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Ally and Tyler are both patients at Methodist hospital because of head trauma that they both got in an accident. The two are the only ones left in the hospital while everyone else was evacuated. Can Ally and Tyler be able to fight covid-19 or will they fall?

Action / Scifi
Rose 🌈 🌈
Age Rating:

Chapter one

(Ally's pov: 2020)

I hear faint beeping as I awake from my sleep. My head is pounding so bad that I start seeing black cloud around my vision. Fuck, I thought. I tried to think of what lead to me in the hospital. I climbed to the other side of the bed and grabbed the clipboard. Apparently I was in an accident, but there was a funny word next to the reason why the couple was speeding. Corona? Coronavirus? I shook my head and grabbed the remote to alert the doctor that I was awake. Nothing, not even a footstep or voice outside my door.

"Hello?" I called. "Is anyone here?"

The hospital looked abandoned. I shivered. I hated hospitals, especially after a movie I'd seen about an abandoned one when I was four. I walked around the hallway looking for something, anything.

"Hello?" A male voice called. It seemed far away but I ran towards it.

A/N: hey! I hope everyone is being safe in quarantine. Will Ally find the faint male voice? What will happen if she does?
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