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Chapter Seventeen

It had been hours and the others had turned up shortly after as they all piled into the waiting room.

Travis stayed away from me as I just glared at him, he didn’t keep going, he gave up on Oliver…How could I forgive that? He would have died if the paramedics hadn’t of come.

King sat beside me as he rubbed my back to soothe me.

“Kingsley family?” A doctor came into the room as I stood quickly.

“How is he?” I asked.

“Who are you?”

“I’m his girlfriend” I answer.

“Sorry, I can only speak to family…” He frowns as King and Connor both stand.

“He’s our cousin” Connor says as the doctor beckons them forward as King frowns and mouths a sorry to me.

“Travis, I swear if anything has happened to him because you stopped CPR, I never want to see you again” I mutter as Lucy gasps.

“Katrina! He did his best!” She shouts at me.

“Lucy enough. I understand. I’m sorry Kat, I truly am. I hope he recovers but from a doctors point of view, he died and there was nothing I could have done at the time. I didn’t have paddles to shock him” He sighs.

“You could have kept on with CPR until they got there!” I step angrily towards him.

“Katrina” King steps back into the room as steps between us.

I look into his eyes he looks upset and unsure.

“How is he?” I say quietly.

“Sit down Kat…” He says as I feel my heart dip in my chest.

“Tell me he’s not dead…Not again” I beg.

“He’s not dead…He’s in a coma…They don’t know if he’ll wake…” He answers as I sit with a thud on a chair, the air gone from my lungs.

“Shit…” Travis murmurs as I glare at him.

“Why did he go into a coma?” I ask peeking up at King as he holds my hands.

“He lost a lot of blood and he was dead…Coming back from that…It’s difficult…”

Rage builds inside me as I stare at Travis as his head is in his hands.

“Get out” I look to Travis as his head slowly comes up.

“Be reasonable sis” Bobby says as I glare at him too and he backs off.

“Get out Travis…” I growl as King squeezes my hands and shakes his head.

“He’s like your dad, you need him” He whispers to me.

“I don’t need a man who gives up like that” I snap.

“Katrina Smoak! Enough! You need your family right now, stop pushing them away! You love Travis like a father and do not deny it! Get a grip girl and think of the child inside you.” Jasmine snaps at me as she stands with her arms folded across her body.

I stand and face her, the rage inside evident in my face but she didn’t back down.

“Kat, if you even lay a hand on my wife…” Toby growls beside us.

“You think I would hurt her…” His words had shocked me as I stepped back, a tear in my eye as my emotions were all over the place.

“Kat” King puts a hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t touch me. None of you touch me!” I snap as I walk out the room and find Connor outside.

“Do you want to see him?” Connor asks as I just nod, and he leads me to a private room.

“Oliver…” I blub as I sit beside his bed as he’s covered in tubes that were going in and out of everywhere. Machines were even breathing for him.

“He’ll wake up, our cousin is too stubborn. Plus you heard how happy he was about the baby…But until then, we’ll take care of you Kat. You’re our family too now” Connor puts a hand on my shoulder as I break down.

“I can’t do this Connor…I’ve had enough…” I shake my head I could feel my heart go back into its deep depression. So many bad things kept happening, what was the point in continuing.

“What do you mean you’ve had enough?” He asks as he kneels in front of me.

“I don’t…I don’t want to live anymore…” I sob as he looks at me and sighs.

“Come on” He holds out a hand. I shake my head, refusing to move.

He sighs and just picks me up, walking out with me.

He takes us back to the waiting room.

“No, Connor, please not back in there” I beg but he ignores me and plonks me in the centre of the room.

“Brother give her a reason to live” Connor says to King as his eyes widen.

“What? A reason to live… Kat…Not again…” Jasmine cries and comes to my side.

“I can give more than one, for a start, every person in this room loves you…Even me…” King says as I stare at him.

“You have a child on the way” Jasmine puts her hand on my stomach.

“You have so much more life in you Sis, we love you” Bobby says as he hugs me tight.

“I don’t want to lose my second daughter…” Travis says behind me as I turn to him and see he’s an utter wreck and it kills me.

I look all around the room, they all look scared but one thing I can see in their eyes, the truth, they love me.

“I’m sorry” I break down and drop to the floor.

“I’m so sorry Kat. I really am but promise me you won’t do anything stupid” Travis picks me up and places me in his lap as I nod and put out my pinkie as he chuckles and links his own as he hugs me tight.

“I’m sorry, I love you dad” I mutter as he smiles and hugs me tighter. He really was like a second father to me.

For weeks we all took turns visiting Oliver in the hospital. For the first week I never left, I ate, slept and showered in the hospital until my brother’s intervened and dragged me back home.

My baby bump was beginning to grow as I was now coming up to my fifth month. I was scared beyond belief at the thought of becoming a mother, but my family were keeping me company the whole time, helping with everything.

“Ready for work?” King smirks as he turns up outside the house this morning, he really had kept my job for me, and I was loving every minute of it.

Mason and I had become so close and we joked around in the office more often than not while looking at new book prospects.

“Yes, but remember I have that appointment with ultrasound later” I smile.

“Of course, I’m coming with you anyway” he winks.

“I thought Bobby was taking me?” I ask.

“Change of plan, Lucy needed Bobby for something so I’m taking you. That’s not a problem is it?” He asks as we head to work.

“No, it’s fine” I smile.

The rest of the day went as normal, we got to work as I waved to Rose at the front desk as we went up to the offices.

“Hi guys! Wow Kat you look stunning, your bump is getting so big! It’s so cute!” Jenny smiled before she sauntered up to Mason as she placed a hand on his arm.

“She does look beautiful doesn’t she Jenny. What do you need?” Mason smiles at me as I blush and continue to organise my paperwork.

“You’ve got a call on line three and I was hoping you’d come out with me for drinks tonight” She says as I watch her, she couldn’t get any closer to him if she tried as I sniggered under my breath.

“Thanks Jenny. I’m a little busy tonight” He says as he walks away from her and comes to my desk as I look up with a smirk.

“Maybe another time then” Jenny huffs and leaves the room as I burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny Miss Smoak” Mason smirks.

“The smell of desperation in the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife. She wants you Mason” I wink as he laughs.

“I couldn’t think of anything worse than going for a drink with her…She might eat me…” He says as I laugh harder.

“I think that’s exactly what she wants to do with a certain part of you” I wiggle my eyebrows suggestively as he laughs and goes back to his desk.

“Watch it Miss Smoak, some might think you’re jealous” he laughs.

“Why would I be jealous of her…”

“Oh come on, you haven’t heard the rumours…Apparently me and you are a thing” he says, and I stand there in shock.

“Really? Who the hell would think that me and you were a thing?!” I laugh.

“Oh come on, deny the chemistry all you like, but you think I’m hot stuff” He winks as he picks up his phone to answer the call which was waiting.

Yeah, Mason was hot and if it wasn’t for what had happened with Oliver and Luke, maybe there would have been the chance for us to become a thing. But now, I was pregnant with Oliver’s baby and he was in a coma. I was loyal, I couldn’t be with anyone else, no matter how much the doctors said that he was fading day by day, if Oliver didn’t wake soon, he may never wake at all… But I still loved him.

I kept looking at Mason as he took his phone call, I watched his face, he was hot, sure. He was fun to be around, and we were great friends. He had helped me with everything so far and had even helped Travis in finding a counsellor for me to help deal with my depression and everything that had happened.

I was definitely coping better, with time I was getting there, but something was still missing, and I think it had to do with Oliver.

I missed feeling that type of love. Knowing he may never wake up, I was still in denial, I kept begging the gods to let him wake and help raise his child but I think deep down inside me, I knew, I knew he probably wouldn’t make it and I felt so bad that my own brain disobeyed me and kept looking at Mason with lust. I had always had a thing for King and now I knew him on a personal level it made me like him more.

But Oliver…He was always on my mind.

“What’s on your mind? You look miles away” Mason smiles kindly from his desk as he puts down the phone.

“Nothing…Just…Oliver I guess” I sigh as I get back to the paperwork in front of me.

“He’d be proud of you. You know that right? He’d want you to be happy” Mason says as I nod.

“I know” I sigh.

We carry on with work as I go through a few new transcripts which had caught my eye recently as I got lost in them.

“Shit! Kat your appointment!” Mason stands suddenly as I notice the time, we had gotten so lost in our work we hadn’t notice the hours go by and my appointment was in ten minutes.

We rushed out grabbing my bag as Mason drove quickly to the hospital as we arrived with a minute to spare to the ultrasound department.

“Katrina Smoak, I’ve got an appointment” I breathed heavily as I was catching my breath after rushing up here.

“You made it just in time, the nurse is ready for you now actually.” The receptionist said as the nurse came out of the room and called my name.

“Does your boyfriend want to come with you?” The nurse smiled as she nodded towards Mason.

“Oh…He’s not…He’s not my boyfriend…He’s my boyfriend’s cousin…My boyfriend, he’s in a coma” I say and the nurse pales.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. He can come in with you though if you like, so you’re not alone” She apologises.

“Hey Mason?” I call out as he looks up from his seat in the waiting area.

“Yeah Kat?”

“Do you want to come in with me?” I ask blushing as he smiles and nods following us inside.

The nurse puts on the cold gel onto the ultrasound probe before placing it on my stomach as she moves it around as Mason sit beside me awkwardly looking towards the screen.

“There’s your baby” The nurse points to the screen and my eyes well up as I see my baby on it.

“Holy shit…” Mason murmurs and takes my hand as I’m smiling.

“Do you want to know the gender?” The nurse asks.

“Yeah” I nod as she moves the probe again.

“Okay, nice steady heart-beat, looks healthy and it is a…little boy” She smiles..

“The curse continues” Mason laughs as I look at him like he’s crazy.

“What curse?” I giggle.

“There hasn’t been a girl born in our family for quite some time now” He laughs.

“The male genes must be strong in your family” The nurse smiles as I notice her check him out.

“Yeah, we’re all testosterone filled men with big egos too” Mason laughs as he winks at her.

“I’m sure. I’ll print you some photos of your scans for you” The nurse looks at him once more before smirking and walking out the room.

“Will you stop turning on the nurses!” I laugh.

“Sorry babe, I can’t help it if they just come for me” He winks and my heart flutters and then I feel guilty as I wipe the gel from my stomach and sort myself out.

“Don’t call me babe” I sigh as we wait for the nurse to return.

“I…Shit, sorry Kat, I meant nothing by it” He says as the nurse returns and hands me a few photos and then hands Mason a piece of paper with a wink.

“Call me” She says before leaving.

There was something pulling at my heart, was it jealousy?

“I’m going to go visit Oliver for a bit, I’ll leave you to it Mason” I say to him as I thank the nurse and Mason watches me leave as I walk down the corridors I had gotten so used to.

Just before I got to Oliver’s room I was stopped suddenly and turned around.

“Kat wait” Connor turned me as he looked at me solemnly.

“What is it Connor?” I ask as I try to turn.

“Something happened…Oliver…He…The doctors couldn’t do anything…He’s gone…” He says as I push him from me and push into the room as a doctor is pulling tubes from Oliver’s body as I rush to his side and take his hand in mine, it’s so cold.

“No!” I cry.

“I’ll give you a minute” The doctor says as I sit beside Oliver’s cold, lifeless body as I kiss his head as a tear falls on his head.

“We’re having a boy Oliver. I love you so much. I’ll make you proud I promise, I’ll raise him to be the best he can be. Rest in peace my love. I’ll never forget you” I kiss him once more as the tears flow and I rest my head on his hand as I sob, grieving for him. I knew this would happen, but it didn’t make it any easier.

“Kat…No…Oliver you were supposed to wake up dude” Mason walks into the room slowly with his brother by his side.

We spend some time saying goodbye to Oliver before the doctors come to take him away.

“Let’s get you home Kat” Mason takes my hand as we walk out the hospital as I just sink into his side, feeling deflated.

Connor follows us in his car behind us to the house as I notice there are several cars in the driveway.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“I don’t know” Mason says as we get out and head into the house.

“Hello?!” I shout out as we get inside and see no one.

We walk in further and I notice everyone in the garden, it looks like they are setting up a barbeque.

“Kat! What are you doing home now?! I thought you would go back to work!” Lucy cried out as she jumped when she came indoors.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“We thought after your scan we would have a small party to celebrate…Have you been crying?” She says as she comes closer and notices my puffy eyes. Her gaze goes over to the boys and her face drops to a frown.

“Oliver’s gone…” Connor sighs beside me as she gasps.

“Bobby!” She cries out as he rushes in in a panic.

“What?! Are you ok? Kat…What are you…Oh no…” His face drops too.

“I’m going to go tell the others” Connor says walking past as he makes his way outdoors.

“I need a minute to myself” I say as I wander my way up the stairs and to my room where I curl up on the bed with one of Oliver’s hoodies as I can still smell him on it.

Then I just let it out, every tear, every cry, every ounce of pain in my heart.

I could hear footsteps make their way slowly up the stairs as someone makes their way into my room and sits on my bed beside me as I’m facing away at the wall.

“Will you come downstairs.” Lucy says as she lays beside me and takes me in her arms as she strokes my hair and calms me down.

“Ok” I nod as she helps me up and takes my hand gently as we both head downstairs and outside where everyone is sat quietly talking at the tables they had put out.

“There she is” Toby says as he gives me a hug as I sit beside him and Mason.

Lucy sits on Bobby’s lap, but her eyes don’t leave me as she just watches me. I could tell they were all worried about me.

“You can all stop looking at me, I’m not going to break into a thousand pieces…” I say.

“We were just worried about you Kat” Travis says from the other side of the table.

“I think…Inside, I knew it was coming…I’m ok…I’ll be ok” I say, and he nods.

“You’re so brave Kat, I wish I was more like you” Lucy sighs.

“You’re braver than you think Lucy” I smile.

Nathan’s phone suddenly begins to ring as he answers it and wanders off as I watch him.

“Who was that?” I ask as he returns.

“Greg, they are begging us to go to the club tonight, apparently having the two stars of the show missing is dulling the numbers” He sighs.

“Then let’s go…” I answer and everyone looks at me in shock.

“You can’t fight!” Travis shouts at me.

“I don’t intend to. But there are a couple of people at this table who can…One in particular is quite good with the crowd if I remember rightly. Plus, me showing my face might help. Smoke has been missing for a while. I could do with a break from normal” I answer.

“She’s right.” Connor nods.

“You’re pregnant… What if you get hurt?” Bobby asks.

“I will have all of you there to keep me safe. Plus, the crowd love me” I smirk.

“Fuck it, I’ve been itching for a fight. I need to release some tension for all of us” Mason says with a smile to me.

“The King and Smoke will return tonight!” I holler with a whoop.

“For Oliver!” Mason raises his drink.

“For Oliver” Everyone else raises a glass in his name.

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