The Origins of the FleshEaters

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The day of their long awaited vacation was here, everyone had packed their things and they were off to the island in their new van that Brendan had upgraded. It could now turn into a plane and a boat so getting to the island, which was surrounded by the ocean was no problem.

“I’m so excited!” Aidan is almost jumping in his seat.

“How long till we get there?” Aaron asks a he begins making himself comfortable.

“A few hours.” Bec steers the boat as she watches the ocean making sure they are on course.

“Let’s play a game!” Angela proposes after hearing just how long they would be stuck here.

“What game?” Isaac says wanting to join in on the fun.

“I have cards,” Josh says and took out his decks.

“We can play hawaii,” Emily suggests.

“I want to play fudge!” Angela puts forward.

“What’s fudge?”

“She means bullsh-” Josh starts only to have Angela cut him off.

“No swearing!”

“How about blood Mary?”



“Go fish!”

Everyone was getting excited to play the different kinds of cards games and luckily Josh had a lot of decks so they could play a bunch of games at the same time.

Time passed by rather quick and before they knew it they had reached their destination.

“Wow! The island is so big!”

“Where are we going to stay?”

Bec transforms the boat into a car as they reach the island “We are going to stay at a nearby cabin I bought.”

After a short drive they arrived at the rather large and remote cabin. Bec parked the car under some trees and everyone began filing out of the car to grab their luggage and head inside.

“What are we going to do first?” Brendan says as if knowing the answer

“There is a tournament being held on this island and since not everyone was involved in the last competition, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. I’ve split you guys up into three teams though we have an uneven number so Josi and Brendan, would you mind sitting out?”

“That’s fine with me,” Josi agrees.

“Wait, who’s is on who’s team?” Aaron suggests as to remind Bec.

“Oh yeah, almost forgot. Okay on Team 1, there is Ashlee, Angela, Josh, Olivia and Isaac. Team 2, is Emma, Christen, Jarrod, Aaron and Aidan. Team 3, is Emily, Rayan, Bec, Perrie and Daniel.”

“We are totally going to lose against those teams!” Jarrod slumps down, after hearing all the strong players were cooped together.

“Hey, you have me, which means we can still win,” Emma says optimistically though Jarrod looks away doubtful.

. . .

On the day of the tournament they all gathered together to sign up, Josi and Brendan went to find something to do as well. How the tournament was going to work is that the preliminaries rounds will be held first to cut down the number of teams to eight for the actual tournament. Luckily everyone was separated into different blocks so they wouldn’t have to face each other until the actual tournament.

“Looks like we’re in block A,” Isaac announces.

“We’re in block D!” Emma yells out.

“Block F,” Rayan simply states.

“We’re refereeing block G,” Josi says with Brendan nodding behind her.

“So what’s our strategy?” Jarrod asks.

“We go on in kill them all,” Ashlee says in a monotone voice.

“That’s sounds like a good plan,” Angela agrees.

“No. No killing.” Olivia tries to break them up from their motives.

Everyone then went off to their blocks and sat on the sidelines until their team was called.

. . .

In A block, Team 1 that included Ashlee, Angela, Josh, Olivia and Isaac were called up into the arena. By the time they got there their opponents had already been waiting for them.

“Oi, oi, this isn’t a place for kids!” One of the sneered.

“Ohh, this is going to be good.” Josh begins cracking his knuckles, his excitement kicking in.

“Don’t get too excited, they look like they are going to be tough.” Olivia holds back Josh, before he recklessly attacks.

“Yeah, we have to act smart, that includes you two.” Isaac looks over to Ashlee and Angela, who have already taken their stance ready to attack.

“Now everyone, Ready…. Set….” “Alright, together as a team” Olivia quickly says to everyone “GO!” the announcer yells, setting everyone into fight mode.

Olivia and Isaac decide to team up in taking on two people together. First Olivia throws a smoke bomb, to help give Isaac coverage. As the smoke disperses, Olivia throws a stun bomb, as Isaac jumps over the two people. He pulled out his whip and as he snaps the whip spikes fly towards their necks, stunning them and causing them to drop to the ground, bleeding from the neck.

Josh decides to take one on his own, the person he took was pretty strong as they blocked Josh’s attacks and landed a strong hit across his face. Josh went flying, luckily keeping inside the area, as he slides across the ground stopping himself with hands. He quickly got back up, blades out, he feigned an attack with a blade, to leave the opponent’s face open, he then flung his leg upwards smashing the opponent up across the face, causing the opponent to flip backwards onto their back. Josh acts quickly, as he pounces on top of the guy to finish him off. But the man kicks Josh in the stomach, sending him flying upwards. The man gets back up but so does Josh and him continue to block and attack for a while longer.

Olivia and Isaac get bored so they sit down near the edge of the area, the two people they just defeated pull out the needles, still bleeding, they walk over to Olivia and Isaac and try to aim for a stab at their back. Olivia turns around and throws a powerful bomb, that wraps around its victim, as it explodes. The two bloody people get caught in the trap, exploding into tiny bits, scattering everywhere. Olivia turns back to Isaac to continue their conversation. “So, who do you think will finish first, Josh or Ashlee and Angela?”

“Well, it’s sorta obvious. Ashlee and Angela, I mean they are a deadly duo.” Isaac looks over to Ashlee and Angela, who had joined forces to kill the two people left over. First Ashlee speeds ahead, to slice down one of their legs, causing them to fall to the ground. The other seemed pretty good, as they blocked the attack and went for a stab. Angela blocked the stab and sliced the opponent across the chest. Ashlee jumps back in to finish the collapsed person, as she stabs them from behind. Angela not wanting to kill, just paralyzes the opponent by punching the pressure points. Bored, Angela decides to go help Josh, by throwing her blade at the man’s leg. Josh who was just about to go in for a stab, expecting it to be blocked again, sees the blade fly through the air and land in the man’s leg, he trips landing face first on the ground giving Josh enough time to stab him in the neck.

“I didn’t need your help,” Josh says looking at Angela, pulling her blade out from his neck. He throws it back at Angela who catches it between her fingers.

“Told you they would finish first,” Isaac says to Olivia triumphantly.

“I never doubted you.” Olivia begins to get up from her spot.

“Team 1 wins, sending them to round 2!” The announcers repeats over the megaphone, sending the crowd wild, as they cheered loudly.

“What happened to no killing?” Angela questions Olivia as she notices the remains of her opponents scattered all over the ground.

“They annoyed me,” Olivia answers with a sweet smile that sent a shiver down spine.

The cleaning crew went on and cleared the arena of the remains of their opponents, the ones who survived were quickly rushed to the infirmary.

. . .

In D block, Team 2 that included Emma, Christen, Jarrod, Aaron and Aidan were ready in the arena but their opponents were nowhere to be seen.

“I bet they chickened out when they saw our awesomeness!” Jarrod puffs out his chest and laughs.

“Right…” Christen felt the need to say something.

“Well I guess there’s no need to be here anymore,” Emma says and heads out of the arena.

“Go!” The referee announces, which confused everyone until a sword spiked up from underneath Emma who was just about to step off. Luckily Aaron was quick enough to pull her back in the arena so that the blade had only cut a few strands of her hair.

“My hair!” Emma cried out as she saw the strands falling slowly to the ground.

They didn’t have much time to contemplate on the owner of the sword as two more from the back and tried to slice Christen. Jarrod stood in front of her and put his mace above his head so the swords would hit that instead of them. Another two came from the sides and sped towards them as well, but before they could join the others a shot was heard and the next thing they knew, there was a hole in their head. He fell back and revealed Aidan holding up two guns with a little smoke still remaining from the shot to the audience. They stared wide eyed for a while then cheered at the sudden turn of events.

“What? I only had two hands,” Aidan says as he saw the others looking at him thinking that they were disappointed that he only got two of them.

“How did you know where they were?” Christen asks, shocked at how Aidan shot him with no hesitation and actually hitting them dead on.

“Huh? They were there the entire time.” Aidan tilts his head in confusion.

“Yeah, it was obvious they were!” Jarrod says even though he hadn’t noticed them until one of them came up and attacked Emma.

Deciding to push aside the matter, Jarrod pushes back the two in front of him and then swung his mace like a bat, it sent them flying right into Aaron’s blade. Emma threw a bunch of potions at the guy who had attacked her. He tried to move out of the way but the potions surrounded him on all sides and exploded, when the smoke cleared a burnt body was left lying on the ground. “That’s for my hair!” Emma stuck her tongue out then walked towards Aaron who had flung the two bodies off his weapons like it was nothing.

The referee looks around and finds all five of the opposing team were unable to fight so he announces that team 2 were the winners, the crowd’s cheers rattled the whole arena.

“Yay! We won!” Emma shouted in excitement.

“I just wish I could’ve done more.” Christen sulks and glares at Jarrod.

“I was protecting you!” Jarrod tries to justify his actions.

“No one asked you to!” Christen yells back and storms off the arena.

Jarrod just sighs and walks off the arena as well with the others following behind. This time there had been no survivors.

. . .

In F block, Team 3, which included Emily, Rayan, Bec, Perrie and Daniel. They had all gathered in the area, ready for battle.

“Let’s get this over with,” Bec says sighing as she pulls out her tonfa.

“Don’t get too cocky, these guys look tough.” Emily inspects the team who are standing on the other side of the area wearing white masks and black cloaks.

“Yer, yer I know.” Bec pouts.

“GO!” the announcer commences the start of the battle.

The masked team doesn’t move, leaving Bec, Perrie and Daniel to take the first attack. Bec goes to swipe her tonfa across the face of one the opposition but instead of it hitting the person, her tonfa goes straight through him. “What?” Bec looks around, how could it have not hit them. Bec is then hit from the back, causing her to gasp loudly. She spins around to try and hit the person, but no one was there.

Whilst Bec was dealing with an unusual opponent Perrie and Daniel decide to team up and take on three of them, Daniel runs up first, attempting to stab one of the masked people. Yet again it fails as his blade goes straight through and the person disappears.

“Be Careful! They’re just illusions!” Emily yells out as she realises what was happening. Emily quickly runs up to Daniel to block the attack aimed at his back. Perrie sees the flaw in their illusions and shoots arrows in three directions.

“Where are you shooting?” Bec asks swiping around her in an attempt to hit something solid, yet to her surprise, three people become visible now with an arrow in each of their heads.

“Just look for a faint shadow on the ground!” Perrie yells out to Bec as the crowd goes wild over the spontaneous killing.

Bec looks to the ground and sees a very faint shadow ‘there!’ Bec thrusts her tonfa in the direction and feels it hit the person and when he became visible she sees that he was bleeding from his nose before collapsing to the ground.

“Finally!” Bec collapses to the ground tired from all the fighting. “Are we done?” Bec calls out to the others, wanting to finish this thing already and go home.

“No there is one more.” Emily looks around carefully, then she sees Rayan run towards an empty spot and throw a needle. Soon a person becomes visible now with a needle stuck in his left eye.

“Team 3 wins!” The crowds go crazy after watching such an intense battle, with only one survivor from the other team, it was a brutal fight.

. . .

After a series of battles, the time came when it was Team 1 versus Team 2, which included Ashlee, Angela, Josh, Olivia and Isaac against team 2 with Emma, Christen, Jarrod, Aaron and Aidan.

“We’re doomed!” Jarrod slaps his face, wishing he had better luck “How can we beat them?”

“Come on we can beat them!” Christen tries to boost their enthusiasm.

“Okay, how about a deal? Aaron if you can beat us, you don’t have to be my slave tomorrow!” Olivia yells out to Aaron who is standing calmly at the other side of the arena.

“Deal, I wasn’t looking forward to being a slave anyway, so this works out well.” Aaron begins getting hyped up.


Ashlee and Angela bolt ahead hoping to get the first hit, until something unexpected happens. Emma begins throwing potions like crazy at them, unable to avoid them they get hit head on by them. Both Ashlee and Angela are out, collapsed on the ground.

“What did you throw at them?” Aidan asks Emma who was panting after her throwing spree.

“Just a strong paralyse potion, they should be out for at least an hour, usually it’s about 10 but these guys are pretty strong,” Emma says still proud of herself.

Josh aims for Aidan, who was shooting at him like crazy, Josh just misses all of them, except one that hits him straight on the shoulder. Josh pulls back slightly but continues on with his attack, by going for a punch. Aidan dodges, but that wasn’t Josh’s true intention as his hidden blade is revealed and slices Aidan across the face. Aidan jumps back, trying to collect his thoughts without getting angry. Josh continues the attack and kicks Aidan across the stomach, but as Aidan is flying across the air he pulls out a gun to shoot Josh in the lower abdomen. Both of them were now out, with Aidan outside the arena and Josh holding his stomach crouched on the ground. Leaving Isaac and Olivia on team 1, and Emma, Christen, Jarrod and Aaron on team 2. They were extremely outnumbered.

“You ready?” Olivia looks over to Isaac who was waiting behind to attack.

“Yep, let’s go!” Olivia charges ahead first throwing a bomb at Emma to disable her from throwing more potions. It hit her head on and she fell back after being hit by a poisonous bomb. Christen tries to stop Olivia by slashing her with her knife but Olivia dodges and throws a stun bomb at her face. Christen tries to evade but such a close range explosion causes the bomb to affect her. She stands shakily, trying to continue to fight but the stun bomb played a toll on her and she collapse. Olivia moves on with Isaac still following behind waiting until her was needed. Only Jarrod and Aaron were left so Olivia decides to go for Aaron whilst Isaac goes for Jarrod.

“Let’s see who wins this!” Olivia charges towards Aaron, throwing several poisonous bombs in his direction. Aaron slices through all of them, holding his breath as he runs through them as to not inhale the gases. Olivia quickly threw some more bombs in attempt to keep him away, since then he would have the advantage. Aaron dodging all of her bombs quickly speeds towards her and uses his spear to push her up into the air and out of the arena.

Meanwhile Isaac who was targeting Jarrod, throws some spikes from his whip, Jarrod uses his mace to block the spikes. But by the time he brought the mace down, Isaac was already in front of him. He used his whip to wrap around Jarrod’s neck, Jarrod begins wheezing as his windpipes slowly begins shrinking, dropping his weapon due to shock. He tries to reach his mace, his fingers just finding the mace and swinging it across Isaac’s face. Isaac is knocked to the ground unconscious, with Jarrod lying down, heavily breathing on the ground. Leaving Aaron the only one still standing, making team 2 the winner.

“Yes, I don’t have to be a slave for a day,” Aaron whispers to himself.

“And Team 2 wins!” the crowd after being quiet in anticipation perk up, and begin cheering.

Aaron the only one left decides to pick up his team mates and leave the arena. Ashlee and Angela finally wake back up.

“Tch, we slept through the whole thing.” Ashlee clicks her tongue, annoyed she missed the fight.

“Ehh, At least we got to have a nice sleep.” Angela stretches out her arms as she begins waking up.

“Gesh, looks like we lost.” Ashlee looks around and sees her teammates everywhere.

Josh crounched on the ground dripping blood, Olivia knocked outside the arena with Isaac passed out on the ground.

“Alright, help me carry them out.” Ashlee begins walking over to Josh and lends him a shoulder to lean on, whilst Angela not so gently chucks Isaac over her shoulder and drags Olivia as she walks out.

“They’re heavy,” Angela responds to Ashlee’s stare.

. . .

After another bunch of battles soon it came to Team 2 against Team 3, though after the injuries faced in the last battle Team 2 forfeited, making team 3 the winner by default. It came down to the last battle between Team 3 and a team who went by the name Bonecrushers.

“Tch, Bonecrushers really?” Bec mocks.

“Well you named our cult Flesheaters,” Emily adds in, rolling her eyes at Bec’s comment.

“Shut up, it’s way cooler!” Bec whines.

“Did you want to team up this time?” Rayan adds in, taking precautions as he was unsure of what these ‘Bonecrushers’ were capable of.

“Probably a good idea,” Perrie agrees with Rayan, talking on behalf of everyone else as they nodded in agreeance.

“I have a plan.” Daniel raises his hand quietly. Bec agrees to listen to it, as he whispers the details of his attack to the rest of the group.

“The final of the series of battles ends here, between Team 3 and the team known as the Bonecrushers, due to their violent behaviour done to the other contestant’s bones. Who will win and get the mystery prize?” The announcer says to rile up the audience.

To everyone’s surprise instead of the usual referee, Ashlee and Angela stepped out.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“We’re the referees,” Ashlee says as if they should already know.

“Seriously, why?” Bec extremely confused by the situation.

“Well we were kinda bored, since we missed our last fight,” Angela says as she yawns.

“Let’s just get started. I think the other side is getting angry,” Daniel says as he feels the really menacing aura the Bonecrushers were emitting.

“Yeah,” Perrie agrees, getting shivers from the auras.

“Ok then… GO!” Angela announces excitedly as she had always wanted to do that.

Ashlee and Angela jump out from the middle to avoid getting caught up in the battle.

The Bonecrushers immediately got out their weapons and the sheer weight of them sent a tremor throughout the arena. Two of them had got out a massive ball and chain, another two had got out an executioner axe and the last had got out a scythe.

“Uwa!” Perrie stumbles from the sudden movement.

“Let’s try that too,” Emily suggests since she knew that their opponents only did that with the purpose of intimidating them.

“Yeah I don’t think that’s going to work…”

None of their weapons were really meant to be slammed down onto the ground.

“Who cares. Let’s just charge in!” Bec says before she speeds towards them only to be smashed out of the arena so far that she was facing the audience. She coughs up blood as her back slams against the wall.

“Bec!” Perrie yells out without realising that she was the one currently in danger.

One of them had snuck up behind her and was getting ready to decapitate her. Perrie turns around to see a huge executioner’s axe hovering about her, ready to be slammed down. Her eyes contracted as she knew that she wouldn’t be able to dodge it but in an attempt to at least keep her life, she crosses her arms above her and closed her eyes shut. She waited for the blow, but it never came. She slowly opened her eyes and see that Daniel had run up in front of her and blocked the axe.

“Are you okay?” He asks worriedly as he struggles against the strength of his opponent.


After seeing that Perrie had come back to her senses, Daniel slid his blades to the right causing the axe to slam down on the ground instead of on them and Perrie takes this chance to take out her bow and shoot her poison coated arrow at their opponent. The arrow hits him dead on the chest and he collapses on the ground. That’s one down each.

Rayan decides to go after the one that had attacked Bec. He sped towards them, it was almost as if he teleported behind his opponent but before he could pierce his poisonous needle on the back of his neck, an axe appeared behind him. He jumped out of the way and the axe only skimmed his cheek but that couldn’t be said about his target. He had beheaded his own teammate but that didn’t seem to phase him as he goes for Rayan again without hesitation. He wasn’t able to dodge the attack completely as he was in midair but he was able to bend his back out far enough avoid being cut in half. It was still a very serious wound and there was no doubt that he was going to faint from losing too much blood but before he did, he threw a handful of needles at the guy and the both ended up unconscious on the ground. Although only one of them was dead. Now it’s 3 to 2 in their favour.

“Perrie stay back and wait for your chance to strike. Daniel you go for the one with the scythe while I go for the one with the ball and chain,” Emily orders.


Going forward with Emily’s plan Perrie steps back behind them and readies her bow whilst Emily and Daniel speed toward their target. Daniel’s opponent sees his actions and decides to speed towards him as well causing them to clash in the middle. They started off evenly matched at the start with each of them both attacking and blocking whilst only receiving very minor scratches but as the fight continued the difference in their weapons started to show. At first they were really close together but unbeknownst to Daniel his opponent had been purposely gradually distancing himself and when Daniel’s blade could no longer reach him, he striked. Daniel had went for a swipe but it had completely missed his opponent and his moment of surprise was just enough for his opponent to swing his scythe across and slash him. Daniel’s quick reflexes helped him avoid a mortal blow but he was still injured moreover he was now hurtling out the arena.

“Daniel!” Perrie yelled out to no avail. She didn’t have enough time to let go of her weapon without possibly hitting Emily.

But It turned out Perrie did have an effect. Her shout had woken Daniel up so that he could stab his blades into the ground to stop spinning and stay in the arena, he then used it as a leverage to boost himself right back to his opponent. Catching him off guard, Daniel was able to thrust his blade and breach through the skin into the heart. His opponent spit out blood and collapsed. Daniel took his blades out and put them away before his knees gave out. Now it was 2 on 1.

Emily on the other hand was struggling a lot against her opponent. She had dashed towards him but she wasn’t able to reach him as a ball came down and blocked her way. She tried another direction but her opponent grabbed his weapon and swung the ball in front of her again. He wasn’t really fast but neither was she and the chain was a problem as well. She looks over to Daniel and sees that he won’t be able to help her and Perrie wasn’t a close combat fighter either... ‘That’s right, Perrie!’

Emily realised the flaw in her actions, even if she did get close to him she would have to hit him in a vital spot and that was going to be difficult especially since she wasn’t a fighter but Perrie can hit him anywhere and it would still prove fatal, she just had to give her an opening. Emily decided to change her tactics straight away and jumped back away from the ball and chain. She circled around him slowly thinking of a way she could give Perrie that opening but it turns all she needed to do was move out of the way and watch as an arrow zipped past her and hit her opponent in between the eyes. She watched him fall back onto the ground, causing the ground around him to shake then turned around towards Perrie only to see that she had already run up to Daniel and helping him up.

“Team 3 is the winner!” Angela announces as lifts her hands in the air, the audience followed her example and cheered loudly.

“What do we get?” Emily asks after regaining her composure.

“You get to go to an exclusive party, with VIP tickets to all the games and stalls at the festival!” Angela says with lots of enthusiasm.

“Really, we went through all of that, for a party and tickets?” Emily laughs as she shakes her head.

“So see you all tomorrow, as the festival’s winners,” Ashlee announces to the Team.

Ashlee and Angela walk off. Whilst Perrie helps Daniel stand and leads him back to the cabin, as Rayan picked up Bec to take her to the infirmary Emily helped to carry Bec’s weapon.

“Wait...did.. we win?” Bec mumbles to Rayan.

“Yep, it’s alright now,” Rayan whispers back, hoping Bec will go to sleep so her injuries would heal.

. . .

After a long day everyone met up like usual for one of Christen’s homemade human dinners.

“Gosh it’s nice to finally relax, I’m pooped!” Olivia says relaxing back, as she waits for dinner to be served.

“Can’t believe the prize was a party!” Josh begins laughing.

“You’re just jealous, that you don’t get to go,” Emily says defending her victory.

“Yeah, we get to have lots of food...” Bec agrees with Emily, as Isaac perks up at the word of food.

“We should have won, I could have gotten food, it’s all because of Emma and her stupid potions!” Isaac complains, imagining all of that food.

“Hey don’t be jealous of my awesome skills!” Emma says patting her potions.

“Sure, you believe that, want to go head to head, I will show you who will win,” Angela says annoyed at Emma’s bragging.

Emma remains silent.

“Anywho Angela and I aren’t jealous of the party anyway, since we are going with you, being referees and all,” Ashlee explains.

“Yeah, I will get ice cream.” Angela drools a little imagining such a heaven.

“Alright, dinners ready!” Christen yells as she brings a pot around to serve everyone’s plate.

“Mmmm, smells good,” Josi says forgetting what it actually was for a moment. “Anywho, I kind of want to go to the party...” Josi says shyly.

“Well you can’t go, VIPs only,” Bec brags.

Josi looks down sadly.

“Don’t worry we will just sneak in,” Brendan whispers to her, she instantly gets happier.

Everyone begins digging into their meal, looking forward to the festival tomorrow.

. . .

Everyone gathered around the festival the next day ready to attend the party.

“Wow, you guys look great, what are those?” Josi points to the dress type things all the girls were wearing.

“Kimonos, we felt like going japanese styled,” Perrie says looking down at her attire.

“You have to wear them too.” Angela shows the guys their yukatas, which are the male versions of their kimonos.

“Why is yours so short?” Aaron asks as he notices that Angela’s kimono was a lot shorter than the others, Perrie’s had even reached the floor.

“Because it’s easier to move this way.” Angela says and does a flip to prove her point.

“Ok…” Aaron looks away during the flip, embarrassed.

“Do we have to wear those?” Isaac asks, turning his attention back to the clothes in Angela was holding.


“But it looks like a dress.”

“You still have to wear it,” Ashlee tells him.

Isaac opened his mouth to say something back but he decided it wasn’t worth it “Just give me the dress.”

“It’s a yukata.” Perrie corrects him and gives Daniel his yukata.

After the boys got dressed Emily, Rayan, Bec, Perrie, Daniel, Angela and Ashlee went off to the party whilst the others went off to enjoy the rest of the festival, which was full of games and food so even without going to the party they were bound to have fun.

As the members of Team 3 and the referees arrived at the party, they decided to find a table to sit at.

“This place looks great,” Emily says as she looks around at the twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling.

“Uhm, so magical.” Perrie nods.

Angela grabs Ashlee’s hand “I wanna dance.”

“Okay, okay, let’s go.” Ashlee waves to everyone as she gets dragged off by Angela.

Whilst team 3 and the referees were at the party the others were walking around mindlessly.

“Ehh, I’m stuffed with food, I want to go to the party. It’s boring here!” Emma complains.

“Yeah, me too!” Josi pouts.

“Let’s just sneak in,” Isaac proposes as he leads them to the party area.

Once they arrived they decided to take the back way in, and sneak through one of the windows, landing them in the girl’s bathroom.

“Um.. this is going to be awkward walking out of...” Aidan mutters, feeling embarrassed as he goes through the window first.

Aaron follows close behind “Just hurry up.” Aaron pushes him to hurry up, causing Aidan to fall face first on the floor.

“Hey!” Aidan gets up to yell at Aaron who has already jumped through.

Brandon goes next, getting stuck halfway.

“Could you help me through please?”

“Sure, one sec.” Aaron grabs Brendan’s legs to pull him through, and chuck him inside. Luckily Brendan was just able to land the throw on his feet.

“Thanks.” Brendan dusted himself off then walks back to the window to help others through.

Next was Josi, who fell all the way through, luckily Brendan was standing underneath, so he was able to catch her.

“Ohh thanks.” Josi blushes slightly then tries to get back to her feet.

“No problem, I’m here whenever you need me.” Brendan smiles slightly at her.

Josi tries to pull out from Brendan to stand up, but he holds her tighter. She turns back to look at him “What?”

“You ripped your skirt on the way through,” he whispers to her.

“Geez, seriously, okay walk over to the corner and let me down there, I will ask the some of the girls to fix it.” Brendan does as instructed.

The rest of the group goes through the window then after Josi gets help with her ripped dress, they go through the door and enter the party.

. . .

Rayan had fallen asleep at the table, while Emily and Bec began krumping along with Perrie and Daniel who were instead doing the waltz, each had their head on the other’s shoulder. Ashlee and Angela on the other hand were sitting at one of the nearby tables playing poker.

“Hey, that looks like Josi and Emma, and that looks like Christen,” Emily says pointing at the different people.

“Wait, that is them” Bec says widening her eyes. “They must have snuck in,” Bec says coming to realisation.

The party went for quite a long time, the food was served as a buffet, and everyone ended up dancing most of the night. They even had a fortune teller there, though she was more of a matchmaker. Everyone had a turn at it though.

Emily went first, passing her hands to the lady.

“Hmmm… The man of your dreams, seems to be quite the evil one, he is also very close to you…. being apart of your group… you two are destined to be together, though it will end in bloodshed.” The fortune finished, and one name came to mind for Emily, as she knew who the lady was talking about though she became disappointed, ‘it will end in bloodshed, huh?’

Next Angela went “Ohh.. I see...your man seems to be someone you have recently acquainted yourself with, though you yourself know deep down who it is don’t you.. You two will be distanced by the flames of rage.” The lady finished, leaving Angela to wonder, ‘I like someone?’

“Me next!” Josi pounces on the spot next to the lady.

“Let me see…. Hmm….. the man you seek, he is more of a friend, but soon it will evolve to more and you will see the rest for yourself when the time comes.”

‘A friend?’ Josi thought, confused at first until a certain someone came to mind and blushes.

“Ehhh, come one can we just go already?” Emma complains after dancing for so long, she was exhausted.

“Let me take your hand miss.” The lady offers Emma nicely.

“Fine, I guess.” Emma gives her hands to her.

“My.. your man is quite the sharpshooter.. you better watch yourself, as in order to truly meet him you must bypass the line that separates you two.” Emma was left wondering, ‘What did she mean?’

Rayan walked over and sat, laying his hands on the table for the lady.

“You mister, have quite the odd companion, you know you go through a lot in order to acquire her love. Though I will give you a hint, when the teams divide, choose your side wisely as the outcome you seek will never come… for what you wish for has already become a distant dream.” Rayan immediately gets up and walks off.

The other members of the groups stand there looking at each other.

Perrie went next “I apologize miss, but the future you seek will be clouded in darkness, in order to reach the light you must stay true to your intentions and have faith in your beloved” The lady looks over to Daniel who shyly looks down.

Olivia and Isaac decided to stay out of it, since they were too tired to participate. So instead Christen jumps in “Me next please!”

“You haven’t discovered your beloved, though if you stay strong and fight for what is true then you may be able to discover more than what divides you two.”

When Angela sees Ashlee trying to sneak off she drags her to the table where the fortune teller is “Come on, it will be fun”

“...Fine.” Ashlee sits down.

“Your future is within the family you’re surrounded with, your beloved I cannot see yet… But the future is ever changing so he may appear….. though your future, past and present is surrounded by pure darkness….” The lady finished.

“That’s all today sorry, I’m feeling a bit tired.” the fortune teller gets up to leave quickly.

“That was weird,” Ashlee says thinking about what she said.

After almost everyone received a fortune they headed back to the cabin, to sleep the night away.

Everyone except Emily who couldn’t sleep that night, so instead she lied down on the beach outside the cabin to watch the stars.

Josh soon walked out the join her, and lied beside her.

“What did your fortune say?” He asks curiously.

“Just stuff...” Emily says distracted think about what the lady said about ‘blood’, did she mean the rebellion?

“Hey, can I ask a favour of you?” Emily says still looking up at the stars.

“Sure, what is it?” Josh says turning to look at her.

“Just… don’t die,” Emily says sadly.

“I’ll try?” Josh replies

“That’s all I need.” Emily turns to Josh and gives a weak smile
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