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Leaving it all behind


Today is the day...I'm just several hours away from my freedom. Leaving all this bullshit behind, my pathetic father and careless brothers. I'll definitely miss this place, especially that I still see my mother in every corner of it...and the happy memories. I kept reminding myself of the bad things that will happen if I didn't leave this land tonight .

I took a last tour in the mansion. The gardens, our childhood playroom , my mother's bedroom. Since her death nobody dared to enter her room again fearing that painful memories might surface again. She was the one that named me Memory. When I used to ask her about it, she says that memories are important things to her even if they were depressing ones, and that I'm her only daughter so she named me after the most precious things she owned...her memories.

Hours passed and I was still in my mother's room. It was finally time to get going...I gazed at my mother's protrait for a couple of seconds.

"Mother , wish me luck".

Warm Tears of joy and sadness at the same time were flowing down my pink cheeks. It's not time for weakness go. I wiped the spilled tears on my face while taking a deep breath. My phone started vibrating and it was Alex, I asked him yesterday to come with us because I was worried Amory might hurt him. I have a strong feeling that something bad is going to happen, but I brushed it away and answered the call.

"Memory the cameras are off and we don't have alot of time. I'm with Zayn in the car, hurry up we need to leave fast!"

"Yeah I'm on my way. "

"Memory please be careful. We don't want anyone to catch you , he might hurt you ."

"Don't worry big brother I'll be careful. But promise me Alex that if I don't get there in an won't come searching for should leave ."

"MEMORY ARE YOU CRAZY! NO WE WON'T LEAVE YOU BEHIND! We'll wait forever if we have you will be fine and we are going to make it out of here. Trust yourself and your abilities and you'll make it out baby sister. "

He cut the line to let me start my mission. I made it out of the house and into the forest without being noticed, but that's what I thought...




My men and I were preparing for our mission to get my princess . I decided that I'm won't be waiting for her to try her plan, I want her in my arms asap . I'm going to get her today whether she likes it or not.

It took us 2 hours to prepare everything and surround the whole area . Hades was beside me waiting with my men of her to come out. At 11 pm, my third in command Raul informed me that she was spotted running out of the mansion and into the forest . A wide smirk was plastered on my face and a dangerous look in my eyes that would make any human tremble in fear .

'Game on my princess...'


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