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It's Trouble Time!


Zayn looked at me with a smirk on his face showing his pearl white teeth.

"I guess that twin telepathy after all is true.",

then we started giggling .

"Well , we need an unpredictable plan so that all these guards outside and our family to not realise that we're missing until we're a couple of miles away from the mansion. " said Zayn.

It took us 2 hours of planning and discussion.

"But Zayn...when are we going to do all of this ?"

"Don't worry I'll take care of everything regarding our escape. You're job is to keep acting normal and do what father says,but fight a little bit since they are expecting you to ,and the day of our freedom will be next friday."

I felt tears of joy prick my eyes , Zayn hugged me tight and whispered in my hair.

"Memory, I promise to protect you with my life and never leave you for any reason whatsoever ."

"Stop you're going to make me cry again!"

We laughed , then their was knocking on the door. I said come in then Alexander entered the room with a sad expression on his face .

"Hey wants to discuss something important with you ."

I looked at Zayn then at him and said with a cold tone,

"Zayn told me everything."

Alexander looked at me with sadness evident in his eyes and nodded towards the door.

"We'll all be in the living room waiting for you. Get ready and come down."

I nodded without uttering a word I removed the covers off of me and entered my bathroom. I took a shower to calm myself and finished my morning routine. Then I went to my closet and picked a some black leather pants, white t-shirt , black leather jacket, and black combat boots. Zayn and I are that type of person that prefers leather and dark colors. I don't need makeup so I just combed my jet black hair that reached my knees, yes it's very long, and left it run down my back freely. For a girl, I am considered tall. I'm a 6'1, but still shorter than my brothers and father. The shortest one among them which is Hades is 6'5. Zayn is the tallest one and he's 7'1. I got out of my room ,it was already 3 pm . I headed down towards the living room and found all my brothers and my father waiting for me patiently.

'Well...I think it's time to have some fun and add a bit of action'. I thought while smirking internally. They all turned to look at me , and I looked at them with a cold expression like they are my enemies. I sat down beside Zayn then turned towards my father an got directly to the point using the famous cold tone and killer glare of mine.

"What do you want."


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