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He Knows...


Last night was one of the best days of my life. Memory now finally knows about my feelings toward her. That day...eight years ago, is when everything started. I still recall every single detail about her, her long black locks...her shining green eyes...her light skin...even her tiny pink lips, describing her as perfection is an understatement. I know I'm the heartless monster in the eyes of the whole world, but for her I can be the softest man, just by looking at her makes my heart melt like a candle . I promise that I would never hurt her, but...what her brother Hades told me made my blood boil...she just awakened the beast inside me. HOW DARE SHE THINK ABOUT LEAVING ME LIKE IT'S THAT SIMPLE!! I know she's scared of me and I can totally see it in her eyes, but I didn't even hurt her...I would never hurt her.

'No...she's not leaving me like that, I won't let this happen. If she thinks that she can break me and get away with it, then she's totally wrong.'

I was currently in my office explaining the plan to my men. The problem is that the only thing that Hades was able to hear is that she's running away soon , but when and with whom is what we still need to figure out. My men will be keeping an eye on her home starting from tonight. I have the best and strongest men by my side , no one can cross us without being detected. No one crosses the line with a Romanov and especially me. All the people that are helping her are going to taste my wrath. I'm going to punish everyone in her family just to show her what I'm capable of and that she can never leave me if I didn't want her to.

When our meeting was over, I went straight to my bathroom and hopped in the shower. I need to think about the whole situation...There should be more than one person helping her, and the first option is her twin brother Zayn...It should be. According to Hades, Zayn is the only person that Memory cares about and talks to normally, and he's her only best friend .

As I was putting my suit on , my phone rang and it was Hades. I immediately answered the call,

"Hades, is there any new information? "

"Well...I think the person that is helping Memory is my brother Alexander, they are interacting alot lately. I asked her about the reason and the only thing she said is that because he cares about what's happening in her life. He's the only suspect besides Zayn of course. Other than that there's nothing new."

"And what is she doing right now?"

"She's currently in the garden, I think she's trying to find the right spot for her to escape from. But little does she know that your men will be everywhere. "

"Hades, you will be rewarded for your cooperation. But remember, the others will face a rough punishment. "

"I don't really care that much. They are dumb , they face the consequences. "

I laughed darkly then ended the call.

"My dear Memory, I'm coming for you...And when I catch you, I'll make sure you never leave my side EVER...'


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