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New Feelings


I sat down between my brothers when suddenly Adrian's phone started vibrating. When he checked the ID, I noticed that he stiffened and his facial expression turned hard, he excused himself and went outside.

What if something terrible happened? I shouldn't think like that, perhaps it's just business.

I turned my attention to the twin boys and the girl sitting across us. The girl beamed at me and hugged me like I was her sister.

"γεια σας! My name is Cora and I'm Adrian's sister! I'm almost 18 years old and the only girl in the family. That's why I'm so happy that I'll have another girl to talk to because those boys are annoying!"(Hello!)

I chuckled when the boys faked being hurt by her words and turned away crossing their arms.

"Nice to meet you, Cora."

The boys faced me again and introduced themselves.

"Hello I'm Jace and that's my twin brother Julian, and we are Adrian's cousins. We are 20 years and 8 months old."

They both smiled and gave me a small hug.

"How about you tell us about yourself? ", asked Julian with enthusiasm. The three of them gave me their full attention so I started talking.

"Okay let me introduce myself properly. My name is Memory Sánchez and I'm almost 17 years old. This is my older brother Alexander and I suppose you already know my twin Zayn."

We chatted for sometime when unexpectedly a man barged into the room like a crazy bull. He stood around my height with blue hair and blue eyes similar to Adrian's but lighter. He was looking at me with a wide smile on his face and I was confused for a second.

He stalked towards me then I was engulfed in his tight embrace. We stayed like that for a couple of seconds then he backed away.

"So this is our famous warrior Memory Sánchez. I'm Pearce Dimitriou, Adrian's brother and second in command. Zayn told us a lot about you so I insisted on meeting you personally."

He looked at me with amusement and mischief when suddenly Cora shoved him away and stood in front of me.

"Hey hey hey Δεν αγγίζεις. Μείνετε μακριά από τον καλύτερο φίλο μου(No touching. Stay away from my best friend. ), she yelled at him for no reason and I couldn't understand what she said.

Pearce gasped dramatically and fell into a fit of laughter. He finally calmed down after a couple of minutes and wiped his tears away.

" I'm sorry? Since when she's your best friend? First of all Αγαπημένη αδελφή μου, she's not your property so I can be her best friend too. Second of all, I would never hurt Zayn's twin ever, so back off and admit you're jealous because she likes me more than you."(my dear sister).

They started bickering like 6 years old over whom I'll like more and stuff like that. I glanced at the rest as we try to contain our laughter.

"Guys, let's get out of here." , I whisper yelled while pointing at the door. We all stood up and crept out of the room leaving the two of them fighting like first graders.

"Phew, my eardrums were about to explode. ", said Alex while massaging his temples.

I chuckled and turned towards the twins.

"Guys, I'm tired, do you mind guiding me to my room?" , I said while rubbing my eyes. It's only 5 pm here in Japan but with everything that occurred today, I was tired as hell and needed a nap.

They nodded and showed me the way up.

"Ummm Memory?"

I turned around when I heard Pearce calling my name. He was standing a few feet away from me with a genuine smile on his face.

" Hey, Pearce is everything okay now?"

He chuckled and nodded his head.

"Yeah yeah don't worry. I just wanted to guarantee that my sister and I are not crazy okay. Cora doesn't have a lot of friends due to safety reasons and as you can see, the whole place is packed with males only. I'm really happy that my sister found a friend like you and I hope we could be friends too..."

I flashed him a sincere smile and nodded my head in approval.

"Of course we can Pearce, and I'm the one that should be thankful to Adrian and all of you for helping us ."

He got closer and pulled me into a friendly hug then left the hallway.

I drew my attention back to the door and entered the room to have my breath taken away. The walls were painted in a shiny white colour and the furniture was gold themed with a king-sized bed in the middle covered with white sheets with some golden details on it.

I took out one of the fluffy PJs I recently bought from the mall today and put them on after taking a long relaxing shower. Who would believe that Memory Sánchez likes wearing fluffy PJs?

I went under the covers when Adrian's image suddenly appeared in my mind. I seriously don't know what's happening to me. I just met him today but...being with him gave me that feeling of being safe... I felt comfortable being by his side.

I blew out a breath then closed my eyes and slipped into comfortable darkness for the first time in days.


This was the first time Amory Romanov got me this angry that my own brother and the twins stared at me with a horrified expression.

I was pacing around in my office with a murderous look on my face.


He was going to start a war if I didn't hand him Memory...

The whole planet knows me as "ο διάβολος", but I would never ever disrespect a woman and treat her like an object and especially someone like Memory. (The devil).

Having her by my side made me feel something I've never felt before. The need to protect her filled my head since the minute Zayn called, but when my eyes fell on her...It just increased a million times more.

Her beauty is alluring...her captivating doe emerald green eyes...her long black hair...eveything about her is just perfection.

I'll sacrifice everything I have to make sure she's happy and safe...even if the price was my own life.

No man living in this universe will take her away from me without her consent and I'm willing to start a war for her.

Amory Romanov, get ready for the war... because I would never ever let go of her and especially to fall in the hands of a manipulative monster like you...


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