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Don't Fall


Uhhh do I really have to go? This is bullshit! I was sitting on my bed thinking of what might happen at our 'date'. Can't we just end this shit already? Why do I have to go on a date and he already knows that I'm ready to do anything if I have to, just to stop this shit show. You know what's the funny part about all of this? Yes...My father is fucking scared like a little child hiding from the monster, but I'm the one that should be scared more than him! What a coward!

I checked my phone and it was 6:30, so I went through my closet and picked an outfit. It's a red shirt with black jeans, a black coat , and black boots. For my makeup, I only used some red lip gloss and black mascara. I let my wavy black hair run down my back then geaded towards the living room. When I entered, 'he' was already there sitting with 5 of his men surrounding him. He flashed me a smirk and lead me to one of his cars without uttering a single word, and of course I was forced to follow him.

After half an hour of him staring at me like a psycho and me shifting in my seat uncomfortably, we finally arrived to a mansion far away from the city. He lead me to a garden with hundreds of flowers from different kinds and colours. Their was a table for two set in the middle, so we sat down in silence. What a creep, he says it's a date and he's just sitting there staring at me . Am I supposed to start talking?! Not that I don't like him being silent, but it's scaring the shit out of me!

He finally broke the silence after what seemed to be like an eternity,

"You know...I've never done something like this to any woman in my entire life. But you...your different. Since the first time I saw you, I knew that you are the one. You are the woman that deserves to be by my side, leading this empire that my ancestors built more than a hundred years ago."

I mustered all my courage and met his cold ocean blue eyes . Without thinking, I asked the only question that was on my mind ,

"I've never met you did we meet?"

He chuckled...that sound that made every woman melt in her place, but not me. I've heard enough information about this man, which made me fear having contact with him to the maximum.

'Never cross the line with a Romanov, because if you do...You won't make it out alive'. Those were the last words my grandfather whispered to me before he passed away. I was only 10 so I didn't understand a single word , but now...things have changed, and I'm starting to understand why he said those words...He was warning me from what's coming next...

My thoughts were interrupted by his deep voice,

"Eight years ago, my father and I came here to Spain for some business with your family. I was 14 at that time and wasn't allowed to attend meetings yet, so I had to wait outside. At that moment, I saw you and your twin brother chasing each other in the garden. Your beauty took my breath away...your long black hair...your emerland green eyes...everything. You were just perfect, your picture never left my mind since that day. I knew that you are the one for me, the woman that could rule beside me till my last breath. "

I'm not that type of girl that falls for sweet words, but I couldn't help but blush a little. I suddenly felt a warm hand on mine , 'No Memory ,this is wrong...don't fall for his know exactly who this man is, dont...' , I kept reminding myself of his cruelty and coldness the whole night. After having dinner, I was escorted home by one of his men. Zayn and Alex were waiting at the entrance with a worried look on their faces. They sighed happily when they saw me entering and pulled me into a tight hug. The others were waiting in the living room, but I didn't spare them a glance .

When we arrived to my room, I told Zayn and Alex every single detail.

"Memory please tell me you didn't change your mind about running away."

"Of course not Zayn! You know exactly who that man is, and I'm not dumb to fall for his acts! Our plan is still on , I'm not marrying this man and that's final."

They relaxed after hearing my words ,

"Memory you know we want the best for you and that's why we need to leave. That man is dangerous as hell, and grandpa's words are enough warning for us to save ourselves before the arrival of the storm ."

I was laying in my bed thinking about Zayn's words and what we're about to do tomorrow. It's risky for sure, but that's my final decision, no one can force me to do something I don't want to do, and this is the only way to prove my point to everyone, especially Amory.

But little did we know that running away for good , would be the reason for the rise of that storm...God, please help us...

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