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A Fresh Start


Alex and I were sitting in our seats while Memory was still sleeping inside.

Today was tiring for all of us and especially Memory. I'm really proud of my baby sister, she ran for miles through a dangerous forest nonstop ,and she was able to lose the highly trained men of one of the most powerful Mafias in the world . We wouldn't have made it that far if it wasn't for her skills and strong will to be free.

"Alex, I still can't believe that Hades betrayed us like that...I know I don't like him but I wasn't expecting something like that from my own blood. And he knows very well that Memory doesn't want this whole arrangement from the beginning. "

Alex sighed then said ,

" I know Haded very well...I'm also shook to be honest. Let's discuss better things, now we need to plan for the future. Who's that friend that is willing to help us? And the most important question is that do you trust him with our secret? If Hades did something like that, then any person can ."

"Don't worry big brother, He's like a brother to me and I trust him with my life. Plus Amory is his enemy so don't worry. I'm concerned about Memory too and you know I'll do anything for my twin sister and would never put her in danger. "

We continued sitting in silence until we both fell asleep .


I woke up fresh and relaxed after a few hours of sleep. I entered the bathroom to take a cold shower and got ready before we land. Alex and Zayn were still sleeping in their seats so I didn't wake them up. I decided to find something to eat from the fridge beside the bar, so I grabbed some fruits and made a fruit salad. I left some for my brothers and headed towards the bedroom again .

Zayn bought me a new iPhone 8 so that no one can track us from my old phone like last time , but I'll turn it on when we arrive. I finished my food and layed on the bed staring at the ceiling for what seemed to be like an hour.

I heard some voices for the outside so I figured that my brothers are awake. I made my way outside and saw them eating their fruit salad.

"Good morning Memory, or let's say good evening since it's 7 pm in Japan right now.",said Zayn with an adorable smile on his face.

I hugged both of them and sat down the middle.

" Hello to you too Z. When will we arrive? It has been like 9 hours or so."

"We should be landing in an hour maximum. Oh I forgot to ask, do you like your new phone?"

"Yes it's amazing thank you, but I didn't turn it on yet."

I turned to face Alex and all of us started chatting until the pilot announced that we should put our seatbelts on before the landing. We finally landed and I tried to contain my squeals of excitement but miserably failed. This was the beginning of a new experience since I've never travelled before . Oh yes...we were living in a cage, but we finally broke free.

A black and gold matte themed McLaren 720s was parked in the airport's parking lot waiting for us. When Alex told me it was a gift for me , tears of joy ran down my cheeks and I started jumping like a kid on Christmas. He definitely knows how much I love sports cars and wanted one of those for myself for so long. We placed our luggage in the trunk then I got in the driver's seat while Alex sat shotgun and Zayn in the backseat. I have no idea how he managed to squish his 7 feet body in the back.

Alex typed the adress on the GPS then we made our way there while singing along with the blasting music on the radio. After an hour or so we finally arrived to the location of our new home. I sat there staring at the exterior of it in awe, it was literally AMAZING. It's a duplex house on the top of a mountain in Sendai with the best view that I've ever seen in my entire life. It has a garden filled with Japanese cherry blossom trees that surrounds the whole area too. This place can be described literally as heaven. Zayn unlocked the big wooden door of the house with a smirk,

"Welcome to your new home baby sister."

The interior was even prettier than the outside. We took of our shoes and kept them beside the door then headed inside the living room. The ground floor contains a guest bathroom, an elegant kitchen, huge living room ,and a dining room. The first floor is where our bedrooms are with an attached bathroom and a walk-in closet in each, 2 guest bedrooms, and a gym. There's and underground garage where my car , Zayn's Lamborghini Veneno, and Alex's Chevrolet Camaro are parked. The house is literally a masterpiece, it's modern yet holds a twist of Japanese style.

I entered my room and I was shook! There was a wall made fully from glass which provides a breathtaking view of the other mountains around . It was already dark so the city lights looked extremely beautiful. The stars that shined like golden specks sprinkled across the pure dark sky , the full moon that lightened the whole was just amazing. Everything in front of me was just perfection.

I switched the light on and started unpacking my stuff. The last thing I placed was photo of Zayn, mother, and I on the bedside table with her favourite violet crystal pendant . She gave it to me as a gift before taking her last breath. Tears of joy started flowing down my cheeks reminding me that she was the person that gave me strength and courage to finish what I've done hours ago.

I went in the bathroom and washed my teary eyes then made my way in the closet and picked some comfy cotton pjs. Turning of the lights, I went under the soft covers of my king sized bed and stared at the breathtaking view until I fell asleep and entered the world of wonderland .


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