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Chapter Twenty-One

Connor was still covered in blood as we got to my house and I didn’t care, I had to get to the computers that held the CCTV footage of the club.

“Kat? Oh my god!” Lucy screams as we barge into the house.

“What is it? Oh shit! What the fuck happened? Kat are you ok? Connor what the fuck?!” Bobby shouts at Connor as he slams him against the wall as I head straight for the office.

“Connor!” I hear Mason shout.

“Kat! Why the fuck are you covered in blood?” Toby storms into the study as I’m looking for the files.

“Ask Connor” I mumble as I’m searching for the footage.

“Connor!” Toby growls leaving the room.

“What have you done Kat?” Lucy asks again.

“Yes, found it!” I find the footage of the fight as I search it, my eyes going over every face.

How the hell was I supposed to find my Dad in amongst all these people…Wait…

“Holy shit” I stare as I zoom in on one guy.

“Are you fucking stupid?! Dragging my pregnant sister to go get a guy that jumped your brother! Jay was a pyscho!” Toby shouts.

“Kat…Who is that?” Lucy asks as she steps behind me.

“Jay told me the truth…FUCK!” I shout as Connor comes running in the room with Toby and Bobby behind him.

“Tell me he wasn’t telling the truth Kat…” Connor asks.

“He was…” I nod.

“The truth about what?!” Toby shouts as I gesture for him to come look.

“That!” I point as he stands behind me.

“But that…That can’t be…DAD!” He shouts as Bobby rushes up behind, his eyes show shock.

“I think I’m going to throw up” I groan as I rush upstairs to the bathroom and spill my guts.

“Oh shit! Kat! Are you ok? What happened? Tell me you didn’t go with my idiot brother to get Jay…Tell me whose blood that is?” Mason groans coming into the room as he holds back my hair as he winces at his own wounds.

“Go back to bed Mason” I state.

“No, not until you tell me what happened” He shakes his head as I sit back against the wall and he sits next to me.

“Jay and the guys who jumped you are dead. Jay told us my Dad was still alive and I just confirmed it…He’s in the CCTV footage…My Dad is alive Mason…My life just got even more complicated” I sigh as I rest my head on his shoulder and break down as he just holds me.

“Tell me my brother did the dirty work and you just caught the blood splatter…” Mason sighs after a few minutes.

“I can’t…” I sob.

“CONNOR!” Mason growls as he stand up.

“Brother?” Connor makes his way slowly up the stairs.

“Did you kill all three guys?” Mason asks.

“Of course I did” Connor answers and I grimace as Mason lunges and hits him hard in the face.

“Now tell me the truth” Mason growls.

“I killed them Mason” He repeats as Mason hits him again.
“Mason stop!” I cry.

“Last time brother…Who killed who?”

“Connor it’s ok” I say.

“I killed them!” He shouts ignoring me as Mason goes to lunge again but I put myself between the brothers and narrowly miss his hit.

“Kat! I could have hit you!” Mason stumbles back in shock.

“I killed one! I killed one of them ok!” I cry.

“God damn it Kat! Connor how could you!? How could you let her do that?” Mason says

“Mason, I’m sorry” I cry.

“I need to get out of here” Mason says before rushing past us and slamming the door on his way out.

“Mason!” I scream out trying to follow him but nearly trip as Connor catches me centimetres from the ground.

“Don’t hurt yourself Kat” He growls as he helps me back up.

“Mason” I blub.

“I’ll find him and talk to him. You stay here. I should never have let you do it Kat, he was right. But from now on you will have nothing to do with gangs and killing or anything like that. Understood?” Connor says.

“I understand” I nod, and he kisses my head and rushes off to find his brother as I just sit on the stairs and sob.

Lucy makes her way up the stairs slowly as she grabs my arm and leads me to the bathroom.

“Shower, come on Kat, you’re covered in blood, we need to wash it off” She says, and I listen, I get undressed in front of her as she guides me into the shower.

“I’m sorry” I blub as she just coos me and hugs me to her.

“It’s ok. I’ve got you” She says as she steps in with me, fully clothed. She helps wash off the blood and gently washes my hair as I’m stood crying.

She helps me out and wraps a towel around me before shedding her own clothes and wrapping herself up in a towel as she grabs both of us some new clothes and then guides me downstairs and into the lounge where the boys sat quietly talking with Lila and Travis.

“How can he be alive?” Toby sighs his head in his hands.

“I don’t know. I wish I did. But when we find him, I’m going to kill him my fucking self for all this shit” Travis says as his eyes find mine.

“Leave him wherever he is to rot” I say as Lucy curls up with me on the sofa.

“You don’t mean that Kat” Bobby sighs.

“I do. He’s been alive this whole time. He’s missed everything. He hasn’t helped us once. I was with Luke because of HIM!” I say angrily.

“Guy! I’m home!” Nathan shouts from the front door as he walks in and sees our faces he stops suddenly.

“What’s going on?” He asks.

“Here, you tell us” Toby hands a photo which I guessed they printed from the footage.

“That’s dad…What of it?” He looks at it confused.

“Check the time-stamp” Bobby says.

“That’s not possible, it has to be a joke…” Nathan looks at us as Toby hands him another, this time showing the fight with me clearly in the photo.

“It’s not a joke” I sigh and rest my head on Lucy’s shoulder.

“How? How did you even find this out?” Nathan asks as I grimace.

“Long story” I bite my lip nervously as Toby begins to tell him what had happened, Connor had obviously spilled the beans.

“Katrina! What the fuck?!” Nathan shouts angrily at me.

“Nathan, what’s done is done now. Katrina will no longer be a part of that sort of life. No more killing or any of it. Agreed Katrina?” Travis says.
“Agreed” I nod.

“Connor is a dead man” Nathan growls.

“Mason already beat him, I’m pretty sure it will be worse by the time they get home…” I sigh.

“Why would Jacob hide his death though, that’s what I don’t understand” Travis murmurs. I look at them all and notice Lila fidget.

“Lila…You ok over there?” I ask.

“Fine dear. Anyone for a tea? Coffee?” She asks getting up and heading to the kitchen.

“Travis…She knows something” I urge as he sighs and walks after her.

A few moments later and the shouting begins.

“What do you mean you knew the whole time?! How could you Lila?!” Travis shouts.

“Oh no” Lucy murmurs as I get up and go into the kitchen.

“Did you know our dad was alive this whole time?” I eye Lila.

“Yes, I’m sorry, but I made a promise.” She blubs.

“A promise to who?!” I shout.

“Your mother, they told me the plan before. Your dad would go into hiding to protect you, pretend he’s dead and he thought the debt would go…But it didn’t work. He’s been trying to find another way to help you but the longer it went on for the more difficult it became for him to come back. He’s in with a gang called The Motors. He’s stuck in that life and didn’t want to put you all in any more danger, so I get the occasional letter and he comes to see you fight. He was trying to protect you all!” She cries.

“The Motors? I’ve heard of them, huge drug lords.” Bobby wanders in.

“Dad hated drugs” Toby sighed.

“So is Mum actually dead or is she still alive too? How about Benji?” I growl.

“No, they both are truly dead” Lila sighs as Travis is still looking at her in disbelief.

“Do you have a way to contact him?” Nathan asks.

“No” She shakes her head.

Kat to Connor: My dad is running with a gang called The Motors. I want everything on them. Tell me you and Mason aren’t killing each other? X

Connor: I’ll do what I can. Don’t worry about us, we’re brothers, no matter what we always make up. See you soon x

“Connor will find out what he can about the gang” I said as my brothers nod.

“You can’t get him out of there. It’s impossible” Lila says.

“Watch me” I growl.

“Katrina, he wants you all safe, he doesn’t want you mixed up in gang business!” Lila shouts at me.

“Then he should have fucking stayed! It’s too late Lila I’m already involved!” I shout back.

“Lila, go home” Travis grumbles.

“What?” She murmurs in shock.

“GO HOME LILA!” Travis shouts angrily as she whimpers and grabs her bag and leaves.

“Why would Mum keep that from everyone? We could have dealt with everything sooner and then maybe we wouldn’t all be in this mess right now” Lucy says as she’s curled up in Bobby’s arms on the sofa.

A short sharp pain makes me wince in my side as everyone stares at me with worry.

“I’m fine” I wince.

“Kat…You need to rest the stress won’t be doing the baby any good” Travis sighs sitting next to me as he feels my stomach.

“I’d be less stressed if things would stop happening, like Jay, my dad and the boys fighting. I just want them to come back” I cry.

“Jay’s gone, nothing can be done about that now, forget it. Your father we will deal with as it comes. The boys will come back soon, let them sort it their way. Those boys treasure you, they will be back” Travis sweeps my hair out of my face.

“You need to get some sleep Kat” Toby sighs.

“I’ll sleep tonight”

“No, your body is exhausted, you need to take a nap now” Nathan says.

“I can’t”

“Why?” Lucy asks taking my hand.

“I can’t sleep alone” I sigh.

“Then either you sleep here with us and we’ll be quiet or one of us will come up with you” Bobby answers.

“Can I stay here?” I ask.

“Of course, now lay your head on my lap mumma” Lucy smiles as she sits beside me, and I rest against her legs as Toby lays a blanket over me.

“Sleep little sis, our nephew needs it” Nathan kisses my head and I close my eyes.

“I love you guys” I smile as I drift off, noticing just how tired I was.

A door slam woke me up from my sleep. But I keep my eyes closed, listening to their conversations.

“God damn it, be quiet! Kat’s asleep on the sofa!” Toby whisper shouts.

“Shit, sorry” I heard Connor apologise.

“Why isn’t she in bed?” I hear Mason ask.

“She didn’t want to be alone we gave her the choice to stay down with us or go up with one of us and she wanted to stay downstairs. She was worried about you two idiots. Fuck knows why…” Toby snaps.

“She loves them that’s why” Lucy whispers beside me.

“She loves too easily” Nathan grumbles.

“No she doesn’t, and you know it” Lucy whispers.

“Guys fall at her feet and she ends up going for them. How many girls has she been with?” Nathan snaps.

“Seriously…Me, that’s the only girl. The only guys she’s been with are Jay and Oliver. Luke raped her and she likes another guy but she’s nervous about it. How does that make her a girl that loves too easily!” Lucy growls.

“Seriously…Shit…” Nathan murmurs.

“Be glad she’s asleep right now or she’d be kicking your ass” Lucy growls.

“Too fucking right I would be” I murmur as I feel Lucy jump as she gasps.

“You heard the whole thing didn’t you…” Nathan says as I slowly sit up.

“Oh yeah” I nod and glare at my brother.

“I’m sorry Kat” He says.
“That’s fine, you earned yourself a week of nappy duties when the baby arrives” I smirk, I knew how much he hated doing baby nappies, he ran from Mason as a baby as soon as the word was mentioned.

“No! Kat!” Nathan groaned.

“Fair punishment to me” Mason grins as my eyes find his luscious blue ones.

“You two make up?” I ask looking at both brothers.

“Yeah, we’re good. I told you we’d be fine Kat” Connor laughs shoving his brother playfully.

“Can we talk Kat?” Mason sighs and I nod as Lucy helps me up from the sofa so I can follow him upstairs.

“So…” I fiddle with my hands nervously.

“You’re a fucking idiot you know that right?” He says

“Wow…straight to the insults…But yeah, I know” I sigh.

“Connor told me how upset you were after everything with the guys, I’m glad you didn’t kill Jay. You chose right by letting Connor do it. You’re not a bad person Kat, you’ve just had a lot of shit happen to you. But you don’t have to face all of it alone. You have a family to help you, Connor and you have me” He says.

“I didn’t think I would still have you after all this”

“I’m hardly innocent Kat and everyone has mistakes in their lives, I’d be a dick if I abandoned you now. Kat…I…I know a lot has happened recently, but I want you to know, I love you” He says as he tilts my head to face his directly.

“Like a brother?” I ask.

“No Kat, not like a brother” He smirks shaking his head. He gets closer his fingers entwining with my hair.

“Mason…I…I think I love you too” I murmur, and his smile widens as he swoops down and kisses me softly ignoring the pain he would be getting from the cuts on his face.

“I’ve been dying to do that for so long” He murmurs.

“How long?” I ask as I link our fingers.

“Since that first day we started talking two years ago” He answers, and I look at him in shock.

“You have to be joking” I laugh.

“Nope, I thought you were a beautiful woman, even while you wore all that make-up, then the day I found out who you truly were, I just fell further. You’re beautiful, funny, loving, caring and perfect.” He smiles and I blush.

“You know, I had a huge crush on you back then” I laugh as he raises a brow with a smirk.

“Oh really?” He laughs.

He picks me up and sits on the bed as he makes me straddle him.

“Well I didn’t think this through…There’s a baby in the way” He laughs as his hands press lightly against my stomach.

“He’s been a little quiet today” I sigh as I realise he had moved a whole lot.

“Kat, you should have said before. Come on, I’m getting Travis to look you over” He says lifting me once more to my feet and taking my hand.

“I’m sure it’s fine” I sigh.

“Travis!” Mason shouts as we get to the bottom of the stairs.

“What?” Travis appears in the doorway looking worriedly between us.

“The baby hasn’t moved today” Mason says as Travis’s eyes widen.

“At all?”

“Not since early hours this morning” I answer.

“Hospital…Now” He orders and takes my hand dragging me off as everyone else is left behind.

“Travis…You don’t think there’s something wrong with him do you?” I ask in a sudden panic.

“Just to be safe Kat” He sighs as we rush there, I look back and see Connor’s car catch up with us.

Travis leads me to his own office as he has an ultrasound machine and heart monitor brought in.

“Come on!” He says as he places the probe over my stomach.


“Come on kid, show me your heart beating” He utters.

“Travis!” I’m panicking but then suddenly, I hear it, the thump of my babies heart beat as Travis sighs, sitting back in sudden relief.

“He’s ok. I think the stress from you was getting to him though, you need bed rest for a while.” Travis sighs putting away the equipment.

“Travis? Tell me that baby is alive and well!” Mason bursts into the room.

“He’s being lazy” I laugh.

“Stress was causing him to not kick so much” Travis adds.

“Well good thing that Kat won’t be alone for a while, we’ll all be watching her, and she’ll be staying in bed” Mason smirks at me as I groan.

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