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Cora let out a deafening squeal and started jumping like a five-year-old from excitement.

"I KNEW IT! When are you going to ask her?"

"Cora calm down..."

"Where are you taking her?"

"Cora listen..."


"CORA!", Adrian's voice boomed through the whole mansion and everyone looked at him shocked.

" Okay sorry I'll shut up...", said Cora then left with tears brimming her eyes.

"Cora...", Adrian pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

"I didn't mean to shout at her like that but my head was about to explode..."

"Don't worry I'll talk to her. I know she was talking a lot but she was excited that you'll do something else other than work all the time.", said Pearce and gave him a small pat on his back.

" I guess we're done here..."

Everyone left except Zayn and Alex. Adrian looked up at them nervous to hear what they have to say. He was scared that they won't approve of his relationship with their sister and lose his friends. Zayn gave at Alex a signal to start speaking.

"Look, Adrian, I just met you recently...but I do trust you with our lives. Not only because Zayn does, but also because I don't have a reason not to. All you have done since we met you was take care of us and show us hospitality and kindness. I've seen the way you look at Memory since the first time we met you, and the fact that she's comfortable around you makes me happy. But remember, if you hurt her in any way or break her heart...believe me I'll switch to brother mode then beat you up really bad that you won't be able to get out of bed for a month."

Adrian was understanding since he knew that Alex was protective of Memory like he's protective of Cora himself.

"I would never hurt Memory, EVER. I promise to protect her with everything I have. Amory is going to pay for the pain and suffering he caused to Memory, and believe me when I say he's going to suffer before I kill him if he thinks about getting near Memory."

Both Alex and Zayn flashed him a sincere smile and gave him a bro hug.

"I know and I trust you with my own life, Adrian. You're my best friend and brother and we're lucky to have you as a boyfriend of Memory.", said Zayn with a smirk on his face.

They chuckled then went up to their rooms. Adrian took out his phone to see that it was time to head to his room for some sleep. His day was eventful especially after receiving a call from Amory. The thought of Amory thinking of Memory made his blood boil and his dark side to arise.

The whole world fears Adrian's dark side, they should be. After all, Adrian is an extremely dangerous and dark man, but when it comes to his family, he's ready to wipe off anyone that dares threaten their lives in any shape or form. It may look like a point to use against him but from his point of view, his family is no weakness.

Memory knows little about his dark side but she won't have to worry. Adrain only shows his dark and atrocious self to enemies, not close ones.

The next day...


I stood by the large window of my office gazing down at the snow-covered garden. The weather worsened a lot more throughout the night. The only thing you could see in the sky was the dark grey clouds, blocking the warmth of the sun from reaching the ground.

I left my office and headed towards Cora's room, we need to discuss what happened last night and apologize for my outburst. Cora is a soft yet enthusiastic girl and talks a LOT, but this wasn't a reason for me to yell at her like that. The events that occurred yesterday were really stressing, everyone knows about my anger issues and I lost control just like that.

I knocked softly on her bedroom's door and entered when I heard a soft "έλα μέσα" (come in).

She was sitting on the couch near her window gazing at the mountains ahead.

"Can I sit? I want to talk to you."

She sighed and motioned for me to sit beside her.

"Look, Cora...I'm your brother, and you know about my anger issues. I know it's not a reason for me to burst like that...I came here to apologize for what I've done."

I felt her gaze on the side of my face then suddenly I was pulled into a tight hug.

"Adrian I know that you didn't mean it and I'm not upset at all. I'm the one that should apologize for ranting like a madwoman."

I hugged her tight for what seemed like forever. She finally pulled away and beamed at me.

"Sooooo big brother... Now let's talk about you and Memory. When are you going to ask her to be your girlfriend? ", Cora asked with a wide smirk plastered on her face.

I scratched my neck and let out a nervous laugh.

" About that...Japan now is not really safe for Memory. Amory is playing a dangerous game, he's planing something bad and he might ask for help from the Japanese mafia since he is practically friends with their leader, so we're going back home to Greece tonight. There we have full control over everything and Amory won't be able to cross us and that's for sure."

She thought for a little bit then turned back to face me.

"I think your right. Amory is a toxic man and is known for not playing fair. He might do something terrible that would end with someone getting hurt really bad. But Adrian, remember that we are all here and we will protect Memory with our lives. We better tell Memory and her brothers to get ready so we leave by dusk."




"Memory wake up..."

"Hot chocolate..."

"Memory stop dreaming about sweets and wake up!"


"Uhhhh lord give me strength...Memory I'm sorry about what's going to happen next...


I shot up from the bed like a crazy woman while my heartbeat going 100 miles per hour.

I glared at Pearce and started hitting him while he screamed like a child.


I inhaled deeply trying to calm my poor heart. Pearce kept rubbing his forearm while fake pouting.

"What are your hands made from! Damn this hurts like a bitch...I was just trying to wake you up because Adrian wants to announce something! You kept mumbling weird things about cupcakes and marshmallows. And by the way, it's 12 pm and you need to start packing."

I sighed and massaged my temples.

"Don't do that again! You scared the shit out of me! I'll be down in 10..."

When he left, I got up and finished my business then put on a grey hoodie, some black jeans, and grey velvet boots.

Wait...why should I start packing?!

I sighed then made my way down to the living room were everyone usually is. When I arrived, Cora jumped off the couch and engulfed me in a tight hug.

" How is my beautiful best friend today? Come on Adrian wants to say something important. "

She dragged me towards the couch and gently pushed me to sit down beside her. Adrian flashed me a wide smile and I returned it with another one. He cleared his throat then started speaking.

"I just want to announce that we are all going back home to Greece. Memory, I know you aren't comfortable hearing about 'him' but we have to talk about it. We are going back to Greece because Amory is playing a dangerous game. There, he won't be able to cross us in any way since we technically control the whole country. That's why I want you to start packing your luggage so we don't be late."

So that's why we have to pack. What about our house here in Japan?

Alex must have seen the confused look on my face. He moved to sit beside me and gave my hand a gentle squeeze with a sad smile on his face.

"Look Memory...I know you like it here in Japan but it's better if we get out of the country at least for now. Amory knows that we are here, but even if he figures out that we are in Greece he won't be able to reach you in any way."

I gave him a small smile then turned to face Cora.

"Hey, Cora? Let's go start packing then find something to do."


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