Faithless Shadows

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Some people hide, Some people die, And some people fight. In a world full of darkness who will survive?

Action / Thriller
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Chapter One: The Servants Monsters

Do you believe in monsters? I do. In fact, all of London does. Every child, woman, dog, and man locks up at night in their homes. He comes out at night to take the lives of innocents. Peter says that he likes to make little girls and eat them alive. Maybe I am going to be next.

Looking up from my food I smiled at the other small girl standing next to Maria, our chef. She had chubby cheeks with brown eyes matching her brown hair. She was a bit dirty and looked frightened as she shoved her face into Maria's dress. Maybe she will be next.

"Maria, how long until Father comes home?" the Chef turned towards me with a thoughtful look.

"Well dear, that is a good question. I think he said, he was going to be late as he has a meeting with the Lord" Maria smiled down towards me. "Why don't you show my new daughter around? I am sure she will like to see the garden" she motioned to the small girl beside her. The little girl clutched onto her Mother's dress.

"Our garden is quite lovely. I am positive that you will find it lovely too" I rushed over to the girl and pulled her away from Maria. "Let's go!" I pulled her up the stairs and until we reached the top floor. I turned around and pressed my finger to my lips so she would keep quiet. Mother is asleep and needs to rest up. She was attacked by him a few months ago trying to save Peter. I would have just left Peter.

Slowly we made our way to the end of the hallway. I turned around and smiled at the girl, as this is my favourite place. I opened the old door and walked out onto the roof. The girl gasped, and I pulled her in.

"My name is Lydia. What's yours?" Now she paid full attention to me. I think she was staring at my blue eyes- no my blonde curls. Why is she avoiding me?

"My name is Isabella. Your garden is charming." She made a small smile and turned around to look at the flowers and herbs. "May I take a look around?"

I grinned at her response "yes you may. Just don't pick anything and Mother said that she favours the flowers so maybe do not touch them." The girl nodded and gave me a full smile.

She walked around a few times while I stood near the edge of the balcony. My brother Peter walked outside and glanced at the girl then at me, showing a small smirk.

"Miss Isabella, are you enjoying the garden?" Peter questioned. The girl jumped, she turned around, eyes wide and mouth agape.

"wh-why yes it is delightful" the girl stood there for a bit.

"Well carry on. Let me not stop you" Isabella nodded and hesitantly went back to observing the roses. Peter walked over to me, with his smirk becoming more evident, as he knew a secret. He leaned down towards me and whispered in my ear. "Protecting yourself I see, got another little girl to take your place."

"Brother I am just feeding the beast what it wants. I am not scared of him." I jutted my chin up and stared into his eyes. "I was just taking your advice. You told me that it likes little girls and she is scared." I glanced over to her then to the fading sun.

"Well then not much longer and I guess you will go back to finding some other little girl to feed to him" his amusement didn't fade when I grinned back at him hiding all the fear.

"Should we leave now Lydia and Peter? It is getting rather dark. He is going to come out soon" Isabella asked us.

I sighed before I walked over to the door. My small hand covered the handle and twisted it. With luck, it was locked. "Isabella I think the door is locked." I turned to her, and her face paled. She rushed past me and tried for herself. I grinned when she turned around.

She looked at me then to Peter, behind me, smugly holding the key up. "What are you doing?" the small frightened girl questioned us.

I snarled ruining my cute face. "What do you think we are doing? I have heard the beast likes scared little girls. Did you know that?" she started sobbing before she leapt towards me. I think I saw some tears leak out of her eyes.

I ducked just in time and Peter grabbed hold of her frail body. Pinning her as he has done to so many. He dragged her over to where I stood before. Looking out I gazed at the surrounding buildings. All the same just like the people who live or lived in them. They are scared helpless people who not know how to stay alive. Mother will be proud of us.

We stood there for a while waiting for the black tendrils of the beast to appear. The beast loves fear and will come soon with Isabella crying and shaking as she is. A few more minutes and black smoke started to blow through. The odour came next, the sickening smell of urine, iron, and death. Tendrils came after as it soundlessly made its way towards us.

Isabella's cries came louder luring the beast closer. I smiled at the beast to hide my fear. It will eat her not me. I am a loyal servant and will feed it. Peter stiffened as it licked across his face. I think it remembers his mistake. But the beast moved down towards the girl.

"Beast we have food for you. She is prepped and ready" at those words Peter let her go, and I took his place. "Let her come to you" I whispered before pushing her off the roof. Black tendrils grabbed her mid-fall.

Screams and pleas were heard from the girl. I could only feel relieved as the screaming stopped and the tendrils moved on. We made our way inside the security of our home. I wished we could have been friends, but I was not going to fail to feed the beast. Better her than me.

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