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Chapter Thirteen

A couple of weeks went by and I was bored out of my mind of this room I had been kept in. Oliver came in occasionally but barely said a word as his hands wandered over my body as he checked the wounds and looked lustfully at me before leaving the room.

Every time I tried to get something out of him, every time I asked how my family were and he never said a word.

I should be at home right now, spending time with my brothers, having fun with Lucy and her family, having Jay flirt with me continuously…was he even still alive after Oliver shot him… fighting in the ring as the adrenaline rushes through my veins and working with Mason…King at the publishing house.

Would I ever get back to that?

“Katrina…Oliver tells me you’re all healed…Are you ready to get out of here?” Luke smirks playfully at the door as it bangs open and surprises me.

“Get me out of here” I groan, I’d do anything just to get out.

“This way then Katrina…” He bows with a sweep of his arms before laughing and leading me down the hall as I roll my shoulder around a little.

“You can’t be serious about putting her in there with HIM, Luke” Oliver growls and points towards a huge room with a make-shift ring in the centre.

My eyes follow his and find Trev pacing inside holding a knife in each hand.

“You can’t tell me that knives are being used in these fights…” I murmur.

“Oh yes…Did I forget to mention that all fights I will put you in will have no rules…Except, you don’t get weapons” Luke grins

“What the fuck?! You’re going to get me killed!”

“Then you better learn to fight harder…Did you think I would let you off easy?” He said before waltzing into the room.

“I didn’t know about this Katrina…I swear…I don’t want you hurt…I just wanted you to be mine…” Oliver says under his breath.

“Then get me out of here” I growl as Luke comes back and grabs my wrist, dragging me into the room before shoving me towards the ring.

“Kill him” He says nonchalantly as I look at him wide-eyed.

“What?!” I cry out, no matter who this man was, I wasn’t a killer.

“Kill or be killed…Your choice” He smirks as he sits with his men as they cheer on Trev.

I walk up the steps into the ring as I duck under the ropes as Trev is smirking.

“Take a good look at this room sweetheart, because this will be the last thing you see” He grins his arms spread wide as I notice one doesn’t open all the way, he winces slightly on his right.

“Let’s get on with it” I sigh as I bounce on my feet. I had had no warm up, no training since my last fight with King. I was going to be rusty, but I couldn’t afford to be, or I could die.

Focus…I heard Nathan growl in my head.

Trev shouts out as he comes towards me suddenly.

Mistake one…Never shout out before an attack, too obvious.

I duck and manage to get a kick to his side as the men boo.

“You’re making this a little easy Trev” I laugh watching him closely.

“Fuck you, you little bitch. I’m going to rip you to pieces and then I’m going to go and find Lucy…She’s so pretty, I’ll enjoy having a piece of her” He sneers as my eyes turn into rage.

“Yes! Focus that rage Katrina!” Luke smirks from the side-lines as I lunge towards Trev. He slashes at me as I weave in and out of his reach hitting his arm and a knife goes flying towards the crowd of guys now surrounding us as they dodge it with a gasp.

“Shame it didn’t hit one of you” I growl out as they whoop and holler.

Trev keeps moving the knife from hand to hand as if taunting me.

“Ohh, fancy knifework. Are you going to hit me or what?” I taunt as he growls and comes towards me again, his knife bites at my arm as I block him, but I hit his right arm as he shouts out in pain. He drops the knife to the ground as I pick it up quickly as I wipe his legs from underneath him as he falls to the ground and I pin him, hitting him several times in the face, he’s out for the count as I stand.

“Finish it” Luke growls as I walk away.

“Finish it yourself” I snap.

“Finish it now Katrina! Or Lucy will pay!” He snaps as the men go quiet.

I storm up to Trev and play with the knife in my hand a little before flinging it down into him, it hits him in the chest as he suddenly screams out and begins trying to take out the knife.

“I wouldn’t take it out if I were you” I say snidely.

“Fuck you” He spits out as he pulls it out with a scream as blood rushes from his chest.

I want to throw up. This isn’t me…I don’t like to kill…I might fight and hurt people but never to the point they could die…

“Is that enough?” I spit at Luke as he smirks and nods as I walk from the ring.

“Remember…He deserved it…” Oliver says as I walk past.

“No one deserves to die” I shake my head and walk back to the room I had been held. I didn’t want to be out here anymore.

Another week went by and I had been given access to a gym, I had been made to fight a few other guys to the death and every time it killed me a little more. I trained every day to keep my strength and distract my mind, as I watched some of the men train with weapons, watching how they move with each type.

“Katrina, boss says you have a fight tonight…” Oliver walks in as I take a swing and he catches my arm with a scowl.

“Will I be going as Smoke?”

“Yes. He wants everyone to know you are his now” He sighs.

“Don’t you want that too? For them to know I’m one of you…Shame I will never truly be one of any of you” I snap.

“You’ve already killed for him…You’re fighting for him. You stay here. You walk around every day and not once have you tried to escape…Why?” he snaps back.

“I’m not stupid Oliver, I’ve seen the guards all around, I watch more than you think. I do things to survive, that’s it. Mark my words, I will get home one day. I will NEVER be yours”

“We’ll see about that. Go get changed in your room, Luke ordered your make-up and clothes. Meet back here when you’re done” He orders and walks off.

Storming into my room as I slam the door I notice the clothing he had put on the bed.

“You’ve got to be joking…” I mumble as I hold up the skin tight leather trousers and the small crop top with matching leather jacket. On the jacket was the gangs name and Smoke written in swirling writing. I had to admit the jacket was great, but the clothes were so much more revealing than what I was used to.

“Wow, looking good baby!” Men shout at me as I walk down to the gym, wrapping the jacket around me as I tried to hide the skin tight crop top from their sights, it showed more than a sports bra would!

“You’ve got to be kidding about this!” I shout as Oliver and Luke spot me coming towards them.

“Take of the jacket and show me” Luke orders grinning.

“No way…I’ve had enough of guys ogling me already” I snap as he storms up to me and snatches it from my arms.

Oliver and Luke stare at me as their eyes focus on my chest.

“My eyes are up here” I growl clicking my fingers next to my eyes.

“I knew it would be perfect” Luke smirked.

“Perfect for pimping me out you mean!”

“The distraction might help distract the men you fight tonight, be happy, I might have just given you the edge you need” Luke smirks, but there’s something behind it, he’s hiding something.

“Where is it? The fight?” I ask.

“You’ll see soon enough” He says as he laughs chucking the jacket back at me as I put it on quickly.

Oliver comes to my side and puts an arm around me as I push him away he grabs me harder, his fingers digging into my side.

“Get used to it, your mine, and people will know it tonight” He whispers in my ear.

Four cars are sat outside as we’re piled in, Luke was bringing a lot of men with us…Where the hell were we going?

“What sort of fight is it tonight?” I ask, hoping it wasn’t to the death. I couldn’t take that anymore.

“Just a normal one, tonight we are just sending a message…” Luke answers as I see a glint in his eye.

I had a feeling something was about to go wrong, my stomach felt uneasy as we drove further.

Then I began to recognise my surroundings…

“You’re taking me home!” I shout as my eyes widen as we pass my home and head towards my old ring.

“Oh yes…You will win every fight too. Or someone will pay. But tonight is to show you are truly with us. You know you’re ours Katrina” Luke says as we slowly park up near the warehouse.

“I’ll never be yours” I growl.

“You will… Oh by the way, all my men have guns on them so if you try to escape they will shoot every one inside on site at my command so don’t try anything” Luke says as he jumps out and I see the crowds for the first time.

I recognised so many of them as Oliver came to my side of the car and opened my door before placing his arm around me and digging his fingers to my side once more.

“Holy shit…Isn’t that Smoke…I heard she died…”

“She’s with THEM!”

“Did you hear she killed someone…” People whisper as we go past, and I get more and more surprised by the rumours.

My eyes dart around looking for my family as we begin to walk into the warehouse.

I look towards the bar and I see Jay pouring drinks as my heart beats hard against my chest, he was alive, he looked solemn, but he was alive!

“Can I get a drink?” I ask Oliver.

“I suppose one won’t hurt…” He says as he taps Luke on the shoulder and whispers in his ear.

Oliver nods and then leads me to the bar.

“Two shots of your finest please there boy” Oliver says as Jay nods but takes no notice of us in front of him.

“Just not vodka…Can’t stand the stuff” I say quickly as I see Jay turn to me quickly, his eyes wide.

“Smoke…” He murmurs.

“Our drinks boy, or I will add another hole to your chest” Oliver growls as Jay gulps and gets on with pouring out to shots.

I watch as his hands shake, and I want to hold my hand out to steady him, but Oliver has a tight grip on me as I wince and glare at him.

“No need to hold on so tight Oliver” I growl in his ear as he chuckles.

“My girl is pretty isn’t she?” He passes over money to Jay as he nuzzles into my neck as I almost vomit in my throat.

“She’s not yours Oliver” Jay murmurs

“You’re mine aren’t you Smoke?” Oliver looks to me as his fingers grip me.

“Yes…” I answer as he loosens.

“See…” Oliver smirks as Jays eyes darken.

“Oliver! Get her up there now!” Luke shouts towards us as I’m dragged away from the bar as I neck the shot and give a worried look to Jay as I see him call out to Payton and exit the bar, running off.

“Win the fight or I will have my men shoot…Him” He says as his finger hovers over the crowd and ends up landing on none other than my brother, Bobby.

“Bobby…No” I whisper.

“Win and he’s safe” Luke smirks before placing a kiss on my cheek before Oliver smacks my ass and gives me a boost onto the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen we are honoured! Smoke has returned!” The announcer shouts as my eyes watch over the crowd.

I see a group of people push their way through as they get to the edge of the ring, it’s my family.

“It seems she’s got herself a new trainer and a new crew too!” Greg shouts as I glare at him as the crowd begin to realise who I’m with.

“Get on with it!” Oliver shouts.

“Sorry…Who is ready to take on Smoke?!” Greg shouts as the crowd mumbles.

“I will” Nathan jumps up onto the ring.

“Don’t do this Nathan…”

“Why are you covered in scars?” He says as his eyes spot the lines from knives that had cut into my skin in fights.

“Smoke…Enough chit chat!” Luke growls.

“Shake hands!” Greg shouts as Nathan and I clasp hands.

“We’ll get you back I swear” He whispers, trying not to move his lips too much.

“I’m not sure I’m worth it anymore” I sigh, and I meant it, I had killed, I had become a puppet, a weapon.

“You’re my sister, you’ll always be worth it” He says as we part and my heart began to hurt, I missed them so much.

“3…2…1…Fight!” Greg shouts as I roll my neck and we circle each other.

“Jacket off!” Luke shouts behind me as he laughs.

I quickly rip the jacket off as I throw it at Luke and Nathan’s eyes widen in shock.

“What the fuck!” He growls as he rages towards Luke, but I catch him and make him fall to the ground.

“Your fight is with me, not him…”

“Wooo” men around the room shout as they can’t take their eyes off me.

“Fight or get out of the ring!” Oliver shouts.

“Come on brother, see if you can get me down” I smirk as we stand and circle each other.

Nathan goes to lunge for me as something inside me takes over, it’s not quite me, it feels different as I dodge, punch his chest as he staggers back with the sheer force.

“Go on girl!” Oliver shouts.

Again and again I manage to get punch upon punch in. My training with Luke’s men had me harsher with my moves than I had ever before.

Nathan was looking worse by the minute. He’d barely even touched me.

“Stop! She’s going to fucking kill him!” Toby shouts.

I look at Nathan, really look at him and see he’s covered in blood as I step back in shock.

“Finish him” Luke shouts.

“What have I done…” I murmur as a tear slips from my eye as Nathan falls to the ground as I kick him to the ground.

“Nathan!” Toby shouts as he jumps up with Travis quick on his heel.

“Winner Smoke!” Greg shouts and the crowd all look on in shock, they saw the change in me, even I saw it. I was a monster…

“Get out the ring Smoke” Oliver orders and I bow my head and jump down.

“Good girl” Luke smirks and goes to collect his winnings from Greg.

“What the fuck was that?!” Toby storms up to us as he grabs my arm and spins me as Oliver steps in front and pushes him from me.

“Don’t touch what’s not yours kid” Oliver growls out.

“Kid…You’re like five years older than me! Don’t make me laugh” Toby snaps.

“Toby, leave please” I murmur as I can’t bear to face him, my eyes down.

“What did you do to my sister?”

“We made her one of us…Showed her a few new moves, she’s stronger now, more lethal” Oliver chuckles.

“Are we alright here boys?” Luke wanders back up to us having not realised we had stopped.

“You…I know you…” Toby looks him up at down.

“I have no doubt you do. I’m not doing too bad for a dead guy right?” Luke laughs.

“Luke…” Toby murmurs in shock.

“Yes, now excuse me, we have business to attend to. Smoke, you have one more fight tonight” Luke grins and I groan.

“Great” I roll my eyes.

Toby steps forward as if to grab me as Oliver brings out a gun slyly so only Toby and I notice.

“Don’t, unless you want everyone in here to die, I wouldn’t try anything” Oliver warns as he places his arms around me and begins to kiss my neck, I’m pretty sure he left a hickey as if to mark me as his.

“God damn it! Luke give me my sister back!” Toby shouts.

“Not a chance, she’s ours now, she’s quite good in a fight, it’s been beautiful when she’s killed for me” Luke smirks as Toby looks at me in shock.

“Toby, don’t. Forget about me…” I sigh.

“You’ve killed?” Toby asks.


“You’ll pay for this Luke. I WILL get my sister back” Toby growls out before looking at me a final time before rushing off.

“Come on babe” Oliver takes my hand and leads me out.

I swear he was trying to change me by using kindness sometimes…Was it like that condition of falling in love with your captors…Stockholm syndrome…

I took one final look behind me as I saw Travis working on Nathan’s wounds as my brothers looked out towards us with anger in their eyes.

“I’m sorry” I mouthed as Oliver pulled me forward and we got back into the cars.

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