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Too Close


"Guys...I want to tell you about a dream I had last night..."

They turned toward me with a look of concern evident on their faces. I told them exactly what I saw and what Amory told me. They were silent for a good five minutes, then Zayn finally broke the silence.

"Well...the question you have feelings for him?" He asked with worry.

I exhaled and thought for a while. Do I have feelings for him? But what if he turns out to be like everyone else? What if he's taking advantage of me?... But the twinkling in his eyes, while he was talking about his feelings, seemed genuine. He couldn't be lying... Shit, I'm confused...

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Alex's voice.

"Memory are you okay?"

I looked at them both in the eyes and asked,

"I really don't know...I have no idea if I love or loathe Amory. Was our plan a mistake?... Guys I'm really sorry for dragging you into this mess..."

They both sighed and moved to hug me. Tears of confusion and heartache raced down my cheeks as my brothers stared assuring me that everything is going to be fine.

"Memory look at us. If you wish to go back then let's go before it's too late...Before he goes crazy and hurts somebody. We understand if you have feelings for him. And never ever apologize for something you didn't do. We decided to help you on our own and we'll all deal with it together no matter how things go." Said Alex with tears in his eyes.

Will everything be fine?... What's happening to me... Hell, I've never cried about something like that. I always used to be the girl that never cared about a relationship or even something called love...I have a feeling that we should go back... Or maybe not...I don't know!

I wiped off their tears then mine. It's just a dream Memory...just forget it and finish what we started.

"Guys let's forget this now. I want to go to the city and try some Japanese food and do some shopping, who wants to come?"

They both clapped their hands like children and ran to change their clothes. I shook my head and went to change into a presentable outfit. I already need to go shopping for some clothes and other essentials for my room.

I grabbed a white hoody, black ripped jeans and paired them with white ankle boots. I let my hair loose from its bun and brushed the silky curls using my silver hairbrush. I applied some rose lip gloss and perfume then grabbed my phone and made my way to the garage.

Alex and Zayn were already there waiting in Alex's car. I hopped in the backseat then we drove towards the city.

Streets were covered with a thin coating of snow and some people were roaming around the area, but not a lot since it's cold. We stopped at a grocery store that sells products from all around the world. We entered and grabbed what we need and some snacks to try. Zayn placed the shopping bags in the trunk then we headed to a mall nearby.

"Guys let's separate and purchase what we need. We all have our credit cards with us and our phones, so we meet at the car in and an hour from now." I said and they agreed.

I went to the first floor and bought some hoodies and shoes suitable for snowy weather. From the second floor, I bought some natural body and face care items, some jeans, and new AirPods from the electronics section.

While I was walking back to the car, I spotted someone and froze in fear. I recognized him as one of Amory's strongest men. Shit if he saw any of us then we're busted! I ran into the nearest ladies bathroom and hid inside one of the stalls.

I grabbed my phone and dialled Alexander's number with shaky hands. The phone rang for a second then I heard his voice on the other side.

"Hey Memory we're in the car where are you?"


"Memory calm down and repeat what you just said slowly and calm down."

I took a deep breath and repeated my words in a normal speed.

"I just saw one of Amory's men here in the mall. What if he knows we're in Japan? Oh my god, we're in some deep shit..."

" Memory calm down and listen carefully. Tell me where are you now and Zayn will come and get you but please be careful. Zayn is on his way now, go outside and try to see if he's still there. "

I splashed some water on my face to calm my nerves and peaked out of the bathroom. He was still standing in his spot smoking a cigarette.

" I'm on the first floor in the ladies bathroom. He's still standing in his spot smoking a cigarette. "

"Okay just wait for Zayn in there and keep an eye on him."

Zayn arrived after 5 minutes and I ran and hugged him tightly. He grabbed my shopping bags and turned to look at the built man. He was around Zayn's height but still shorter by a few inches with a lot of muscles.

We tried our best to get out as fast as we can without being spotted. But Karma is a bitch...We were being followed.

I cursed under my breath as we started sprinting towards the exit. I looked back and saw that there were at least 10 men running out from different stores towards us.


We made it to the car in less than 2 minutes.


He slammed the gas pedal and started driving at an insane speed. I was hard since the roads are slippery because of snow.

" Guys we can't head home directly, they will immediately know where we live," I said while taking deep breaths calming my crazy beating heart. My legs were burning and still sore from all the running a couple of days ago.

"You're right we can't risk it. I'll make a call real quick. "

Zayn grabbed his phone and called one of his friends. I turned to look behind us and sighed in relief seeing no one. Shit, this was close...but still we can't risk going back that early.

"Alex head north towards that mountain. Help is on the way and I think it's time to meet my dear friend," said Zayn with a wide smirk...


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