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First Warning


He sat down on the grass to my left and stayed silent for a while. After what seemed to be like 15 minutes, he finally broke the silence.

"I told your father that you should be ready at 8, why are you still here?"

His voice is that type of deep that sends chills down your spine, and I barely controlled myself from shivering. To be honest, I'm scared now. You can't be always the strong and brave person you are . Sometimes, you unconsciously get scared especially when you know danger is right in front of you. I sighed and stayed silent , I wanted to talk but unfortunately my vocal chords betrayed me. I felt his intense gaze on the left side of my face which made me uncomfortable . I stood up and started walking towards my car, but a few men and women in black uniforms blocked my way .

I turned back and gave him one of my coldest glares.

"Tell them to get out of my way. "

His smirk widened while he motioned for his men to move out of the way. I walked past them with my head held high and unlocked my car. I turned toward him ,

"Remember Mr. Romanov, this wedding will not happen. And believe me, I'll do whatever it takes to stop this shit show."

When I turned my body towards the car , I heared slow footsteps coming my way. Then I felt a hand on my wrist, he turned me around to face him . He moved his face near my ear and said something that made me nervous and scared for real this time.

"And you should remember that I always get what I want. And when I lay my eyes on a woman, she immediately becomes mine. And for our missed date, you're coming with me tomorrow at 7 . Be ready beautiful, or your dear family will face a quiet big punishment. "

I looked at him with both hatred and fear of what he might do to me and my brother if he caught us running away. He pecked my lips then backed away. I felt bile rising in my throat and I tried hard to control myself from throwing up. I immediately got in my car and drove away without giving him a second glance. What the hell just happened? Was I really scared of him?! What's happening to me!

When I arrived to the mansion, I saw my father and brothers waiting for me at the door. When they saw me , they let out sigh of relief. I immediately grabbed Zayn's arm and dragged him with me towards my room only glancing at Alex for a few secomds and motioned for him to come with us. When the three of us were in, I locked the door and told them what happened less than 2 hours ago. And to say that they were shocked is an understatement . They both came and hugged me tight for what seemed like an hour. I backed away and went to the bathroom, I desperately needed a hot bath.

When I finished, I went inside my closet and chose some comfy and warming pjs since it's already January. What a way to start a new year...I layed on my bed staring out the window until I fell into a deep sleep with one thought on my mind.'We need to get far away from here as soon as possible...'


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