Baby, you can't run away

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~One belongs to the most famous and influential underworld gang and richest family while the other is a simple citizen. ~They meet as employer and employee but ends up together in a relationship. ~One is an heartless, arrogant and ruthless while the other is kind hearted and calm. ~One is like a fire while the other is like a chilled water. What will happen when these two opposite souls meet? Will they end up together?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Crystal's POV:

"You did a great job", said Sean, my elder brother.

"Thanks bro", I said with a smirk. "Now let's home or else mom will kill us."

It was already 11 pm at night and I and my brother are out doing some important work that includes cleaning some criminals.

Hello, I'm Crystal Jones, the daughter of the most feared man in the world and the heiress of Empire Group and Jones family, the richest family in the world. We have business is almost every sector whether it is IT, engineering, investment, etc. I'm 22 year old. Sean is elder than me by 8 years.

"You brats. What were you two doing?", mom shouted as soon as we entered. "Mom, we were having fun", I said casually winking towards bro.

"Having fun? Is shooting and fighting fun for you. Sean, I told you not to involve your sister in all that. Your dad too doesn't understand me", mom said slapping on her forehead.

"Mom, chill. Nothing will happen to me. They have trained me very well", I said with confidence. That's true. I've been trained since I was four. I can use every gun present out there and have been taught about them.

"But you're still young. You'll be hurt", mom said. "Mom, these guys always protect me. So no worries", I said looking at the people of our gang and bodyguards. She sighed.

"I can't do anything with you", mom said. I giggled. I went upstairs to my room and took a shower. I climbed to my bed and slept off.

In the morning, I got up and went for training. I did my training for two hours and then came back to my room and got ready for the day. I went downstairs to the dining.

"Good morning, everyone", I greeted. "Morning, princess", dad said with a smile. "Morning, baby sister", Sean said. I hugged dad and sat on my chair.

"So you really wanna join the company?", dad asked me. I nodded in excitement. "Of course, Chairman", I teased. He chuckled and shaked his head.

"Okay, then. Now I can't do anything as you're so determined to join which means you won't let anyone to stop you", dad said. I was really excited to go to the company. I got into the car with Sean and we both headed to Empire Group.

I heard people talking about me. They all know me as an arrogant girl. Well, I don't damn care about those people. "Crystie, she'll be your assistant Wendy", Sean said. I nodded.

"Wendy, take care of her. I've some work so I'll take my leave", Sean said and left. I sat on my chair in my cabin. "Ma'am, what can I do for you?", Wendy asked. I thought for a while then said, "Get me a list of all the lazy employees." She nodded and left.

Wendy came after about half an hour with a file in her hand. "Ma'am these are some people who are way too lazy and bully others to have their work done", she said. I nodded and looked at the list. There were about 20 people and most of them were women.

"Let's go teach them some lesson", I said with a smirk and got up from my chair. We went to different departments where these people were and I taught some lesson to them. Now we were heading to the last department which was tech department.

"Hello, Mr Leo. I heard that team A of yours is the best in technological department. Is that true?", I asked. I heard that this man has been bullying people around and he was given two warnings earlier by my dad.

"Y-Yes, Ma'am", he shuttered. Good, that he's afraid. "Great. Then I want a report on a new game. It should be about adventure", I said. He nodded immediately.

"I want it till this afternoon and it should be made by you", I said before leaving. I was leaving when I saw someone. A really handsome guy. He looked like some prince. His beautiful silky hairs looked so good while he was working seriously. A small smile appeared on my face as I looked at him. I want this man.

"Wendy, get me the file of that employee", I said to Wendy and we both left. I was sitting in my office but was thinking about him. He was so good looking. I can't help but think about him. Someone knocked on the door.

"Come in", I said composing myself for the person. It was Wendy. "Ma'am here's the file", she said and gave me the file of the handsome man.

"Alex Miller, 28 year old. Works in the tech department team D and has always been appreciated for his hard work. Work experience: 4 years", I smiled. "Impressive, baby", I muttered under my breath.

"Isn't he promoted?", I asked to Wendy. "No, ma'am. Not yet", she said. "Why?", I slammed the file on the table startling Wendy.

"Promote him now and announce him as the director or team D", I ordered. "But, ma'am. Your dad and brother....", I didn't let her finish her sentence and glared at her.

"Are you saying that you won't follow my orders? What do you think they will do if I promote him? Are you going to do it or not?", I asked. She nodded immediately and ran away. I smirked as I looked at the file. You're gonna be mine, baby.

"Ma'am, I've let the department know about the promotion", Wendy informed and I nodded. I went to look at the situation in the team D now. What I found there made me angry. People were envious about his promotion.

"What great thing did you do that got you promoted?", a man asked. "I heard she's heartless lady", someone said. "I think something bad happened to her in the past", another lady said.

"Seems like you're really interested in my private life, huh?", I asked with a raised brow. "Miss... M....", the people couldn't form a sentence.

"What happened? Did cat got your tongue? You doubting him means that you're doubting me because I was the one to promote him", I announced and everyone gaped at me. Everyone was shocked.

"Congratulations, Mr Miller. I hope you work harder", I said with a genuine smile. "Thank you, ma'am", he said and bowed. I don't want him to do that. I want him to be free around me.

"I like hard working people. Keep it up", I complimented and everyone was shocked to hear that coming from me as earlier whenever I used to come to the company, I always insulted others even when I was a little girl.

"Thank you", he said respectfully. I smiled. I'll do anything to keep you happy, baby.

In the evening, I got home and took shower. I wore shorts and a tee. I put my shoes on and went downstairs. "Mom, I'm going out for a while", I informed mom and left.

I was walking on the road. There were two bodyguards accompanying me as my family won't allow me to go out alone that too at night. It's not that my family believes in old traditions or something but as any can attack at night anytime.

I wanted to drink something so I went to Starbucks nearby and bought myself a cold coffee. I walk walking when I saw Alex coming out of a departmental store. I went to him.

"Hey", I said with a smile. "Oh! Hello, ma'am", he said. I hate it when he calls me ma'am as I want him to call me by my name or baby or something like that.

"Came to buy grocery?", I asked him. He nodded. "Thank you for promoting me, ma'am", he said. "You don't need to be grateful. You deserve it for your hard work", I said with a smile. He smiled back.

"Let me treat you to dinner", he said. "Huh?", I was shocked to hear that. "I'm sorry if I offended you. I was just happy that you promoted me and....", I cut him off. "I'll surely join you to dinner", I said with excitement.

"Then, let's go", he said. I nodded and started to follow me. "Miss, you can't go with anyone like that. It's not safe", my bodyguard whispered into my ear. "Do you wanna work at our home or not?", I asked and that was enough to make them quiet.

We were walking when I got a call. "There's are some people from Riot Starters on the street where you are. Return home now", brother said on the call and hung up.

Riot Starters is the gang who likes to cause trouble for everyone just like their name. They are one of our rivals, not I can't say that as it would be an insult to our Blood Empire. Their leader is really stupid as the intelligent guy would never try to mess with the strongest gang not only in the whole continent but world.

"I've to leave as I've some work. I'm sorry. I promise to come next time", I said to him who gave a small nod and smile. I told my bodyguards to be alert and walked to my home. Suddenly there was sound of gunshots.

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