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Chapter Fourteen

“Oliver…Seriously, we have to go” I groan as we’re lying in bed and he won’t let me up.

“No, he’s not going anywhere, his punishment can wait” Oliver says as he continues to kiss my body as I arch against him.

“Luke will kill me if I don’t do it today” I murmur with a laugh as he pulls a moan from me as he goes lower down my stomach.

“Kat, I won’t say it again, you’re not going anywhere until I’m finished with you…We won’t be all day…as much as I would love to ravish you all day” He removes my clothes as his fingers begin to play with me as I moan.

“Fine” I moan as I flip him over and take control, his eyes fill with lust.

“I love it when you’re bossy” He winks and takes my lips with his.

Right there we fuck hard and fast ignoring the outside world.

“Oliver! Smoke! Get your arses downstairs right now!” Tony bangs on the door as we finish together.

“Fuck off!” Oliver shouts.

“Fine, but when Luke finds out you two were fucking instead of dealing with work then be it on your own heads!” He shouts as we hear him wander off.

“We should go” I huff as I get up from the bed and head into the shower quickly to clean up before getting dressed.

“God you’re fucking sexy” Oliver winks from the doorway as I push past him.

I grab my leather jacket and weapons as Oliver just watched me in the nude.

“I better go. Will you be joining in today? Or are you doing another job?” I ask.

“I’ve got another gang to deal with today, causing a whole heap of issues. Wiped out one of our drug houses, lit the whole house on fire” Oliver answers.

“Well…Good luck with that one” I wink before he saunters up to me and places a kiss on my lips hungrily before smacking my ass and sending me on my way.

I couldn’t believe I had been here for nearly three months now; my life had been turned upside down.

Oliver hadn’t hurt me once, he made sure I had everything I needed and pulled the most romantic moves on me and in the end, I had indeed started to fall for him.

I missed my family but now I had a new one. Luke had told me that my family had given up on even trying to find me and I believed him. One day on a trip out to a fight I had seen them, they paid no attention to me, they were all joking around together and something in me just snapped. They were better off without me and I knew it, so I just gave in.

I became a part of the Locke gang, one of Luke’s best fighters.

“About time you got here Katrina” Luke growled as I walked up to him and he smacked me around the face hard.

“Sorry, we got a little caught up” I snap as I rub my face.

“Next time you will get here on time, won’t you!”

“Yes sir” I nod as I follow him to a man who was being held in the centre of the room.

“What did he do?” I ask as my eyes drift over him, his head was down, I couldn’t see his face at all.

“He broke in to my flat, he was looking for you…” Luke says as I raise a brow in question before bending down and lifting the guy’s head up as I drop it quickly in shock.

“JAY!” I shout as he groans from the sudden head drop.

“I do not take well to being spied on by bartenders who don’t know their place” Luke says as he takes a seat nearby.

“What do you want me to do with him?” I ask as Jay lifts his head slightly and looks at me with fear in his eyes.

“Kill him” Luke says nonchalantly.

I take out my gun and point it at Jay as he looks at me in shock.

“No! Kat! You know me! Don’t do this!” Jay shouts as my eyes dart between him and Luke.

I cock the gun in my hand as I load it.

“I’m not the girl I was Jay…” I mumble.

“You’re not a murderer either!” He says looking into my eyes.

“Shoot him now Katrina!” Luke orders as I look behind him, men were creeping in and I hadn’t noticed before. Luke hadn’t noticed either as I recognised one of them…Connor, Kings brother.

“Kat! You are not his slave, you are not a killer, he’s holding you against your will, you don’t want this! Your family want you home!” Jay says as my hand shakes a little.

“Katrina I will not tell you again! Shoot him now!” Luke shouts getting up from his seat as the men in front of me that were holding Jay began to look up from the ground, their eyes dart behind us.

“Boss…” One says as I point my gun to his head and shoot both of them which made Jay crumble to the ground.

“What the fuck?!” Luke shouts as he back hands me hard in the face.

“Don’t touch me…” I growl as he laughs at me.

“Or what? Are you going to shoot me Katrina?” He chuckles again as I hear another click of a gun.

“No…But I will” My eyes widen at Oliver standing behind him with Connor by his side.

“Oliver…What…Connor…” Luke turns quickly and notices the men holding guns to his head.

“You’re finished Luke” Connor booms.

Luke brings out a gun quickly and aims at me before anyone can move.

“Take me down and she comes with me” Luke smirks.

“Is that what you think Luke?” I laugh before I disarm him with a move Oliver had taught me and bring a knife to his throat.

Connor whistles and more men enter the room.

“We’ll be taking our girl back now” Jay groans as he rises from the floor.

“My girl…We had a deal” Oliver growls.

“Yeah, yeah…Gangs yours. Girls yours but she comes home” Jay rolls his eyes and I wonder what the hell was going on.

“You betrayed me!” Luke shouts.

“I have very persuasive cousins…” Oliver smirks as Connor puts a hand on his shoulder.

“You’re cousins…” I mumble looking between them, I could see the resemblance.

“Kat let me go like a good girl” Luke whispers against me.

“Don’t listen to him baby” Oliver says as he notices my arm move slowly from around Luke’s neck.

“You should have stayed dead Luke” I whisper in his ear before bringing my knife down into his shoulder hard as he screams out.

“Kat no!” Jay shouts as he drags me back, but I elbow him and push him away from me.

“Don’t touch me!” I shout.

“Jay, back off. I don’t know what Luke does with her when they are alone, but I’ve noticed the damage…” Oliver

“You let this happen!” Jay shouts as I run my hands through my hair stressfully.

Luke’s still writhing on the floor as I take out my gun, he’d poisoned me, he deserved it.

“No!” The guys shout as I pull the trigger and kill Luke.

“Stay dead this time” I sneer as I look towards Oliver.

“Kat…” my eyes dart to the man entering the room.

“Nathan…You’re ok…” I sigh as he rushes up to me and takes me in his arms as I stand there stiffly.

“What did you do?!” He shouts at Oliver angrily.

“It wasn’t me! This is HIS work!” Oliver growls back as I back up slowly.

“Get out!” I shout suddenly as everyone turns to me.

“Baby?” Oliver says quietly.

“All of you! Get…Out!” I shout out louder

“We came to take you home…” Nathan says.

“I am home…” I say before I walk past them all.

“Katrina! Come back here right now!” Nathan shouts sternly.

“Nathan, let her go, give her some time” Connor sighs and nods at me as I leave heading to my room.

Up ahead I see Billy on his knees as a man has a gun to his head.

“Put the gun down, right now” I growl as I point my own to his.

“Not a chance” The man seethes.

Billy had never hurt a fly and I would never let him get hurt, so I shot the man as his gun fell to the floor.

“Thank you” Billy scrambled up, picking up the gun.

“Luke’s dead…Oliver’s in charge now.” I state as he looks shocked.

“Hey! Drop the guns now!” A voice says behind us as I smirk.

“Or what…” I laugh as I turn.

“You…Your…” He stammers as he lowers his gun.

“Smoke…Yes…Well done…If you have an issue with me then I suggest you go find your boss and tell him as such. But I will not have your guys threaten a guy who has done nothing to harm anyone! Billy is under my protection, understood?” I growl as he nods and rushes off.

“This gang isn’t Oliver’s…It’s going to be yours…They’ll respect you more than him” Billy laughs as we continue to my room, but I stop suddenly.

“Do you really think they would follow me?” I ask.

“Without a doubt, you’ve proved your strength, you’ve proved you’ll kill, they’d follow you anywhere. The world could be yours” Billy smirks.

“Katrina! Why is one of my men dead?” Connor is behind us with Oliver in tow as he looks down to the body.

“He wouldn’t put the gun down.” I shrugged.

“Kat give me the gun” Oliver puts out his hand.

“No” I shake my head and Billy chuckles beside me.

“You have no idea who you’re next to Kat” Oliver says.

“Don’t listen to him Kat, he just wants to rule over everything” Billy says beside me.

“Who is this kid?” Connor snaps.

“Luke’s little brother” Oliver sighs as I turn to Billy.

“You caught me…Now Kat, you know I’ve only ever helped you” He says with his hands up.

“Baby…” Oliver comes closer.

I hear footsteps behind us.

“Lock the guy up, I need to have a few words with him” Connor orders his men, but I turn to them as I brandish my gun.

“Touch him and I’ll kill you on the spot” I snap

“This isn’t you Kat! Don’t let what Luke did poison you” Oliver calls out.

“And you never once poisoned my mind? Made me fall for you? You’re not so innocent yourself Oliver” I snap.

“I know, but I fell for you, you were beautiful, powerful, and I just needed you. I did everything I could to get you and I went the wrong way about it, but when Luke promised me you, I took it without thinking of the consequences. He was my boss!” He says as he knocks the gun from my hand, chucks it to Connor and pulls me to him.

He just stand there quietly, looking into my eyes as my mind drifts to everything that had happened in the past few months.

The men I had killed, the things I had done for Luke, the pain I caused my family.

“I…Get me out of here” I whisper as he kisses my cheek and takes my hand with a nod.

“Lock Billy up, don’t kill him” Oliver says to Connor and he nods.

He leads me to the car as we get in quickly and he drives as my mind is still wandering trying to make sense of itself.

“You’re still in there, baby, you know you are. You can go home. You can go back to being you now” Oliver says as my head leans back against the seat.

“I don’t know who I am anymore” I sigh.

“You are Katrina Smoak. Fighter, sister, lover, brave, strong, caring and a heck of a woman. You’ve done some shit because of Luke but we can get through it, one step at a time” Oliver takes my hand and kisses it.

“I don’t know…Wait…Where are we going?” I ask as I notice the area we were in.

“You need to be here” He said as he pulled up.

“I can’t…I can’t be home…They don’t need me anymore” I shake my head.

“They do, they’ve not stopped looking for you. We kept it from you, I’m sorry Kat” He sighs as the tears fall from my eyes.

The front door opens, and my hands are shaking with nerves as the damn opens in my head on just how much I had missed my family as I bolt out the car and run towards the house as I jump into Toby’s arms, crying my eyes out.

“Kat…I’ve got you…” He says hugging me tight.

Another car pulls up as Nathan jumps out and bolts to us.

“I’m sorry…I’m so sorry” I apologise to him as he shakes his head and takes me into his arms.

“It’s ok. You’re ok, your home” He says into my neck.

“Kat!” Both Bobby and Lucy run out the door in shock as I fall to my knees in tears as they run at me with smiles on their faces. Lucy is crying too as she jumps into my arms.

“Oh thank god” I hear Travis behind them as I see his smile.

“Let’s go inside” Oliver says as we get off the ground and make our way in as Lucy won’t let go of my hand.

“The house is a mess…” I state quietly as I hear Bobby chuckle beside me.

“We’ve been a little busy to do housework Kat…Trust you that that is what you think of when coming back home again” He chuckles.

“Trust me that this is better than it was before…” Lucy rolls her eyes.

“Oh yeah, Lucy did a quick spruce up when we told her the plan, she said you’d go crazy at the house being in a state” Bobby winks at Lucy before placing an arm around her as I sit beside Oliver and Nathan.

Nathan takes my hand in his and squeezes it tightly as I notice the scar on his face.

“Tell me I didn’t do that…” I sigh as my finger traces it.

“Quite some punch you have now” He sighs as his hands take my arm as he looks at the scars on them.

“I’m sorry Nath”

“Don’t. It’s not your fault” He shakes his head.

“No…it was partly mine…” Oliver sighs as Nathan stands.

“And you’ll pay for it. We fight. If I win, you leave and never come back, including leaving Kat. If you win, then you can have her as long as she wants you and can stick around” Nathan says.

“Nathan!” I shout.

“I accept” Oliver nods and I look at him in shock.

“You guys have to be joking…”

“I need to pay for what I did Kat and if that means I have to fight for you, I will. No cheats, just good old-fashioned fighting in a ring”

“I’m not letting this happen!”

“Don’t you think I have a chance?” Oliver smirks.

“Not without fighting dirty” I sneer.

“You wound me woman” He laughs.

“You’re both crazy” I shake my head and sigh. I knew they wouldn’t listen so there was no point arguing as they shook hands on their wager.

“What’s that on your hip?” Lucy asks as her gaze falls on my top which had ridden up as I pull it back down.

“I wondered how long it would take for someone to notice that” Oliver sighed as I glare at him.

“Nothing” I snap as she grabs my hand and pulls me up, pulling at my top as it revealed the brand Luke had put on me. He had literally branded me with his name and the gang.

“That’s not nothing Katrina!” She points as the boys eyes fill with rage as they face Oliver.

“He didn’t do it! He didn’t know about it until a week after Luke did it!” I exclaim.

“The week you disappeared…” Oliver said as their eyes went to mine and I began to clam up.

Luke had taken me for a whole week and made me do things I never wanted to repeat. That week I had turned into the monster he wanted me to be.

“Hold up! You never told us she disappeared for a week” Nathan growled.

“I was a little busy making sure I wasn’t found out by Luke” Oliver snapped back.

“Enough!” I shout, my hands shaking as my brain went back in time to that week. I didn’t want to remember, I felt sick.

“Come with me” Travis says grabbing my hand as I feel like I’m going to be sick as he gets me to the bathroom in time.

“I can’t…I can’t go back” I sob.

“Tell me what happened. We’ll get you help to forget but you need to tell someone…Does Oliver know?” He asks and I shake my head. No one knew, just me and Luke.

“No. Give me your phone” I ask as he raises a brow and passes his phone to me as I find the news app going back to reports from that week.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

“All four of these reports…They never found the culprits…” I point to the four reports as his eyes go wide.

Five households set alight in arson attack.

Families missing without a trace.

Body found in local park, suspect not found.

Bodies mutilated and left in forest found by local dogwalker.

“You can’t be saying that you…” Travis lowers the phone as he gets eye to eye with me.

“I did them…Luke made me do it. He branded me and then made me do it. That week I killed twenty-five people…He made me torture some of them, he destroyed me…” I cried as he sat next to me as he put his arms around me.

“You didn’t have a choice. You don’t ever have to go back to that. I’ll talk to Connor, see if we can use Luke to give them a culprit. I won’t let you go to jail for this” Travis said as I sob more. Why was he helping me… I was evil…a monster…

“Shhh. We’ve got you now. You don’t have to hurt anyone anymore. You don’t have to even fight if you don’t want to. You can have whatever you want. You’re a smart girl, you can be whatever you want to be” Travis coos me.

“I want to fight still…But just for fun…I want my life back” I sniff as I wipe my eyes.

“Then that’s what we’ll work on. I have a friend that will help your mental state, he won’t ask questions. We’ll get you back Kat. I promise. You’re like a daughter to me Kat, I hate to see you like this” He says as I cuddle into his side.

“Thank you”

There’s a knock on the door as Toby walks in slowly.

“Kat? You feeling ok?” He asks.

“She’ll be fine” Travis nods.

“There’s a little guy wanting to see you” Toby smiles as my eyes light up.

“Auntie Kat!” I hear my nephew call out from the hallway as I smile and wipe away my tears as I stand up quickly and rush out.

“Mason!” I shout with my arms out wide as he rushes to me as I swing him around as he giggles.

“I missed you!” He snuggles into my arms.

“We all did baby boy” Jasmine smiles before placing a kiss on my cheek.

“You grew Mason! How did you get so big!” I ask him as he giggles.

“You missed my birthday…I’m three now!” He holds up two fingers and I help him hold up a third.

“I’m sorry buddy, I’ll make it up to you I promise. I’ll get you an extra special present ok?” I say and he just smiles and hugs me tighter.

“Daddy, where Uncle Nathan?” Mason asks Toby behind me.

“He’s in there” Toby points as Mason struggles against me.

“Nope, you are not leaving my arms, we’ll go together” I laugh as he giggles against me as I tickle his belly.

“Mason!” Nathan and Bobby shout with a smile as the room lights up at the mere sight of the boy.

I felt bad that I had missed his birthday, but I would certainly make up for it.

“You look good like that…” Oliver smiles at me.

“Like what?” I ask.

“With a kid on your hip” he says, and I blush.

“Maybe one day it will happen”

“Chuck me the child Kat!” Nathan says as Mason giggles harder.

“Think you can catch him?” I smirk as he taunts me.

“Do not throw my child!” Toby shouts, but it’s too late as I throw Mason to Nathan as he laughs hard and catches him easily.

“You worry too much. We were like a foot apart” I laugh as Toby shouts at us for being stupid.

“Tell me that when you have your own” He growls.

“We’ll work on it” Oliver smirks.

“Not yet you won’t be” Nathan replies as Oliver’s face drops.

“Nathan” I warn as I sit on Oliver’s lap and he wraps his arms around me.

“Want to tell me what happened out there?” He whispers in my ear.

“Not right now” I murmur.

“Boys, we need to have a little chat later” Travis says coming in as they nod at him and I give him a thankful smile.

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