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Memory is a 16 years old girl with very long jet black hair, green eyes, and a body of a model. When her family forces her into an arranged marriage with the heartless monster Amory Romanov, she and her two brothers Zayn and Alex decide to run. Follow the sibling's journey of fighting for their freedom against the heartless Russian and enter the world of action and adventure. Warning: This story contains strong language and violence. Have fun! (Will be continued on Wattpad)

Action / Adventure
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Never Stop

I was running at full speed passing the gigantic trees that surrounded my family's mansion for miles. Men and women wearing black uniforms trying to catch my slim figure , 'but I'm the fast one here' I thought with a wide smirk on my face. I needed to reach my twin brother at the end of the forest, then everything is going to be fine. He was waiting for me in his black Maserati , we're going to leave. Yes...leaving all this bullshit behind...We are going to be free. Well 'free from what exactly?'...from our family's control. Living with a bunch of criminals that sell weapons, drugs, and even human fucking beings! Nothing matters to them...except two things: Money and Power. When it comes to those two, they're going to do everything required just to keep them . Even selling their own daughter for a deal. Their own blood and flesh ... for some cash and all the mafia bullshit to a heartless monster. They were going to force me to marry that arrogant fucker , the feirce Amory Romanov. I'm not going to let that happen...I'm not going to let them play with my life and control me like a doll in some fucking show . I've been running for hours, so I'm exausted like hell ! I finally saw my brother waiting inside his car . When he spotted me running toward him , he immediately started the ignition and opened the door for me . I hurried inside and hugged my brother Zayn for a second before he started driving like a crazy man , but we needed to get away as fast as we can before my father and my other siblings catch up to us. And if you're wondering, my name is Memory and this is how my shitty life is going right now.

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