Crown Of Ice (Death Wish)

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What happens when the target you were supposed to assassinate becomes in love with you? Void was supposed to assassinate Lucas, the Prince of the Vexes, but in the end, it's her life that's in danger. Lucas isn't the only person who's in love with Void. Leo has known Void most of his life and has been in love with her since they met. Caught in between not only a love triangle but the feud between two enemy Kings, Void struggles to stay on her feet. Should she save the kingdom by sacrificing her life or run away with the one she truly loves?

Action / Romance
Mare Midnight
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Void Icefall

I pause for a moment and add, glaring daggers at the King’s face. “Just watch your back carefully, or you’ll find a frozen dagger in it. I’m a vengeful person, and you just threatened the people that I love.”

That’s the boldest thing I can say in this situation. Anything more will threaten my family. And I can’t lose my family. And even though I just met Red-head - I mean Leo - I can’t have his death on my hands, too. I can’t have more deaths that I’m responsible for.

The King smiles a cat’s smile and says, “Good. I like a good challenge.”

And with that, he dismisses me. I’m dragged out of the wealth-covered throne room, not exactly knowing how to get out of this situation.

Because now I’m condemned to do the King’s dirty work, all so my family and Leo won’t suffer because of me.

At the end of the day, it’s the right thing to do.

But the price to pay is high.

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