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Action / Thriller
Annie Gilchrist
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Chapter 1

On a sunny busy Wednesday I slowly entered the big multi storey car park. I get to each level busier than the last one i begin to ask myself if there is something am forgetting as it is much busier than usual i get to level five i pick a free parking space making sure am in between the lines using my reversing camera then i did out my card wallet that i carry with me everywhere put my ticket in the card wallet as i don’t want to lose my ticket and know where exactly where to find it after i am done with my shift it’s bad enough i have have to rubble the bottom my bag for my car keys. After i finish all my checks in my car check all my lights are off as the last thing i need is to come back to a dead battery

Am happy I got out of the car. I started to walk very quickly to work even though I am in pain as I am still recovering from the nerve pain I went through a few months ago.

As i walk to work i pass a few people who take no notice of me am grateful for that as i hate trying to m[be nice to strangers makes me giggle as i work with the public and am nice and pleasant for 8 hours but i keep reminding myself that it’s different

I walk in to the centre where the shop i work in is above i walk to the lifts as struggle with the stairs still after my leg pain i stand out he shop that i work in as they dont let us in till 10 minutes before our shifts start i stand with my other colleagues talking utter crap every morning i am reminded that i am not a morning person and maybe don’t like people to much

I go in the pound shop next door so i don’t need to listen the rubbish some people talk in the morning and the moans about work before it’s even begun its there job they forget that we are all in the same position but i think they think they are better than me they have sly comments at me but i shrug it off and try not to let it get to me.

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