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Mixed Emotions


After approximately an hour, I went back to my bedroom and started thinking of the objects I need to pack. I picked a couple of outfits that are appropriate for such a journey with 3 pairs of my favourite combat shiny leather boots . I also chose some of my toiletries, and the jewellery set that my mom giftedme before she passed away .Mother was the only person that I cared about other that Zayn in this house. She was the only light in our darkness. But after her passing , I became the cold hearted person I am towards my family. I picked a black leather bag from my closet and placed it on my bed. A minute later, their was knocking on my door. I immediately hid the bag under my bed and opened the door to find Alexander standing in front of me .

"We need to talk...can I come in?"

I stepped aside to let him in and sat down on my white couch.

"What do you want now?"

He hesitated for a second then said,

"I know that you and Zayn are planning to run away soon."

I was shocked and nervous about what I just heard. did he know?

"Father wanted me to talk to you about tomorrow , but I didn't find you in your room, so I figured that you're in Zayn's room. Before I knock , I heard you and Zayn talking about packing and leaving next week...Memory, I'm here now to tell you that..."

He went silent for a minute then said something that shocked me like electricity.

"I'm willing to help you and Zayn get out of here."

What?How?He wants to help us?He is willing to cross my father and brother and help us escape from this hellhole? Is he okay? Does he realise that he'll be the first to be executed if Amory even gets a hint that he helped us?!

"Earth to Memory. Are you okay?"

I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts.

"How do I guarantee that this is not a trap?"

I asked while rasing my left eyebrow.

" are my sister...I would never do that to you. Have I ever done something that hurt you even the slightest?"

He was right. He never hurt me not even once. I think I could trust him...but I need to be careful.

"Fine...I'll talk to Zayn about what you said and ask for his permission first since he's the captain. "

He smiled then said,

"Well okay I'll give you time to think. By the still wants you ready tomorrow at 8 for your date."

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose.

"I guess I have to do that to make sure our moves go unnoticed. "

He smiled sadly and hugged me. I was surprised that I hugged him back, then he pulled away .

"Memory, remember that your my sister and I'll be on your side even if the price of my actions is death."

I saw tears escape his black shining eyes. My heart ached seeing him cry and sacrifice his life for my freedom. I hugged him while sobbing into his hard chest. He hugged me tight like his life depends on me. Right there, he started sobbing hard. We stayed like that for what seemed like an hour or so hugging each other until we fell asleep.

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