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Chapter Eighteen

“I don’t know how you do it Kat, you look smoking hot even pregnant” Lucy moans from beside me on my bed as I’m getting dressed.

I had decided to go in my comfortable leggings and a vest top that flowed over my baby bump. I had done my usual smoke make-up on both me and Lucy, she loved it.

“Are you sure? I feel like a whale” I groan.

“You look gorgeous baby mumma. I’d still do you” She winks, and I laugh.

“I think Bobby might have an issue with that”

“Yeah” She smiles.

“How are you two doing?” I ask.

“Great, honestly he’s the sweetest. But, there’s one issue…” She blushes and I turn to her, brow raised in question.

“What?” I sit next to her on the bed.

“He’s too sweet. You know like…In bed…”

“Oh no! We are not talking about my brother in bed, I do not need those details”

“You asked what was up…” Lucy giggles at me.

“Ughh, fine, spill it, but I might puke” I warn with a smirk.

“You know how rough we would get with each other? He’s just so sweet he doesn’t go rough, like at all…” She says and I can’t keep a straight face and I’m laughing at her.

“So my brother isn’t hitting it right? He doesn’t take you up against a wall, he doesn’t pin you down and ravish you” I smirk as her eyes roll in her head and she moans.

“Seriously Kat, don’t” She moans.

“I can’t believe he’s not rocking your socks. I’ve heard him with other girls, he got them screaming, it was so gross…”

“Do you think he really loves me? Maybe I’m doing something wrong…” She frowns.

“No! No way, he loves you Lucy and I know you aren’t doing anything wrong. I’ll talk to him” I say getting up, but she grabs my hand suddenly.

“Will you be subtle at least I don’t need him knowing that I told you this and that I’m not sexually satisfied, it could ruin us!” She says.

“Don’t worry Lucy, I’ve got this. Now get your beautiful ass downstairs” I smile as she hugs me and goes downstairs.

I finish my make-up and head towards Bobby’s room as I knock on the door.

“Come in” He shouts as I enter and he’s in his black jeans without a t-shirt.

“Put a shirt on Bobby” I smirk as he flips me off but grabs a shirt anyway and puts it on.

“What do you need little sister?” He asks patting the bed.

“I was just coming to see how you were…How’s things with Lucy?” I ask as he looks at me curiously.

“Things are…Good” He sighs.

“Bobby…Now tell me the truth”

“Ok…But don’t tell her anything I said ok? Promise?” He says as I nod.


“So, I love her, like monumentally love her, I can’t stop thinking about her and no matter what I do it’s like something is missing, the romance is there, and we go on dates, but something’s missing…”

“How’s everything…you know…In bed…” I smirk.

“I…She’s so small…I don’t want to break her, I’ve never been so gentle in my life…God why am I telling my sister this” He groans with his head in his hands as I just burst into laughter as he looks at me like I’m crazy.

“Ok, let me get this straight, my brother is not taking his woman hard because he thinks she’s too fragile?!” I giggle.

“It’s not funny Kat”

“Oh it is so funny. Let me tell you a little secret about Lucy, she loves it hard. Stop treating her like a china doll and just do it how you want to, trust me she’ll love it” I wink.

“I always forget you two slept together” I slams himself backwards onto the bed with a groan.

“For god sake Bobby, go get your woman now and push her against that wall and kiss her with all your might. Stop being such a pussy!” I stand up.

“I…I don’t know Kat” He sighs standing with me.

“Lucy!” I shout with a smirk as she comes up the stairs slowly.

“Yeah? What’s up?” She asks timidly looking between me and my brother.

“Bobby needs to see you” I smirk at her and glare at my brother.

“Hey guys we’re leaving in ten” King comes out of the spare room where he was getting changed. My god, he looked hot as my eyes couldn’t help looking over his body, every muscle under that sleeveless hoody.

“Let’s leave those two to it shall we” Bobby smirks to Lucy and drags her into his room as I turn to them.

“Have fun Bobby” I wink as he rolls his eyes.

“You look great Kat” King smirks under his hood.

“Thanks, looking good yourself” I wink as I turn to head downstairs. Then I hear it, the thud against the wall and then Lucy’s moan.

“Will they be done in ten or are we leaving them behind?” King nods to their door as I giggle.

“Leave them to it, they’ll catch up” I laugh, even though the sound of Lucy’s moaning was affecting me.

“Why are you blushing Smoke?” King smirks as he turns me around and walks towards me as I back up and find myself pinned against the wall. Oh shit…

“Pregnancy hormones…” I say as I hear her again.

“Are you horny Kat?” King smirks under his hood.

“Maybe a little…Don’t forget that me and Lucy were once a thing…I’ve made her moan like that many times, my hormones have me all over the place right now” I say breathily.

“Can I ask you something?” He says moving a bit of hair that had gone into my eyes.

“Yes” I nod as I remove his hood from his face.

“Would you of…” He starts and then suddenly Bobby’s door opens as he’s straightening his shirt and Lucy is sorting out her hair. Mason backs up from me and sighs before giving a tight smile and going downstairs. What was that about? What was he going to ask?

“Kat? You ok?” Lucy asks. I can see the light in her eyes and the hickey on her neck and I laugh.

“Fine. You two ok?” I smirk.

“Yeah” Lucy nods enthusiastically as Bobby grabs her and kisses her hard once more.

“Come on guys! You two can go at it later, please, I don’t need to see my brother like that! Come on dude!” I groan as I push off the wall and head downstairs.

“Thank you! Whatever you said…Thank you” Lucy runs up to me whispering in my ear as I giggle at her antics before she runs off back to Bobby.

“You ready?” Travis comes in as I grab a quick drink of water.

“As ever…Ouch…” I groan as I put my hand to my stomach. The baby was getting more active by the day and seemed to like kicking me.

“May I?” Travis puts his hand onto my stomach as I nod.

“He’s a kicker” I groan as he kicks against Travis’s hand.

“He’s a strong one…Like his mother” Travis smiles and kisses my head.

“Travis…Can I ask you something?” I say as I notice everyone was outside.

“Of course you can” He nods.

“Should you leave it a certain amount of time to fall in love again after a death…Like, I knew Oliver was going to die, but he just went today…But I…I keep having…Feelings, towards someone…Is it wrong for me to feel like that so soon after he died” I face the ground, embarrassed that I even asked.

“Katrina, you were put in such a difficult place. We all knew the day would come, we knew he wouldn’t wake and now that he has gone to a better place you need to heal. However, you are allowed to love again. Do it at a pace that feels right to you and don’t worry about what others think. Just be careful with your heart, we don’t want to see you broken anymore. Plus you have a baby to think of.” Travis answers.

“Thank you Travis” I smile and hug him as I feel my baby kick once more.

“He’s going to be a fighter” Travis laughs as we walk out the house.

“God I hope not…” I smirk.

“Come on! We need to go!” Nathan shouts from the car.

“We’re coming! I’m a little slower than normal!” I growl playfully as I get into the car.

“Well if this doesn’t spark the rumours a little more then nothing will” King smirks as I notice him in the seat beside me.

“Why are you in Nathan’s car? Don’t you want to go in your own? You always go on your own” I ask as Nathan and Travis get into the car.

“You going to tell her or shall I?” Nathan smirks in the front.

“Tell me what?” I ask.

“I signed up with your brothers, I’m officially on the same team as you Smoke” He smirks.

“You’re joking…You managed to get HIM to sign…People are going to be so mad!” I laugh.

“Someone needs to replace our best fighter seeing as she’s a little caught up with pregnancy right now” Nathan laughs as he begins the drive.

“I’ll be back, you can count on that”

“No you won’t. You are going to be a mother you’re not fighting anymore” Travis says as I glare at him.

“Watch me. Just because I’m now a mother doesn’t mean that I have to stop fighting. I’m not going to stop doing something I enjoy. I’ll just be a little more careful” I answer, and he sighs.

“We’ll see” He says

“She’ll be fine Travis. Kat’s a great fighter” King says with a nod to me as I smile.

“Ignore Travis, he’s just nervous because he told Lila the truth finally and she decided to come tonight” Nathan says as my mouth drops open in shock.

“You told her! How did she take it?” I exclaim.

“She already knew…” Travis grumbles.

“What? How?” I frown.

“Your mother…Apparently they used to go to fights together years ago…I never knew…I’ve seen photos of your parents with another girl when they were younger, she was all dressed up, much like you do and I never realised it was my own wife…”

“That’s so cool…So Jasmine and Lila are coming to the fight…Everyone’s coming…” I smile as a tear escapes my eye…Bloody pregnancy hormones.

“Why are you crying?” King asks wiping away the tear as Travis and Nathan look back in worry.

“My whole family are finally in it together…It’s the hormones…I cry at everything ok” I laugh suddenly.

“We’re here” Nathan says as I smile brightly as my eyes wander over the crowd, apparently word had gotten out that we would be here as there were huge amounts of people here tonight.

“Ready for this?” King asks placing a hand on mine as I blush at his touch.

“Are you? You’re fighting” I smirk.

“I was born ready” King replies.

“You were born with a huge ego”

“Huge other things too” He smirks before getting out the car.

“Is there something going on with you two?” Nathan asks before we get out.

“I…No, nothing…Just playing” I shake my head as Travis gives me a look like he now knows who I was talking about earlier.

“Smoke!” Someone shouts as I get out the car.

“Holy shit is she pregnant?”

“Smoke got knocked up!”

“I wonder whose it is” I hear people commenting as I walk around the car to join the others who had just arrived.

I begin to feel a little nervous as the crowd just keep staring at me and my baby bump.

“We can go home still if you want” Travis says in my ear.

“No, I’m ok” I say as I notice King is talking with Connor and he has fan girls swarming him.

“Smoke!” Someone shouts and I see Jay running up to me with a huge smile.

“Hey Jay” I smile as we all begin walking inside.

“How are you feeling?” He puts an arm around my shoulders.

“I’m fine Jay” I smile.

“Smoke… Hello Jay…Do you mind?” King bounds up to us as his eyes zero in on Jay’s arm.

“Do I mind what? Smoke doesn’t mind, do you?” Jay gives his signature playful smirk and wink.

“Well I do” King growls.

“King, it’s ok. Jay’s just being a friend” I answer but shrug off his arm anyway.

“Yeah, me and Smoke are REAL good friends”

“Seriously Jay, Oliver died today and you’re trying it on with her!” Toby comes up to us with Jasmine by his side as she looks a little nervous.

“Hey Jas” I smile at her as she smiles back and hugs me.

“Hey. Is there a problem here guys?” She asks looking between Jay and King.

“Oh come on King…Oliver was a dick and you know it!” Jay says as my eyes dart to him.

“Say that again” I growl at him.

“Oliver…Was…A…Dick” Jay says once more and I step towards him, rage building inside me.

“No you don’t” Toby and Jasmine grab my arms before I go to hit Jay.

“If you thought he was a dick then why’d you try help find him?” King snapped…He had a point Jay was there that day.

“I did it for Smoke!” Jay snaps back.

“Why? To get in her knickers?!” King steps forward as Jay does the same, squaring up to him, but Jay was small compared to King, King was pure muscle.

“I’ve been in them already” Jay scoffs.

“Jay!” I shout in warning.

“Come on baby, me and you would be perfect together, you know it” He winks.

“Jay I’ve told you before, I don’t like you like that. We had a fling, that’s all it was! I loved Oliver! He’s the father to my child and I won’t take you slandering him!” I growl at him as the crowd are silent listening in.

“He kidnapped you! He used you! He just wanted to own you! He didn’t love you and he would never have loved that kid! Not like I would!” Jay shouts and that’s when King storms forward and hits him in the jaw as Jay falls to the ground.

“Don’t talk about my cousin like that. He made mistakes, we all have, but he was making up for it! You stay the fuck away from our girl or you’ll find yourself in that ring!” King growls and I can’t help but smile as King says, ‘our girl’.

“She wants me man, you’ll see”

“Don’t fucking bet on it Jay” I snap as I walk up to him and take King’s hand and drag him away from Jay.

“I can’t believe you slept with him” King grumbles

“He was the only guy that ever took interest in me…Guys didn’t go for me. My brother’s made sure of that” I gave Nathan a snide look as he gave me a cheeky grin.

“Had to protect our sister from all the dicks”

“She’d have been better off with Logan at school” Lucy rolls her eyes.

“What? Logan didn’t even like me at school” I laugh.

“Really…He wanted in your pants the whole time!” Lucy laughs and I look at my brothers who all looked guilty.

“Are you serious! Him too!”

“None of them were good enough for you, they all just wanted to bang you. So we warned them off a little” Nathan shrugged.

“A LITTLE, you pinned Logan to a wall and threatened to cut off his balls if he went near her!” Lucy says

“Nathan!” I exclaim.

“Hey! Logan wasn’t me…” Nathan holds up his hands.

“Nope, that one was me…” Toby answers as Jasmine smacks his arm playfully.

“Toby!” I laugh.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Are we ready?!” Greg shouts into the mic as the crowds begin surging forward.

“Tonight we have King and Smoke finally back home! Let’s hear it for them!” He pumps up the crowd as they go wild.

“Unfortunately Smoke won’t be fighting right now due to the little bouncing baby inside her…” He says as the crowd goes wild once more. It was a mix of disappointment that I wasn’t fighting, congratulations and hisses of slut murmuring around.

King suddenly jumps into the ring and snatches the mic off of Greg.

“Who here thinks Smoke is a slut? I heard you!” He growls as people murmur but no one comes forward.

“Come on! Don’t be shy” He growls again as Jay steps up to the ring as I look at him wide eyed.

“She’s a Locke gang slut, she’s pregnant by Oliver, or is she…Maybe it’s Luke’s…I’ve heard rumours that they slept together too!” Jay says.

“Oh shit…” I murmur.

The one thing I had never told a soul…During that week he took me away, he raped me… I hadn’t even thought of the baby being his until now…

King gave the mic to Greg and gave Jay a come-on taunt.

“Smoke…” Travis says as I notice Lila beside him, looking concerned.

King began to punch Jay hard as he got angrier and angrier at him as Jay kept taunting.

“She’ll always be a killer she’ll always be someone else’s girl” Jay taunts.

King lost it, his rage getting the best of him.

“Nathan! Stop him!” I shout as Nathan and Connor jump up and grab King, dragging him back. Jay wasn’t moving.

“Kat let’s get out of here” Lucy whispers in my ear and takes my hand.

“What so they can gossip about me more? No way. Travis help me up” I say as Travis looks at me with worry but helps me onto the ring.

I take the mic from Greg as he looks at me confused.

“That’s quite enough guys. Ladies and Gents, I know you all know me. Yes I’m pregnant and yes it is with someone from the Locke gang. However, I’m not a slut. I will not stand here and take any of your shit, I thought you were all respectable. We are here to enjoy the fight we are here as a family not against each other and shaming. Jay fells like I should be his which is why he’s so fucking butt hurt right now. I’ve been kidnapped and used. Yes I fell for a man that was a part of that gang who took me, but he changed, he never hurt me, in the end he got me home and helped me. That man died today, and I came here to cheer myself and have my family together doing something we enjoy in honour of his memory. So I will ask you right now, do you want to see a fight? Or do you want to join Jay in trying to ruin our way of life?” I shout as the crowd was silent listening to me.

“Smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, fight, fight, fight” The crowd chants.

“Fucking bitch!” Jay shouts coming at me, but I catch his arm and manage to toss him to the ground as the crowd gasps and goes wild.

“Toss him to the curb!”

“He nearly hit Smoke! She’s pregnant!”

“Get him out of here!” The crowd all growl angrily.

My brothers all storm up to Jay as they take him as Nathan beats the hell out of him.

“Are you ok?” King rushes up to me, as he tilts my head up to meet his eyes under his hood.

“He tried to hit me…” I murmur in shock.

“He won’t come near you, ever again” He says as he takes me in his arms as I hear the women in the crowd ‘aww’.

I toss the mic back to Greg as he nods in thanks.

“Get that scum out of our ring. Jay don’t come back mate. Now, let’s get on with the fighting shall we?!” Greg calls out as the boys are dragging out Jay as King and Connor help me down from the ring.

“I need to sit down…I feel sick” I murmur to Travis as he catches me as I sway a little.

“Get me a chair! Now!” He shouts as several people rush off.

“Here, drink this” Jasmine holds out a bottle of water as Lila helps me onto a chair which one of the guys in the crowd had rushed to get.

“Smoke you ok?” The guys asks.

“I’ll be ok, thank you” I smile as I sit.

“What’s going on?” King rushes to my side as a couple of random guys have begun a fight in the ring.

“Nothing, I’m fine, just felt a little sick and tired” I smile to him.

“Maybe this was all a bad idea, too much too soon” Jasmine says.

“Hey! What happened? You ok?!” Toby runs to our side with Nathan and Bobby on his tail as they look at me with worry.

“I’m fine. Seriously, I’m feeling better already”

“Go home, you need to rest” King orders.

“Not a chance, I’m here to watch the fights, so I will sit here and watch the fights” I cross my arms in front of me.

“Why are you so stubborn?” He shakes his head.

“Runs in the family…” Jasmine rolls her eyes as I giggle.

“Will the King grace us with a fight tonight?” Greg shouts out.

“Go, the crowd want you King, go make the ladies weak in the knees watching you fight” I wink.

“There’s only one girl I want weak in the knees for me” He says with a smirk.

“Oh yeah? Who?” I ask.

“That’s a secret you’ll have to work out yourself” He gives me his cheeky smirk before hopping back up to the ring.

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