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Chapter Twenty-Two

“Kat you are not going back to work!” Nathan shouts at me a few days later. I barely saw Mason as he had to go back to work as they were flooded with work, so the boys were taking it in turns to make sure I rested, and I was getting restless.

“I work at a desk, if I stay here much longer I’m going to go mad Nath!” I shout back.

“You’re going to hurt yourself and the baby” Nathan growls out.

“Plenty of women work while pregnant Nathan, it’s not a new thing” I roll my eyes.

“You’ve been told to be on bedrest! Go back to bed!”

“Nope” I pop the ‘p’ with a smirk.

“Katrina why must you be so difficult!” He throws his arms up angrily at me.

“Runs in the family big brother. Now are you going to drive me to work or do I have to struggle and do it myself?”

“Fine! Mason can deal with you instead!” He snaps and grabs his keys as I smile in victory, grabbing my bag and following as he waits for me to help me into his car.

“Thank you big brother” I kiss his cheek and he just grumbles at me as I giggle.

Nathan played music quietly, unlike his normal want to blare it as he said he didn’t want to damage the babies ears before it was born.

He was such a softy when it came to kids, he had a tough exterior, but he just melts when it comes to kids, he was like it when Mason was born, a huge smile always planted itself on his face whenever that kid came over. Toby had told me he was the same when I was born, he always wanted to hold me.

He’d make a great dad one day, even if he did run from nappies.

“Come on then, I’ll take you in” He sighs as we pull up.

“I can walk into a building on my own Nathan. I’ll be fine. I’ll see you later. Love you big bro” I kiss his cheek as he shakes his head with a sigh and gets out the car just to help me out before slamming his door and slowly driving off as I make my way in.

“Katrina! What are you doing in? Mr Kingsley said you were on bedrest!” Rose cries out.

“I was bored at home Rose, I can rest at work and actually get things done, it’s not like I’m running a marathon at work” I smirk.

“You make sure that he doesn’t have you making any coffees or running about.” Rose shakes her head at me, but I could see the amusement in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, I have him under control Rose” I wink, and she laughs as I go to the lift and make my way up.

It felt odd being at work and not wearing anything formal, but I was sure Mason wouldn’t mind me being in my black maternity jeans, comfortable trainers and a loose flowy top.

“Katrina, Mr Kingsley never said you would be in today!” Bailey said, she was one of the new interns for the company who worked with a few of the lower managers, she was a really nice girl and I got on with her really well.

“I was bored stiff. Figured I’d get something done” I shrugged.

“Ugh, just a warning, Jenny is in with Mason” She murmurs.

“She never gives in does she” I sigh, Jenny was constantly flirting with Mason and she was getting on my nerves. Bailey and I both hated her.

“Want me to come with you” Bailey asks.

“No I’m sure it will be fine” I smile as she hugs me and wanders off as I make my way to the office.

I slowly open the door and find myself in shock at the scene in front of me.

Jenny is pressed up against Mason as she kisses him against a wall.

“What the fuck…” I murmur as Mason pushes her off and looks panicked.

“Kat, it’s not what it looks like!” Mason calls out as I back up.

“Oh come on Mason, don’t lie” Jenny runs her hand across his chest.

“Shut up Jenny! Get out!” He growls angrily as she steps back a little at the rage in his eyes.

“But baby…” She murmurs.

“I’m not your baby Jenny, take a fucking hint, I don’t like you!” Mason shouts, his voice echoes through the office as heads poke out of doors and Bailey makes her way to me, her hand on my shoulder.

“Then why did you kiss me back?” Jenny says and my eyes dart to Mason as his mouth opens and closes like a goldfish.

“I’m going to grab some work and take it home with me” I sigh making my way to the desk as Bailey helps me gather some work and I feel Mason’s eyes follow me.

“It meant nothing” Mason growls to Jenny.

“Did it mean nothing when you came to mine yesterday?” Jenny smirks as my head turns to them both once more as Bailey gasps.

“Don’t try and make this into something it’s not Jenny. You know I came just to grab a file off you. Stop trying to wreck my relationship!” He snaps.

“What relationship? We were never exclusive, do what you want Mason, you usually do” I sigh as I link arms with Bailey and make my way out the room, not daring to even look at Mason.

“Katrina!” Mason shouts but I ignore him.

“How did you get here?” Bailey asks.

“Nathan brought me” I sigh as she brightens, I was sure she fancied my brother.

“Want me to ring him?” She asks.
“For him to storm up there and kill Mason…Not your greatest idea” I laugh.

“Good point…But we need to get you home somehow and I don’t have a car” She sighs.

“Ladies! How are we? Kat you aren’t supposed to be at work” Connor saunters in with a huge grin.

“I came to give myself something to do but decided to take work home with me. Your brother is…Distracted…” I sigh as he frowns.

“Distracted how?”

“Shaking up with Jenny” Bailey says, and I see Connor’s hands curl.

“We weren’t exclusive, he has every right to shack up with anyone he wishes” I huff.

“My brother doesn’t know what he’s fucking up Kat. I know you both told each other you loved each other” Connor says as Bailey gasps.
“What! He says he loves you and then he’s kissing HER!” Bailey snaps.

“Perhaps he doesn’t love me as much as he thinks. He could have any girl he likes I wouldn’t go for the pregnant girl either” I sigh, trying not to let out a tear.

“He doesn’t deserve you” Bailey hugs me with a smile.

“Come on Kat, I’ll take you home.” Connor sighs and takes my bag from me and the paperwork in Bailey’s arms.

“Call me yeah?” Bailey says as she kisses my cheek and walks off slowly waving at me.

“I have no idea what is going on with my brother” Connor shakes his head in disbelief as we make our way back to the house.

“It doesn’t matter now Connor. I will just work for him and get on. No point fighting him, if he chooses to be with Jenny then so be it. I have my baby and my family, oh and don’t forget I have you too” I smile.

“You deserve to be loved Kat”

“I am, I don’t need a man or woman to complete me” I shrug, but inside I was screaming in emotional pain, of course I wanted to be loved, to find someone to love and find my happily ever after. But maybe it just wasn’t meant to be for me, not yet.

“I don’t know how you do it”

“Do what?” I ask.

“Act like everything is fine, when I would be shouting and raging, wanting to burn down the office. I’m angry at my own brother at what he’s done to you and yet, you seem fine”

“When you put on a mask long enough then it becomes the norm. I’ve been two people for years you get used to putting a front on” I shrug.

“You shouldn’t have to” Connor grumbles as we park up on the drive.

“Fake it until you make it Connor” I sigh as I get out the car with difficulty, Connor rushes round the car and helps me as I smile at him with thanks.

I open the door to find the house is filled with loud music as I smirk.

“I’m home my tone-deaf brother!” I shout as I hear him singing.

He had obviously not heard me as I walk into the lounge as Nathan is in the lounge dancing around without a shirt.

“I thought that was a girls thing” Connor laughs in my ear.

“You should see all my brothers together when they do this” I giggle as I slowly make my way to the stereo as I turn it off and Nathan whirls around to us and goes bright red.

“Quite the act you’ve got there Nathan” Connor laughs.

“What the fuck are you doing here…” He mumbles as he grabs his shirt and puts it on quickly.

“I brought your sister home she’s decided to work from home” Connor smirks and takes a seat as he grabs one of my brother’s chips off the plate in front of him.

“What happened?” Nathan faces me.

“Nothing” I shrug and sit beside Connor as I begin rifling through paperwork.

“Bullshit, you wanted to go to work. What did Mason do?” Nathan growls.

“Just leave it Nath” I sigh.

“Connor, what did your brother do?” Nathan scowls as I glare at Connor trying to say for him not to tell him.

“He kissed Jenny” Connor sighs as I thump him on the arm.

“Why did you tell him jerk?!” I shout.

“He did what?!” Nathan shouts as he grabs his keys.

“Nathan! Stop! He’s not worth it, we never said we were together!” I urge.

“No you told each other you loved each other, that’s pretty exclusive in my eyes” Nathan shakes his head.

“Just don’t go off on one at him. I still have to work with him” I sigh.

“No you don’t, we all have plenty of money, you don’t even have to work, and you know it.”

“No but he is one of your fighters right now”

“She has a point” Connor sighs.

“I don’t care” He shakes his head and takes off in a rush as I groan and tilt my head against the sofa.

“Should I go and make sure they don’t kill each other?” Connor asks.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine, go” I nod, and he kisses my head and rushes after Nathan in his car.

Kat to Bailey: Watch out, my brother is on a rampage, Connor’s behind him to try and keep the peace, K x

Bailey: Oh no… Oh he just got here… x

My phone rings as I answer Bailey’s call.

“Hey babe, so work just got more interesting” She laughs as I hear the commotion in the background.

“How could you do that to my sister!?” Nathan shouts as I hear a smash.

“Calm down Nathan” I hear Connor say.

“Jenny came onto me I didn’t do anything!” Mason shouts back.
“Yeah, exactly, you did nothing! I thought you loved her!”

“I do!”

“Funny way of showing it” Connor grumbles.

“How close are you right now Bailey?” I ask as I could hear everything.

“I…Ugh might be beside your brother” Bailey laughs.

“Are you talking to Kat?” Mason asks.

“Yeah, what’s it to you?” Bailey snaps.

“Let me talk to her”

“Not a chance. She doesn’t need your shit right now.” Nathan growls.

“But she’s MY girl!” Mason growls and I whimper, I still didn’t like being owned and guys saying that I was their girl just creeped me out.

“Kat you ok?” Bailey asks with concern.

“What happened?” Connor asks in the background.

“She whimpered down the phone” Bailey answered as I heard the phone get taken from her.

“Kat what happened?” Connor asks down the line.

“He just wants to own me, like everyone else, I’m HIS girl…That’s what everyone claims…I don’t like being owned Connor” I whimper, and my hands shake.

“Kat take a breath I can hear your hands shaking through the line” Connor says.

“What?! Why is she shaking?!” Mason shouts.

“You…Because of you! You know she hates being made to feel like she’s owned, and you just shouted that she was YOUR girl” Connor growls.

“Tell her we are on our way home. Mason you stay the fuck away from my sister” Nathan snaps.

“We’ll be home soon Kat, stay calm” Connor says and passes the phone back to Bailey.

“Kat you ok babe?” She asks as I hear Mason swearing loudly in the background as it gets further and further.

“I think I’m gonna be sick” I groan as I drop my phone on the sofa as I make my way to the bathroom as I hear Bailey shout down the phone as I puke into the toilet.

“Kat!” Nathan shouts as the door bangs open and I hear footsteps rush upstairs.

“Oh shit, shh babe it’s ok” Bailey rushes into the room as she holds back my hair.

“What are you doing here?” I mumble.

“When you didn’t answer your phone I ran to your brother and came with him” She shrugged as she rubbed my back.

“You’re quitting your job Kat, end of” Nathan grumbles looking at me with concern as I sit near the toilet, sighing as Connor brings me a bottle of water.

“I agree, my brother has gone too far this time” Connor adds.

“I’m quitting too” Bailey says as I look at her wide-eyed.

“You can’t! You love that internship!”

“I won’t work for an asshole.” She shakes her head and takes my hand.

“What about money? You have rent to pay for” I ask.

“I’ll find something else I’ll just be a little tight for a while” She shrugs.

“Ever worked for a bar?” Nathan smirks.

“A bar? No, but I’m a quick learner, why?” She smiles.

“You can’t seriously be thinking what I think you’re thinking…”

“The club needs and new bartender seeing as our last one…uuhh…left” He murmurs the last part as he looks between me and Connor.

“What club? You own a club?” Bailey’s eyes light up.

“Uh, not the sort of club your thinking of” I laugh.

“What sort then?” She asks.

Nathan then begins to explain the club and the fights as she sits there, and her eyes light up the more he says.

“That’s so cool! Kat you’re a fighter!” Bailey smiles.

“Yeah I was before I was pregnant at least” I laugh and rub my stomach.

“Can we get out of the bathroom? It’s a little cramped up” Connor laughs.

Bailey and Connor help me up from the floor slowly as I feel the baby kick and I sigh with relief he still hadn’t been very active.

“Did he just kick?” Connor smiles as I nod and rub my baby bump.

“Thank god” Nathan sighs.

For the next few hours we talked about the club and I ended up telling Bailey everything as she looked at me in shock as she held my hand tighter.

“So, what am I going to do work wise now? I still want to earn money Nathan” I sigh.

“I want to talk to the boys first before we discuss that” He says.

“Why? What are you planning Nathan?” I raise a brow.

“You won’t leave me alone if I don’t tell you, will you?”

“Nope, now tell me” I say as Connor chuckles.

“Fine…The club, it’s split between us three boys, what if we were to share it out into quarters instead, you’d be part owner too. I know you love the club and the people love you too” Nathan says as I get excited.

“That would be awesome!” I squeal.

Connor’s phone rings and he leaves the room to answer it.

“I need to go for a bit. Will you guys be ok?” Connor asks.

“We’ll be fine, go” Nathan nods.

“Is this about our dad?” I ask

“Yeah” Connor sighs and nods.

“Be careful Connor, don’t risk you or your guys for him” I say.

“I’m always careful Smokey baby” He laughs with a wink.

“You…Careful…That word couldn’t be more opposite of what you are” I laugh.

“You know me too well babe. Call me if anything happens ok?” He says as I nod and he kisses my head, says goodbye to the others and rushes off.

“Do you have a thing with all guys in their family?” Nathan laughs.

“He’s like an older brother Nath” I chuck a cushion at him and he just laughs.

“Suuurrreee Smokey baby” He laughs.

“I’m swearing off guys right now, too much trouble” I smirk.

“Back to girls then eh?” He smirks.

“Back to? Are you bisexual?” Bailey asks.

“Bisexual, pansexual, whatever you want to call it. I love all” I smile.

“Kaaatttttt you home?!” I hear Bobby shout out from the door.

“In here Bobby” I call out.

“Hey guys!” Lucy smiles as she bounces onto the sofa next to me as she eyes Bailey.

“Who is this?” Bobby asks.

“This is Bailey, she WAS working for Mason, but now she’s working for the club” Nathan smirks.

“What the hell did I miss today?” Bobby sighs.

Nathan begins explaining everything that had happened today.

“You always choose guys that are complete dicks” Bobby sighs and plonks onto the sofa.

“Maybe I need a girlfriend again instead”

I smirk at Lucy as she winks, and I guess Bailey noticed it.

“Hold on. Were you two together?!” She exclaims.

“Yeah, for a while” I shrug as Lucy lays against Bobby, which makes Bailey even more confused.

“Long story” I murmur.

Bailey join us for the rest of the day as we just talked, she was getting on well with everyone as Toby, Jasmine and Mason turned up.

“Mason baby boy!” I smile as he runs up to me and plonks himself next to me.

“Aunty Kat! I made a picture for you!” He smiles and passes over a crayon picture.

“Wow Mason, that’s amazing!” I exclaim as I try to decipher his image.

“That is you and me. That’s the baby in your tummy and then mummy and daddy, uncles Nathan and Bobby” He points to several blobs.

“Aww Mason, I love it” I kiss his cheek and he giggles.

Nathan had taken off with Bobby and Toby to talk, I was pretty sure it was about what had happened today and maybe his proposal with the club.

“Aunty Kat…Who is she?” Mason points to Bailey who is busy talking with Jasmine and Lucy as I watch them with a smile.

“That’s Bailey, she’s a new friend” I smile.

“She’s pretty” He smiles.

“She is buddy” I smile looking over at her. She was curvy in all the right places, big boob with an average waist, she was the perfect size, she was tall and had long dark brown hair which swept over her gorgeous chocolate brown eyes.

“I’m hungry” Mason groans as he tugs on my hand.

“Ok, let’s go grab a snack, I’m hungry too, baby needs feeding” I laugh as he touches my stomach.

“Hungry baby!” He laughs as we make our way into the kitchen.

“What are you doing with your aunt Mason?” Toby smiles at us as we find them in the kitchen too.

“I hungry and so is baby” He says.

“Don’t eat too much, I’m going to get us some dinner soon. What do you fancy Kat? I’m getting a take-away” He smiles.

“Oh! Pizza!” I cry out as he chuckles.

“Predictable” Nathan rolls his eyes.

“Baby wants what it wants” I smirk.
“I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with what the baby wants and more what you want” Bobby laughs.

“Oh shut up” I laugh as I grab an apple from the fruit bowl and cut it up for Mason as he smiles and thanks me before rushing into the lounge with his bowl.

I look in the fridge wondering what I fancy.

“Here comes the cravings…” Toby smirks as I’m raiding the cupboards.

“Found it!” I squeal happily as I open the jar and open the pickles.

“You hate pickles…” Nathan laughs as I groan in delight.

“Baby loves pickles” I flip him off and take the jar with me.

“Please tell me you are not eating that whole jar!” Bobby looks like he might puke, we both hated pickles. But baby wants what it wants.

There’s a knock at the door as I was walking past.

“I’ll get it!” I shout before anyone gets up.

“Kat…” Mason is stood at the door as I slam the door in his face.

“Nathan! It’s for you!” I laugh as he rushes up confusion flooding his face.

“Who is it?”

“Open it and find out” I laugh as he opens the door as I bite into my pickles.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” He growls at Mason.

“Seeing as both Kat and Bailey have seemed to quit on me, I needed those files back” Mason growls.

I walk into the lounge and grab the files as Bailey watches me curiously.

“Here take them, they are still in order of preference. The top one was great, a real page turner” I hand him the files.

“Thanks…Kat I’m sorry, I really am. It meant nothing with Jenny. It was that one kiss, I promise. I don’t know why I kissed her back” He sighs.

“Don’t worry Mason, go have fun with her, I have a baby to think of without worrying if someone actually loves me enough not to cheat on me”

“Kat, can we try again?” Mason asks as Nathan is stood beside me arms crossed angrily watching.

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Go home Mason” I sigh as a tear falls down my cheek.

“I hope we can at least be friends again” Mason sighs as he wipes the tear from my cheek.

“Maybe one day, but I need space right now” I reply as he nods.

“Ok. Then promise me you’ll take care. Call me if you need anything” He says.

“I will” I nod.

“Goodbye Katrina, my beautiful Smoke” He says as he walks away and gets in his car as the tears drop down my face as Nathan shuts the door and hugs me tightly.

“Let’s go get you a little Mason cuddle” Nathan sighs as he takes my hand and leads me into the lounge.

“Aunty Kat! Why you sad?” Mason frowns as he’s stuffing his face with apple.

“She needs a Mason cuddle. Big Mason was mean to her” Nathan says.

“Bad man!” Mason says as I sit next to him he grabs me and places a huge wet kiss on my cheek.

“Thank you little man” I smile.

“All better?” He asks.

“Yeah, all better little Mason” I smile as he curls up beside me and places his bowl on his lap as he continues to munch on the apple while I eat my pickles.

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