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Chapter Sixteen

I sat in shock at the breakfast bar.

“Billy blew the whole place with him in it…Connor’s still out searching the place for Oliver…Kat I’m sorry…But we think he’s…” Travis gulps.

“Dead…” I murmur as he nods sadly.

“Let’s go.” Nathan says behind me as I turn to him.


“Boys, not you…Let’s go help find him…” He says before kissing my cheek and the boys follow close behind, leaving Jasmine, Lucy, Mason and I in the house.

“I…I need to go for a walk…” I sigh as they nod.

“Want us to come too?” Lucy asks.

“No…I need to be alone right now…” I sigh as they let me go, I grab my phone and begin to walk aimlessly.

Oliver could be dead…The father of my baby could be dead…

In anger I began to run, my feet slamming against the path as I just kept running as I cried.

I slammed into a chest with a thud as I nearly fall to the ground, but an arm grabs me in time and stops me as they drag me back up.

“Kat?” They say as I look up and see King/Mason in front of me.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to!” I cry out as I try and get from his grip to keep going.

“Wait! Hold up! What’s going on? You’re crying Katrina…What’s happened? I was on my way to your house, Connor rang me, told me you were back” He says as concern floods his face.

I suddenly blurt out everything to him, ever single detail, including ones I still had never told a soul as he just stood and listened to me, I trusted him.

“So, now you know why I was running like a mad woman…” I said as I finished explaining.

“Connor forgot to mention most of that…I’ll kill my brother when I see him next…He was supposed to keep you safe…now you’ve gone through all that…You should never have had too if he did his fucking job!” King growls.

“I’m out now Mason…I’m home…But Oliver…The baby…I don’t know how to do this” I cry.

“Well firstly, you’re going to walk with me back to your house. We are going to sit and talk. We’ll wait until we have proper confirmation that he’s dead. He’s not dead until they find a body. I won’t believe my cousin is dead…He’s too fucking stubborn” King says as I laugh.

“Runs in the family” I giggle, and he smirks.

“You still have a job if you want it…” He says as we walk.

“I thought you would have filled it by now”

“I got someone temporary, I was waiting for you to come home” He smiles.

“Thank you Mason” I smile.

Soon enough we walk back through the door and come home to a screaming baby Mason.

“Hey! What are you screaming at buddy?” I say as I pick him up as his arms wrap around me as he hyper-ventilates.

“Bad man!” He cries as my eyes widen as I go into the locked draw that the boys had hidden my gun in.

“Mason, I want you to go into my room and go lay under my bed, we’re playing hide and seek from the bad man ok. Only come out to one of us ok?” I say and he nods and runs off.

I chuck a knife to King as he looks questioningly to the kid.

“Mason too huh?” He smirks.

“Not the time King” I growl as we storm into the lounge to find Billy sat covered in blood between Jasmine and Lucy as the cower on the sofas.

“Katrina! How nice of you to come home! Ah! King nice to meet you, your cousin told me all about you” Billy smirks.

“Let the girls go, it’s me you want” I snap.

“One may go, just one” He says.

“Jasmine go. Mason’s upstairs” I say as she runs out the room as my eyes look to Lucy and she nods in understanding. Mason needed his mother.

“You killed my brother Kat…” Billy said pointing his gun to me.

“He deserved it…What made you snap Billy? Did Luke get to you like he did with me? How many did you really kill for him? I’m at twenty-nine including his own men he had me kill” I say getting closer as I hear King suck in a breath.

“Oh, I’m not sure how many…the number just went up anyway. Oliver looked so shocked when I shot him and set the whole place alight. My brother didn’t force me to do anything, I would do anything for him. Including killing the girl who killed him. I was never the innocent kid you thought I was Kat, we had to keep you buttered up somehow” He smirks.

“Oliver’s dead?” King says.

“Very, I’m sure his body will be found soon” Billy grins as a sob escapes me and his eyes brighten at my misery.

I can hear cars pull up suddenly and it’s enough to distract Billy that I shoot at him but miss as Lucy bails out from the sofa and runs behind me as I continue to shoot at him as Billy dives out the window which was his biggest mistake.

“Get on the ground!” I can hear the police shout at him as they are right outside, Billy is holding up his hands in surrender.

“Put the gun back in the draw! Quickly Kat” King comes up to me as I rush back to the draw and lock it away.

“Kat! Lucy! Jasmine! Mason!” I hear several voices call out as the house is flooded with people.

I rush up the stairs remembering Mason and Jasmine as I enter my room to find them huddled up together in a sobbing mess.

“Aunty Kat!” Mason cries out as they notice me, and I rush up and hug them.

“He’s gone. Bad man’s gone” I say.

“Daddy!” Mason shouts as Toby runs into the room as he takes us all into his arms.

“I thought I lost you all” He sobs. I notice the blood and dust on his jacket.

“Toby… There’s blood on you…You found Oliver?” I mumble as he looks at me.

“What about me?” My head shot up as I run into his arms.

“Oliver! Billy said you were dead!” I cry out as he chuckles but winces as I notice the blood coming from his shoulder.

“You were supposed to get patched up first!” Toby shouts angrily at him.

“Had to make sure my girl knew I was ok” He says.

“Travis!” I shout as I hear his booming footsteps come upstairs.

“For god sake Oliver” He grumbles and drags him away.

“Take care of my baby-daddy!” I shout, placing a hand over my mouth, I hadn’t planned telling him this way, but just knowing he was alive… Oliver looks at me confused.

“I’m not sure I like that nickname… Being called daddy by my girl…Not my thing…Unless…” He frowns.

“Get used to it…I’m pregnant” I smirk as his eyes widen.

“Don’t play games with me Kat…” He says coming up to me.

“I’m not” I answer.

“She’s really not” Jasmine pipes up behind me.

He picks me up, twirling me around while ignoring the pain as he kisses me.

“Go get patched up!” I push him away as he keeps kissing me with a huge grin.

“Yeah! I’m gonna be a dad!” He whoops as Travis smirks and drags him away to get patched up.

I giggle as I hear him talking animatedly to Travis about being a father.

“He’s excited…” Nathan walks up the stairs.

“He’s alive…He’s allowed to be…” I answer with a smile and sigh contentedly as I sit on the stairs next to Nathan.

“I’m still beating him in the ring…Just so you know…But…I’ll let him stay, unless he hurts you or anyone else, he can stay. He’s got a lot of making up to do but the fact he nearly died for you today, it helps” Nathan smirks as I kiss his cheek and hug him.

“Thank you” I smile.

I hear Oliver swear at Travis and hiss in pain as I frown and make my way downstairs to find him lying on the coffee table as Travis is digging into his wound.

“Oliver?” I say timidly as I sit next to him and take his hand in mine.

“I’m nearly there Oliver” Travis says as Oliver screams out suddenly in pain and then passes out.

“Travis!” I cry out as I try to wake him.

“Shit! Oliver! Come on!” He swears as he pulls out a bullet from his shoulder. He covers the hole and then listens to his chest.

“Travis…What’s happening?”

“Call an ambulance!” Travis shouts as I rush out the room to find my phone but bump into King first.

“Woah! What’s going on?” He asks.

“Call an ambulance! Now! It’s Oliver!” I cry as I rush back in as King makes a call following me.

Travis is kneeling next to Oliver now as he is conducting CPR.

“Oliver!” I cry as the others dash into the room and Nathan drags me back away from Travis and Oliver.

“You don’t need to see this Kat” Nathan says.

“He was fine…He can’t leave me…Not now” I cry.

“God damn it kid!” Travis shouts.

“No…” I cry as I pull from Nathan’s arms and rush into the lounge where Travis has stopped CPR.

“Kat…” Travis shakes his head solemnly.

“Don’t stop…Please…Don’t stop!” I cry.

“Kat, he’s gone…It was the adrenaline in his body making him seem fine…” Travis replies.

“No! Oliver!” I scream as King takes hold of me tightly in his arms.

“Come on, come with me” He says as he pulls me with him while I’m sobbing.

“He was fine…He was happy…He can’t be gone” I sob as he sits me on the stairs as we see the ambulance pull up and paramedics shoot into the house as King points them in the right direction.

I can hear them trying to revive him with the paddles as they shock him as I stand.

“Don’t go back in there Kat, don’t stress yourself more” King takes my hand and I pull from him as I walk towards the lounge.

“We’ve got him! Let’s go!” I hear as I stand still in shock as I look at King as his eyes widen and he bolts to my side as the paramedics rush out with him on a stretcher with the others following behind.

Travis stops beside me.

“You said he was gone!” I snap at him as I push him against a wall in anger.

“Kat no!” Bobby and Lucy rush up to us trying to get my hands off of him.

“I thought he was! He had no pulse! I’m trained as a doctor, Kat! I know a dead man when I see one!”

“Then how did they get him back! Some doctor…” I shove him harder against the wall as he hits it with a thud as I storm from him as I jump into the ambulance last minute.

“Who are you?” The paramedic asks.

“His girlfriend, he’s the father of my unborn child…” I say and she nods and shuts the door behind us as we take off.

I watch as she presses gauze into his wound and sets up a drip.

“K…Kat…” Oliver groans as we’re rushing to the hospital.

“It’s ok baby, I’m here” I hold his hand tight, being careful not to get in the paramedics way.

“So…Sor…Sorry…” He mutters.

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry for, just stay with us baby, our baby needs their daddy, I need you too Oliver. Please” I beg as he passes out once more as we arrive at the hospital and he’s taken away quickly as I’m showed to a waiting room where I sit alone, holding onto my knees.

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