Thorax God of Darkness

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As the Dark ruler and Dark God of the planet Agnaroth extremely and supremely powerful as well dangerous higher extra and inter-dimensional God of Darkness, Thorax seeks on one thing to kill all the divine beings.

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 The God of Darkness Returns

The hunger… his body feels weak. His mind obscured and clouded in darkness as he float through the empty void. Streaks of light catch hid peripheral attention, but he can only focus for so long until the craving overwhelms him again.

Suddenly, a concentrated glow appears in the distance, standing out among the millions of faint white specks scattered across the endless expanse. It glows brighter and brighter until he can finally make out a figure within the aura. It charges toward him, faster than he can move.

Before he can react, a voice emerges, "Master! Master! Are you alright". He says. "Who, who are you?. It's me my Young Omnipotence, It's Khine." The being floats stationary in front of you. "Finally through all this time I finally found you with your return the quest of becoming the most powerful being in the universe has begun!" Ge looks him up and down, "Oh no, it seems your celestial form is in quite a weak state. Quickly, you must absorb the power of the recently deceased god."

"What is happening, where am I?"

"You are in the Tiberius, the realm of the Dark Cosmonians I understand your confusion, Master. It is well known that in weaker forms divine entities can have difficulty grasping reality and forming memories, but do not fear, Your Mightiness, you will soon grow to rival the strength of all others in this realm beings!"

"You said something about absorb What do you mean by 'Absorb the power?".

Recently, a powerful god was slain very near here. When a god dies all other astral beings possess the ability to absorb a portion of that god's energy. Why, in the Tiberius , energy is never created nor destroyed so the power of that being has to go somewhere and it should be yours, Master! However," he interjects, "the power of a god is of great desire and there is much demand for it so the longer you stay and the more power you absorb, the more dangerous it becomes as other beings will want to take it for themselves."

Khine looks around, as if checking to ensure the coast is clear of something, "Who knows," he shrugs, "low weak gods can die from all sorts of causes. Perhaps he was slain by another powerful god or Cosmonians or maybe the mortals who called themselves Metahumans of 217 Universe rose up and destroyed him."

"Lead me to this falling god".

Khine flies Thorax through the twisting nether, dodging clouds of ethereal gas and scattered rocks. Suddenly, in the distance, a faint glow of light penetrates the vast darkness. As Thorax come closer, the light glows brighter and brighter until everything around Thorax becomes visible.

Before Thorax lies the colossal corpse of a fallen god, its celestial form appearing to slowly disintegrate into nothing. He feels a powerful energy permeating the void around him. Simply being in the presence of this great being seems to make him more powerful.

"Quickly, Master, concentrate on harvesting as much energy as possible from the void around you!" Khine shouts. "We cannot linger here long, I can already feel demons, other creatures of great power, approaching."

Thorax meditate on the vast source of energy around him. Floating stationary, he feel it seeping into hisid very being.

"Alright, Master. That is enough, we must get out of here!"

Khine flies him away from the being and back into the void. "Though it is not much, it is enough to get started your Will is the answer to life to the universe and everything!" Khine smiles, as if pleased with the joke he just made.

Looking back, Thorax see a horde of astral beings swarm over the body like ants, tearing each other apart.

As he fly through the Tiberius with Khine he speaks up once more. "Now that you have a bit of power under your belt it's time to get you to rebuild yourself but to do that you must go to the Force of Devine Energy".

"What is this Force Devines" he ask.

" It is the power surge of the mutiverse. It is where all beings of power go to discuss godly matters. There you will meet other gods and obtain additional power."

"I see, you never told how I ended up in that Void or who I'm really am".

"Have no fear master it is understandable," Khine responds, "Just moments ago you were a lost spirit within the void, possessing little to no energy to your name. You will find that as your power grows, so too will your mind and body. You will find it easier to understand the complex systems of the universe and manipulate them to your will!"

"Sounds perfect"

"It is, Master! You will become a force not to be trifled with and finally have purpose within this mutiverse!"

Just as before, Khine weaves him through the fabric of the Force and a dim glow emerges in the distance. As they approach, the astral clouds start to become more orderly and less sporadic, debris becomes sparse, and an energy similar to that which he experienced by the fallen god fills the space around him.

Suddenly, structures appear from nothing and an expansive wall materializes before them. Regardless of how high or low they fly it seems the wall reflects his elevation. As he approach, an ornate golden gate becomes visible and two colossal beings stand before it. Their massive size belittles them.

"Halt!" one of the beings shouts. His voice shakes the force and he can't help but be at least somewhat intimidated, knowing that with a swing of his astral power he could likely destroy him. "What business do you have here?"

Khine speaks up, "I have here a being of power that must register before the gods."

With that short exchange of words the guards move aside, a trail of stars following behind them, and the gate opens.

As they float in awe, Khine pulls him in and reveals a flat ground upon which more structures seem to be built. Despite his efforts he can't fly far from this new surface, forced to hover just above it.

"If there is one thing the Council loves, it is order in this chaotic realm. And this is their place of power, don't expect nearly the level of freedom in here as you would possess elsewhere," Khine comments, noticing his struggle.

"I am not fond of being bound."

"Soon you will rule this realm, Master. I am sure of it!"

The council is a group of gods that attempt to keep order to quintessence. They are supposedly some of the most powerful beings in the universe." They approach a long marble staircase that leads up to an equally impressive structure with tall, ornate columns and golden clouds surrounding all sides.

"This," Khine holds his astral arms out, "is the council meeting of the Gods!"

He leads thorax up the grandiose staircase and into an expansive room that appears even larger on the inside than the building itself. Massive thrones line the walls and in many of them sit giant beings arguing amongst one-another.

"You are weak, Ofaldir!" one of the great beings shouts.

"Nothastrus, please!" another of the entities cries from across the room.

"I will have order!" A third god shouts at the end of the room. His voice shakes the entire building and a flash of light blinds Thorax for a moment. As his vision quickly returns, the being continues speaking, "You argue amongst yourselves like worthless demons…"

Suddenly the room stretches and distorts before Thorax, rapidly becoming unrecognisable. In a flash, Thorax is teleported into another room, a similar being, but much smaller size, stands before him. "I'll beg you not to disturb the Masters." The creature stares at him for a short duration, "I assume a weak being such as yourself would have no purpose here other than seeking recognition."

He looks around and Khine is nowhere to be found.

"What is this place?"

The being shakes its head, "You are in my registration office. Now please, fill this out." It hands thorax a golden document with inscriptions. It takes him a while, but you are eventually able to understand their meaning.

He hands the creature back the golden parchment.

"Great," he mumbles in a clearly disinterested tone, "as a god, you have the power to create and alter lower dimensions. You may enact upon these realms however your strength allows. Please refrain from interfering with the mortal planes of other gods. Bend reality responsibly. Thank you and have a nice day."

Before Thorax can say another word is whisked away and find himself in the Void.

"There you are!" Khine says as he appears beside you, seemingly out of nowhere. "I guess it went well since we're back out here!"

"Where is here?"

"This is the void! Here you can create your own world and bend it however you like! Well, granted you have the power to do so. Go ahead, fill this infinite void with stars!"

Thorax snap hs fingers and suddenly shimmering dots glisten all around him.

"Magnificent, All Mighty One!" Khine exclaims.

Thorax twist the void around him and shape it into a physical form. He zap the the newly formed surface and organisms spring to life amidst the disorderly rubble. "Quite a remarkable planet, Master." Khine comments as he merge several tectonic plates. "May I ask what kind of world you wish to create?"

Thorax smiles. "I want to create a powerful race that will worship me."

"As it should be indeed, Master. Worshippers will grow your power. However, if your creations were to become smart enough to worship you, their minds will begin to wander and they may try to deviate from your divine will!"

"I will not allow it. If my mortals forget who their creator is I will remind them by making a example out of them."

Khine spins with delight, "Yes, a firm hand is necessary to lead! Your power will thrive, Your Omniscience."

Thorax fill the landscapes with all sorts of magnificent plants and exotic animals, but finally decide it is time to create a worshipping race to grow his strength. You spend some time contemplating what this new species should look like.

With that he decides to name them Draknos. creating the first two Draknos, already full-grown, he greet them upon their birth on his planet.

"Greetings, my creations, I am THORAX. I have created this world for you and as long as you and your children worship me, you will thrive here."

The young creatures are confused at first, but after a short while they understand that he is their creator and build a small shrine to worship him.

suddenly an intense sensation of fatigue headache rushes over Thorax.

"Oh no, Master!" Khine cries, "You have exactly recover from your defeat, you should rest."

"P-per-perhaps…" he stutter.

He slowly regain consciousness, gazing out into the endless Quintessence.

"Ah, Almighty One, you are awake! Did you enjoy your rest?"

"I've had better." "But when I was resting a memory came to me, a vision of my defeat at the hands of Gormax".

"Gormax was the one he defeated you and destroyed our planet and army". He says.

"Who is he" Thorax ask before you got your god like powers you came from a planet Earth and at that time you were only 16 years old. You were bully through junior high school and in the middle of High school but in 7th grade you fell in love with this human girl named Kayla she was fairly take Dream but one time in junior year you were on a field trip to a museum but when you was there, there was a incident".

"A fire broke out you were pin down with a guy name james, now from what you told me, James was the guy you were jealous of ad hated. You said he didn't deserve her after he treated her like garbage and wanted to prove to her that you were the one. But in that fire she chooses him over you and left you to die in that fire until the darkcore save you by picking you as it host, as it master".

This information upset Thorax but he knows that his anger will cost him dearly if he doesn't get in his right mind.

"Don't worry, Great One. As your power grows, so too will be your ability to wield it and your understanding of the universe."

Moving on, he return to his mortals and continue watching them grow.

Though there is no literal sense of time in the Quintessence,his memories do accumulate and bring about the sensation of time passing and he begin to grow bored. The Draknos have begun reproducing and now several dozen inhabit a small cave in the forest. The shrine they have erected in his honor still stands and the Draknos have begun offering you a portion of their scavenged food as tribute.

Suddenly, a plea from one of his Draknos erupts from the surface.

"For the love of THORAX!" you suddenly hear your name tear through the skies of the Quintessence, immediately grabbing his attention. He glance down at to see what event could possible merit the use of his name is such a profane manner.

"Someone stole my corn once again!" He witness one of the Draknos stomping out of his hut and directly into another.

"Benjamin, what are you doing? This is my hut!" Shouts another man hiding within the intruded structure.

"Admit it, Malock, you stole my corn," the initial man execrates.

"I did not, Benjamin. I told you yesterday, I simply save my rations! Unlike you, you gluttonous pig."

"That's it, step outside and we'll settle this like men!"

"Children, children, please," a priest begs, approaching the hut from outside. The two men step out to confront the holy man. "We are all children of THORAX, surely we can cooperate and stay unified under his name?"

"I can not cooperate with a thief!" Benjamin exclaims.

Seeing this Thorax takes control of the priest. The priest's eyes suddenly glow white and his voice begins to echo with power.

"Enough!." Thorax proclaim.

"Malock, where did you get your rations from?"

"As I have said, I have been saving them to share with my love. We are expecting children soon and I want them to be well fed in this world and not the children of beggars."

"Benjamin, what makes you believe Malock is guilty?"

Benjamin drops to his knees, "Oh Great One, you humble me by intervening on this treachery. I have been missing food for days while Malock's supply has only grown. He claims it is savings, but no man can go days without food. He is stealing mine to feed his greed."

"That is not…" Malock interrupts.


Malock quickly shuts up when Thorax voice echoes throughout the valley.

Both the mens' stories are cloaked by the scent of truth, but one more scent reveals to Thorax the ultimate truth. The past scent of corn travelling from Benjamin's hut to Malock's.

"Benjamin, I have seen that which mortal eyes can not and Malock is indeed stealing your food. I will leave his punishment to your people."

"I knew it!" Benjamin's shouts, pointing at Malock.

"No, no, you must understand!" Malock shouts as other villagers apprehend him, "I was only doing it for my family!"

The priest speaks, "Thank you, THORAX. We know it is not easy, but righteous justice must be done."

He retreat from the mortal plane back into the Quintessence. Malock is enchained and forced to work as a slave for the tribe for the rest of his life. The people's faith in Thorax, however, has been renewed.

"What you did was just, Your Omniscience showed your followers that choices has consequences," Khine reassures you.

Resolved, he return to Nibor and continue to increase his strength.

"Master," Khine interrupts, appearing out of nowhere again, "may I make the suggestion? You are the almighty creator of this world, there are many things you can do! Though they will eventually learn on their own, you can lend a hand and teach them a thing to rebuild faster".

"Excellent idea". Thorax says. As a start he began teaching the Draknos how to farm.

They began dumbstruck at first but began to pull through, next he gather the strongest individuals among the Draknos and teach them the art of crafting simple weapons and hunting. It does not come quickly and there are a few casualties in their first few hunting voyages, but soon the Draknos become master hunters. then The most difficult aspect of fishing is the patience it requires. The younger and stronger among the Draknos have difficulty concentrating on the task for extended periods of time, but the elderly of the tribe seem to excel at the task, catching as many as two-dozen fish a day. Finally By his creation's side, he teach them the simple technique of creating fire through friction. Though it takes weeks in their time, they eventually grasp the concept and the power of fire boosts their faith.

Looking back the training paid off.

But it will not be enough if he not strong to face Gormax.

"I need to increase power" he said.

"Of course Your Omnipotence. There are alternative methods to acquiring power of course. For example, you can absorb essence from deceased gods as you did before. However, it is not often that gods of any significance are bested, perhaps once in an eon! You could gather energy from lesser beings scattered throughout the Aether, assuming you have the strength to best them, but as you grow more powerful that may prove to be more trouble than it's worth. Gods can also relinquish power willingly, perhaps if you were to make a deal with one of them they would bestow power onto you in exchange."

"I will hunt the creatures of the Aether and consume their essence!"

"I must warn you, Master, I admire your ambition, but if you lack the power now to best these beings it may not turn out well for you."

"Do not worry, Khine. I have the strength to destroy these pitiful beings."

He whisk himself through the twisting void of the Quintessence, continuously dodging debris spread throughout the infinite space. He find himself questioning, for the first time, the origin of this rubble. From what you have found it seems to consist merely of scattered rocks and ethereal dust. Suddenly, a shimmer catches his eye in the distance. Moving closer, Thorax make out what appears to be a thin gaseous cloud squirming through empty space.

"A daemon," Khine asserts, coming up from behind you.

"What is these things" he ask.

"A Cthulhu is one of the weakest forms of life that inhabit the Quintessence. They feed of the very life of all beings they possess very little power, but I would not underestimate their strength. Without a strong mind, beings often regress to savagery."

"Thorax thinks for a minute realizing he not a good strength for battles he decide it may be safer for now to visit the Council and gather additional power".

They arrive at the Council gates once more, the same two guards standing watch. This time, however, as you approach they seem to recognise you and allow you passage without confrontation.

Khine appears next to him, "We should head to the Council hall and seek an audience with one of the hall gods. One of them is bound to have a contract they need filled."

"Let's just get this over with."

"Try not to hate politics too much, Master. With a little finesse it can be the easiest way to overpower your enemies."

He approach the Council hall doors, only this time they are guarded by a being much smaller than those at the gates.

"What business have you at the Council hall of the Gods?" the being inquires.

"I have come seeking a contract with one of the court gods," Thorax responded.

"Hmm," the creature looks him up and down, "in this form? Could you don something a little more…" a momentary pause suggests the lacking of a better word, "cordial?"

"My ethereal form is fine."

"Very well," the being arches its brow and then holds a golden scroll in front of its face. The creature simply nods and then holds a golden scroll in front of its face.

"You there," a brawny voice emerges from behind him. Turning, he see a large being that takes the form of what seems to be a bipedal, golden fox creature. "God entity," he continues, "what is your name?"


"Yes, you'll do. I am Gabranth, God of the Council." The god raises a fist to emphasise his might, "I am seeking strong minded individuals to help maintain order in our beloved Court. It pays in power. Are you interested?" Gabranth inquires.

"You've peaked my interest, tell me more."

He smiles, "I thought you might be. Come with me, we will speak further inside," Gabranth motions for Thorax to follow him inside the Council hall.

He leads him down a long, expansive hallway and ushers him into one of the many rooms. It's a decently sized room with artwork and artifacts lining the walls. Noticing him looking around, he comments on the pieces, "These are some of the greatest inventions ever developed by my mortals. I like to keep the mementos. Now then, on to business," he backtracks, "recently there have been a surplus of attacks on travelers making their way to the Council. The Council is supposed to be a haven where beings form all over the Quintessence can come to feel sheltered. To be attacked on their voyage is the last thing we want. I'm sending anyone willing out to patrol the void near the city boarders and kill off any hostile Aintigos they come across. I will provide you with a bit of power to defend yourself with, but your true reward will come from the beings you defeat. Anything you get off them is yours. If you bring me back any useful information, I will reward you further."

Gabranth raises one of his fox appendages and streams a font of power into Thorax.

"Return to me after you feel you've cleared the perimeter," he instructs.

Thorax nods

He waves his arm and he find himself transported outside the city walls. He starts his patrol casually gliding along the city's exterior.

As you patrol, you soon realize the wall seems much larger on the outside than it did inside and wonder if it will ever loop back around. After quite some time in mortal years, you begin to grow bored of inspecting the immutable wall and staring off into space. With your ever evolving mind, you try pondering the origin of the universe, but just end up perplexed.

Concentrating his mind, he try to maintain his resolve and focus on the task at hand. Left then right, Thorax scans the horizon, watching for any suspicious activity.

Suddenly, a stream of light catches his eye in the distance. He speed toward it and discover a hole in the supposedly impenetrable wall. A significant crack is allowing a small amount of celestial energy to seep out of the city and into the Quintessence.

A shout erupts from behind him and he turns to find several Antigones charging toward him from the ethereal fog. Using the power that Nothastrus gave him, he swing his arm around and send a pulse of energy toward the creatures. The wave strikes them, instantly killing all but one. The survivor flees back into the clouds of the Quintessence, whimpering in pain.

Without hesitating, he charge into the fog, following the fugitive's faint trail of essence.

Thorax follow the trail for a bit, but it isn't long until the clouds clear and a large open expanse is revealed. He spot the Cthulhu fleeing to a massive asteroid floating in the middle of the clearing. Quickly, you follow suit.

He watch as the creature flies into one of the crevasses on the surface. As he pursue him, though, but hid path is suddenly cut off by another being, this one somewhat larger than those who ambushed him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa there," it speaks, "Don't worry, I'm not gonna attack you, I'm no fool. I just wanna talk."

"Who are you?, You better talk fast."

"Name's Jomey," the creature remarks, "look, I know you were sent out here to clear us Cthulhu out, but I want you to see both sides." The being moves a little closer after realizing you aren't going to immediately attack. "Your 'Council Gods', as you call them, consider us monsters, nothing more than dangerous wisps, but there was a time when all of you were just like us. The daemons out in the Aether attack each other because they don't know any better! Its only when we accumulate enough power to grow our minds, like you and I, that we finally start to understand. That's why I've come to you; we need that essence leak. It's a source of power for all of us not welcome in the Council and we don't have to kill each other over it. In time, as my brothers become stronger, they will learn and the attacks will stop. Just buy us enough time to get there and tell Gabranth you couldn't find anything."

"Your fate has been seal from the beginning Cthulhu".

He hurl a dark energy beam from his eyes toward the being, catching the by surprise. The orb strikes its side and tears away a large chunk of its outer husk. In retaliation, the creature spins and a similar orb of energy detaches from its body and flies toward him. With ease, he deflect the attack and capture the fiend in his extended grasp, crushing the essence from its being for his own.

The being squeals with its final breath, "The power is so tempting; you… are no better than… us."

The Cthulhu essence dispels outward and the remaining husk of its corpse dissipates. Sweeping Thorax arm, he absorb the creature's remaining power.

Returning to the Court, you inform Gabranth of the seeping energy and the brood of Cthulhu around it.

"Excellent work, THORAX. How none of my other agents discovered this, I'll have to look into," the god scowls. "Regardless, I am pleased by your work so I'll give you that bonus." Gabranth lifts his arm again with the Quintessence power core and streams more power into Thorax. Feeling completely refreshed and stronger than ever.

"I look forward to working with you again in the future, Young God," he remarks before ushering himvout of the Council hall.

Having exhausted his leads to the council, he return to his planet for now.

With his newly found power, he arrive home and check on his worshippers.

As you head back to your planet, bearing the newly found power you have acquired, Khine speaks up beside you. "Great One, it has just dawned on me that you have yet to name your planet! All great worlds have a name. Do you have one in mind?"

"This planet will be known as Agnaroth".

"Agnaroth, this is how all the Quintessence will know of your world, are you certain this is the name you want?" Khine inquires.

"Yes, let it be so"

Upon reaching Agnaroth and peering down from the sky, he realize several centuries have passed since he left and the Draknos have begun dividing themselves into many different villages. As he witness the tribes feuding, arguing over how to properly worship him. A majority of the villages stick to the old ways of worship through daily prayer and tribute, but a couple tribes have branched off. One branch seems to think that the offerings the other villages provide are excessive and believe that he would prefer these resources instead be used by the Draknos to fuel their growth. A third faction has also arisen, the other Draknos call them the Extremists. They live in shanty homes and believe that all luxuries and excess goods should be sacrificed to him as tribute and consume only what is necessary to survive.

The feuding has gone on for decades and it seems the extremists are preparing to attack the other villages for their blasphemous ways.

"What will you do, Your Omnipotence?" Khine inquires. "The Draknos can think for themselves so you don't have to do anything, but this holy quarrel may be a pivotal moment in the race's development."

Thorax focus his gaze on the progressive tribe, their stockpiles plentiful and their people well equipped. A shrine to his exists at the town center and citizens gather around it asking for his protection.

"So sorry to disturb you, Master," Khine intrudes, "but I must warn you. How you resolve this conflict will impact your people almost as much as the victor themselves. Whether or not your people evolve into righteous warriors or apathetic cultists may depend on your actions. Your people are your children and they learn from your actions as much as they learn from their own parents."

He go before the most worthy individual in the tribe and imbue them with great power. Thorax bless their weapon with the power to cut down any foe. In their right hand they wield the mighty Hammer of the Chosen and in their left, his divine will.

On the battlefield the Chosen One leads the army against the other tribes and strikes them down with ease. With a single swing they decapitate a dozen enemies and at the same time heal their allies. The opposing tribes quickly realize they stand no chance and surrender.

The tribe celebrates their victory and legends are sung about the glory of the Chosen One and the favor Thorax showed their people. The faith of the chosen Draknos is stronger than ever.

After the war subsides, the leader of the tribe comes to Thorax and asks for guidance, "Your Omnipotence, should the prisoners of war be spared or executed?"

"Enslave them." He said. And so the slaves began building statue in his great honor.

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