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Chapter Two

“Where the fuck were you?” Uncle Benji growls at me when I get into our gym.

“I went to Lucy’s, some guy broke in, tried to rape her, I beat the shit out of him, called the police and he got taken away. Bobby came over, we argued and then I came here. That’s the gist of it, now can I get on with warm up please?” I growl out as I wrap my hands.

“What?! Is Lucy ok?” He takes my shoulder, whirling me around.

“I got the guy before he did much, she’s a little shaken but safe with Bobby and her parents. He didn’t get a chance to rape her. He smacked her, so I beat the shit out of him” I said, and my uncle looked at me in shock.

“I’ll cancel the fights tonight, your mood will get in the way” He says taking his phone out, but I snatch it from him before he calls anyone.

“No way are you cancelling my fight tonight, it’s the first one in weeks!”

“Fine, but if I see you slacking I’m pulling you out” he urges as I nod and begin my warm up with the punch bag.

“Ready yourself up, fights in an hour” Uncle comes in from his office as I’m having a quick drink.

“On it” I say before hitting the shower quickly and getting dressed.

“I will never understand how your brother’s don’t know it’s you” Uncle looks at me when I’m finished.

“You’d think my scar would give it away right?” I laugh, I have a huge thin line of a scar that went from right below my breast, to my hip diagonally from an accident I was in when I was small. It was faded for the most part, but of all the people that should know what it is and how it looks, my brothers should. Yet they never guessed who I was.

“The make-up and the clothes probably distract everyone from it” He says as I finish up my make-up.

“That was the point” I said giving myself a final look over before nodding and facing my uncle.

“You ready?” He asks.

“I was born ready” I smirk as we head out to his car to head to an old warehouse that was used for the ring.

“Hey look! It’s Smoke!” I heard being shouted out as we got out the car, I just smirked.

“Quite the crowd tonight” My uncle said as I looked around.

“Why is it so much busier than normal?” I ask as I notice the numbers had gone up by at least three times the amount of people, and this place was busy at the best of times.

“I don’t know. I’m going to find the boys and find out. Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone” He says before taking off quickly as I go to stand at the bar.

“Need a drink before the match Smoke?” Jay, the bartender smirked.

“Nope, I like to keep a clear head” I smile

“How about a drink after, we can have a little fun…If you know what I mean” He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

“Not a chance Jay” I laugh as I push away from the bar.

“Come on! You know you want me!” He smirks as I flip him off. He was hot, it was true, but I wasn’t sure if I felt anything for him and what with my protective brothers, I just left it as fun with Jay occasionally.

“You don’t belong in a place like this pretty girl” A voice growls behind me.
“Oh really?” I smirk turning as I see the guy that had been in Lucy’s house as my smirk fell.

“Scared baby?” He smirks, his hand coming towards me as I take it and twist it behind him.

“I’m not scared of you. But you should be scared of me. You should be in jail right now buddy” I growl as his eyes widen.

“You’re the bitch from the house!” He says as I twist his arm more.

“Woah! What’s going on here? This guy bothering you Smoke?” Nathan walks up to us with my brothers and uncle in tow.

“This bitch is going down” The guy grumbles as I kick him to the floor.

“Come near any girls again and I’ll rip your throat out. You hurt MY girl, went to rape her, you should be in jail” I growl quietly trying to hide my voice a little from the boys.

“I know who you are SMOKE, you and your pretty little friend. This isn’t the last you’ll see of me” He grins before running off through the crowd.

“Smoke…” Uncle Benji raises a brow in question.

“Can we talk?” Bobby says looking at me weirdly…Shit…I think he heard the guy and pieced it together, why did he have to be so smart.

“Fine” I nod and follow him as my uncle stays with the boys. We head into the office nearby as he closes the door.

“So, do you want to tell me what’s going on here or shall I take a guess?” Bobby frowns at me as his eyes go over my body, right to the scar…Well shit…

“Take a guess dude” I answer.

“I think I know who you are, and I hope I’m wrong. But that guy said something that made me think, you see my own sister and her best friend had something happen today and by the looks and sound of it, that was the guy involved. Now how would you know him and what he did if you weren’t one of the girls?”

“He’s a prick known for playing with girls that aren’t his to play with. A rapist who thought it would be fun to play with smoke, just to get burnt in my flames.” I reply.

“Give it a rest Katrina” He sighs.

“Only took three years for you to figure it out brother” I grimace.

“What are you fucking playing at?! Toby and Nathan will kill you and Uncle for this! We didn’t want this life for you!” He exclaims.

“And yet, you wanted SMOKE for your team…I am Smoke, and you know I can fight. Don’t let that change because you’ve figured out it was me” I growl.

“You’re so fucking stupid! You’re going to get yourself killed!” He says shaking my shoulders.

“Yo! Fights are about to start guys! Are we REEEAAADDDDYYY???” The announcer shouts.

“Don’t tell the others, please Bobby. I love fighting, it’s my life. I’m good at it and it makes me feel closer to Dad. Please Bobby! I’ll tell them, just not tonight!” I beg as I hear footsteps coming this way.

“Hey! Fights are about to begin…Everything ok?” Toby peaks his head in as I stare at Bobby, silently begging him not to tell.

“All good bro, that guy that left though, we need to find him…” He says with a nod towards me as I sigh in relief.

“Smoke! You’re up!” Uncle runs up and looks between us before he drags me to the ring.

“Bobby knows who I am” I whisper in his ear before he gives me a leg up onto the tall platform. He nods and looks towards my brothers as they stare up on the stage to watch the fight.

“Tonight we have the fight of a lifetime! Smoke versus Fire!” The announcer calls out and I raise a brow at my uncle as he shrugs.

I had no idea who this guy was as he lifted himself up and onto the platform. He was huge! Muscles as far as I could see, he had to be at least seven feet tall, tattoos of flames up his legs.

How the hell was I supposed to take this guy down?!

“That guys like seven times the size of her! Who chose this match?!” Bobby shouts to the announcer, fear in his eyes as I look over.

“We going to fight or are you too scared girlie?” The guy boomed as I watched him pace his side of the ring. I noticed a little limp on his right leg as I signalled behind me to Benji, glancing back he nodded and smiled, he’d noticed it too.

“Let’s go Smoke!” He shouts as Bobby gives him a look of surprise and anger as my uncle holds out a hand as if to say, watch and wait.

“I guess there’s no smoke without fire, do your best” I smirk at the guy as I begin to watch his movements as we walk around the ring.

“Shake hands!” The announcer says as we shake before backing up and getting ready.

“3…2…1…Fight!” He shouts and the crowd goes wild.

The guy goes straight for the attack as I slide under his legs, his stance wide as he looks shocked as I slide around and wipe out his legs from beneath him as he goes to his knees.

“I’m going to tear you apart!” He growls out as he gets up and aims for me once more with a kick as he gets me in my side as I stumble.

“Ohhhh” The crowd cries out they knew I didn’t take a hit well.

“Take him out!” Uncle shouts.

I fake a swing with my right hand to his face as my leg kicks out to his right as he cries out going down once more before I punch him in the face, his nose bleeding across the ring.

“I was hoping for more” I smirk but to my surprise he gets up once more as anger fills his eyes.

“It’s not that easy princess” he says as he lands a punch to my side as I’m knocked flying, winded, I get up slowly as he’s coming towards me.

“Smoke!” Uncle shouts out as I look towards him.

“Get up!” Bobby shouts.

The guys on me now as he picks me up under my arms with a smirk.

“Looks like you’re about to lose your title” He smirks.

“Don’t bet on it” I say before pushing my legs off of him with all my might as I flip over and kick him in the face as I flip as he wobbles and tumbles down to the ground.

“5…4…3…2…1…Winner Smoke!” The announcer counts down to my victory as Uncle Benji jumps up to the stage and lifts my arms.

“You ok?” he whispers in my ear.

“Get me out of here” I try to hide the pain in my ribs, knowing at least one was going to be broken.

He signals to the announcer that I was done for the night as we take off from the stage as we collect our money.

“Is that it for tonight? Taking off early?” Toby comes towards us with Nathan and Bobby following close behind.

“I have things to do” I say.

“I’ll see you both out” Bobby says as Toby eyes him in question.

“Something going on between you two. Getting rather cosy?” Toby smirks.

“God no” Me and Bobby say at the same time as our eyes widen.

Toby and Nathan eye me warily.

“There’s something about you…” Nathan says.

“Oh yeah! Smoke, that guy earlier…We’ll find him for you. We’ll deal with him” Bobby tries to distract them as we’re walking outside.

“Thank you” I nod as Benji gets in the car with me as I wave as all three brothers watch us leave.

“Well…It’s not going to be long now…” Uncle Benji says as I sigh.

“Can you take me to Lucy’s…I need Travis” I say as he looks over at me wide-eyed. Travis was a doctor.

“Shit!” He says speeding up as I hold my ribs which were burning with pain.

“Travis!” Benji shouts as I let us in the front door.

“What is it Benji? Oh my god!” He runs up to us as he takes me in his arms and lays me onto the sofa.

“My chest hurts” I cry out, the pain getting worse.

“Dad? Did I hear Benji…Kat!” Lucy runs in and kneels beside us.

“Who the hell was she up against?!” Travis asked.

“Fucking giant…” I growl out in pain as he pokes and prods.

“She’s not joking either” Benji looks at me with worry. It was odd for anyone to get a hit on me, I was good at diving under them. But this guy had just been too big to miss, he’d got in a few good punches and kicks.

“I think you’ve just got a couple broken ribs.” Travis says before going to get his kit in order to wrap me up like he had done before.

“Who won?” Lucy asks as her hand is entwined with mine.

“Me, of course” I smirk as she smiles shaking her head in disbelief as her eyes wander down to the bruising.

“I wish you didn’t fight, but I know you like it…” She sighs.

“Bobby knows now…” Benji says as Travis and Lucy turn to him in shock.

“How the hell did that happen?” Travis asks as he sits me up as I wince while he wraps my chest with bandages tightly.

“The guy from this morning was there…I have no idea how he’s out of jail right now but Bobby’s working on getting him. Lucy, I don’t want you alone until we find him…But anyway…I got angry with him and got him to the floor as the boys came up and Bobby must have heard a little more as he asked to talk to me and he guessed who I was…” I said quickly.

“That scumbag is out!” Travis shouts angrily.

“But…But…how?” Lucy stammers.

“He won’t come near you Lucy. I swear” I say squeezing her hand as it shakes.

“We’ll find him” Benji nods.

“Benji I trust your best guys are on this…” Travis says as my uncle nods which seems to calm Travis.

“Kat don’t go home tonight” Lucy whimpers into my neck.

“She’s not going anywhere tonight I need her kept an eye on anyway. She’ll stay with us” Travis says as Benji nods.

“Kat, I need to go back. Message me if you need anything” My uncle says as he kisses my head and says goodbye.

“Be careful!” I shout out to him before he leaves.

“Bed, the pair of you” Travis orders as Lucy helps me up with her as I wince.

We head upstairs together as I go into the bathroom to get out of my fighting gear as Lucy brings in my spare clothes I left here.

“How does it feel knowing Bobby knows who you are?” She asks.

“Good and bad. I’m glad someone else knows but I know he doesn’t want me to fight. Although he’s seen me fight as Smoke and watched me win so many fights. I think he’ll try to stop me” I sigh as I get into Lucy’s bed with her as she carefully lays her head on my shoulder.

“I’m scared Kat” Lucy whispers.

“I’ve got you Lucy” I said kissing her head.

“I hate seeing you hurt. I hate that somehow that creep got out of jail within hours…He’s out there somewhere…” She whimpers and I can’t take it as I kiss her head and get up.

“He’s not coming near you” I hug her to my side, ignoring the pain.

“Love you Kat” She murmurs as she falls asleep against me.

“Love you too Lucy” I kiss her head. I loved her more than she knew. She thought our little experimentation together was all that was, a little fun, but it had always meant more to me, she meant more to me. I always got jealous when she flirted with others, including my brother Bobby.

But how could I tell her without ruining our friendship too?

I’d rather keep her like this than ruin our friendship.

So I keep quiet and take what I can get.

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