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I was running at full speed hopping over logs and the giant tree roots that filled the forest's ground. Suddenly, I heard a large number of footsteps which caused adrenaline to pump inside my veins like crazy. I pushed myself to run faster but when I glanced behind me, my eyes went wide . Men and women in black uniforms were running towards me from every direction. By just looking at their uniform I knew they were Amory's men.

Damn it! did he know?! I'm pretty sure someone from the inside was spying on us and told him everything. God...why?!Everything was just going perfect...I need to run faster , they are catching up with me!

I tried to lose them by running between bushes and trees as much as I can, and lucky me I succeeded in losing them .


Hades' voice rang through the whole forest which caused me to cringe , right then I knew that he was the one that informed Amory. That bastard! How dare he betray his own flesh like that?!And for what?! I've had suspicions since he asked me that question at the gym...Uhhh, I should've been more alert.

I kept running for miles ,but unfortunately I was out of breath. The burning of my muscles became intense then I finally spotted Alex waiting outside Zayn's black Maserati. Zayn spotted me and directly started the ignition while Alex ran towards me and helped me get to the car.

"Men...Amory...he knows...behind us..."

I tried telling him that Amory knows about our plan and his men are about to find us. He immediately understood my words and opened the passenger door for me to enter. I hopped in and put my seatbelt on, I was panting hard and exhaustion affected me like hell. When Alex closed his door , Zayn instantly slammed the gas pedal and started driving like a mad man. We were definitely driving at more than 120 miles per hour.

"Memory what happened? How did they see you? "

"Uhhh long story short, Hades is a traitor. He was the one spying on us from the beginning. I've had suspicions since the gym incident but I didn't think he would take it that far and betray us..."

I said while pinching the bridge of my nose to help calm my anger. If I see him again I'm going to rip out his throat! Hopefully not though.

I kept checking the side mirrors to make sure no one is following us. I finally relaxed and took a deep breath when I saw that nobody was behind us .

Minutes later, I finally broke the silence,

"What are we going to do now? We can't stay a second here in Spain anymore , Amory will find us for sure..."

"We are going to the airport directly. Zayn bought a beautiful house in Japan far away from the city and we are going there directly. " , said Alex with a long sigh.

"Well I've heard that Japan is beautiful, and especially that it's far away from here. Plus I have a couple of friends their that are willing to help us in any way. Don't worry Memory, we'll make sure that you won't see Amory again." , said Zayn with a bright smile on his face trying to lighten the mood.

Twenty minutes passed and we finally arrived at the airport. There was a private jet heading to Japan waiting for us . We grabbed our bags and entered the jet. I sighed happily when the jet finally was in the air. Zayn told me that there's a room in the back so I picked up my bag and went in there. It was medium sized room that contains two queen sized beds, a big couch and a big elegant bathroom . I took a hot shower to help relax my cramped muscles. I wore some comfy clothes then went under the covers and fell into a deep sleep with a smile on my face. I was finally free...



My second and third in command were both trembling in fear like kittens. No one dared to say a single word, and they better not knowing that I am beyond furious and ready to kill anyone right now. More than a hundred trained man and woman couldn't catch a 16 years old girl!

"Do whatever you can do and find her immediately or I'll put a bullet in your useless brains without any hesitation. "

I sighed angrily and left the meeting room towards my private elevator. Everything was planned perfectly, how the hell did she manage to lose all these men? I might've underestimated her this time...

The elevator stopped and I entered my penthouse fuming from their failure, I should've chased after her myself. I changed into some white shirt and black shorts after taking a long cold shower to calm my anger a little. I opened the balcony double doors and lighted a cigarette. The cool air helps me clear my head a little bit.

No one ever dared to cross a Romanov, and know a teenage girl dares to?! I'm going to find her and lock her in our room until she comes back to her senses .

Mark my words my princess,and believe me when I say that I'll be the winner in the end . And when I find you, I won't let you go even if it costs me my whole world...EVER...


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