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Are You Crazy?


He was silent for a minute,

"Since Zayn told you everything, I'm here to tell you to be ready tomorrow at 8 , you're going with Amory on a date."

He stood up and was about to leave , but no no and no,I'm not letting it go that easily.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you play with my life like that?! Are you insane or what?"

He turned to face my fuming figure,

"I'm your father and you'll do what I say. I'm doing this for your future . "

I let out a scoff, "my future? What future are you talking about? You mean your future. Your money and your bullshit. My future with that fucker?! A COLD HEARTED MONSTER?!"

My voice started getting higher until I was literally screaming in my father's face. He was shook for a second . Then Kaiden decided to stick his nose in the matter.

"Memory. You need to understand that your our sister and we want the best for you. Amory can give you a life of luxury more that us. All you have to do is just be his wife and give him a heir. "

I looked at him in disbelief and said,

"A HEIR?!Are you fucking NUTS?! A luxury life with a statue? Since you claim to care about me...What about my fucking feelings?!You think it's that easy?!"

"Memory you've never even talked to this man! He seems interested in you and that's why we are doing this! Do you understand what's going to happen to us if we refuse? HE'LL END US ALL AND TAKE YOU AWAY BY FORCE! Do you want that?!"

I was silent for a second...

"Well both options are already BY FORCE!!"

Tears started welling in my eyes. When Zayn saw that he got up immediately and stood in front of me.

"Memory let's go upstairs. That won't change the fact that they're dumb and careless . Let's just leave ."

He took my hand and dragged me toward the stairs. I saw everyone from the corner of my eye standing dumbfounded looking at each other. I smirked internally at the sight of those idiots. They don't know what I'm capable of . They won't even realise what's happening until it's too late. At least that heartless ass will do me a favor by ending my father's and Kaiden's life . I feel sorry for the others, but they deserve it too. They didn't try to stop anything. They're all the same , they don't deserve my sympathy!

When we entered Zayn's bedroom. He locked the door behind him and turned to face me with a sad smile on his face . I ran and hugged him really tight and he returned it with the same force. I don't want to cry, I'm not going to show any weakness especially now.

"Well done . Now they will think before doing anything. You need to start packing gradually only essentials and some of your clothes . I have enough money for both of us to buy a house far away from here. Memory...I won't let that Amory guy touch a hair of yours. You are my sister, my bestfriend, my everything. Even if I have to go against the whole world . If I lose you...I'll lose myself too."

I felt wetness on my neck then I realized that he was crying. I sighed,

"Zayn,my big brother. Stop crying or I'll kick you ass! This is not worth your tears...everything is going to be fine . We are going to run away and live a happy life like we always dreamt when we were young. And ...maybe find you a girlfriend too."

We started laughing hard till our tummies started to hurt . He sighed happily,

" Hell yeah! But forget about the girlfriend part please."

I pouted then we started to laugh again. When we were done , I broke the silence,

" Okay let's start our preparations for our escape from the castle of the devil."

We started laughing again . But little did we know that there was someone was listening to our whole conversation from behind the bedroom's door...


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