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Chapter Twenty

A thud on the door woke me up as I had fallen asleep in the arms of Lucy and Bobby on the sofa but woke up startled at thudding on the door.

“Stay here” Bobby warned as he went to the door.

“Bobby what is it?” Lucy calls as she goes to the lounge door.

Her hand flies to her mouth as she rushes out and I stand up and walk to the door.

“Guys?” I ask as I get to the door.

“Kat! Ring Connor and Travis now!” Bobby shouts at me as I see a bloodied body in front of him.

“Who is it?” I ask.

“Kat! Now! It’s King!” He says and my eyes widen, and I snap out of the stupor and call Travis and Connor.

“Hey sweetheart, what’s up? Have you found my stupid brother?” Connor answers first.

“You need to get here now! He’s just turned up bloodied and bruised!” I say.

“Shit! I’m on my way” He says and hangs up.

“Hey Kat” Travis answers when I call him.

“Can you come to the house? It’s an emergency” I ask in a rush.

“What’s happened? I’m at work right now Kat” He sighs.

“It’s Mason, he’s been missing most of the day and we heard a thud on the door and now he’s on the ground all bloodied and bruised” I begin to cry.

“Shit ok I’m on my way but I’m going to call Lila, she’ll get to you before me” He says as he promises he would get there soon. Lila had trained as a nurse so hopefully she could help us sooner.

“They’re coming Bobby…How is he? Tell me he’s alive” I cry as Lucy pushes me back from them.

“K…K…Kat” I hear King groan as I push past Lucy and kneel beside him.

“King! Who did this?” I ask as his eyes try to open but they are swelling.

“Jumped…” He groans.

“By who?” Bobby asks.

“Jay…Two other guys” He groans.

“Jay! I’m going to kill him!” I cry out.

A car squeals as it pulls up the driveway as Connor jumps out and rushes to the house as I walk out the door.

“Jay did it! Him and two guys jumped him!” I tell him as his face floods with anger.

“Is he ok?” He asks as we head back to the house.

“Lila and Travis are on their way” I tell Connor as his hand is in a tight fist, knuckles going white.

“I’m going to kill that son of a bitch and anyone else that touched my brother” He growls.

“You can do that…But I want a go at Jay” I say as he looks at me in shock.

“You weren’t supposed to go back to any of that Kat” he sighs.

“One more and I’m done, I promise”

“Fine, I’ll find him and whoever did this and then you can have your fun with him. But then you’re done. No more gang stuff” He sighs, and I nod as I hear another car pull up.

“Kat! What happened? Where’s Mason?” Lila rushes out the car with a bag as I point her to him in the corridor with Bobby.

Lila was checking over Mason’s body as Travis turned up and took over while Connor stood with me in the lounge making sure I was ok.

Jay: Did you like my present Kat? You’re MY girl. Not his, not anyone else’s, this is a warning. You are MINE! You’ll come to mine and be with me or next time someone will die. See you soon pretty girl

“Connor…” I mumble as I show him my phone.

“God damn it!” He growls.

“Connor? What’s happened?” Bobby walks in.

I give him my phone as he stares at it wide eyed.

“It’s like Luke all over again” I sigh.

“Except this kid has no idea who he’s playing with” Connor growls as he gets out his own phone and begins making calls to his own gang ‘The Kings’.

Soon Travis had Mason laying in the spare room, his wounds cleaned up, there was nothing fatal, but his face didn’t look so good.

“Connor we have to find Jay” I say as he comes up beside me when I’m looking into the room where Mason is passed out.

“I need your help with that… He’s disappeared” Connor says as I turn to him.

“What do you need me to do?” I ask.

“Be the bait to lure him out…” Connor sighs.

“Done. When and where?” I ask.

“Kat…” I hear Mason groan as I turn and walk up to his side.

“Hey Mason, how are you feeling?” I ask as he opens his eyes as much as he can, while one is swollen shut.

“Sore, bastard jumped me. I just went out to get you a treat, I’m sorry if I worried you Kat” He groans as he tries to sit up.

“Don’t, you don’t need to apologise.” I say as I hold his hand in mine.

Kat to Jay: Where should I meet with you? If you want me, where do I go?

Jay: I knew you would come to me. Tonight, 9pm in Dynamo’s club. Don’t bother bringing anyone. I WILL see and you will pay. See you soon.

“Here” I pass my phone to Connor as he nods.

“I’ll get something set up.” He says and walks off to make some more calls.

“Get what set up? Kat?” Mason groans holding my hand tightly.

“He’s getting Jay” I answer, making sure I don’t tell him that I’m involved too.

“Tell me you’re not getting involved…Katrina…”

“I’m just setting him up. It’s just a few texts” I sigh.

“Give me the phone” he puts his hand out.

“Mason, seriously it’s just a set-up”

“KATRINA SMOAK give me the phone!” He shouts at me and it surprises me, scares me that I back up. My hands were shaking.

“Mason! Stop you’re scaring her” Connor barges into the room.

“Are you using her to get to Jay?!” Mason shouts.

“Dude, she’ll be safe” Connor says.

Jay: Change of plan sweetheart, come see me now. See you are the park near your house. Bring anyone and you will regret it.

Shit, now what, do I tell Connor what’s going on? Do I deal with it myself? What if he could get someone I loved hurt?

“I need some air” I said before walking out the room.
“Where are you going?” Lucy asks as I get downstairs.

“Kat! Come back!” I hear Mason shout.

“I need to go for a walk” I sigh.

“No you don’t, I can see you’re lying Kat. Where are you going?” She repeats.

I sigh and grab the key to the draw with the gun and grab it.

“Kat!” Lucy whisper shouts at me.

“I’ll be back, I’m going for a walk and I’ll take this so I’m safe ok?” I urge.

“Is that really why you’re taking it? Or have you got some plan to take Jay down yourself. I heard Connor on the phone, you were planning on helping him get to Jay tonight, so what changed?” Lucy whispered.

“Fuck…Lucy…Just don’t…Please…I’ll be back soon”

“No way…Connor!” She shouts.

“What’s up? Why have you got a gun Kat?” Connor eyes me.

“Lucy I swear to god…” I growl.

“Katrina…” Connor urges once more.

“Fine…Jay wants to meet me at the park, right now…” I sigh.

“And what? You were going to go alone! Have some sense Kat! Now come on, let’s go get the bastard” Connor smirks.

“You have to be kidding” Lucy groans.

Connor makes a final call and makes sure a few of his guys would be around.

Kat to Jay: I need ten minutes. Bobby won’t let me out right now. Give me ten and I’ll get out.

Jay: You’ve got five. Hurry up princess.

“We’ve got five minutes” I show the messages to Connor.

“Shit, my guys will be fifteen” He growls.

“We’ll make do”

Five minutes later and I was walking to the park slowly trying to buy a little time, Connor had driven up ahead to keep watch.

“There you are you’re late, princess” Jay came out of an alley way which was just short of the park, but I could see Connor’s car, I just hoped he saw me.

“This isn’t the park…” I said snidely.

“I had to make sure you were on your own” He says as two guys come out behind him as I step back a little.

“She’s a pretty one Jay” One of them says.

“Come any closer to me and you’ll regret it” I growl as they laugh.

“You chose a fighter Jay” He laughs as he steps forward.

“She is a fighter, literally, the amazing Smoke” Jay smirks.

“Hold up! This bitch is Smoke? No way” The second guy backs up a little.

“Come on Jay, what do you want?” I groan.

“For you to be mine” He smirks as he walks up to me, his hand caresses my cheek.

I notice behind them two guys sneaking up with guns.

“You want me to be yours huh Jay? You want to raise my baby with me?” I step closer one hand sliding up his chest and the other close to the gun.

“Yeah I do baby, you’ll be mine, the kid will be mine, we’ll be perfect” He breathes as I smell the alcohol on his breath.

“I’m yours Jay, all yours” I say as he smiles and kisses me.

“Wait, just one tiny problem” I add as he looks confused and I see Connor’s guys right behind the others.

“What’s that baby?” Jay says.

“Never mess with the Smoak family” I growl as I bring out my gun.

Connor’s car races up behind me as he jumps out the car with his gun in hand.

“Well done Kat” He nods as Jay stares in shock.

His guys tie up the boys and shove them in Connor’s car as we drive to Connor’s gang house.

They are dragged out kicking and screaming as I just follow behind.

“Boys! This is Smoke, treat her with respect, she’s family” Connor orders as his men nod at me as I follow them down to the basement.

“First off, are these the guys who jumped my brother?” Connor grabs Jay by the face and he whimpers.

“You mean the muscly jackass from this morning? Fucking weak dude” One of the guys just laughs.

I see a few knives on a table nearby and my heart flutters remembering what Luke had had me do, it opened up that whole side of me.

“May I?” I point to the knives and Connor nods at me slowly, watching my every move.

I fiddled with the knife in my hand as I felt the balance.

“You guys heard of the Locke gang right?” I step towards the cocky one as Jay just watches whimpering.

“Yeah kickass gang wipe out anything in their way” Cocky guy smirks.

“Well I killed the leader, but he trained me, he made me do things to people I didn’t like, but now, I think I just might enjoy it” I smirk

“Bullshit” He spits at me as I wipe it away with disgust.

I flick my knife, so it goes whizzing through the air and lands straight into the throat of the second guy as he chokes on his own blood.

“Don’t kill me Kat! I’m sorry!” Jay screams like a baby.

“You went too far Jay” I growl as I punch him hard in the face, his lip busted, spraying blood everywhere.

“Leave something for me Kat” Connor groans as I smirk at him.

“You can have cocky guy over there” I nod to the other guy as Connor begins beating him with all his might.

“You’re sick, what happened to my Kat? My smoke?” Jay calls out.

“Guys like you changed me” Stand him up. I call out as Connor’s men drag him up so I can get to him without bending down as it was difficult with my pregnant belly.

“Please Kat, I love you, don’t hurt me. I just wanted to be with you” Jay begs.

“You shouldn’t have beat Mason and then threatened me. You tried to make me look bad in the club too. It was just sex Jay, just sex.” I laugh as I drag another knife down his chest as the buttons pop and his shirt opens.

“You’re not a killer Kat! Please!” Jay begs again.

“You don’t have to do it Kat, if you don’t want to. I’d be happy to kill the fucker that had my brother beaten.” Connor smirks, his fists covered in blood as the bodies of Jay’s guys lay dead on the ground.

“God, you guys get off on this don’t you, sick fucks!” Jay growls and that fuels my rage.

“I get off on getting rid of people who deserve it, and the more you talk the more I think you deserve it. So just shut up!” I shout and smack him.

“I see why my brother likes you so much, such a fire in you” Connor smirks.

“He won’t like me after this” I sigh.

“He doesn’t need to find out, we can tell him I did it all, you just got them to turn up” Connor winks coming up to me.

“Kat…Please, your parents wouldn’t want this for you” Jay says as I turn around quickly.

“My parents are dead my father made a bet to which he used me as leverage. You know nothing of my family Jay”

“Your dad isn’t even dead Kat” Jay says as I storm up to him and place a knife at his throat.

“What? He died in a crash with my mother, how do you suppose he is still alive?” I snap.

“He’s just lying to stay alive Kat” Connor says.

“I can prove it! He comes to the club! I’ve seen him, he hides his face but I’m sure it was him I’ve seen the photo’s Kat. It’s him!” He whimpers.

“Why should I believe you?” I snap.

“Because you trusted me once, let me make it up to you, please” He begs.

“When? When did you see him last?” I ask.

“Your fight with King, he was there” He says.

“Fine…Connor…He’s all yours” I sigh as I toss him the knife, I couldn’t kill him, but I knew Connor would for hurting his family.

“No! Kat! Please!” Jay screams before I hear Connor rip into him.

“What am I doing?” I breathe as a tear falls from my cheek.

“Kat?” Connor places a hand on my shoulder as I shrug it off and walk away.

“I need to go home” I say as I walk out of the gang house, my hands shaking.

What have I done? I’ve killed again and now Jay was dead because of me…

Was my dad really alive? Surely it couldn’t be true…

“Kat! Slow down!” Connor runs up to me.

“Take me home now!” I shout angrily at him as he nods with a huff.

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