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Aella Santiago, heir to Blood Royals Mafia, still in highschool. She is one of the most lethal people you will ever meet. Everyone except her family, avoids her at any cost. Despite this, she is still a human, who is funny, dramatic, strong, gorgeous and a lot more. Ryder Black, heir to Black Dragons Mafia, he is still in highschool, although he is very mature for his age. He won't hesitate to kill you in the blink of an eye for any wrong doing to him or his family. He is strong, fiercly loyal, funny, the play boy type, and lets not forget insanely HOT! Can these two over come all obstacles for LOVE?

Action / Romance
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Intro Pt 1

Do you know that feeling like your life is over forever? No, well I do. As of right now I am on my famiy's private jet leaving England, the place I grew up. We are leaving all my childhood, my hopes and dreams.... oooook maybe I'm being a little dramatic. But I can't help it!! I mean cooooome on, I'm leaving my home.

I just found out like, 2 months ago. My parents told me we are moving the our Mafia- yes I said Mafia- to California. They were both like "We have friends there..." and "You will love it..." and shit. And like the amazing daughter I am, I agreed on the spot, all unicorns and rainbow shit.... Yeeeeaaaah, no. We sat down like 'mature' adults and negotiated.
In the end, I ended up with another Lamborghini. It was all black, with purple interior, because I go kookoo for coco puffs for purple. Honestly, purple is my favorite color, after black of course. You, like, can't grow up in a mafia and not love black, mainly because you practically wear it everyday.
I guess I should introduce myself, since I've been ever so rude. I am Aella Santiago. I am 18 years of age. My father- Christiano Santiago- is the King/Leader (Whatever you want to call it, I don't really give a shrimp ass) of the Blood Royals Mafia. My Mother-Alexia Santiago- is the Queen of the Blood Royals, and runs the 'Family Business' along side Dad.
I am the third oldest of four children. But lets be real, I am only third by 10 minutes. I'm the youngest of three. The eldest, Alex, the second oldest, Aiden, and then me. The forth child, a pain in my ass, but the most innocent out of all of us, even though he is only a year younger than us. His name is Ethan Santiago.
I'm the heir of the mafia when my dad retires, because my stupid older brothers don't want to take over. They downright refused, something about not wanting to risk their life everyday. But lets be honest, having our last name is risky enough. Annnnnywhooo, they refused, so that leaves me. But I personally think I will be the best choice, I'm pretty sure Dad passed down his leadership skills and genes to me.
I have been training since I was 4. I have always been curious about the mafia life, and even when I was little, I knew I wanted to and always be in the Mafia life. My Mom and Dad have always been supportive of me and my descisions, so when I asked to start training to take over 'just in case', and fighting and shooting, they jumped at the idea. I have built up an immunity to pain. So that if I got shot, I can just keep fighting, or if I get stabbed, I won't even be fazed. It can come in handy in certain situations.
When I say immunity to pain, I mean not feeling pain normally. I mean like, I will still feel it, just my brain won't register the pain, and I will just over look it, until I can clean and tend to my wounds. I was shot, stabbed, burned, beat, other things also, to help my immunty. I now hold a very high tolerance to pain, if I feel any at all.
I am currently the best hand-in-hand combat, the best shooter, and the best with knives. I have proved myself over and over, and I have worked my ass off to get where I am today. Alex is our IT person, he is the best at what he does. He loves his technology. I would bet my ass he would marry his technology. Same thing goes with my other brother, Aiden. He is our weapons specialist. I have two best friends. Ally and Sophia are still in England, they are cousins. They are in the Legion Riders MC. Ally's dad, Leo DeLuca, aka Reaper, is the president of the club. Sophia's dad, Dillon Michealson, aka Storm, is the second in command.
We have been friends since we were in diapers. Them, my brothers, and I have done everything together. We all trained together. I have even went on some of Ally and Sophia's missions. They are very well known assassins. It has always been us together. Their families and mine are really close. Our family are allies with the Legions Riders. My parents think of them as family, and their family thinks us of family also.
Anyway, off the topic of my idiotic, overprotecting, overbearing 'older' brothers, and best friends. I am known as many different things throughout the world. We have, obviously, Aella Santiago, then we have Diavola (Devil in Italian), and last Death Queen. I'm not afraid to kill, and everyone who has heard, came across, or talked to me knows that. In this life, theres no room for fear of death. You will get yourself killed by being scared, I have the scars to prove it.
We won't get into that right now. Those are scars that should not be opened. But it is what made me who I am today. I am not ashamed of it, but that doesn't mean that I like what I went through to be what I am today.

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