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Chapter 2

Water. Everything is okay now. Nothing can hurt me, everything it's okay.

It's not okay.

No, it's not, but I don't give a fuck. I want things to be okay again.


Caroll, I'm sorry. I loved you, I'm sorry.

I left you in there, with him. Bloody Hell. I'm sorry. I'm sorry you died.

Memories came to my mind, just as water fell on my face.

That night. Yeah, that night.

I lost everything. It was my fault.

Your fault.

I tried to remember everything. Just a bit of torture, you know. But I couldn't.

Details faded like they were supposed to be in memories.

But the essential was still in there.


That patrol was boring. Caroll was pretty confident about winning. Me? Not sure.

Bloody Hell was there. Torturing a poor woman by killing her husband. Not cool, man.

We waited until he was gone, patiently. Finally, at 5 am we entered to that building. That shitty building...

Both, woman and husband were death, unnecessary lost, but we couldn't do anything more.

And started looking around.

Evidence? Locations? Maybe next victims? I don't know, we were looking for something. And surely we found something. Someone, at least.

Bloody Hell had returned, took me by surprise and choked me with his cold, big hands. He lifted me off the ground, Caroll came running and tried to help me, but the huge man threw her away with his gigantic hand. While he didn't have that hand on my throat, I scaped and kicked him on his back. Nothing. Took my gun out of the shoe and pointed to his head.

"Don't move, you are under arrest." He had a little smile that was turning me off, I was quite scared, and didn't noticed the detonation button he had on his left hand. Shit, a trap.

I was confused for a second, which he used to send flying my gun. Caroll, back on her feet, tried to reach the pistol, but didn't realize of the detonator.

"Carol, we have to run."

"What? No, we're almost there, we have to do it, we have to kill him."

Kill him. Kill.

No, no.

Just do it, kill him.

No, I don't kill.

"'Cmon, do it." Said Caroll sending me the gun.

"Do it, little girl, shoot me." Again, that stupid smile. I was freaking out, didn't know what to do.

Shoot him, he is a bad guy, shoot.


Shoot, shoot.

No, no, no.

Shoot! Now!

Stop it!

And a gunshot was heard.

And she fell to the ground.

And I ran. I cried. I laughed.

I killed her. I was the one who killed her.

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