word rebellion to catch Angela’s attention and it worked.

“Rebellion?” Angela asks curiously as she tilts her head. “Against what?”

“Against Bec.”

“Why?” Angela asks for more information since she didn’t really see the need of this rebellion.

“Don’t you find Bec annoying at times? Don’t you want a new leader?” Emily starts her manipulation game.

“I guess but what does that have to do with her being the leader?”

‘Che, she’s not buying it time to change tactics,’ Emily thought as she notices that Angela wasn’t even considering joining the rebellion.

“You can have more sweets.” Emily tries to bribe her but it doesn’t work.

“Look I don’t really care about who the leader is or about the rebellion. If it happens, it happens but I don’t feel like getting involved and I don’t need you to get me my sweets, Olivia already does that for me and I’m quite satisfied with it,” Angela informs Emily in hopes that she would drop this subject already.

“But isn’t there something you’re unhappy about?”

All this while Josh had just been standing there, watching Emily trying to persuade Angela to join their side but unlike Emily he can see that Angela had no intention of joining the rebellion and they were just wasting the time they could use to fight.

“Emily I don’t think she’ll join us so let’s just drop it,” Josh interrupts them.

“See he gets it.” Angela motions to Josh. “Wait you’re part of the rebellion?”

“...Fine, but don’t tell anyone about this,” Emily whispers.

“I told you I don’t care about this kind of stuff,” Angela reassures her.

“Ok now that this matter is settled let’s get back to our fight,” Josh says and drags Angela away from Emily.

He leads her to the first empty room he came across and declares it as their fighting ground. “We’ll fight here.”


They both got into position and got their weapons out, there was no starting signal so it was only a matter of who attacks first, which so happened to be Josh. He speeds towards Angela who gets into a defensive stance as she sees him running towards her. She blocks his first strike by moving her blades so it crosses together in front of her and Josh’s attack hits the centre of the cross. She then swings her arms out to push back Josh’s attack and hopefully land a hit on him but Josh jumps out of the way and goes for another stab with his other blade. Angela jump outs of the way as well and then continues to distance herself from Josh by doing a roundoff, but Josh wasn’t about to let her get away and dashes towards her again. He goes for a stab but Angela pivots on her foot and twists out of the way, a few strands of her hair go flying. As she twists around she positions her dagger so it would slice Josh in the back but he saw it coming and blocks it with his blade. He then pushes her hand back and the impact caused both of them to spin around and face each other. They both charged at each other and their blades collided in the middle.

“You got better,” Angela comments as she pushes against Josh.

“Not really, you just haven’t seen my true power,” Josh tells her as he uses his strength to push Angela’s hand down then brings up his leg to kick her in the side. Angela coughs up a little blood before she is hurled across the room and slammed against a wall. She drops down onto the ground but she quickly picks herself up and gets up off of the ground.

“Oh, it’s on!” Angela yells at Josh then suddenly appears in front of him with bloodlust in her eyes. She swings at Josh who moved at the last second so her dagger only just slices his arm. He doesn’t let it affect him though and thrusts his blades at her but she only moves slightly to let his blade on slash one of her sides, keeping her injuries to a minimum. She knew that Josh had wanted her to move so that his blades would stab her but the blow had been pretty serious so she held her side to stop the blood flowing out. They were now both down one arm but that doesn’t stop them from continuing their fight. This time they both went on the offensive, when Josh went to attack, Angela blocked it, then immediately attacks him back, only to have him block and attack her again. They kept going at it until they both got very tired from losing too much blood from the injuries they collected throughout the fight. When they both were almost completely out of energy they jumped away from each other and prepared their final attack.

They both stared at each other for a moment then ran up to clash for the final time before landing in the other’s spot from before.

“Ah!” Angela cries out in pain as the cut on her shoulder bursts out blood causing her to fall onto one knee though she knew it was her win, which was confirmed when Josh breathed out “damn…” as blood spurts out from cuts all over his body and he falls on the ground.

Angela slowly gets up when she was confident she could walk without falling over and heads over to Josh who was currently laying in a pool of his own blood. “Ugh...” She groans as she knows that she would have to carry him to the infirmary and it wasn’t like she wasn’t badly injured too, but she picks him up anyway and heads to the infirmary.

. . .

After Emily had been rejected by Angela she heads to her room hoping to let out some of her anger. First she didn’t win the challenge and get her own slave and then she failed to get another recruit for the rebellion, this was not her day. But then she see Perrie and Daniel sneaking back into the hideout, maybe today wasn’t such a bad day for her. “So, where did you two do today?”

“Went out to town to check out a new bookstore that opened up, then got some lunch.” Perrie smiles throughout the whole sentence, you could tell she had a good day.

“Well anywho, I have an offer for you two.” Emily walks towards them. “How would you like to be able to spend more time together, without having to sneak out all the time?”

“I guess that would be good...” Perrie unsure of where this was going.

“Well, all that can be easily attained, all you have to do is join me.” Emily tries to simplify it.

“Join you?” Perrie wasn’t sure what she was talking about.

“Yeah, join me in my rebellion against Bec, if she’s gone then we can run the cult the way we want to. Make it somewhere people feel comfortable without humans for a feast. So, what do you think?”

“I guess, as long as Daniel can join me.” Perrie looks over to Daniel who was standing just listening.

“Here, take this.” Emily passes Perrie a note, as she walks off in the other direction.

A grin appeared across Emily’s face, this was going just as planned soon she could overthrow Bec and take over the cult.

. . .

Everyone had been called together a little earlier before dinner, to discuss a few matters.

“Alright, welcome everyone, today has been a long and tedious day. As for what’s on everyone’s mind, the winner of today’s competition is….. Olivia.”

“Olivia beat Ashlee?” Christen says as she continued stirring the pot over the stove, trying to finish dinner whilst still being apart of the meeting.

“Well.. no.. but after a few ‘complications’ I have decided that she is the legitimate winner,”

Bec says holding back information about the interrogation.

“Moving on, the loser is Aaron. Making Aaron the slave for a day. Olivia what day would you like to use your slave?” Bec looks over to Olivia who has gone into a deep thinking state.

“Can I use on the retreat?” Olivia looks up suddenly when the thought finally came to her.

“Sure, also on that subject, retreat ideas anyone?” Before Bec could open the discussion, Christen had finished making dinner, so she begun handing out the portions.

“How about we go to an island?” Brendan suggests quietly, thinking of the ideas that he could come up with at such an exotic place.

“Ohh, let’s go to a festival!” Emma almost jumps off her seat.

“No, an ice cream factory!” Angela pushes Emily slightly.

“Can we go to a beach?” Perrie suggests.

“Okay, one sec, maybe we can mix all of these into one. Alright put your hands up if you want to go to a island, with a beach, that has a festival on, and you can buy ice cream there.”

Bec tries her hardest to mix them all together, making it into a very long sentence.

Almost everyone puts up their hand and so by majority rules they decided to go to an island with a beach, festivals and ice cream.

“Glad that is settled, I will find and book a place next week.” Bec begins eating as to finish off her speech.

“Wait, I thought we were going to go check out Brendan’s inventions,” Emily says looking around, did she miss something?

“Ohh that’s right, Brendan’s inventions were showcased in today’s competition. Like the small but extremely heavy boulder or the specialised guns used in the shooting challenge...” Bec doesn’t point all of the inventions out, since she wasn’t bothered and wanted to eat.

“That’s a pretty cool idea.” Perrie gives an approving nod.

So the day finished there, everyone went off to their own rooms, looking forward to next week where they could finally after the month or so they have been here, get a good long break from it all. Though will the break last long enough, as soon as it ends the chaos will begin.

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