The Origins of the FleshEaters

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Town Chaos

The rest of their time on the island was spent shopping, eating and some decided to enter in the competitions that were held as an aftermath of the festival.

“I don’t want to go!” Jarrod said being pulled onto the van by Christen.

“Seriously, you are acting like a child, get on the van or I will paralyze you to get you on!” Christen shouts to him, annoyed at his defiance.

“Fine.” Jarrod stomps onto the van, still sad he had to leave such a nice place.

“Alright, everyone on?” Bec yells out to everyone in the back.

“Yep!” Perrie replies as she counts everyone on board.

After a short hour or so trip they had finally returned home to their hideout. Everyone unloaded the van to begin heading back inside to unpack. But before they could begin Bec made an announcement. “Everyone before you leave, I want to tell you that I have organised another mission.” Everyone stopped in their tracks and looked back at Bec, she said it so seriously, what could this mission possibly involve?

“I will give more details about it tonight, so once your unpacked, train up a bit and ready yourselves. Also I want Olivia, Emma, Christen, Rayan, Jarrod and Aaron to meet me in my office. That is all.” Bec throws her luggage over her shoulder and begins walking off.

“I wonder what she needs them for?” Ashlee starts up a conversation with Angela.

“I think I know,” Angela says holding back some information.

After everyone had settled down, they began going off to their designated areas to train. Whilst a few people were still at Bec’s Office.

“Seriously what is taking them so long?” Josh shouts to Isaac as they spar.

“I have no idea, but I think it has something to do with this” Isaac pulls out the note to show Josh.

“That’s- but how did she find out?” Josh stops sparring to walk closer to Isaac.

“Apparently she thought Ashlee was a part of it and since then has begun spying on all of us to see who is really on who’s side,” Isaac whispers to Josh.

“She must have used Rayan, plus how to did you know this is actually true?”

“Olivia overheard it happening. Anyway, let’s just play it off and act like we don’t know.” They begin sparring again.

. . .

“Alright, if everyone understands start heading off, I will get the others to help from here,” Bec says to Olivia, emma, Christen, Jarrod and Aaron, leaving Rayan to stand beside her.

“I will get the ones sparring, you get the others,” Bec orders to Rayan.

As Bec enters the hall, everyone inside stops to look at her.

“What’s up Bec, you look serious,” Angela breaks the silence.

“The mission is ready to go, I need you guys to start heading down to the nearby town. You will get later instructions when you arrive… This is where we really begin causing chaos,” Bec announces. Everyone immediately begins packing up to begin gearing up to head into town. From just Bec’s speech they had no idea what was going to happen when they got there.

“Bec was acting weird don’t you think?” Emily says to the others walking down to the town.

“Yeah, she seemed extra cold,” Josi adds.

As they draw closer to the town, bright lights were seen, with smoke surrounding the air.

“What is that?” Josi points over to the town.

“The town is on fire!” Perrie shouts as she begins running towards it.

Though as they reach the edge of the town they meet Bec.

“Your mission, is to burn everything and kill everyone.” Bec’s eyes were no longer filled innocence, they were shrouded with revenge, something had changed her.

“NOO! I’m not going to harm all these people!” Josi yells at Bec, who clicks her fingers. Causing Rayan to step out from the shadows.

“You have no choice, either do as I say or pay the price.” Rayan pulls out his needles, pointing it at Josi’s heart.

Josi breaks down crying, what else could she do. She fell down to the ground, looking up at the burning houses, the screams of the people having their flesh fried off.

Emma, Olivia, Christen, Jarrod and Aaron walked over to join the few that just arrived.

“Hurry up we need help.” Olivia motions for them to follow her. Her eyes were blank, there was no humanity in them, she was immune to the wrongdoings she was committing.

What had changed?

“Okay.” Angela grabs her weapon to help them, Ashlee follows behind.

“Ehh.” Brendan pulls his backpack up and joins in the chaos.

“What do we do?” Josh whispers to Emily.

Instead of replying to Josh, Emily speaks up. “Bec, we aren’t going to be a part of such a crime against humanity, I know we have eaten humana, but this is too far. You can force us into cannibalism but murdering innocent townspeople!” Emily pulls out her weapon.

“We,” Emily refers to the group standing behind her “are no longer going to following you, this is a rebellion!” Emily throws a smoke bomb down in front of Bec.

“Everyone meet at the ‘place’!” Emily yells.

“Get them!” Bec yells ordering Rayan to catch them. “Ashlee and Angela help him.” Bec turns to motion to the two.

“No thanks,” Angela calmly responds as she continues to throw torches over the houses.

“Same, I’d rather stay here,” Ashlee replies continuing to kill the people escaping the houses.

Bec knew the strength of those two, and decided it would be better to leave them.

“They’re gone,” Rayan reports, now standing next to Bec after an attempt in searching for the traitors.

“Tch.” Bec clicks her tongue, how could Emily betray her and become the leader of the rebellion against her. “Anyway, everyone continue to destroy the town once you are done meet me back at the hideout.” Bec walks off, motioning for Rayan to follow.

What was she going to do now?

. . .

“That was close,” Daniel says, glad Perrie was safe.

“Good thing, you told us where to go while Bec was busy this morning,” Aidan says, causing everyone to look at him.

“Don’t worry, I’m on your side. Plus it seems funner on this side.” Aidan smiles nonchalantly.

“Well, welcome aboard the rebellion train,” Emily says sarcastically.

“What do we do now? What if Bec finds us?” Josi mumbles shaking of fear.

Perrie walks over to her, rubbing her back trying to calm her down.

“First, we need to train up everyone to prepare for the big fight. Because at the moment we have no chance, they have Ashlee and Angela.” Emily begins pacing back and forth.

“That’s not true, I heard from Olivia that Ashlee declined being on Bec’s side or ours,” Isaac informs her.

“Then whose are they on?” Emily stops pacing to look at Isaac.

“No ones.” Angela drops her head down from the ceiling, still hanging upside down.

“Yeah, we decided it would be better to not choose sides.” Ashlee lands on the space next to Emily.

“Wait, how did you find us?” Emily says worried that they could have been tracked.

“We tracked your presences,” Angela replied nonchalantly.

“But won’t Bec realise you’re gone,” Josi adds worried for their lives.

“Nah, we’re pretty sneaky,” Ashlee reassures her.

“Anywho, we gotta go, good luck.” Ashlee and Angela leap back up through through a small window high in the wall.

“So, that is confirmed,” Aidan says smiling.

“To continue what I was saying, even with them being between teams, we still need to train up in order to confirm our chances at winning. We will start tomorrow, everyone must take turns guarding the premise. Get some sleep, I will take the first watch, Daniel your next.”

Daniel nods, leaving Emily to stand there alone as everyone began heading off to find places to sleep. Since their ‘emergency hideout’ was actually just a really old moderate sized cabin Daniel and Perrie found on one of their outings. There was only one bed, meaning some had to sleep on broken couches or on the wooden floor.

“Are there any blankets around?” Aidan asks while looking through the cupboards, trying not to break the decaying wood they were made of.

“Ohh I found a caterpillar!” Isaac begins picks up the caterpillar, watching it as it crawled around his hand.

“Name it Gerald!” Josh says as he watches the caterpillar.

“Sure...” Isaac looks up and down the caterpillar ‘Does it look like a Gerald?’

. . .

Back at the original hideout Bec had called everyone to main room, to assign them training procedures to follow. They were pretty tough schedules though they were necessary due to their generally passive roles in the cult. After everyone was clear on their instructions, they all left the room to complete their tasks in silence.

“What do you think the others are doing right now?” Rayan asks Bec who knew exactly who he was talking about, but quite frankly she did not want to talk about them right now, so she just brushed the question off.

“Who knows.” With that she left the room to attend to her own matters, as she was the leader of this cult and she was going to make sure it stayed that way.

Catching on to Bec’s displeasure on the topic, Rayan decided not to say anything else and focus on the assignment he had been given.

. . .

“Ok, let’s get started!” Emily announces as soon as she wakes up, which in turn wakes everyone else up.

“Get what started?” Josh asked groggily.

“Training of course!”

“Do we have to?” Isaac complains with a very sleepy Aidan next to him looking at Emily in agreement.


“You sure are enthusiastic this morning Emily,” Josi commented and gave a weak laugh.

“Why wouldn’t I? I’ve been waiting for this rebellion to happen for a long time now and it’s finally moving along!” Emily gives a big evil sounding laugh at the end of her explanation.

“Haah…” Daniel slowly backs away from her.

“Ehm… anyway, the people on Bec’s side are strong so you guys need to get stronger so you can beat them.”

“Ok,” Perrie acknowledges Emily’s point, “But what kind of training did you have in mind?”

“Well we don’t have very much equipment so I was thinking just sparring,” Emily answers as the others looked around the bare hideout. “Here are the pairs then, Josh you’re with Daniel, Isaac you’re with Aidan and Perrie you’re with Josi.”

“Um… actually can I just practice my shooting?” Josi proposes as she knows that she wouldn’t stand a chance at close combat.

“Yeah that would actually work better for me as well,” Perrie agrees, her weapon was meant for long range and practicing her aim would be best.

“That’s fine,” Emily agrees and with that, Perrie and Josi went outside to find a spot for their target practice whilst Emily, Josh, Daniel, Isaac and Aidan stayed in the room and separated into their pairs.

. . .

Perrie and Josi walk side by side as they continue to wander around outside for a spot to practice.

“Are you nervous at all for this whole rebellion thing?” Josi asks looking over to Perrie for comfort in her response.

“Sort of, I guess we are trying to do the right thing and they won’t stop until someone uses force. So we have no other way…” Perrie stops. “I just hope everyone will make it out alright” She looks down as she continues walking whilst Josi looks up at the sky

‘Please nobody die.’

After a short while of wandering around the forest they finally arrive at a small clearing, perfect for shooting practice. Perrie grabs a pointed rock, to begin carving a target into the tree at the end of the clearing, whilst Josi decides to pull some figs from the nearby tree and line them up on a fallen log. “This should do it,” Josi says to herself and nods as she begins placing distance from the figs to shoot.

“Have you ever shot an arrow before?” Josi looks over to Perrie who is getting out her bow.

“Once or twice, have you ever shot a gun before?” Perrie loads the arrow into the bow despite looking over to Josi.

“Well… no.. but i thought it can’t be that hard.. right?” Josi now nervous pulls out the gun to try and aim ‘Here I go.’ She pulls the trigger, she pulls back shocked as the gun recoiled to only hit the log under the figs. ‘Guess I need practice, at least Perrie is still learning as well...’ But just as Josi looked over to Perrie, she had already shot 3 arrow perfecting in the middle of the target, each arrow overlapping the last.

Josi had a while to practice before she was ready to kill anyone, but with Perrie’s help she would be able to learn quickly.

. . .

Back at the house, the sparring matches had already started, going back and forth in a pattern, one would hit then the other would block and repeating repeat the process over and over again.

“Okay, this is getting boring, no real life battle is going to go like this. Fight like you would in a real fight, without killing the opponent,” Emily says as she gets up from lounging on the couch.

“Finally, I was falling asleep over here,” Isaac complains.

“Sounds good,” Daniel replies, halting his sparring with Josh

“Let’s get the real battle started!” Josh getting pumped up, flips out his blade for battle. He pounces at Daniel, who still had his back turned, thinking he had the advantage. He was confident in his attack, until Daniel turned around and smashed him across the face, sending him across the room into the wooden wall. “Tch, so that’s how you want to play it.” Josh pulls himself up, and runs towards Daniel, who still hadn’t brought out his blade nor moved an inch.

Josh went for a frontal attack, Daniel thinking he was doing the same attack, went to dodge to the side. Josh quickly reacted to his movement and threw a kick swiftly towards him, hitting Daniel across his side. Bringing Daniel to slide across the floor, though he retaliated without thought. Josh went in for another kick, this time from above, hitting Daniel straight on the head. Luckily Daniel blocked most of the attack, so the damage wasn’t as bad, but he had to even the damage out. Pulling out one of his hidden blades he threw it at Josh who had lept back after his kick. Josh still recovering from his quick attacks, didn’t see the blade flying through the air, hoping to reduce the attack Josh jumped to the side. Though there wasn’t enough time, Daniel’s knife hit but only slightly, leaving Josh with a cut across his shoulder.

“Alright, you guys are good, take a slight break.” Emily steps between them, not wanting them to hurt themselves too much before the big fight.

“Are you guys going to start?” Emily looks over at Isaac and Aidan who were waiting on the side.

“We didn’t want to interfere,” Aidan suggests.

“Well, they’re done now, so you’re up.”

Aidan and Isaac walk to either side of the room, waiting for the other to make the first move. Aidan decides it would be him, so he pulls out his guns, yet they look different this time. Isaac quickly pulls out his whips, in hopes to lessen the force of Aidan’s bullets but what came out of Aidan’s guns wasn’t what Isaac expected, instead of bullets they were …. paintballs? Though they looked different from any paintballs he’d ever seen before. Unsure of what was happening Isaac was left stunned and without time to dodge, letting the small coloured balls hit him on the chest.

“Ahh, what they hell are those?” Isaac grabs his chest, expected to see blood, but only green paint remained.

“A little creation I had made for practice, refined paintballs. Stronger than your usual paintballs, and harder too, making the pain that much more intolerable,” Aidan informs Isaac who was still looking down at the green paint.

“Well whatever, let’s get this done.” Isaac leaps forwards, leashing out his whip in attempt to grab Aidan’s arm. He misses, as Aidan had anticipated his attack and jumps up over the whip, aiming his gun at Isaac’s head. Though he assumed as much, so Isaac uses all his strength to pull the whip up towards Aidan. Lashing him up into the wall, but as he was crashing into the ceiling he had time to pull the trigger. Sending a paintball slightly off target, but still hitting Isaac, this time on his neck. Coughing, Isaac stumbles to get up, as the paintball bruises his throat. “Ahh-h.. you ba..sta-rd….” Isaac collapses to gain his breathe, luckily Aidan was still out of it as his recovers from his slam into the ceiling and falls to his knees.

“Right back at you,” Aidan mumbles as he tries to get up.

“Alright, that’s enough for you two, go take a break and refresh. I need you good for the battle against Bec. Also Josh and Daniel, could you go check on Josi and Perrie, they were supposed to be back by now.” Emily now worried looks out the window, to see if they were walking back.

“Sure, no prob,” Josh replies picking himself up from the ground, as he walks over to punch Daniel to join him.

. . .

As Josh and Daniel made their way out of the room and into the forest, Perrie and Josi had just finished up their training and was preparing to head back.

“Finally done!” Josi shouted with relief and stretched out her arms to get rid of the ache in her muscles, caused by being in the same position for so long.

“Let’s go back to the- ah!” Perrie was cut off when something crashed in the space she was just about to step on, the impact had caused her to fall back on the ground.

“Perrie!” Josi ran up beside her and checked her for any injuries.

“I’m okay,” Perrie reassured her and tried to get back up.

Josi didn’t try to help her as she knew what it would do to her pride so she only stepped back and watched Perrie maneuver off the ground, which she soon regretted as something else crashed in between them. They both positioned their arms in front of them to keep the dust from entering their eyes but unluckily for Josi by doing this she did not see the mace and it hit her right in the gut. “Gah!”

She was sent flying back at a very fast speed and would’ve hit a tree if not for Josh who stepped in front of it just in time to catch her.

“Ugh. thanks,” Josi managed to get out.

“No problem.” Josh set her down in a sitting position against the tree.

As Josh was tending to Josi, Daniel searches for Perrie who had disappeared in the smoke of dust. “Perrie! Perrie can you hear me!” Daniel called out when he couldn’t see any sign of her in the smoke. “Answer me!”

“D-Daniel.” It was soft but he immediately recognised that it was Perrie’s and immediately whipped his head around to the direction of the voice.

At this time the smoke had begun to clear some and he was able to make out the people in the smoke, but he was not happy with the scene he was greeted with. He saw Christen, Jarrod and Aaron who was holding Perrie up by the collar and his weapon out ready to strike.

“You bastard!” Daniel took out his hidden blade and lunged forward for an attack. Seeing this Aaron threw Perrie down in front of Christen then lunged forward to meet Daniel halfway and clash their blades together. In terms of strength Aaron had the upperhand but that didn’t apply here as Daniel’s objective wasn’t to injure him, yet. At this point in time his priority wasn’t Aaron but the wounded Perrie on the ground so as soon as Aaron’s blade touched his, Daniel shifted his position so that the blade slid against his own and he could maneuver it out of the way, creating a clear path to Perrie. Once the obstacle was gone he immediately slammed his foot down and thrusted himself forward. He extended his hand towards Perrie who slowly pushed herself off the ground to try and reach it, but in the rush of it all, Daniel had overlooked both Christen and Jarrod who was now towering over him.

“Look out!” Josh yelled out. Hearing Josh’s warning, Daniel realised his mistake but by the time he noticed the hostile presence over him it was too late. Jarrod smashed his mace down hard on his back bringing him down on the ground. “Ack!” The hit had caused Daniel to cough up some blood but that didn’t stop Jarrod from lifting his mace up and smashing it right down on him again with even more force than the first time. “Gah!” He coughed up even more blood and this time the hit was so strong that his body carved a ditch in the dirt.

“Stop it!” Perrie screams, crawling over towards Daniel crying as she sees his bloody body. As Perrie comes closer Daniel looks over to see her “N-oo…” He attempts to mouth the words, not wanting to get her involved. Jarrod continues his bashing, not seizing for second “Let’s finish this.” Jarrod says with a crooked smile as he aims his final blow at Daniel’s head. Perrie screams, crying into dirt unable to watch the final blow. As she laid there listening the crunch of the mace, she weakly begins to get up until she sees Emily blocking the mace.

“I knew something wasn’t right.” Emily struggles to hold off the blow, as Isaac and Aidan come in behind her to help out.

“You all better step back or she gets it!” Christen holds the barely conscious Perrie hostage, shaking Christen holds her knife over her throat.

Emily unsure of what to do, hesitates, leaving Christen with no other option. Until a loud bang fills with area, they all flinch with shock, looking at each other to see who was shot. Christen collapses, she had been shot in the arm, leaving Perrie to fall forward on the ground.

“Don’t you dare touch her.” Josi stands from afar with her gun raised shaking, smoke leaking from the barrel.

Jarrod deciding they were out numbered jumps back to help keep Christen up, he then pulls a whistle out of his pocket and blows on it. A high pitched ring is heard.

“Stop him, he’s calling back up!” Isaac calls out, Aidan attempts to shoot them but they have already escaped into the forest.

“Soon, the real battle will begin…” Aaron echoes as he leaves.

“Tch, how the hell did they find us?” Emily aggravated at the current turn of events. “Come on, quickly get those two treated before the rest arrive.” Josi runs over to Daniel first, treating him as quickly as possible.

“Wow, was that an intense battle.” Angela pops down from a nearby tree.

“Yeah, you guys really got lucky there.” Ashlee walks out behind Angela.

“Are you guys even going to help us, or just sit there being useless?” Perrie asks, annoyed at herself for being beaten so bad.

“Well there is some usefulness in stopping the advancement of the other side,” Angela says.

“What do you mean advancement, there were only three of them and didn’t we stop them?” Josi asks confused.

“Well they actually called Olivia and Emma in to help, they were planning to ambush you,” Ashlee adds in.

“So you guys on our side then?” Aidan slightly excited in hopes they would outnumber them.

“Nope, we are still on nobody’s side. We just decided to help out this time, don’t expect much too much,” Ashlee informs them.

“Anywho, we’re going to go now so good luck.” Angela smiles as if she didn’t just wish them off to a deadly battle.

“Hey wait!” Josi begins running towards them to stop behind them “At least help to train us!”

“Mmmmm...” Angela considers that option.

“We’ll give you ice cream,” Josh adds in, sealing the deal.

“Deal!” Angela walks towards them, grabbing Ashlee’s hand “You’re coming as well.”

“Fine.” Ashlee sighs, as she gets dragged by Angela.

They all begin walking off, in hopes to recover before Bec and her team return.

“Wait!” someone was running towards them it was Brendan.

“What are you doing here?” Emily walks in front of the team to meet Brendan halfway, suspecting him to be on Bec’s side.

“First of all you don’t need to worry about me, I’m on neither side. I’m just going around helping the both of you. Second here is a note from Bec.” Brendan hands over a small white piece of paper. It read,

’Since neither of us are in any shape to fight a decent battle,

I have decided we will fight fairly.

We will fight at the town’s arena in 10 days.

See you there,

Yours truly,


“10 days... that should be enough time to completely train up,” Perrie says hoping she can improve before the next battle.

Once again, they begin walking off back into the cabin, now with 10 days with uninterrupted training time. This time with Brendan as a addition, in order to keep his rule of being fair between the sides. During the ten days, the training was brutal, tough and seemed endless, as Angela and Ashlee weren’t merciful instructors giving them little to no breaks. But the training did make a difference, in which they will soon see in the battles to come.

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