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Chapter Fifteen

The boys had discussed everything last night about what Luke had done with me in my weeks disappearance and they were working with Connor to try and pin it on him.

Everyone seemed to be walking on eggshells the next day as if they might upset me.

I had felt sick all morning and went to get a glass of water as I noticed the calendar… No way…I couldn’t be…I’d missed my period…Oh shit…

I sat on the sofa thinking about it, I was only a few days late so hopefully I wasn’t pregnant…Not now…

“So, Toby told me everything…” Jasmine sits next to me as Bobby and Lucy are playing with Mason and I forget about what I was thinking about and concentrate on Jasmine.

“Everything, everything…” I stare at her in shock.

“Yep, the club, your dad’s bet, where you went…How are you holding up?” She asks.

“How are you not angry right now? If I were you I would be furious that Toby hadn’t told me…Well…I was actually, I’d been fighting for three years without them knowing…I WAS furious”

“I was, believe me I was. But you know what. All I could think of was my kid and you. I wanted his reassurance our child would be safe, and he promised me he would be and then all I kept thinking was how you were. I was scared for you Kat. You’ve told me things before that you never told your brothers, you told me how you think, your anxiety, your depression when your parents died. I don’t want to see you go back to that” She holds my hand as a tear falls from my eye.

“Nothing will happen to Mason, I promise you that. I’m…I’m…I’ll get there. I’m scared, my head isn’t quite there, I can’t keep things straight, it’s like I wasn’t there for the past few months. It’s like I was a completely separate person” I answer her, and she nods.

“Your brain decided to cope by separating itself from the situation. That’s why you’re so calm, the real you is still in there and fine, but that second version will keep pushing you and that is what you have to get a handle on. Just know if you want to talk about something, anything, I’m here. Now I know everything I can help you more” Jasmine smiles.

“Thank you Jasmine. Seriously. I’m so glad you and my brother are together, you’re the sister I never had” I smile as she gives me a hug.

There’s a knock on the door that everyone seems to still and just look too.

“Anyone going to get that?” Jasmine laughs as I chuckle and get up slowly heading to the door.

“Connor! What happened?!” I cry out as he’s covered in blood with a couple of his men, including Jay, in tow as they barge into the house.

“Woah! Not in there, my kids in there!” Toby rushes out and closes the door behind him before Mason saw anything.

“Billy got the men all riled up and they attacked us all at once. He’s coming for you Kat” Connor says as I stumble back in shock.

“Oliver!” I shout as he bolts out the door.

“What the fuck!”

“Billy’s coming to get me…” I say as he looks to me in shock.

“He won’t touch you…or your family. The kids weak, he’s nothing like his brother” Oliver says but Connor shakes his head.

“I think Luke was training him” Jay adds.

“Fuck…What do we do?” Toby says as they begin talking in rushed, hushed voices.

I had to finish this, Billy was after me, not them…

I tiptoe out the room and they don’t seem to notice.

“Everything ok?” Lucy wanders out the lounge with a frown.

“Can I borrow your car keys?” I ask.

“Only if I come with you…” She says.

“Lucy, I need to go somewhere alone” I sigh.

“No, now tell me what you plan on doing or I’m going straight to Toby and telling him you plan on wandering off somewhere. Better yet I’ll tell Oliver…” She smirks.

“Go ahead” I gesture as I walk past her into the lounge and grab Nathan’s keys quickly as he looks up in confusion.

“I’ll be right back” I say as he stands up quickly passing Mason to Bobby as I run out the house to his car, jumping into the drivers’ seat as I start the car and he jumps into the passenger seat just as I’m about to leave, his face red with anger.

“What the fuck is going on?” He seethes.

“Get out” I growl.

“No! What’s going on?!” He smacks the dash and I jump in fright.

“Get out the fucking car Nathan!” I scream as he looks at me in shock as he sees my emotions in my eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere so if you plan on going somewhere, you better plan to take me with you” He huffs and puts on his seatbelt.

Oliver is suddenly knocking on my window as I scream in frustration and lower the window down.

“Where did you think you were going?” He asks.

“For a drive…” I answer with my best fake smile.

“To find Billy?” He raises a brow.

“What? You were doing what? I thought Connor had him?” Nathan growled as I turned off the car in a huff.

“Seeing as he is currently covered in blood in the kitchen…what do you think?” Oliver says as Nathan jumps out the car and rushes indoors.

“I need to finish this Oliver…” I sigh.

“No…I need to finish this. YOU need to stay home” He says opening my door and pulling me from the car as he leans against me, pushing me against the car.

“He’s not after you, he’s after me. Don’t go, please…” I say as he suddenly kisses me hard, his hands entangling in my hair.

“Stay here, I’ll be back, I promise” He kisses me again taking the keys from my hands.

“Oliver, don’t…If he’s like Luke…” I stammer.

“I’ll be back. Don’t do anything stupid ok baby?” He smiles and goes to get in the car.

“Oliver!” I shout as he looks at me.


“I think…I think…” I murmur. Come on Kat, tell him! Give him a reason to stay safe!

“You think what baby?” He walks back up to me, his arms around my waist.

“I think…I love you” God you coward Kat!

“I love you too Kat” He kisses me sweetly and smiles brightly as he jumps into the car quickly.

“FUCK!” I scream as I sit on the grass, my head resting on my knees as I hug them tightly to me.

What was I doing? I should have told him! What if he did something stupid? What if he died? What if he got hurt?

“Kat?” Jasmine walks out slowly and kneels beside me.

“I should have told him…” I whimper.

“You should have told him what?”

“I think I’m pregnant, I went to, but just told him I loved him instead…what if he dies? Or makes the wrong decision because he doesn’t know…” I cry as she takes me in her arms.

“Listen, how sure are you? Have you taken a test?” She asks rationally.

“No, not yet. I’m a few days late…” I say.

“Ok, so there’s a chance you aren’t even pregnant. How about me and you go grab one, we’ll come back, and I’ll keep the boys away while you do it and we find out first. We can’t do anything with Oliver right now. Actually…I’m going to go and tell Connor to get his ass in gear and go follow him. Come on, chop, chop” She says, and I laugh as she helps me up and we go back in.

“Did Oliver leave?” Lucy asks as I nod, she hugs me tight to her.

“Connor! Oliver just left, now I think you and your guys should go help him, don’t you think? Give him some back-up” Jasmine says taking over in the kitchen as I see the guys look at her and nod before rushing out to their own cars.

“My girl is taking over…That’s kinda hot…” Toby growls lustfully and I just laugh.

“I need to borrow your girl for a little while…Do you mind?” I ask as Jay, Toby, Nathan and Lucy just look at me. Bobby must still be with Mason and Travis.

“For what?” Toby asks.

“Woman things” Jasmine raises a brow and Toby nods.

“Go! No need to say more!” he says as I chuckle, he had never been good when it came to periods. Bobby had always been the one who didn’t care, he bought me countless hygiene products over the years, while Nathan didn’t care either way.

“Can I come?” Lucy asks.

“Up to you Kat” Jasmine says.

“Ok…” I nod as we head out to Jasmine’s car.

On the way I explain everything to Lucy, and she’s gone silent in shock.

“Say something Lucy…” I whimper looking at her from the front seat.

“You…You might be…This is crazy…You know that means no more fighting right?” She says and I laugh.

“I know Lucy. I’m not stupid”

We arrive at the store and I’m nervous as we walk down the aisle to the feminine aisle where I could see countless pregnancy tests as Jasmine just grabs one for me and takes my hand as Lucy takes the other.

“We’ve got you Kat” Lucy says with a smile.

Not ten minutes later we were back home, and I shot upstairs as Lucy went to keep the boys distracted while Jasmine stayed with me.

I opened the pack with shaking hands as I peed on it and placed it upside down before sorting myself out and opening the door for Jasmine as she sat next to me on the side of the bath.

“What if it’s positive… I’m still eighteen, no job, fucked up in the head, I’m so…Damaged, how can I be a mother?” I whisper.

“You will be a great mother if you are pregnant. You are stronger than you think. You have witnessed more than most people do in a lifetime. Your family means the world to you and the child would be the most protected child ever. I’ve seen you with Mason, you’re a natural. You can do this. We will all help you” she places a hand on my shoulder.

“The boys will kill me…And Oliver…” I chuckle.

“I’ll deal with Toby…Nathan and Bobby however, good luck with Nathan” She laughs.

Three minutes we waited, the longest three minutes of my life.

“Here we go…God I can’t do it…You do it” I say before handing it over to Jasmine.

“Are you sure you don’t want to?” She asks.

“No, you do it” I say, and she turns it over.

“Kat…It’s positive…” She says and I drop to my knees as she hugs me tight to her as I sob a little.

“I’m not ready for this” I cry.

“No one is ever ready for mother hood, you just have to do it. Now, dry those eyes, you are getting a gift. So many don’t get this chance so don’t waste it.” She caresses my cheek, wiping away the tears as I go to the sink and splash my face with cold water.

“Oh god…Oliver…”

“You’ll tell him when he gets back” She gives a smile in support.

“What if he doesn’t come back?” I whimper.

“Don’t think like that. Think when, not if” She says as she takes my hand and leads me slowly out the door, she’s still holding the test in her hand as we slowly make our way down.

“Auntie Kat!” Mason runs to me as I pick him up in my arms.

“Hey buddy” I smile at him. I was still in shock, soon enough I would have my own bouncing baby in my arms…

“Uncle Bobby is mean” He says, and I laugh.

“Why is he mean?” Jasmine chuckles.

“He won’t let me eat chocolate!” He says in a grump.

“Oh no! Naughty Uncle Bobby! How about you and me, go and sneak some from the fridge?” I smirk as Jasmine raises a brow.

“How much have you had today already Mason?” Jasmine asks.

“This many!” Mason holds up five fingers.

“Mason! No! No more chocolate!” Jasmine cries out and I look at her sheepishly.

“How about…A banana?” I ask as he frowns.

“Fine” He grumbles as I carry him into the kitchen, no one else is in there as Jasmine waits for us at the lounge door.

I sneak into the fridge and grab him a small piece of chocolate.

“Shh, don’t tell mummy” I wink and put my finger to my lips as he giggles and gobbles it up with a laugh.

“Don’t tell mummy what?” Jasmine stands at the door looking stern.

“Aunty gave me chocolate…Oops…” Mason puts his hands to his mouth in shock that he had said it as I laughed but suddenly stopped when I saw Jasmine’s angry face.

“I said no more chocolate Katrina Smoak…”

“Ohhh, full name what did you do to annoy mummy?” Toby comes into the kitchen with a smirk.

“She fed him another piece of chocolate after I said no. He’s had six now!” She says sternly.

“Kkkkkaaattt I told Bobby no too…No more chocolate Mason! That’s it! You wait until you have your own…I’ll feed them on sugar and pass them back to you all hyper!” Toby groans as he picks up a bouncing Mason.

“I’m sorry…But we have a little…Tiny…issue…” I say

“Give me Mason, Toby” Jasmine holds out her hands as she grabs her boy and tosses the test to me quickly as Toby eyes it suspiciously.

“Tell me that’s not what I think it is….” Toby groans.

“What do you think it is?” I ask.

“You’re pregnant?” He steps closer as I nod and show him the test.

“I’m going to kill Oliver” He growls.

“I’m scared Toby…What if he doesn’t come back?” I blub as Toby takes me in his arms.

“He better come back, he’s got to take care of you and your kid” He grumbles and kisses my head.

“Jasmine said you needed us…” Nathan and Bobby enter the room.

“You’re going to love this one Nathan” Toby laughs and takes the test from my hand and passes it over to the boys as they look at me in shock.

“He knocked you up!” Nathan screams out in anger.

“Nathan calm down!” Bobby tries to hush him.

“I know…I’m sorry…But please, don’t be angry with me…I’m scared Nathan…” I whimper as all my brothers surround me in a group hug like we used to do.

“I’m going to beat fuck out of him…Then you can have him as your baby-daddy” Nathan growls and I just chuckle and kiss his cheek.

“You’re all going to be uncles!” I smirk.

“They’re what?” Travis slowly walks into the kitchen.

“She’s pregnant…” Lucy walks behind him as he stays still in shock.

“Yeah” I smile as Lucy squeals and rushes to me and hugs me, putting a hand to my stomach.

“I can’t believe it!” She cries out with a laugh. But Travis is still quiet.

“Travis…Say something…” I step forward and he brings out his phone.

“Connor called me…” He gulps as Lucy puts her hand in mine.

“Travis…” I mumble.

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