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A Ghost Of You


It's been only 24 hours and I'm already going crazy. I can't get her out of my head... she's like drugs...once you fall for her, you're trapped for life. I've sent all my men on a search for her, it's like she vanished into thin air. Right now I'm in my car heading towards her family's place. I need to know every information they have about her.

I parked my navy blue Bugatti then made my way towards her family members with more than 10 men following me inside. Her father's face grew pale like snow when he saw the anger swirling in my eyes. Her brothers were staring at me like they just saw Satan himself. Well, that's a disrespect, I can be a lot worse than satan when it comes to her.

"A-a-amory! How are you? D-did you find M-memory yet?", her father said with a trembling voice. A smirk made its way on my face seeing his pathetic self trembling from fear. Aren't mafia leaders supposed to be one of the strongest men in the world? Well, it seems that his daughter is a lot braver than him...and it turns me on. That's how a queen like her should be...brave and beautiful.

I let out a dark chuckle and my men followed.

"Funny...if it wasn't for me having an eye on her in your house, you wouldn't have known about her escape even. know you're worthless and powerless right? How did your 16 years old daughter manage to plan an escape with two of her brothers and in your house without your knowledge? Were where your guards at that time?


He flinched and started visibly trembling at my sudden outburst like a kitten in front of a beast. They say the eyes are the mirror to your soul, and right now fear was clearly evident in the eyes of all of them. Good, they should fear me because I can make their lives a living hell with just a snap of my fingers.

"Listen here all of you. If you don't bring my princess back to me, believe me when I say that I'll cut you all into small pieces and feed you to my pets." I said with the darkest and threatening voice I've used in my entire life. They all nodded their heads then Ivan spoke with a quivering voice once again,

"I p-promise you A-amory that I'll do my best and find her as s-soon as possible, I know y-you won't hurt her, she s-still doesn't acknowledge your f-feeling for her, and I b-beg you to l-leave me and my sons out of this."

My smirk widened watching him begging for his own life.

"Hmm...I'll think about that. But first I want Memory back in front of me, then I might consider your pleadings and show some mercy. "

My phone started vibrating in my pocket.

"I have important things to do other than sit here and listen to your pathetic begging the whole day. "

I exited the mansion satisfied with the results.

Soon my princess...soon...


I was lost in the middle of the night in a jungle, the sound of footsteps getting louder and louder every second. I was frightened, danger sirens instantly went off. I started running as fast as I can try to get rid of the unnerving sound of footsteps coming from every direction.

My running came to a halt when I saw the devil blocking my path with a look that confused me. Was it...adortion ?! His aqua blue eyes were sparkling in the middle of the darkness.

He stepped forward towering over my figure like a beast. He unexpectedly hugged me tight setting my head on his toned chest.

"Why are you running from me, Princess?"

His voice was soothing and soft like feathers. It's like I lost control over my body, I hugged him tight and started sobbing in his arms. His embrace was warm and gentle.

"Don't worry Princess... I'm coming to take you away... I'm searching for you right now. And when I find you...I'll make you mine forever..."

With a blink of an eye, he faded away like a ghost with the wind. Everything started getting blurry like it never existed...

I jerked awake and sighed puzzled from the dream I just saw. Does he actually love me?... What if he hurts me? However it felt...real. I brushed the sensation away and removed the cover off of me.

I entered the bathroom and scrubbed my face, I stared at my glowing eyes in the mirror for a minute still asking myself if what we did was right or wrong. Then I decided to discuss the matter with my brothers, maybe they can offer some suggestions.

I entered the kitchen and found Zayn and Alex cooking breakfast. The three of us are great chefs so we don't have to worry about food and stuff like that. I pecked their cheeks and started fixing the table.

"Hey guys do you need any help?"

"No no you just go and relax we'll prepare everything.", said zayn while flipping a perfectly cooked pancake. I collapsed on one of the living room's velvety sofas and turned on the tv.

Soon the food was ready and we sat at the dinner table eating our mouth-watering breakfast. We finished then I placed the dishes in the dishwasher and made my way towards the living room where my brothers are.


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