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Meeting The Monster


I woke up the next morning on my bed,' I guess Alexander tucked me in'. I took a shower and finished my morning routine. While entering my closet, I remembered the meeting with the monster. What a reminder to start my morning with,*note the sarcasm*. I wore a simple dark green shirt, white ripped jeans with a white jeans jacket. And of course, don't forget my white boots. I sighed and headed towards the kitchen to grab something and fill my empty tummy since I didn't have the appetite to eat yesterday. I entered the kitchen and it was 5 in the morning. Everyone would be usually up by 6, so I have an hour for myself. I ate an apple and headed towards Zayn's room. I knocked on the door but no one answered, so I entered. But his bed was empty... Where did he go? I went to check the gym to find him training. When he saw me he shot me a wide smile and headed my direction. He went for a hug but I immediately stepped aside.

"Eww Z! You stink!"

We started laughing like children on Christmas while he chased after me. When we were done being childish, I remember that I need to tell him that I'm going out.

"Zayn I have an idea! I'm going out till late at night just to show them that they can't control me."

"You think it's a good idea? Well if it'll teach that asshole to take permission from you first , then DO IT!"

Then we started laughing like mad people .

I grabbed the keys of my black mustang and entered my car. I exited the mansion and started driving without any idea of were to go. I remembered a place my mother used to take me , it was at the top of a mountain where you can see the whole city from. It's the best place to think and clear my head, and no body except Zayn knows about it ,so I drove there without a second thought.

I stayed there looking at the sky for hours, then I fell asleep without even realising. When I woke up, it was already dark. I checked my phone and it was already 9. Let him wait forever , I care lastly. My phone started ringing, I picked it from the groud, It was my annoying father. My mood was ruined now! But I didn't pick up😈 . He called me like 30 times or so, and I was just sitting , staring at the phone with a smirk on my face. Pathetic! After an hour or so, I heard a sound that alarmed me. I looked around and saw black jeeps heading up the mountain my way. No one knows about this place , how did they find me ?Then I realized my dumb phone was on meaning they tracked it . Uhhh , what a way to ruin my peace! Cars surrounded me from every direction, not a tiny space left for me to escape except for the edge of the mountain, and if I throw myself I'll die obviously. I stayed on the ground then focused my gaze on the sight in front of me. When I heard footsteps coming in my direction, I turned my head to see a huge man with an extremely built body . He was really tall, even taller than my 7'1 twin brother. Peircing aqua blue eyes shining from the headlights of the jeeps, messy short black hair, sharp jaw, and thick black eyebrows. Everything about him screams luxury, power, and danger. He was standing in front of me...It's the famous Amory Romanov.

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