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A Greek God


We drove for about an hour or so when we finally came to a stop. We got out of the car to receive a quiet good shock.

About twenty black jeeps and sports cars were parked and surrounded by armed men from pistols to machine guns.

Every single man was incredibly built and wore a black tight shirt paired with military pants and black boots. What friend of Zayn looks like he owns the whole Underworld business?

I actually felt really sorry for their enemies, winning a fight against these men is nearly impossible. Thank god he's on our side...

My thoughts were interrupted by the bulky men bowing down. The door of a black lycan hypersport opened and a man in his early twenties got out, and I couldn't avert my eyes away from him.

His height was the same as Zayn's if not taller. He had those midnight blue eyes that could make you cower in fear and beg for your life, with messy golden hair that nearly covers his eyes.

He was wearing a tight black shirt and black ripped jeans that stuck to his body like a second skin, revealing his perfect eight packs and his huge built muscles.

The aura he holds screamed authority and power. Just looking at him gave me goosebumps all over my body. Amory looked nothing like the man standing a couple of meters away from me right now.

Zayn jogged towards him and they bear-hugged each other like they are best friends since childhood. How come he didn't tell me about this friend of his before? But I was happy to know that my brother had a close friend that would never leave him in circumstances like these.

After a minute, the mysterious man averted his eyes away from my twin and stared at me with an emotion that I couldn't exactly catch. He smiled at me flashing his pearly white teeth but I was frozen in my place with eyes void of any emotion.

I reminded myself that he's a stranger and I still can't trust him that quick even if Zayn does.

He made his way towards us and offered Alex his hand to shake without breaking the eye contact between us. He took my hand and planted a gentle kiss on it like a gentleman.

"Γεια σου όμορφε, Είμαι Αδριάνος"( hello gorgeous, I'm Adrian), he said then released my hand from his warm one.

" I'm sorry what?"

He was speaking greek and I was only able to understand the words hello and Adrian.

"Oh forgive me I'll translate, hello I'm Adrian," he said with a wide grin.

I smiled then Alex cleared his throat to get our attention.

"We need to move before Amory's men find us again. Amory definitely now knows that we are in Japan, so we need to be extra careful with our movements."

I hummed and nodded in agreement. Adrian shifted to what looked like his scary business mode then replied,

"Don't worry ο φίλος μου, Amory needs to make a lot of effort since this is my territory you're on. He has to cross me before getting his hands on any of you." (my friend)

I felt at ease knowing that we are safe at least for the time being. I was about to head to our car when I felt a hand gently grabbing my wrist, I turned around to face Adrian's broad chest then made eye contact with him. His eyes looked hypnotising, especially when you get closer.

"I think you should come with know for safety reasons."

He scratched the back of his neck then led me to his car and opened the door, I mumbled a small thank you before hopping in.

I put my seatbelt on while he got in and started driving. The loud roaring of the engine when it came to life caused goosebumps to irrupt all over my body.

We sat in silence for a couple of minutes before I finally broke the silence.

"Umm Adrian, where are we exactly heading to? "

He glanced at me for a second and flashed a small smile. Well, it seems that he's not a cold psycho like Amory after all, but it's still early to judge.

"We are on our way to my mansion then we'll discuss details about our plan in my office. My siblings are excited to meet you since your Zayn's twin sister. To be honest, I think they love Zayn more than their own brother. "

We chuckled and started a small chat every now and then. An hour later, the car finally came to a halt in front of a huge metal gate that automatically opened when Adrian placed his thumb on a scanner near it.

His mansion looked more like a castle that was of five floors with a luxurious exterior and more than a hundred armed man surrounding it.

We entered the mansion and I was left completely speechless, the interior looked like it cost more than a billion dollars.

The floor was made from shiny white tiles with streaks of gold in it. The best part was the stairs that were decorated with a golden carpet and the details on the sides looked amazing.

"You like it?", said Adrian with a smirk plastered on his sharp-featured face.

"Well yes, your home is really beautiful." I blushed and gave him a small smile. Did I just blush?!

"Well, you'll be surprised more when you see my main home in Greece. The mountain view there is alluring especially at sunset and sunrise."

We kept walking until we made it into a huge luxurious office where both my brothers and four strangers waited for us.



"Amory our team was right. Они были замечены в Сендае (they were spotted in Sendai), Но угадай кто им помогает(but guess who's helping them)."

Fuck! How are they involved with Adrian Dimitriou! Damn it this is going to be hard as fuck! What if...NO! I won't let that fucker lay a hand on what's mine even if this means war!

"Amory are you still there?"

"Да...Я что-нибудь придумаю. я позвоню тебе позже."(yes...I'll thinks of something. I'll call you later. )

Shit...why did she have to be involved with Adrian Dimitriou from all humans on the planet!

Uhhhh...I have to find a solution a soon as possible. Suddenly an idea popped in my head.

Maybe I can...


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