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Chapter Nineteen

For the rest of the night I enjoyed myself watching the boys as they fought. I missed it, I had to admit, I missed the adrenaline pumping through my veins from a fight.

King had several matches and of course he won every single one, although he came close to losing when my brother Nathan decided to take him on. I felt so nervous watching them both as they pummelled into each other, I didn’t know who to cheer for, but I couldn’t help but cheer. My eyes didn’t leave King for most of it though.

“Bed now Katrina” Travis ordered as we drove home as I yawned, exhausted.

“Yes dad” I laughed and made my way indoors as everyone else went into the lounge to have a few beers.

I went in the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water, downing it quickly.

Wandering into the lounge where everyone sat chatting loudly as the guys opened up beers, Travis glared at me.

“This is not your bedroom” He says.

“I am not a child I’m fine resting right here” I say plonking carefully onto the sofa between Nathan and King.

“Put your legs on me sis” Nathan pats his lap as I rest my legs on top of his, but that also meant my back was leaning against King as he moved his arm and put it around me as I snuggled in.

“So cute” Lucy giggled as I flipped her off with a smirk.

“Go to sleep Katrina” Mason whispered in my ear as my eyes drooped.

“Stubborn” Travis shook his head as they all began to talk once more.

The baby kept kicking inside me and I couldn’t get to sleep as he decided it was time to play in there. King noticed me wriggling as his hand settled on my stomach.

“Woah…That’s so weird” King laughed as the baby kicked at his hand.

“What’s weird?” Nathan asked as I chuckled and grabbed his hand, placing it on my stomach as his eyes widen as he feels the baby kicking.

“Feel that…That’s your nephew” I smile as Nathan’s eyes light up.

“Does he do that often?” He asks.

“Every day, he’s getting more active by the day” I yawn.

“Does he keep you up?” King asks as I nod.

“Yeah sometimes, but I’ve realised that if I start talking he seems to calm a little, so I just talk to him in there” I smile.

“Talk about what?” Lucy asks noticing our conversation.

“Everything, anything, how I feel, stories” I smile.

“I need to ask you something Katrina” Connor sighs as I turn my head towards him.


“Is it true that the baby could be Lukes?” He asks and all eyes look between the pair of us.

“I…Uhh…Fuck…Yes” I sigh as I can’t look at them in the eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Bobby asks.

“Would you want to admit that your baby might be the result of rape?” I ask.

“I guess… Sorry Kat” He says as I slowly move my legs off Nathan and stand.

“I’m going to bed. Good night guys” I say and leave the room before the tears can spill out in front of them.

I get ready for bed and put on Oliver’s hoody as I climb into bed, laying there in silence as I rub my belly feeling my baby move around.

“I don’t care who your daddy really is, as long as you’re ok, little man, we’ll get through this” I say as my door opens slowly.

“Kat? Can I come in?” King says

“I don’t want to talk right now Mason” I say

“Then we won’t talk, but you shouldn’t be alone” He says sitting on my bed beside me.

“I’m not alone, I have my little man inside me” I smile.

“Kat…You know no matter whose baby that is, we won’t think any less of you. We’re all here for you” He says, and I smile at him, placing my hand on his.

“Thank you. I know. It’s just I wanted him to know who his father was, and I believed it was Oliver, I really did, and then Jay said it and now I can’t get it out my head that what if it is Luke’s. Born of a monster of a man.” I sigh as King climbs in beside me lying next to me.

“Then believe it is Oliver’s. But it doesn’t matter about the past, just the future. Him knowing who his father is probably won’t make a difference as he has such a huge family with many males to look up to. Plus he will have you and that’s the best thing anyone can ask for” King says as I pull myself up a little and place my head on his chest.

“Thanks Mason. I just hope he doesn’t get a huge ego like you guys seem to have” I smirk.

“I am offended. I’ll have you know I’m amazing and don’t have a huge ego at all Katrina.” He smirks and tickles my side slightly as I giggle.

“Amazing…Yeah, I guess…Huge ego…Definitely…” I smile and then end up yawning.

“Go to sleep Kat” He says kissing my head as I snuggle into his chest, it felt so right that I fell asleep quite quickly but not before I heard him speak.

“What are you doing to my heart Kat” He murmurs before I fall asleep.

The next morning I found myself alone in bed and I felt disappointed.

“But I want to see aunty!” I heard little Mason scream downstairs suddenly as I came out the shower.

“Mason calm down, she’s sleeping” Jasmine sighed.

I got dressed quickly and put my hair into a bun, not bothering to try today.

“Masssooonnnnn” I call as I hear his squeal as he runs up the stairs.

“Yeah?” I’m made jump by King standing behind me in nothing but a towel.

“Uh…Wrong Mason” I stammer as little Mason runs up to me and hugs my legs tightly with a giggle as I pick him up.

“Ah, I see, replacing me already with a cuter model” King winks.

“Excuse me but why are you stood in front of my child and Kat in nothing but a towel King” Jasmine growls but I notice her eyes take him in.

“Kat called out for Mason, I assumed it was for me” he held up his hands chuckling before walking into the spare room.

“God that man is fine” Jasmine says as I giggle and nod as I look over his body before he shuts the door.

“Man fine!” Mason giggles as I stare at him in shock.
“Oh no!” Jasmine gasps and I can’t help but laugh loudly.

“Shh Mason” I put a finger to my lips as I’m laughing as I carry him down the stairs.

“Daddy!” He shouts as he spots Toby.

“Morning Kat, hey buddy, want some breakfast?” He asks as Mason gets down from my side.

“Yes! Man fine!” Mason says

“Man fine? What?” Toby questions as he looks up to us and Jasmine goes red.

King comes down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Man fine!” Mason points to King and I burst into another fit of laughter.

“Kat!” Jasmine growls.

“What is going on and why is the kid saying I’m fine?” King asks.

“Kat was checking you out” Jasmine says as I whack her arm playfully.

“Jasmine!” I squeal out.

“So you said I was fine?” King raises his brow with a smirk.

“No…She did…” I smirk pointing to Jasmine as she goes bright red.

“Jasmine!” Toby shouts, but I can see the amusement in his eyes, he’s not angry.

“Oh come on…Everyone can see it! But I prefer my man more” Jasmine huffs before going up to my brother and giving him a passionate kiss.

“YUCK!” Mason cries out holding his hands over his eyes.

“Oh no Mason, don’t you like kissing girls?” King asks ruffling his hair.

“Mummy and Daddy kissing yucky” Little Mason groans, sticking his tongue out as if he was going to puke.

“What if I kissed your aunty? Would that be yucky?” King asks and my eyes dart to him.

Little Mason just shrugs.

King comes closer to me as I can’t keep my eyes off him as he’s right in front of me.

His lips get closer and then suddenly…

“No! My aunty! Get off! No kiss!” Mason shoves at Kings leg and I laugh, picking him up. Little Mason kisses my cheek and hugs my head tight to him.

“I think I’ve been claimed Mason” I laugh.

“Me Mason, he not Mason” Little Mason says as I giggle.

“His name is Mason too buddy” I say, and he looks at me confused.

“Come here baby boy, come have some breakfast” Jasmine comes up to us with a smirk and tries to take Mason off of me, but he won’t let go.

“No! She’s mine!” He screams.

“I’ll feed him. How come you’re still here Mason?” I question as he’s stood watching us all with a smile.

“Me having breakfast aunty” Little Mason frowns.

“Ok, I’m calling you King when little Mason is here, saves the confusion” I shake my head with a smirk.

“I decided to take a few days off, you’ve got a few too, I told the office there was a death in the family, so they have us both covered. I hope you don’t mind me being here still” he says.

“Oh, thanks. Of course you can be here” I smile as I feed little Mason at the table.

“That’s good actually as Kat would have been on her own for most of the day otherwise, everyone else has work and Lucy is with Bobby. So you two can keep each other company” Toby says with a smirk at me.

“Perfect” King smiles as he takes a few slices of banana from the plate Jasmine had just given me.

“Hey! That’s mine!” I call.

“Do you want it back?” He says before licking it and holding it towards me.

“So gross. Can’t believe you stole from a pregnant lady” I laugh shaking my head.

“Mason! No!” Jasmine shouts as I turn and notice he’s mashing his own banana in his hand before smashing it into my hair.

“Mason!” I groan.

“What have I told you about playing with your food? Naughty Mason!” Jasmine tells him off as I’m picking banana out of my hair.

“Go wash it out Kat. But we might be gone before you get out. So YOU take care of my sister and you don’t do anything stupid. Message us if you need anything or this guy is being an ass ok?” Toby says sternly.

“Ok. Will you be back later or is it just Bobby tonight?” I ask.
“Just Bobby, we’ll be heading home tonight.” He says as I give him a hug.

“Noooooo! My aunty!” Mason screams in his chair as I chuckle and go and give him a hug as he gives me a very banana filled kiss on my cheek.

“Mmm, banana cheek too” I laugh.

“Call me if you need us Kat, for anything ok?” Jasmine gives me a hug.

“Mummy! No! She mine!” Mason huffs.

“Can’t you share her buddy?” King laughs.

“No” He huffs.

“Just a little? She should be allowed to hug and kiss family right? Your aunty likes hugs and kisses too from everyone.” King smiles at him as Mason seems to consider it.

“Ooookkkk.” He sighs as I giggle.

“You’re still my favourite little man” I kiss little Mason on the cheek as he giggles.

“Hey! Where’s mine?” King smirks.

“Who said you get one King?”

“Everyone else did!” He calls out.

I roll my eyes and walk up to him as he’s smirking, I get closer as if going to kiss him on the lips before changing course and whispering in his ear.

“Sorry I’m claimed by little Mason” I wink and walk off.

“Bye guy!” I shout as I climb the stairs as I hear Toby and Jasmine chuckling at what they had just seen.

Washing my hair AGAIN I managed to get out all the banana before giving my face a quick wash.

Soon enough I was out and got dressed again, the house was silent as I came out of my room.

“King?” I call out but got no reply as I wander down the stairs.

I searched all downstairs and didn’t find him anywhere, everyone was gone.

“Where the hell did he go?” I mutter to myself as I double check upstairs.

“King?” I call out again but no reply. He must have decided to go instead. I was a little upset, I enjoyed spending time with him.

Kat to King: Hey, where did you go? Kat x

Half an hour later and I still didn’t have an answer. I was beginning to worry.

Kat to Toby: Did King say anything to you about leaving? He wasn’t downstairs when I came down and he’s not replying… K x

Toby: No, I’ll give him a call. Are you ok? X

Kat to Toby: I’m fine, I was just worried x

Toby: I’m sure he’s fine. I’ll message you when I find out x

Kat to Toby: Ok thanks Toby xx

I was starting to get antsy after an hour of not hearing anything as the front door opened and in walked Bobby and Lucy.

“What are you two doing here?” I ask.

“Toby called us, said King’s gone haywire and disappeared, we wanted to make sure you were ok” Lucy says as she sits next to me, my hands were shaking.

“Kat, why are you shaking?” Bobby asks taking my hands.

“I’m worried…What if somethings happened to him?” my voice wobbles slightly.

“He’s a big guy, he can fight, I’m sure he’s fine and his phone died or something” Lucy says but looks to Bobby with worry.

“His car is gone Lucy you can’t fight a car crash” I point out

“Kat, calm down, think of the baby. I’m sure there is a perfectly good reason why he’s not answering, and he hasn’t been in a crash. Toby already called the hospital to check” she says, and I look at her in shock.

“I can’t lose someone else I love Lucy” I sob.

“You love him?” She raises a brow.

“I…Yeah…I do” I nod.

“He’ll be back. I’ve seen the way he looks at you, it’s like he’s besotted with you” Bobby says.

“But where is he?” I cry against my brother’s shoulder as he hugs me to him.

“I wish I knew Kat” He sighs as Lucy takes my hand as they put on the tv to distract us.

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