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One week ago


"Memory wake up!"

I opened my eyes to find my twin brother with and angry face sitting on my king sized bed. I was confused and didn't know what's happening at all.

"Hey Zayn, what's happening ? Why are you angry?"

He looked at me with teary eyes. What I've known since childhood is that Zayn, my strong and intelligent twin brother ,never shows weakness and especially tears. I rushed and hugged him tight .'what's going on?', I thought with confusion and fear clear in my eyes.

"Zayn why aren't you answering and why are you crying?!"

He sighed "Memory...I'm really sorry I couldn't do anything to change their minds. You know how father and Kaiden are . All they care about is the mafia . They don't even care about their own family!"

Kaiden is the oldest among all the 7 of us. He's 28 years old and the heir my father's mafia and to be exact, "The Spanish Mafia".

Hades is the second child and he's 26 years old with brown hair , brown eyes. Timothy, the third child, with black hair slightly lighter than mine ,grey eyes and he's 25. Then comes Alexander, with black hair , black eyes, and he's 22. Next comes André with golden hair , hazel eyes ,and he's 20. Last comes my brother Zayn and I, my brother with also jet black hair but blue eyes, unlike my emerald green eyes, we are 16 years old and I'm the youngest. All my brother are well built, including me. Zayn and I train daily to defend ourselves without any help from our siblings. Never in my brother's and my life we paid attention to any of our siblings except each other. It's like we're not blood related to the others , it's only us. My siblings always try to communicate with us but with no avail. It's only hello and goodbye to us. You can say Zayn and I are the same person internally and externally. Seeing my brother hurt from something that includes me breaks my heart. You can't even describe how strong the bond between us is, it's unbreakable. Tears started running down our cheeks like a waterfall.

"I already know how horrible they could be but tell me what did they do now?"

I started getting angrier every second , thinking of what bullshit are they pulling now that made my own tough twin brother cry.

"Memory you know that you're the only one that I care about in this house and I'd never let them hurt you in any way...but father is going to force you into an arranged marriage with the leader of the Russian Mafia".

The second he finished his sentence we both broke down , we were sobbing into each other's chest , rapped in each other's tight embrace. How could they force me to marry a monster?! The most feared person on the whole planet! They want me to be his wife and by force?!WTF?!

After a couple of minutes, I wiped mine and my brother's tears and said the words that I've been waiting to say since I've come to life 16 years ago...

"Zayn... I think it's time...We have to save ourselves...Get out of here...We have to run."

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