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Chapter Twelve

“Put her in my room” Oliver orders as Trev drags me by the arm through a long corridor after removing a blindfold from my eyes.

“Asshole” I growl as he clenches around my dislocated shoulder.

“What did you call me?” Trev growls as he pins me against a wall, choking me as another of his hands wanders over my body.

“I called you an asshole” I spit in his face as he punches me in the stomach hard before throwing me into a room and walking up to me menacingly.

“I’ve wanted a piece of you since you stopped me taking that little friend of yours. To dominate that stubborn fighter in you. Make you mine. I’m sure Oliver won’t mind me having a piece of you” Trev growls as I shuffle away from him but end up backing into a wardrobe.

“Stay the fuck away from me!” I shout as he removes his jeans, taking off his belt as it taps it against his hand before smashing it across my face as I cry out.

He pulls me over to him as he turning me over, ripping my leggings from me, leaving me bare in front of him as I’m crying for him to stop.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Oliver growls from the doorway as he storms in with a gun in hand as he knocks Trev out cold.

“Don’t hurt me” I cry as he turns me back over as I cry from the pain.

“I won’t” He says as he picks me up carefully and takes me out once more before entering another room, a bathroom.

He left me alone to clean up as he stood outside. Why was he being nice all of a sudden?

He had left some clothes on the side for me to change in to as I got dressed and wiped off the remnants of my make-up.

“I’m done” I said shakily.

“Listen, there’s a lot you don’t know, and I’ll tell you…in time…but I won’t hurt you. I would never hurt you…” he says, and I believe him, looking into his eyes I can tell he’s telling the truth. I don’t know how to react right now, so I just go along with it, hoping I would find a way back home soon.

“Why would you do this? Can I ever go back home?” I ask as he leads me to a bedroom.

“I can’t tell you that, that’s not my story to tell. That’s not your home, not anymore. You’re ours now” He says as he walks out.

“I want to go home! This will never be my home!” I shout suddenly in a rage as I throw a glass that was full of water beside the bed at his head.

“Don’t test me Katrina. Just because I said I won’t hurt you doesn’t mean others won’t do it for me” He growls as he slams the door shut and I heard a click of a lock.

“God damn it!” I scream in frustration.

A few hours later and Trev comes grumbling through the door as he’s having to clean up the mess I had caused throwing the glass.

“Aww, cleaning up for daddy are we?” I taunt with a smirk as his eyes contort with rage.

“Watch it, little bitch” He growls.

“Or what. Oliver said you couldn’t touch me”

“What he doesn’t see won’t hurt him” He growls as he stands and begins walking up to me.

“I wouldn’t if I were you” Oliver stands at the door once more I had seen him coming.


“She’s taunting you Trev. Get it together. She’s a fucking child” He says as Trev storms past him in a huff throwing down the dust pan and brush.

“He’s got issues” I smirk.

“Be careful little girl, I can’t be here to save you every time. He’s a dangerous man”

“Why not just let him?” I raise a brow.

“You’re mine. No one else’s” He snarls.

“Yours how?” I ask.

“I…God damn it…My boss will kill me if I tell you…” He whispers coming closer as my eyes widen. I thought he WAS the boss.

“Who is your boss?” I ask.

“I can’t…I can’t tell you…” He says as his hand cups my cheek as I wince.

“Please… Why am I so important?” I ask.

“Because…” He starts.
“Oliver…” One of his other guys comes to the door, nodding for him to follow.

“You’ll find out…Soon…I promise…” He says with a sigh before leaving.

“What the fuck is going on?” I whisper to myself.

A few days went by and I barely saw anyone, I was brought food and drinks, there was a bathroom connected to my room, so I didn’t need to leave.

But I was getting impatient.

“Oliver!” I shout beside my door as I bang my fist against it.

I repeat it a few times before I hear someone walking up to it quickly.

“Enough! What are you shouting for?” Billy growls, he was one of Oliver’s men, the nicer of the lot.

“I’m bored!” I groan and he just laughs at me.

“Come on then…” He gestures for me to follow.

“Are you serious… You’re not playing me right now?” I ask as he chuckles and takes my hand for me to follow as we walk down the corridor.

“What the fuck are you doing with her?” Trev growls coming around the corner.

“She needed out. I’m just taking her for a walk” Billy replies with a smile.

“You have no right to do that. Boss is here” Trev says as I see Billy’s eyes darken.

“Shit. We’ve got to go back” Billy ushers me back towards my room.

“Billy…What are you doing?” A new voice growls as he stills.

“She…she…she was bored… I was just getting her out for a moment…” Billy stammers as I daren’t turn around. Something about the voice was familiar…

“Put Katrina back in her room. Do NOT turn around Katrina…” He says as my eyes widen and how he said my name.

“No…It can’t be…” I whisper..

“Just move” Billy ushers me as we walk forward, and he pushes me into the room.

“Tell me that’s not who I think it is!” I snap as he says sorry and shuts the door in my face.

“Will you come to the lake with me?” Luke said taking my hand one day after school finished.

“You know I can’t, I have a fight tonight” I sigh as I take my hand from his.

“Just for a little while…Please Katrina” He begs as his Italian accent makes my name sound sensual.

“Fine, I can spare maybe half an hour but then we have to go home. I have to get ready Luke” I sigh as we run off towards our favourite spot. Usually Lucy would come with us as we would sit by the lake and just talk freely without anyone bothering us.

As we get to the lake I feel his hands clam up as I frown in confusion.

“You ok Luke?” I ask as he stops at our favourite spot on the deck.

“I…Uh…I need to tell you something” He says.


“Iminlovewithyou” He says quickly.

“What? A little slower I didn’t understand a word you said” I laugh.

“I’m in love with you Katrina…” He says as my eyes widen as I take my hand from his.

“No…Luke don’t go there…Please…” I sigh as I run my hand through my hair.

“Why? Why can’t I love you?!” He shouts.

“Because I don’t love you like that! I love Lucy! I will always love Lucy!” I shout for the first time as I see the anger in his eyes.

“But she’s a girl! You should love me! I’m everything you will ever need!” He says as he shakes my shoulders.

“So what she’s a girl! I can love whoever I want! You’re like a brother to me Luke, that’s it” I answer as he shakes his head before kissing my mouth hard as I shove him off me.

“No Luke! I don’t like you like that!” I shout as I shove him, but he slips on the loose floor board and falls into the water as I stand in shock.

“Luke?” I call out as I hear nothing.

“Shit!” I scream as I dump my stuff and dive in after him, finding him at the bottom of the lake I pull him up, coughing as I grab my phone and call an ambulance.

“Don’t you die on me Luke!” I shout as I try CPR, but it doesn’t work. I’m crying as the ambulance takes him away.

The next day, the news is all over town, Luke died…

He was supposed to be dead! We buried him! How the hell was he here and how come he was now Oliver’s boss of some huge gang!?

“Kat…” Oliver wanders in.

“You have no right to call me that. Only my friends and family call me Kat” I growl.

“Fine…Katrina…” He sighs.

“How is Luke alive?” I growl as his eyes widen.

“How…How the fuck do you know who he is?” He asks.

“So much for me being a murderer huh…” I snap as his eyes drift back to the door.

“A murderer? Oh do tell Oliver” Luke laughs as he saunters into the room with a smirk, arms folded as he leans cockily into the door frame.

“I needed to spark a reaction from her, so I may have called her a murderer when it came to your…death” Oliver sighs as Luke just laughs.

“How are you alive?! Your dad told us you died in the ambulance! We had your funeral and everything!” I shout angrily.

“It was my father’s choice for me to leave. He thought it would be easier due to the gang we belonged to. My father was the leader and he said it would be easier for me to work for him if I was dead. So he chose for me…He killed me off. I wanted to tell you I swear I did Katrina. He promised me that he would come and get you somehow. Then he made Oliver create the bet… My father rigged it and made sure he won so we could come and get you…Although, Oliver wasn’t told who you were in real life, I thought I would give him a little challenge, took him a little longer to figure it all out though. I am less than impressed Oliver” Luke says.

“Sorry sir” Oliver says which makes me laugh.

“What’s so funny Kat?” Luke raises a brow.

“He’s older, been in this gang longer and calling YOU sir… How the fuck did you end up the big bad leader of a gang…There’s nothing bad about you” I smirk as he storms up to me menacingly and I back up a little.

“So why do you back away from me Katrina?” he glares at me.

“What happened to you?” I sigh as I look into his eyes, the brightness gone, long gone was my best friend.

“I grew up… I died and had to watch my best friends live their lives as I had to work for my father, I’ve had to kill. I’m not the boy you knew anymore Katrina” He sighs and turns from me.

“I could guess that seeing as you have me trapped here…So, what’s the plan now I’m here? Holding me prisoner for the rest of my life? Do you think I’ll finally fall for you like you fell for me. Or do you want to continue the argument we had years ago…” I snap.

“I don’t love you anymore Katrina. You betrayed me that day, you loved another instead of ME! Oliver can have you I don’t care anymore. You will however be working for me, you’ll work for me, fight for me and do as you’re told, or I will go after every member of your family…Including lovely Lucy” He says, and I see the truth in his eyes.

“Touch my family and I’ll kill you myself” I growl as Luke towers above me threateningly.

“You don’t scare me Katrina” he smirks as I hear the click of the gun in his hand.

“What a man, needs a gun to scare instead of his hands…”

“You want my hands on you…I’m sure I can help with that” He says before smacking me hard around the face as I fall to the ground, knocking my arm and my stitch split open once more.

“Prick” I spit blood at him as he chuckles.

“Oliver, clean her up. Once she’s healed in a few weeks we’ll get her down to the gym and have her training for the fights. You’ll win big for me Katrina, if you lose I will take it out on your family, believe me…No one can save you” He smirks as Oliver just nods.

Luke walks out and I’m left on the floor whimpering at the pain.

“What?!” I snap at Oliver as he’s looking at me.

“The spark…its gone from your eyes…” He says as he helps me up.

“What do you expect? I was taken from my family and now I’m going to be forced to fight and do things for a gang I want no part in. My dad tried to protect me from this…”

He just sighs and cleans me up before leaving the room, shutting me in as I scream out in annoyance.

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