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Chapter Eleven

“Kat are you ready?” Bobby shouts up the stairs as I’m finishing my make-up for the fight tonight.

“One minute!” I answer as I finished my eyeliner.

“I swear every time I see you in that my legs quiver” Lucy says behind me as I smirk, she was dressed up too, I’d made a few changes, so she looked a little different, more edgy.

“Lucy…” I moan.

“I know, I know, just friends…” She sighs but bites her lip.

“Come on girls! We’ll be late, you need to make a show!” Bobby rushes in and stops when he sees us both.

“What the fuck did you do to little Lucy?” His eyes go over her body as she blushes.

“She’s not little anymore Bobby” I wink as I make my way past him.

“You look great Luce” He says, and I smile, I knew he liked her, but if she hurt him like she hurt me, she knew I’d wreck her.

“Thanks Bobby” She smiles as they both follow me down the stairs.

“There’s our winner” Nathan claps looking at me with a smile.

“I haven’t won yet” I laugh.

“But you will” He smirks.

“Toby left already?” I ask not seeing my eldest brother.

“Yeah, he wanted to catch King before the match to talk about Oliver and company” Bobby answered, and I just nodded.

“Travis and Jay are with him too we’ll see them there” Nathan adds.

“Isn’t Jay working tonight?” I ask.
“No, he’s got the night off, said he wanted to watch the fight properly for once. But I think he just wants to keep an eye on you” Bobby winks.

“I don’t even know if I’m interested in him like that” I groan.

“Then who are you interested in?” Bobby raises a brow.

“I…Uh…No one” I stammer and yet images of King…Mason flash in my head, that smirk, those eyes, his body…God that body…And yet I would be fighting him tonight, bruising that beautiful body.

“You SO like someone!” Lucy cries out with a smirk.

“I... I don’t know yet…” I answer.

“Ohh, you will tell me later!” Lucy squeals as I laugh at her as Nathan rolls his eyes and opens the front door.

“Let’s get going!” Nathan snaps as I chuckle, and we get into the car.

I had never seen the warehouse so busy I didn’t know it was possible, crowds of people were everywhere. My hands were shaking with sudden nerves that I had never felt before.

“Deep breaths Smoke” Lucy smiles and squeezes my hand as I smile and nod in thanks before we get out the car and enter the throngs of people.

“Smoke!” People shout as I wave at people as more and more come up to wish me luck and tell me they were betting on me to win.

“Give her some room!” Nathan shouts angrily as people crowd us, while we’re trying to get in. Slowly they move as we walk inside as I glance around.

“Smoke!” Jay runs up and picks me up, twirling me around in his arms as I laugh.

“Way to make me look real cool…” I smirk rolling my eyes.

“People want you so bad, but they crave you more when they see you with another. Jealousy makes people crazy” He laughs with a wink.

“Twisted” I chuckle as he takes my hand and leads us to the office.

“We need to have a quick chat first. You guys mind waiting out here a second” Jay says to the others as they nod and wait outside.

“Smoke” King nods from the desk with a smirk.

I look to Toby and Travis, they look annoyed.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“Oliver is here and he’s trying to coerce King” Toby says.

“What has he asked of you?” I ask.

“That I win by any means. If I lose, he reveals my true identity…If I win, he takes you and I remain safe” He sighs.

“God damn it…Now what…” I groan.

“We fight and we do it just as we planned. I have my brother, Connor doing all he can to deal with Oliver, leave that with me. He won’t get to you. Not if I can help it” King answers.

“And what if you lose?” I raise a brow.

“I won’t…” He smirks.

“That confident are we…What if you do though? How would you feel if they revealed you to the world. A fighter…How will that affect you?” I ask, leaning against the wall.

“Well, a lot of people will enjoy it, I would get a lot of bad press, but I’m pretty sure my new employee won’t mind…” He smirks.

“What makes you think that King?” Travis perks up and I chuckle.

“I wondered if you would figure it out” I smirked.

“Because, she’s standing right in front of me, aren’t you Katrina Smoak” King smirks and brings down his hood as Travis’s eyes go wide.

“You…Your…Holy shit…” Travis gasps as I laugh.

“Sorry I can’t quite take my disguise off so easily” I wink as King laughs.

“I said I would find out your secrets Kat” King laughs.

“Welcome to the biggest secret I have, I’m an open book from now on Mason” I laugh.

“I’m not sure you are, there’s always secrets behind the pages, you just have to delve deeper” he winks, and my knees feel weak.

“Are you two going to stop flirting and figure out what you’re doing?” Travis laughs.

“We will fight as we would. Our outside lives are nothing to do with this ring Smoke, in here we are King and Smoke, that’s it. Agreed?” King says.

“Agreed, no getting upset with each other over what happens in the fight, business is business and fun is fun” I smile as he puts his hood back up and I can’t help but feel butterflies in my stomach at the sight of him. The man was truly gorgeous.

“So Oliver is just to be ignored?” Toby says.

“Yes, ignore him and my brother will deal with it. No one will harm your sister” King says and Toby nods.

“Keep an eye on Lucy, I don’t want Trev or Oliver near her” I say as Travis nods.

“She’ll be with us the whole time” Travis says.

“Is there something between you two?” King asks

“There was…it was complicated…I’m single though…if that’s what you’re asking” I wink.

“Smoke! King! Smoke! King!” The crowd are chanting.

“I feel like they are chanting for us to start smoking…” I laugh.

“The crowd awaits beautiful” King opens the door.

“He’s sweet on you…Be careful Kat” Toby says in my ear and I nod with a smile. Was he sweet on me or just being cocky?

I walk out as people begin cheering for me as I give high-fives and handshakes as I make my way to the ring.

“You ready for this?” Nathan asks as he takes my jacket from me.

“Yeah” I nod as the crowd begin to go wild at King jumping onto the stage, raising his arm in a fist pumping up the crowd as they yell and jeer for him.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the fight of the year! King Vs Smoke! Who’s ready?!” The announcer shouts as the crowd screams.

“Good luck!” The boys hug me, Lucy and Jay both place a kiss on each cheek as I laugh as Toby gives me a boost to jump up onto the ring.

“I hope you’re ready to lose your kingdom King” I smirk as the crowd laugh with me.

“Your smoke is going to blow away in the wind, there will be nothing left by the end of this” He says back as I see his sexy smirk under the hood.

My eyes flick across the crowd as the announcer begins talking to the crowd making them go wild as King and I circle around the ring once.

“It looks like we’ve got two very cocky fighters tonight, but who will win…I hope you’ve all made your bets as the time for betting is now OVER!” Greg the announcer shouts with a smirk.

I spot Oliver and some of his guys to the back a little as I signal Nathan, letting him know as he nods, he knows.

“Shake!” The announcer calls out as King and I move forward and shake hands.

“Stop looking at them. Give me your best shot” King whispers quickly before going back to his spot as I nod with a smirk.

Shaking out my hands and bouncing a bit I let out my nerves and I’m pretty sure the crowd can feel it as I can hear them whisper that maybe they made the wrong bet.

“You’re going down King!” I shout as he smirks. The crowd cheers once more.

“In your dreams baby” He smirks as I shiver at him calling me baby.

“Come on Smoke!” I hear the boys call out and it makes me smile, finally I had a whole team behind me, although I still missed Benji, he should be here too…

“3...2…1…Fight!” The announcer shouts as I smirk, the fun begins.

At first we’re scoping each other out, but then I decide to take the first punch, but he dodges it and pushes me away from him as I try to keep my balance. What was he playing at? He could have taken a decent shot…

“What the fuck was that?! Punch her!” People in the crowd shout.

“Scared there King? Don’t want to hurt a girl?” I smirk as I kick out and try to wipe his legs out, but he manages to grab it and slam me down to the ground as he straddles my waist.

“Woooo King!!” The crowd shout.

“I’m pretty sure you should be straddling me” He smirks as I take the chance to punch him in the gut and flip us, so I’m straddling him.

“That better?” I laugh before I go to punch him once more, but he catches it and kicks me away as I fall to the floor with a thud, winded a little but get up quickly.

“Childs play…” He laughs as we begin to amp it up, throwing punches harder and faster as I’m struggling to keep up with his stamina. I can feel my strength faltering as I try to sweep his legs out again.

“Smoke! You can do it!” Lucy shouts as I smirk. But then I see Oliver move towards them and I’m distracted.

Suddenly my legs are gone from under me and my head hits the floor as stars fill my eyes.

“The fuck…” I groan as I get up slowly, my hand on my head as I notice the blood.

“Focus” King growls at me as he kicks me while I’m down.

“Oliver…” I groan under my breath.

“Ignore him” He snaps and goes to hit me again as I grab his wrist and pull him, he stumbles as I get up, but I was a little wobbly on my feet.

“Finish her!” Someone shouts in the crowd.

“Come on then King, finish me” I growl as I see his smirk as he comes towards me.

“With pleasure” He says as he goes to hit me, but I block it and return a hit to his stomach as he moves backwards.

“Keep on it Smoke!” Toby shouts behind me.

I keep blocking his punches, a few get to me as I move about, just trying to let him tire out.

“Are you going to hit me princess or just dodge me?” King smirks.

“Why? Feeling tired?” I laugh as I dodge another punch before kicking him in the chest as he falls backwards.

“Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!” The crowd chants, but King gets back up quickly.

An elbow to the face is what I get in return as blood splatters from my lips.

“Smoke!” Lucy cries out. I signal I’m ok as I notice her eyes afraid for me.

“That all you got?” I spit blood from my mouth.

He comes towards me as I dodge left and hit him in the leg causing it to go dead as he goes down with a hiss. Sweeping his leg from under him and punching him in the face as he tumbles to the ground.

He groans against the ground trying to get back up, but I take him in a chokehold as he struggles against me.

Throwing him to the ground as he weakens…I could take him right now and win…But what if Oliver revealed him to the world…I couldn’t do that… he regains his composure and pulls me over as I fall to the ground, feeling something inside my arm snap as I cry out in pain.

My arm is dangling useless by my side as he looks at me, his hood has lifted just enough for just me to see his face, his eyes widen as I’m down on my knees in front of him.

“Finish it” I groan, I didn’t care who won anymore. I was in so much pain.

“I’m sorry” He says quietly as he knees me in the chin, and I go down with a thud.

“Smoke!” I hear Bobby shout as blood sprays everywhere from my mouth, I had bitten my cheek as I went down.

“5…4…” The announcer begins the countdown to my loss.

“Get back up!” My fans shout but I’m too exhausted, my arm, face and head were in so much pain.

“3…2…1…Winner KING!” The announcer shouts and the crowd goes wild.

Greg is jumping down from his podium as he holds Kings hand up in victory as Travis jumps up onto the ring with Nathan by his side.

“Smoke tell me what hurts” Travis asks as I cry out in pain as he helps me up.

“My head, face and I think my arm is broken” I clench my teeth as he tests out my arm.

“It’s not broken, just dislocated. Nathan brace her for me, this is going to hurt but I need to pop it back hun” Travis says as I nod, and Nathan holds me to him as Travis suddenly pulls and I scream out which even shocked the crowd.

“Why’d you lose on purpose?” Nathan whispered in my ear as a tear falls from my face.

“I didn’t. Can we move elsewhere, I don’t need to be in front of the whole crowd…” I groan as Travis nods and helps me up.

“Smoke…You ok?” King comes up to us.

“I’ll be fine” I’m a little wobbly as we walk and go to fall when King picks me up bridal style and follows the boys as we get a few cat calls.

I can hear the murmurs in the crowd of whether we were together, how could we be together and yet hurt each other so much…It went on as we passed them and went into the office.

“Where are the others?” I ask as King sets me on the desk.

“They’ll be in in a minute. Toby is talking to Connor” Nathan says.

“Who is with Lucy?” I ask

“Jay and Bobby. She’ll be fine Kat” Nathan rolls his eyes.

“Sorry I worry, she’s not like us Nathan” I wince as Travis gets out the first aid kit and begins patching me up.

“I know…Bobby was thinking we should give her some training…Self-defence, you know just in case” Nathan says as he eyes Travis.

“That’s a good idea. I don’t want anything to happen to my daughter, but under no circumstances will she be fighting here…EVER” Travis says.

“She’s not the type to fight Travis” I smile and then wince at the pain in my face.

“You won’t be looking so hot for work on Monday” King smirks.

“Have you seen your face…You know that bruise which was fading…It might look a little worse now” I laugh.

“Your head should be fine, I’m just going to clean it, your lip might need a stitch though. I’ll put your arm in a sling for a few weeks, it’s going to be sore for a while. You’ll be out of action for a while again” Travis says as I groan.

“All the more time to do things for me at work…” King laughs.

“I might regret this wanting a job thing…” I roll my eyes.

“Smoke!” Lucy rushes through the door as Travis is putting a stitch in my lip.

“Woah! Wait!” King puts out an arm to stop her from jumping straight to my arms as she’s knocked backwards and into Bobby’s arms.

“Watch it King” Bobby growls as he steadies Lucy as she walks slowly to me.

“You ok?” Lucy says with a hand on my arm.

“I lost but at least it protects someone else…” I sigh as I glance down to the ground.

“Wait what…” King storms up to me.

“Me losing protects your identity right?”

“Yes…tell me you didn’t throw the match Katrina…” King growls as I look up to him as he yells in frustration.

“Dude calm down” Nathan stands between us.

“All done” Travis says as he finishes patching me up and I get up from the desk, albeit still a little wobbly.

“King, you have more to lose than I do. You have a life. It’s easier this way…” I said.

“Oliver wants you…How is that easier? Do you know what he wants you to do? He wants you as his pet, he wants to be able to play with you when he likes, make you fight when he wants and do anything he bids. Most girls he gets and does that to last barely a year before he kills them!”

“That’s quite enough King” Toby growls.

“You said your brother could deal with it…” I mumbled, trying to hide my shaking hand behind my back.

A knock on the door distracts us as none other than Oliver walks in with several of his guys. I drag Lucy by the hand and place her behind me as the boys stay in front of us.

“Well, what do we have here… I’ve come to collect my debt” He smirks as his boys bring out a few guns.

“Stay the fuck away from them” King growls as Trev points his gun at his head.

“Are you really protecting her? She’s just a girl” Oliver laughs.

“She’s not just a girl, she’s strong, brave, smart, beautiful and better than you’ll ever deserve” King says and my heart flutters a little.

“Oh my, is big bad King falling for a girl he barely knows… Did you know that a friend of hers killed himself because of her…She’s not a nice girl King” Oliver laughs, and I gasp.

“What the fuck are you on about? No one killed themselves because of my sister” Bobby says in my defence but my eyes lower as Lucy looks at me.

“Luke…” Lucy mumbles her eyes searching mine.

“What?” Toby turns to us as a tear escaped my eyes.

“I…I didn’t mean it to happen…” I cried.

“Secrets…How does it feel Katrina knowing your friend killed himself because you broke his heart, you tore him to pieces” Oliver pushes.

“Enough Oliver!” King shouts.

“But wait…Did he kill himself? Or did you push him?” Oliver’s eyes glint as the others turn to me.

“We…we…we were at the lake…He…he said he loved me… I didn’t like him like that and…we got in an argument…I pushed him…I didn’t mean to…” I cried.

“Luke couldn’t swim…” Lucy gasps.

“I dove right in after! I swear but he hit his head on a rock! I didn’t mean to! I swear!” I cry.

Nathan walks up to me and looks me straight in the eyes.

“Did you try to save him?” He asks.

“Yes! He was one of my best friends, I never wanted to hurt him, but we were both so angry and I pushed him, and he slipped. I never meant for him to die!” I cry.

“She’s a murderer all the same” Oliver smirks.

“No she’s not” Nathan growls as he stands in front of me with his hand in mine in support.

“She’s a fighter, she’s stubborn, she’s got a temper on her, but she would never want someone to die” Toby says backing up to us.

I feel like I want to be sick, memories of me and Luke coming back as my tears flow.

“She’s mine! Give her to me…Jay, bring the girl to me” Oliver says as my eyes flick to Jay’s, his head bows as he walks up to me.

“I’m sorry Kat” He sighs.

“You touch my fucking sister and I’ll kill you right now” Nathan snarls.

“Jay!” Oliver shouts angrily as Jay snatches my arm and pulls me to him.

“I trusted you…” I said as he won’t face me.

“I didn’t have a choice…” He says as he hands me to Oliver.

“Good boy, you have my word your family are safe…You, however, have showed me you will betray your own people so…” Oliver points his gun to Jay as I scream as Oliver shoots and Jay falls to the floor.

“No!” I scream.

“Come now, we should go home and have some fun” Oliver laughs and bites at my neck as I elbow him in the gut, he pins me to the wall with a hand around my neck as his men surround us.

“If you do that again I will kill someone else…Understood?” He growls as I whimper and nod as he releases me.

“I’ll give you anything! Give us back our sister!” Toby shouts as Oliver is dragging me out behind him.

“I have what I want” Oliver laughs.

“King! Protect them!” I shout looking behind me as his frown has turned to a scowl, but he nods.

So much for his brother protecting me…

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